16 Feb


Pam Sheppard

When I was rather deep into the occult, New Age world in the early 70’s, looking backclick book cover for ebook and the book title for the paperback now, I realize that I was under severe demonic torment.  The enemy tends to torment those that he knows that God intends to save.  I was steeped into the occult for 3 years, when like a whirlwind, the Holy Ghost scooped me up and caused me to be born again on a Monday, March 29, 1977 at 4pm in my living room.  Once I was born again, the torment completely stopped.  However, the fake Jesus didn’t stop.  He simply changed his tactics from torment to  demonic deception, which is yet another story.

I did not suffer from the torment, because I have a kind of “Star Trek” type of personality and my rational yet flexible mind did not realize that the fallen angels were trying to send me crazy.  I’m sure…

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  1. Susan Abraham March 16, 2019 at 11:19 pm #

    Your interpretation of the eastern practice of yoga and chakra openings is the biggest most idiotic ignorant Christian view on the spirit and soul. It’s because of folks like you……Jesus is coming soon.

    Yoga is not a religion….ancient practice to deepen a persons soul through breath work. Are there non Christians attending yoga classes…SURE there are.
    A Christian can do yoga and needs to do yoga to feel “ He who is in me is more powerful than he who is In the The world “ Jesus did yoga!!!!!
    Hinduism is based on symbolic allegory….it’s a completely different way to look at life. Jesus if he lives inside you…..opening the chakras will help one developed their intuition and Holy Spirit. Have you done yoga? Have you been to the hugging saint of India named amma? Read the book the great apostasy……..before you ignorantly preach from the pulpit.


    • pastorps911 March 16, 2019 at 11:37 pm #

      I did not have to approve this COMMENT AS I could have deleted it with one click. I ask myself, were you intentionally insulting or is it that you cannot help yourself. It would seem to me that someone on the spiritual path of yoga could have uplifted, even defended their position without attempting to offend anyone.

      Perhaps your high-minded comment was actually meant to be offensive. Whether in ignorance or intentional , I approved your comment because I wanted my subscribers and visitors to experience your venom for themselves and perceive where yoga has led you. Anyone with even a bit of common sense would recognize what spirit you are on. ENOUGH SAID AND YOU SAID ENOUGH.


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