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Guardian Angels Versus Principalities and Powers

30 Sep

By Pam Sheppard, Pastor of RESCUE FELLOWSHIP

Neither demons or fallen angels are allowed by God to work in YOUR life outside of your divinely given human will. I know this to be so from decades of personal and ministerial experience and my comprehensive understanding  of the scriptures.

In 1974, I un-knowingly and ignorantly invited evil spirits into my life but I did not give them complete access to my will. You see, I did not know who these beings were because they lied about their identity, claiming to be deceased relatives and friends when they were REALLY fallen angels. So my guardian angels were able to successfully rescue and deliver me out of their hands.

So what is the goal of principalities and powers? TO DESTROY US THROUGH OBTAINING ACCESS TO OUR WILLS IN ORDER TO DECEIVE US.

Consequently, fallen angels are extremely skilled in the art of deception. They don’t just out-and-out lie. They are aware that the best deception is mixed with truth. Since we who are of the elect have been assigned guardian angels to protect us, evil spirits (both fallen angels and demons) must first plant a suggestion to our minds, which when believed and received, gives them access to our will. For evil spirits know that our guardian angels cannot oppose them once we have “made a decision.” Once access to our will has been successfully obtained, evil spirits can move around by deceit and treachery, un-hindered, keeping their target totally unaware that their decision was gained through trickery.

Consider your decision to “accept Christ” by asking Him to “come into your heart.” It’s a major, almost foolproof setup based upon a crucial misunderstanding of a scripture or two. Simply put, The Lord said it Himself. It was better that He go away so that the Holy Spirit would come. He left. The Holy Spirit’s intention is to come into our spirits, not our hearts. The Greek word for heart is “cardia.” Look it up. The cardia is a part of the soul, specifically the mind and the emotions—NOT THE SPIRIT. It’s the spirit that gets born again. The soul is renewed through a daily spiritual walk that leads to maturity, as day by day, year by year, the soul is transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

So the set-up is this.

With your free will, you asked a religious entity masquerading as Jesus Christ of Nazareth to “come into your mind and emotions.” In other words, YOU invited the fake Jesus into YOUR soul. Inside of your soul dwells a religious demon who is submitted to the authority of the fake Jesus, aka Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

And only YOU can invite the fake Jesus out.

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