The Truth About Deliverance Ministry

25 Nov

If it takes hours that turn into days where you are manifesting with coughs, screams, roling around on the floor, like in an exorcist movie, ain’t nuthin comin out!!!!


By Pastor Pam Sheppard

It is my conviction that most of our religious world is deceived, even those who propose to “cast out demons in the name of Jesus.” To test a deliverance ministry, the first question you should ask is where does it stand on salvation.  If the deliverance worker tells you that you must “accept Jesus” before he or she can cast out demons from you,” then run like a bat let out of hell.  These folk may be using the name of Jesus but the Lord does not know them because they may not even be born again themselves!!!! So they may pass THEIR demons upon YOU!!!!

The Lord Himself warned us in the word of God that the vast majority of humanity would enter the false door of religion and travel the broad way to destruction. Therefore, we should not be surprised to discover that Satan…

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