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Why the Lord Often Chooses the Worst People

17 Nov

By Pastor Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries



According to normal  standards including my own, for God to choose me either for salvation or for ministry defies human understanding.  Here is the reason.  I was an atheist the first 33 years of my life. In fact, when I was 3, I refused to believe in Santa Claus! As a child, I stood against parents and grandparents, refusing to attend ANY church. My father’s mother called me a heathen and she was correct!!!!  By the time I was 33, I had attended church ONE time for non-religious reasons, and even then,  I ran out of there because I was extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

So you tell me! Moses was raised an Egyptian and had to go into hiding for 40 years because he killed an Egyptian.  As Moses stood before Pharoah commanding that he let God’s people go, I too am one person, standing up against the entire institutional church worldwide with the same agenda.  COME OUT OF HER, GOD’S PEOPLE.  DON’T RECEIVE HER PLAGUES!

Moses only addressed  Pharoah and the nation of Egypt. I don’t speak to the IC directly.  I speak to the elect  of God who are connected to  the entire religious system worldwide, some of whom  are  members of churches that are considered both righteous and good. Those who will hear me are a few, most of whom have already heard from God themselves.  For them, I will be the voice of confirmation. Even for the doubters, the confused  and even  the scoffers, I hit the proverbial nail on the head which is “Satan and his minions have already taken over the IC.  That is why you must leave!

Moses had a rod.  I have a book “Come out of Her, God’s People,”  and more books.  I also have the anointed word of my mouth spoken over the telephone to offer prayer for those who are blinded by the world  and to  cast  out of demons by phone—-one person at a time, one demon at a time, one bondage at a time—anywhere in the world.


In this book, I present autobiographical info in the first 8 chapters. In the next 5 chapters, I reveal concrete spiritual and physical reasons as to why you need to come out.  My books are like a series:  Faces of a Religious Demon puts meat on the reason why you should “come out” with profiles and examples, the New Idolatry exposes the work of the seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, Be Delivered from Deliverance Ministry lays out one of the practices of seducing spirits, the Fake Jesus identifies who the fallen angels are and what they have been doing for centuries, and the Church of the End-time Zombies puts it ALL together, with strategy, agenda, and solutions.

If I were God, I would not have chosen me for such a task because I have no religious history.  It turns out that this is one of the most  important reasons why He chose me for this work.  Even though I served for 25 years as both a pastor and an evangelist in the IC system, I never incorporated traditions and practices into my soul.  Therefore, my detox was both quick and minimal.

So boldly and without reservation, I am called, chosen and sent to speak to the enemy on behalf of the saints to command the seducing spirits to  LET YOU GO!!!! If you are of the elect of God, I am sent TO YOU!!!!!

If you are one of those who “hears me in the spirit,” you can get in touch at  888-818-1117 or complete the contact form ABOVE.