The Importance of Physical Health To a Successful Deliverance

16 May
More than Only the Spirit - Enduring Word

Medical professionals recognize five crucial aspects of personal health: spiritual, emotional, social, mental, and physical. During deliverance, a person will be challenged in four out of five of these essential pillars (spiritual, emotional, social, and mental.) Hence, a person’s physical health becomes especially important.  

Strengthening physical health negates demonic strongholds by using a person’s flesh as an asset rather than a hindrance.  

Take fasting. It’s one of the first things a client is advised at RESCUE is to stop along with the rest of religious activity. True fasting can only be accomplished by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, the Enemy will use a fasting person’s currently weakened flesh as a means to attack (or tempt) a depleted, exhausted prey.  

One of my personal weaknesses is an over-active mind. Once a thought comes to pass, I often have difficulty ridding of it. Thereby, when I was tormented, the Enemy sought to insert dozens of blasphemous thoughts against the Lord. Set up, I was in a constantly harassed cycle against mostly myself.

By depersonalizing these thoughts, most of the torment had been gone. However, I still had an overactive, restless mind that refused to settle. So, I possibly left myself exposed to becoming tormented again if I wasn’t careful.  

Recently, my family and I went to the gym on a whim. Burning off my excess, anxious energy, my physical body became tired. Thereby, my mind became much more peaceful and settled. Not to mention, my focus also highly improved. 

Needless to say, take care of yourself during deliverance. Make sure you eat well. If you are able, exercise (even a thirty minutes) each day.) Make your flesh into an aid instead of an impediment.

Health is a gem with many facets. As deliverance occurs, you will need ALL the facets to shine, so you’ll be “glowing” by the time the Holy Spirit guides you to the Cross and the Resurrection.

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