Spirit, Soul and Chakras

9 Apr

Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard  

I am still doing my research on chakras. In order to do so, I have to sift through loads of information.  I am able to do this work because  I am not one that gets distracted by loads of details. My specific goal is to find out what occultists are looking to accomplish by opening chakras  and for what reason. I only want to know in a general way how they attempt to accomplish their goals. Here is a general statement from a spiritual Satanist that address my purpose:

Opening your soul will open your spiritual eyes and lead you to see the truth and obtain enlightenment. In addition, you will discover many so-called “supernatural” powers within yourself when you empower your chakras. When the chakras are correctly aligned and empowered, healing of both physical, and mental ailments will often occur miraculously.

Now that statement reminds me of what Satan said to Eve. Opening chakras is all about trying to become a god.

The soul is where the human heart is. Actually, there is a heart chakra. And the bible says that the heart or the heart chakra if you would, is not just wicked, but desperately wicked. Therefore, to open the chakras is to unleash human wickedness and open the chakra doorways to even more evil, by providing access to evil spirits.

Now I understand why people with false conversions end up badly tormented. A wicked soul seeking power will produce evil results.

I really do not need to study chakras  to know what to do in a deliverance. In my deliverance with tormented captives, the Holy Spirit has  led me to close their chakras. I addressed the deity or low level god by name, and commanded each of 8, one by one, for all demons to come out and for each chakra to be closed. For example,  John  and Betty suffered from  hearing voices, 24/7. And once I closed the chakras, the torment  stopped. No more voices to hear.

Deliverance counseling by phone once a week prepares those who seek my help  for deliverance without my knowing anything at all about chakras. yet I feel I need to know more. When I am satisfied, I will stop.

However, the present  reality is that every call for help that  I receive these days is about the chakras. The calls come  from people who are in torment with this energy. Here are some essential points from what I have discovered in reviewing some literature online:

There are many different methods of opening chakras and awakening kundalini power. Some of these include:

Chanting– Vibration is very powerful. The power of sound can break glass, weaken steel, and cement structures. Vibrations cause the chakras to open and stimulate the kundalini at the base of the spine. The chanting reminds me of tongues. Clearly, the enemy’s purpose for tongues among those seeking The Lord is to release the Kundalini.

Controlled Breathing (pranyama)– Different methods of controlled breathing are specific to each chakra.

Visualization and concentration– Through visualizing and focusing your mind on each chakra, you can open, close and control them.

Visualization and concentration is used in witchcraft. that is a whole other subject to be addressed in another post. Also I suspect that what goes on in Charismatic and Pentecostal churches also awakens the kundalini.  I bought a book about the subject, but since the author has not left the church, I don’t promote his book.  Also, anyone who speaks in tongues still needs to be undeceived.


If you are being tormented because you unknowingly opened your chakras through any of  the practices mentioned, deliverance coaching is available. Call 888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below.

2 Responses to “Spirit, Soul and Chakras”

  1. Rina Jongsma April 10, 2017 at 2:53 am #

    Dear Pam, I think you are doing a great job in unmasking the devil. But… I think also you are going to far by saying all tongues are of the devil. It’s not biblical. And by saying we should all leave the church. That is wrong too. Of course, churches have their mistakes, but to say that all churches are bad, is just ridiculous and also not biblical. Sorry, you have gone too far. You try to get people out of pride, but by saying these things you get into pride also. But I still look forward again to your next emails because I love to see the devil unmasked. But please, stop going to far! Greetings Rina


    • pastorps911 April 10, 2017 at 10:57 am #

      Who goes any farther than the Lord. HE can be very extreme. If your right hand offend you, cut it off. NO one comes to the Father but by Him. I can go on and on.

      I never said that all churches are bad. There are good churches according to man’s opinion. The situation is that all churches have the same problem and it pertains to salvation. They all teach that man can choose God. If they teach the cross, they minimize or create confusion about the resurrection. Therefore they arm Satan to create false conversions. ALso, I have the word of the Lord spoken directly to me where He emphatically states that the institutional church is as a condemned building and He has judged her already. NOw if you can prove to me that I did not hear from the Lord, then perhaps I will agree with YOU.

      I interpret the Lords words in Rev 18:4 as the Lord speaking to the Endtime believers and warning them to come out of HER, the institutional church, lest they partake of Her sins and receive of Her plagues. I interpret the Lord’s parable about the mustard seed to mean that the church has grown to an abnormal size and that the birds that nestle in her branches are demons and fallen angels. REgardless of how good a church is, she is contaminated by the birds of the air, EVIL SPIRITS.

      I started a church that I loved and pastored for 12 years. Was it prideful of me to shut it down once the Lord revealed that my own church was a part of the overal systemic contamination? NO, I don’t think so.

      SO sorry, I am as extreme as the Lord is on this. That will continue unless you can prove me wrong.

      As for tongues, the purpose for it has passed. YEt if you can find me some remote place in the world where no one has heard about the Lord,and they all speak a language that no one else can understand, then yes, God may use a preacher to speak in THEIR tongue, so that they can understand the gospel.

      The rest of the prayer language teaching is a distortion of the scriptures and charismatics and Pentecostals are speaking the language of demons.


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