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Dying In Church, By Pastor Pam Sheppard

24 Sep


In my phone sessions  with damaged sheep since 2002, a truth has stirred in my spirit that is difficult to express. Once I really listened to what was done to human beings in the church and by the church, all I can say is that many  have  already been crucified and so they  should hopefully expect resurrection. Reports  of spiritual abuse within the institutional church actually resulted in damage to and the hurting of God’s people are  more than shocking , to say the least.  For me, a terrible wake-up call manifested, compelling me to realize just how much of the world is in the church system  and how dangerous it is to look back at Her once you have left Her.

Yet, we must look back in order to recover because we need to know what is it about ourselves that caused us to succumb to spiritual abuse in the first place…

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