Why Is America Not In the Bible? Trump, King Kong and the Chaldean

5 Mar

Held captive by Trumpism? The truth will set you free!

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times

Over the last 40 years since I have been born again, I have wondered why the United States of America is not mentioned in end-times bible prophecy. THE USA has been a world power my entire life.  So , “what have we missed?” Could our answer be found in Donald Trump? Only 40 or so days into his administration, I have been led  to a sobering observation. america

Consider the Chaldeans mentioned  in the old testament historical record. The prophet Habakkuk predicted that Judah would be judged by God with an invasion of Judah and the destruction of the temple by the Chaldeans.  It happened.  Yet the Chaldeans no longer exist while the Israelites survived the onslaught and obtained their own land in 1948.

Some churchfolk believe that America is not in the bible because most of us will be raptured by God, leaving our country behind when all the born again citizens are…

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