Fire and Fury: Why Evil Spirits Torment!

4 Jan


In recent days, an infamous book entitled “Fire and Fury”  reports about  the various factions within the Trump White House. Excerpts shared on TV  expose  the   rivalry, jealousy and factions in operation in the first year of the Donald Trump presidency.  The factions consist of those who support the alt right leadership of Steve Bannon, the Trump Family Members, Traditional Republicans, and the Wall Street folk.  They are supposed to be working for the common goal of the country yet every faction seems to be focused on self advancement and preservation.

As I watched TV yesterday, my thoughts went to how Satan’s army of fallen angels and the various evil spirits and demon under the command of Jesus Sananda Immanuel also have various “departments or divisions,” including but not limited to the occult or new age, the institutional church,  the spirit of death and witchcraft.

For example, if an individual comes out of a witchcraft culture, then turns to new age, and finally seeks Christ and joins the church, a major warfare takes place, with the spirit, soul and body of that  person serving as  the battlefield for Satanic rivals.  As an example, a spirit of death might bombard the captive with thoughts of  suicide,  while the witchcraft demon will cause the captive to feel like he has a snake in his  throat.  The religious demon will fight back and give the captive a fear of going to hell or at least send forth a blasphemous thought to keep the captive attached to religious rituals like futile prayer, fasting, tongues, that only worsen the torment. Why?  Because the religious rituals themselves have been transformed to invite evil spirits.

Rather than work together, each division will fight over their prey wherein the struggle is experienced as both mental and at times physical torment within the soul and body of the one these spirits are fighting over.

Who can deal with all of this fire and fury?

If you are seeking an answer to this question, you need  “the Church of the Endtime Zombies.”

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  1. JewelAtRescue April 5, 2018 at 1:06 pm #

    This is another good post to review.


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