Fake News and Alternative Facts Cannot Compete With the Truth!

14 Mar

The more religious background you have, the more susceptible to fake news and alternative facts you are. The Lord has not forgotten His own, as He sill save you through a dream.

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times


An important quality of truth is that it is consistent. The word consistent brings other words to my mind. like reliable— constant, regular, uniform, steady, stable, even, unchanging, undeviating, unfluctuating; dependable, predictable.

Another way to define consistency is by the negative persuasion: not wavering. Not containing any contradictions. The scriptures tell us that we can expect nothing good from a wavering, inconsistent person, who is tossed about by every wind of doctrine.

Consistency must fit in with one of the fruits of the spirit. It has to because before I was born again, I was quite inconsistent. I called it “spontaneous.”  I suspect I thought I was keeping myself from being boring by doing impulsive, unexpected things. It’s a character trait of my sign, as a Sag. Never able to be pinned down.

Well, let me tell you what the Holy Spirit does with signs. As a simple example, I am…

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