Do You Need Deliverance?

9 May

Here are some essential qualities of my deliverance approach. I call it “deliverance coaching.”

My main object is to set captives free but more importantly, to give the captive the tools to remain free, and to help others be set free as well.

For me, the most important tool in the process is actually the client. For example, if during the assessment process, a client might reveal that his or her faith is weak, or perhaps that there are major issues of doubt and un-belief. Consequently, a major objective of the assessment phase would be to build up the client’s faith prior to confronting evil spirits.

I do not doubt that you are a believer in Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, we live in a deceived generation and there are countless people out there who sincerely believe that that are as you say “full Christians,” yet they have had a false conversion.

The Christian seeker of deliverance today is one who has been duped by organized religion into easy believism. Countless sincere seekers have repeated a sinner’s prayer, acknowledged that they have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts, and declare themselves to be saved or born again. Yet they have had a false conversion that needs to be overturned.

What has happened is that the fake Jesus is the one who has answered their invitation. They have worshipped Him through prayer meetings, bible studies, song and dance, yet they are not saved. They don’t know it but the enemy DOES. Therefore, the weapons of spiritual warfare do not work for them.

Here is how I combat this for those who will allow me to do so.

As deliverance coaching proceeds, like a spiritual trainer, I fight in my client”s corner, giving specific instructions as to how to win the fight at hand. The client takes my instructions, does all that he or she can do, and when the time is right, I step in and finish the fight by casting out demons and commanding fallen angels to go about somebody else’s business.

It has been my experience, that until a client uses his or her own free will to revoke the invitation that they made to the fake Jesus, their psychic doorways aka chakras will remain open, and demons will have unhindered access to their souls and spirits.
So I focus on closing those gateways by truth. If the client does not fight the process, victory and healing is assured.

I offer no quick fixes. Deliverance coaching requires work. Nevertheless, most of my clients receive immediate relief.

ARe you interested in moving forward? If so, complete the contact form below or call 1-888-818-1117.

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