The Revelation of the Depraved Soul

26 May

One of the hardest concepts for many to understand is the knowledge that one CANNOT make themselves become BORN AGAIN and that they can DO NOTHING to acquire GOD’S favor to bring Salvation. There is NO CHOICE in the matter. HE is the one who UNDECEIVES and HE is the one who will empty you from ALL outward and inward religious and self-pretentiousness. HE will bring you an understanding of the depravity of your own soul and cause you to see your own personal sin through SORROW that is OF HIM, and NOT of you, and you will experience the dark time of your soul.

The flesh does not naturally choose God, seek after Him, nor does it have the power to change itself. Human nature cannot seek after God because our hearts are actually at ENMITY with God, so it has to be GOD HIMSELF by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT to DRAW YOU to TRUE salvation.
One way to describe ‘enmity’ is that OUR FLESH /SIN NATURE is an ENEMY TO GOD.

A True Salvation experience is by GOD’S POWER ALONE and nothing else.

To now more about this subject, I recommend a book by Pastor Pam Sheppard titled

The Church of the End-Time Zombies.



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