Fallen Angels and Spirit Rape: A Strong Illusion

27 Mar

To be prepared to fight fallen angels, you will need to start with our freely given video Deliverance Prep Course.

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times

The Lord said that the last times would be like the days of Noah.

antichrist6What distinguishes Noah’s day from any other period in human history is the ability of the spirits to communicate and physically interact with flesh.  Once the earth was contaminated by the mixing of humans with angels and then cleansed by the Flood, God set up barriers.  Angels can no longer impregnate women.  Nevertheless, can they still have sex with humans?

Yet several women and a few men have claimed that they have been raped or had sex with a fallen angel in these end-times.

The bible clearly states that the fallen angels of Noah’s day were jailed in hell, some for eternity and others for several generations. So I believe actual physical contact is STILL not possible yet it seems so real.  An illusion can seem very real.

What is an illusion? the dictionary defines it…

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