Social Media Ushering a New Era of Contacting Evil Spirits: When Children Practice Divination

6 Jun

In the twenty-first century, smartphones and tablets have given children unlimited access to the world. By a moment’s instant, a child may jump from a simple, cartoon movie to sinister, horror film. Then, to boot, they can watch a video that coaxes viewers into harmful, countless behaviors like swallowing raw cinnamon and poisonous Tide-Pods. With that in mind, however, parental controls may not detect the videos that leave children susceptible to the supernatural. Nowadays, adults and children alike are unknowingly inviting evil spirits into their homes by performing divination witnessed on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Divination games were played before the arrival of the smartphone. However, the arrival of social media has popularized divination games beyond their previous vintage notoriety. In 2015, the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge propagated the usage of a pseudo-Ouija board originating from Spain. Formerly known as el Juego de la Lapicera (Direct translation: “The Game of the Pencil” or simply “The Pencil Game”), the original “Charlie” game involves two players holding two pencils in the shape of a square, pressing the ends of their pencils against the other player’s. Similar to an Ouija board, the players would move their pencils without conscious control.

Although, the modern version of “Charlie” differs as a two-pencil game. Two pencils (or pens) are used to create a grid (with sectors labeled “yes” and “no.”) From there, players may invite a spirit named “Charlie” to answer their questions. The overlaying pencil is expected to rotate to specify Charlie’s answers. The first question generally involves whether Charlie is willing to play or presenting themselves to speak.

Skeptics point out that the overlaying pencil is shakily balanced onto the midpoint of another pencil so that it can rotate very easily from heavy breathing, gutsful wind, or uneven surfaces.

That said, when actual spirits begin to play the game with the kids, trouble starts.

My younger sister was approached to play a version of “Charlie” with a Bloody Mary twist by an older neighbor. (For those unaware, the game “Bloody Mary” involves players lighting candles, spinning around a set number of times, calling “Bloody Mary.”) As my younger sister was five years old, she didn’t understand the dangers of divination games. So, she played along. (We’ll call her Eliza.)

From memory, I recall Eliza and my neighbor spinning around, calling upon Charlie, and sometimes throwing Bloody Mary into the mix. They wanted to get scared. They wanted a response.

My sister certainly got a response.

For the next five years, Eliza experienced supernatural voices and unexplainable shadows to a point where she normalized them. It wasn’t until the voices became alluring and condemning that she realized something was wrong. Originally, subtle whispers became much louder. They’d call her name and hastily protest “No!” to positive things like her reading therapy or eating her favorite foods.

Here are steps to rectify demonic torment caused by divination games like the Charlie Charlie Challenge, Bloody Mary, and countless others. (Eliza has followed these rules and experienced relief in a week!)

1.    Verbally renounce playing the game by using its title. (You can say that you do not wish to play the game anymore, you have no more interest in the paranormal, and you revoke any invitation made to evil spirits.)

2.    Confront any lingering voices. (Whatever they say, tell them that you are not listening. They cannot manipulate or control you. Demons hate pursuing people with strong willpower!)

3.    Eliminate ‘religious practices.’ (Holy water, anointing oil, salt boundaries, rosary prayers, prayers of protection, Bible verses, etc.) Those things do not work. The evil spirits grant temporary relief to fool people.

4.    Do NOT go to church to have someone lay their hands or to pray over you. (In short, there are evil spirits in the Institutional Church such as the Antichrist and the Kundalini. These spirits have the potential to be transmitted from person-to-person that could potentially make things even worse!)

If these steps do not provide relief, there might be other legal grounds that the spirits have over you. If you need help, you may contact Pam Sheppard at 888-818-1117 or email her at  
Pam Sheppard also has a video that describes the strategies of evil, divination spirits. If you wish to learn more information about the practice and dangers of necromancy

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