Tempting Others To Sin

30 May

The cross of Jesus Christ wipes away all past sins for those who become born again. If you are not born again yet, do not get bent out of shape about this. We all come into this world with a sinful nature. We all have a conscience. So follow it. The 10 commandments are there as a guide. 

If you have deliverance issues, certainly you don’t want to be doing things that will cause demons to get comfortable in you and make a home in your soul.  So use commonsense.  

There is a scripture in the bible about eating meat sacrificed to idols.  Paul wrote that in reality, it’s not a sin as meat is for the belly.  However, if a person thinks it’s a sin, then it becomes a sin for them.  And we who are more mature should not eat meat sacrificed to idol in front of them.  In other words, we should not use our freedom as a stumblingblock or temptation to  others, to cause them to sin.  If we do that, then we are sinning ourselves. 

For example, I do not drink in front of alcoholics.  I do not drink and drive.  In fact, I don’t really drink at all, but I have liberty to do so, if I choose.  Again, eating a desert or an extra piece of pie,is not a sin, unless you are eating with a diabetic. 

do y’all get this? 

Perhaps an e-book that will help you even more. I recommend “the Zombie book” because it reveals how evil spirits will use false doctrine to tempt legalistic people to fall into temptation and drag others along for the ride!!!


Click the cover for a paperback and the title link for the ebook

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