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The Truth About Deliverance Ministry

25 Nov

If it takes hours that turn into days where you are manifesting with coughs, screams, roling around on the floor, like in an exorcist movie, ain’t nuthin comin out!!!!


By Pastor Pam Sheppard

It is my conviction that most of our religious world is deceived, even those who propose to “cast out demons in the name of Jesus.” To test a deliverance ministry, the first question you should ask is where does it stand on salvation.  If the deliverance worker tells you that you must “accept Jesus” before he or she can cast out demons from you,” then run like a bat let out of hell.  These folk may be using the name of Jesus but the Lord does not know them because they may not even be born again themselves!!!! So they may pass THEIR demons upon YOU!!!!

The Lord Himself warned us in the word of God that the vast majority of humanity would enter the false door of religion and travel the broad way to destruction. Therefore, we should not be surprised to discover that Satan…

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Vital to Your Survival Is Not to Be Passive!

25 Nov

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A Written Word From the Author

I don’t call myself a prophet. However in 1979, two years before I entered ministry, I heard an audible voice call me a prophet. I don’t seek to know the future, but countless times I have known it, and I have witnessed prophetic messages sent to me over the last 4 decades actually come to pass. Nevertheless, I don’t go around speaking into people’s lives so I am not “that kind of prophet.” The Zombie book is a prophetic message to the entire world about a number of crucial issues, like “What is God going to do about the prosperity gospel?” And what is going to happen to the institutional church? and “Will God reach out to the deceived among His elect?”
My use of the term “zombies,” is as a symbol of a passive, lukewarm, lifeless and powerless religious church member. There is another book with a similar concept where the author emphasizes the deadness of some churches, based on an assumption that God will breath life back into the visible, institutional church. On the contrary, the emphasis of my book is not the zombie-like nature of the church itself. No. My focus is on restoring life not to the institution but to the churchgoer. The first step on that path is essentially to leave the institution and not look back at the Harlot whom God Himself shall destroy.
Consequently, , the main prophetic reason why every churchgoer and non-churchgoer need this book in their possession is that in the years ahead, it will not be safe to be publicly on the rolls of any institutional church.
Here is a prophetic excerpt:
The churchgoing zombie has believed lies to be the truth. Then again, a victim to a lie has too much pride to admit that he was duped. Zombies, though victims of
the I.C’s delusional system of false doctrine and practices that clearly do not work, are nevertheless responsible for allowing the system to shape their souls.
Besides hearing directly from God as I did, a zombie has the free will to use his or her commonsense and declare, “this mess ain’t workin.”
Yet there is a way to recognize the elect. The Lord showed me several years ago that He shall make His chosen ones lose every material thing that they have acquired, in order to open their blind eyes to the fact that the prosperity gospel is a lie from the devil. If it were from Him then it would work.
Beside God having to make such a drastic statement to His zombies, He also gave each of us a will. Our personal volition is the most important weapon to achieve and maintain freedom. Simply, STOP GOING TO CHURCH. You don’t have to riot, sue, or maim anybody.
You don’t have to stick around the IC to try to fix what is broken beyond repair. Understand that you gave your money to the devil and he is not going to give it back to you. Nor will the church or the pastor make good your losses. So don’t just walk. Simply put—-,R-U-N!!!!!

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