The Prosperity Gospel: Flagrant Corruption, An Abomination!

22 Oct

Don’t expect to be set free from evil spirits if you are “doing a seed.” You are already in the hands of religious evil spirits.


A Quote from The Church of the Endtime Zombies:

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The Role of the Prosperity Gospel

Walter Wink’s model of assumptions reminds me of the prosperity gospel that started among American charismatics about 30-40 years ago and has spread throughout almost every denomination and non-denomination around the world. MacArthur adds meat to Wink’s assumptions held by worldly institutions, quite astutely expressed:

The prosperity message unashamedly calls people to place their hope in the passing pleasures of this world. Rather than denouncing wrong desires, it glorifies worldly lifestyles, feeds on sinful greed, and makes poppycock promises to desperate people: “Get right with the Lord and he will give you a well- paid job, a nice house and a new car.”

Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers, Fortress Press, 1992, pg. 95
MacArthur, Strange Fire, The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit With Counterfeit Worship, 2013 Kindle

Actually, the prosperity gospel has armed…

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