Examine Your Social Circle: Are You Pleased with Your Reflection?

29 May

People are like sponges. They absorb everything that they see, hear, and touch. Needless to say, it’s not easy to stay isolated from the tempting world. Obnoxious commercials, scandalous music, and plaguing advertisements persistently bombard today’s industrialized society. Even the institutional church has become overtaken by the darkness of false doctrines and evil spirits. Hence, it’s crucial for the Body of Christ to choose their inner circle wisely. Remember, friends are CHOSEN family.

During these perilous times, we must surround ourselves with righteousness and light. That includes our friends and family. The tighter the circle, the better. Don’t forget that the Enemy has an innate ability to use people to harass a selected target. Hence, support-systems and social circles must be condensed to a selected small number of individuals during (and after) a religious detox. Remember, these people are either going to help or hinder spiritual progress if they will remain. There isn’t a gray-area. 

From personal experience, I left my best friend of three years after I left the occult. We wrote countless stories together that we one day hoped to publish. However, I had no longer wanted to be associated with the numerous supernatural, sexual, and homosexual elements that these fictional writings contained. Knowing that I’d be continuously tempted into writing that way with her again, I ended our affiliation. Sure, it hurt. Although, I’d rather stay sober in the immortal truth of Christ than to stay in a temporary, personal relationship.

Our social life reflects ourselves. Like a mirror, our friends usually have similar core values or alike behavioral tendencies as our own. If a friend interferes, tempts, or harasses you about your religious detox, don’t be afraid to snub them.

Draw the line with your friends with the same line that you draw yourself (hopefully with the Truth of Christ.)

Look at your friends like how you look yourself in the mirror. 

Do you like what you see?

If you need a support system, Pam Sheppard Ministries provides camaraderie on a secret group on Facebook called RESCUE Fellowship (https://Facebook.com/groups/rescue.) The group provides great commentary. It welcomes those in need of help overcoming the world’s temptation and detoxing from the institutional church. When I chose to leave my best friend, I’m happy to say these were the people that became my companions to fill that gaping void. I never felt better to see myself reflected and surrounded by the Body of Christ.

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