Deliverance Coaching Your Way To Freedom

19 Aug

We now have three RESCUE groups with WordPress. They are so private that they don’t even show up on the search engines and you must have a password of your own to enter them. We call them RESCUE Green, Blue and Red or Group 1, 2 and 3.

The RESCUE WordPress is a Christian fellowship where we use a private forum to share what we are learning on a variety of spiritual topics. It helps you begin to uncover many areas where you may have been bound or deceived spiritually by the wiles of the enemy. We post as we do on RESCUE Facebook which is a study group so we don’t really “get personal.” Members learn from the pastor and the coaches and on occasion, ask questions.

RESCUE WORDPRESS is both intimate, personal with a level of confidentiality. Members learn from each other, mainly as they share how personal experiences in dealing with being deceived by the enemy (through religion and the occult) have helped to detox them from religion. In time, members begin to see how the enemy operates, and how the Holy Spirit has been working to help them see the TRUTH, particularly as how relevant to the topic posted for the day.

RESCUE is the place where like James stated “confess your faults one †o another, so that you might be healed.”As such, members gain tools to fight the enemy. With mutual support, the group process helps the members to not only face but to fight their spiritual battles. Members provide each other with advice on how to handle particular spiritual situations. Christian group support is basically presented as our ministry to those who have been called out of the organized church or have been in demonic torment.

All of the coaches in the header above, under the training and authority of the Pastor assemble every day according to our own schedules. Only certain people are allowed in, and the group is relatively small. The goal is to help one another grow in truth, and to provide a sense of fellowship so that members know they are not alone, but instead in fellowship with others who may share some of the same struggles as a particular member does. In fact a member can usually be found who somehow relates to another member’s experience. Confidential information is not revealed. If any member needs a more enhanced confidentiality, anonymity through an alias user name is allowed, as long as the true identity is revealed to the pastor. RESCUE members grow in truth, and in turn, help others grow in truth.

Those who receive telephone deliverance coaching from the pastor at least 3 times a month receive RESCUE for. free. Otherwise, dues without phone sessions is $25 a month.

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