Maitreya and the Abomination of Desolation

20 Sep

By Pastor Pam Sheppard


The Holy Ghost stepped into my occult world and brought me to the cross,  without my even seeking God. Remarkably,with in the twinkling of an eye, I was snatched out of a fallen angel’s hands on March 29, 1977 at 4pm on a Monday. So when I began to do the research in 2007 for the book “the Fake Jesus,” my intention as a former occultist transformed into a woman of God, was to “spy out the Land that I formerly dwelled in.”

The purpose of my investigation was an attempt to answer 4 questions: 1. What are the fallen angels telling their occult followers? 2. What is their endtime agenda? 3. How do the fallen angels plan to implement that agenda? 4. How can the elect of God protect themselves from it?  Throughout the research, one key word stood out: the altered state of consciousness, better known as “the trance.”

In 1974, I was two dimensional: just body and mind—a concrete, down to earth, rational thinker. Every thing changed when I began to study and practice relaxation therapy and hypnosis on myself and in my profession. I opened up my psychic powers, latent in my dead, un-saved spirit.  Within months, I found myself in a dangerous whirlwind of every facet of mediumship: out of body experiences, divination, poltergeist, astrology, reincarnation, communication with fallen angels who first masquaraded as the dead, seeing spirits, hearing them speak, spirits walking into me and speaking in voices different from my own—you name it.  Just a few  months after regularly  putting myself into a trance, my spirit was wide open for demons to walk in and out, say and do whatever they wanted to do.

So as a former hypnotist, I know a little something about trances. Anyway, what I discovered is the absolute necessity of the trance to fallen angels. First of all, without the trance, it is very difficult for fallen angels to communicate with human beings.  SO THEY REALLY NEED THE TRANCE TO MAKE THEIR DESIRES KNOWN. Besides hypnosis, yoga, chanting and various forms of meditation, the trance or the ASC is obtainable by several methods and ways—drugs, sex, habits, rituals, routines and repetitive actions, trauma, and something that the founder of sociology, Max Weber labeled “communal intoxication.”

Communal intoxication is the supernatural ability of magicians, wizards, witches, and CHARISMATIC RELIGIOUS LEADERS. Such leaders induce the ASC in their followers, including but not limited to convulsions, shouting, “holy” laughter, slain in the spirit, “holy” rollers and what is now being referred to as the kundalini spirit of charismatic witchcraft. Also, and MOST important, any one who speaks in what charismatics and pentecostals call “a prayer language” where their minds are unfruitful, enters into an altered state of consciousness. I know.  I did so for 25 years. I don’t—-ANY MORE!!!

I aim to keep this post as short as possible, so I will get right to my point. Simply put,what I discovered is that the top fallen angel who is called Maitreya, plans to perform a feat in the endtimes that requires a global use of THE TRANCE. It also involves untold millions of lower ranking demons—the ones who are assigned to you and to me. Benjamin Creme, nicknamed the John the Baptist of Maitreya, has revealed the endtime agenda of Maitreya.  To prove that Satan is God, Matreiya plans to telepathically speak and say the exact same thing at the exact  same time to all of mankind—at least to those who have been groomed IN THE TRANCE.  Since neither Satan nor any fallen angel can be in more than one place at a time, it is a trick.  The demons who are IN human beings through the trance will each be speaking to the one they have been grooming in the trance  through drugs, meditation, slain in the spirit, “whatever!!!

In this way, they will stage a magical farce, where the fake Jesus will appear to be God: Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent—ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL, AND EVERYWHERE PRESENT!

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6 Responses to “Maitreya and the Abomination of Desolation”

  1. Ricia Ali June 5, 2018 at 12:23 pm #

    Again, I’ve been reflecting on this post and my past experiences. The trickery element stands out to me. My personal situation showed me firsthand how the enemy can use ones desire for “spiritual insight”, “direction”, and being able to say “I heard from God” as a means to mess you up big time. The outcome of this delusion? LOSS. It’s a grievous situation when you ask “God” to, “open my eyes”, “give me direction”, “speak to me” and then when you get “an answer” it is totally off course. It led me to a place of desolation and finally LOSS. After all, I ASKED FOR IT! Or did I? I was tricked.
    So this trance that precedes trickery which is the agenda to firstly orient persons, then use mass telephatic messaging to cause persons to believe they heard from God can cause great desolation and death. Death of what? In my case, it was my innocence and naivety. In my trance like state from one state to the other I felt numb, no feelings, no desire, all my dreams dead, nothing. I was empty and my heart felt very cold and bitter. I was suicidal, depressed, disoriented and my health declined. I experienced the consequences of my actions but something else was birthed.
    What happens if persons are NOT allowed to experience the consequences of this agenda/trickery, like I did? What if they continue to be deceived into believing they all heard from God? What is the next phase? Since I experienced failure, I knew what I heard was not from God, therefore, Pastor Pam didn’t even have to tell me to leave the IC but she confirmed it and when she said stop all religious activity and rituals, I had no problem doing that. Prior to, I don’t think I would have had any basis to do so, despite my torment. I had Rescue to fill my mind with truth and to verify information. I came across Rescue in what would seem, quite by chance but I don’t know if others will be so fortunate.


    • pastorps911 June 5, 2018 at 1:21 pm #

      In answer to your question, Ricia, I suspect and believe that if you are chosen of God, one of the elect, HE WILL FIND A WAY TO UNDECEIVE YOU. If you are not one of the elect, you will remain deceived, die—and in the hereafter, the Lord will declare “I NEVER KNEW YOU.”

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      • Ricia Ali June 5, 2018 at 1:42 pm #

        Waw! Well I was having a hard week but your answer just fill my tummy with happiness. “If you are chosen of God, one of the elect, HE WILL FIND A WAY TO UNDECEIVE YOU.” OMG!!!!!! In all my church going I would hear condemning voices saying you are not one of God’s, you’re an outsider, there is nothing for you. People would disrespect me, leave me out after all my work and parade like it was theirs and try to break me down. I was always very sad and trying to work my way but it was always like a slap in the face. So to hear this now is tearing me up.


        • pastorps911 June 5, 2018 at 3:46 pm #

          Ricia, churchfolk treated me in a similar way.

          I came to the IC already born again for 2 years. From the day I got there, FIRST SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER, 1979, I was poorly treated because “I was different.” I entered ministry in 1981 and it “hit the fan!” In 1983,He called me out from them in a loud voice that vibrated and shook the room. I came out but then “I went back” in 1987.

          Upon returning, my rejection and condemnation as a minister was because I had the nerve “to leave THEM.” I stayed and endured. The only way I survived was to start my own church. They were not interested in my “target population” of abused and rejected people, so I was having a good time until God spoke again in 2003. It was in a dream. Real clear. I only saw His robe and His feet. He showed me a lamp hidden under a bed and He said “Pam, that is YOU! I cannot use you here. You must leave.” As He walked away, He turned around and said, “But let them PUT you out.”

          Put me out???? They were waaaay too cowardly to mess with me face to face. Less than a week after the dream, I learned that there was a secret committee investigating my website, looking for reasons TO PUT ME OUT. The Lord knew that they would not be able to put me out unless I HELPED THEM DO IT. So I laid back, did not send them money, did not show up to mandated meetings AND THEY USED MY LACK OF FOLLOWING THEIR RULES To PUT ME OUT ON A DAY THAT I DID NOT SHOW UP.

          Then He spoke again 3 YEARS LATER, this time straight to my mind. He let me know a lot about the institutional church. Told me that He had condemned Her already and that when I went to Her in 1979, the Holy Spirit WAS NOT THERE. Girlfriend, I aint looked back!!!!( well just once, but it was led by God, Yet another story! LOL)

          So I know from personal experience that when He is ready to undeceive, He will speak in unique ways or use someone else to speak. Someone like ME who has been there and done that!!! 🙂


          • Ricia Ali June 5, 2018 at 5:26 pm #

            Waw. Your account highlights some similarities to my situation. Totally different situation though, but somehow there are similarities, especially the fact that it seemed as though they wanted to put me down or out for whatever reason, because I wasn’t coming rehearsals, because I wasn’t in their stupid new members class. All kinda crappy stuff. Anyways, I’m over them and happy af. Confetti please


  2. Ricia Ali June 4, 2018 at 3:20 pm #

    This post made me jump. I experienced what was for me, a very traumatic situation. The lead up, was enough to make me wish for death, I was being bombarded with suicidal thoughts with deep depression every day and everything that could go wrong was going wrong. There was a feeling of terror that came over me everyday. The catalyst, which was when the news of divorce came to me, was simply the final blow. Since then, I am not the same. I decided that I should record my experiences both past and present. I’ve been crafting it in the form of narrative and poetic quotes. In one of my post I write, “And I was transported to an abysmal plane. It is called the upside down, a transitionary threshold where veils were parted. My eyes and my mind were awakened and there was conflict between the awakening and the abyss that was being tranced in me.” I wrote these words to best describe what was going on with me at the time. I knew the old me was dying and I felt like I was in a deep dark void abyss. I felt this way on the inside, dead and in a trance, just floating from day to day but after a while it seemed it was really a transition, a threshold to another phase. I felt like I was awakened, my mind, it was as though the bubble I was in got popped and I could see things clearly, make sense of things, face the facts head on. Maybe it is that I was over the situation and able to move on or maybe it was the fact that I finally accepted my fate no matter how bitter and decided that I did not want to be in this dark place any longer. Either way, the TRANCE was definitely an element of that transition. Now I’m wondering what really happened there. Since the incident, there are times I feel very dizzy, it has improved a lot since then but I still get these dizzy spells which I never experienced before. There were also times I just blanked out and didn’t were I was going or remember what I was supposed to be doing, it happened once when I was travelling and halfway I had no idea where I was or where I was going. That was very scary. A few times while driving, I’d just blank out and for a moment, it’s like I forgot how to drive, I had to literally force myself to think and remember how to drive! It was very scary.


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