RESCUE FELLOWSHIP Online: A Low Carb Ministry

19 Sep

RESCUE  serves  the healthiest, most relevant spiritual food from biblical truths, without sugar coating it or filling you up with what is not essential to your spiritual strength in these end times. 

On a Break at the August 17-21, 2017 Annual Workshop.Members travelled thousands of miles to meet face to face.

RESCUE Fellowship Online is waiting on God-led believers like you. We have been online since April 14, 2012.
Here is a summary of RESCUE written by our first member in Antigua, Adi:
“Expect to have EVERYTHING that you thought was correct, true, holy, biblical, righteous, etc, about spiritual matters overturned, examined and then discarded. Expect to feel as if the rug was pulled out from your feet and the crutches removed. Expect to learn truth and be freed as a result of absorbing it. Expect to be taught how to use your will, set boundaries, be assertive and leave passivity behind. Expect torment to stop or lessen because demons will leave after you acknowledge and accept the truth. Expect to learn about yourself and all your weaknesses. Expect the type of unconditional love that only true born again can show. Above all expect that Pastor Pam will do the work that God has called her to do without fear or judgement of you or your sordid, deceived, messed up past. Proclaim that you are here for a reason, not by chance. To be undeceived is a glorious thing, so very liberating!
Here are a few short videos about RESCUE, prepared by our first member in Canada, Gloria who is originally from Kenya. A few things may have changed since these videos were done,but not much.
What We Do What You can expect

To become a RESCUE member, please answer the following questions, as prepared by RESCUE’S first member, Tee: 
1. Are you willing to fight hard for yourself?__________ Why/why not?
2. Are you willing to put forth the energy to read, study, and

thoroughly answer questions?__________ Why/why not?
3. If you are a professing Christian, are you willing to HUMBLY

examine your salvation?__________ Why/why not?
4. Are you willing to stop attending church?__________ Why/why not?
5. Are you willing to stop all religious and/or occult

practices?________Why/why not?
6. Are you willing to examine the truth about speaking in tongues?___________

Why/why not?
7. Are you willing to keep an open mind as you learn truth, while

discarding old religious and occult beliefs?______________ Why/why


We do not ask for tithes and offerings. Membership dues is $25 a month for everyone. To try out RESCUE for 30 days, we offer a free trial. If you feel led to participate in the free trial, just, click the link below  and we can get started. 
If you can answer yes to all 7 questions, then go right ahead and click the link below for the 30 day free trial.
Once you take the trial, we will put you in our preparation group for 30 days where the pastor and our leaders will devote our attention to you or any other who is on trial at the same time. Generally,we keep the trial groups small, no more than 3 people at a time.
Pam Sheppard serves as the pastor of RESCUE. As pastor,she meets with every member by phone either once a week, twice a month or as needed, for at least 30 minutes per session. She also is in the private online fellowship at various times during each day, 7 days a week. Once a year, she conducts a workshop where people travel to a designated location. Thus far, we have had 2 annual workshops in New York, both in the month of August. The audio links to both workshops are available to members. 
Here is what you need to know about Pastor Pam Sheppard. She was licensed to preach on Oct 25, 1981 then ordained by a well known African American denomination in June 1988. She pastored two denominational churches. Then in 1996, she started a storefront church which she pastored for 12 years until she closed it. 
IN 2003, PAstor Pam had a prophetic dream where She saw Jesus, His robe, His feet but not His face. First She saw a lamp under a bed. Then She heard His voice say, “Pam, I cannot use you here. You are this lamp, hidden under a bed. You must leave.” HE walked away and then made a partial turn and said “BUT LET THEM PUT YOU OUT.” 
ON June 25, 2004, THE DENOMINATION TOOK PASTOR PAM’S NAME OFF THEIR ROLES. If She had attended the meeting, it would have not been possible for them to do. So She obeyed God, stayed away, AND THEY PUT HER OUT after 25 years of service. 
PAstor Pam waited 3 years for The Lord to send her to another church organization. HE DID NOT. Then once in 2007 and again in 2008, He spoke plainly. She was out PERMANENTLY. She was not to enter the doors of any church again, for ANY reason. Then in 2012, She had been working with a group on Facebook for a few years when the Lord spoke again in and told Pastor Pam to form an online church with the FB group.   

This is how RESCUE was born. 
At the beginning of this year, it was revealed that this ministry is to prepare the elect of God for His second coming.

For those who want to remain unaffiliated, there are a number of resources listed below to help you on your spiritual journey. 

 For information about our deliverance ministry, click the link below.

These two books are vital to your survival in end-times

The Church of the End-Time Zombies. 


The Fake JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us


ALL BOOKS the Dangers of Opening Chakras and Kundalini Activation False Conversions

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