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Becoming Born Again is the Key to Deliverance From Torment

17 Jun

Several of the  demonically tormented people who I have served online  since 2002 were active members of  either Charismatic or Pentecostal churches. Others  entered into the occult and ignorantly developed into  New Age practitioners or student idolaters of Eastern religions like Hinduism Or Buddhism. What each group has in common with each other is that most of them left these practices and became tormented once they became professing Christians. My experience is that 100 percent of them believed themselves to be born again yet they ALL had false conversions.

Actually, what I have found is that white magic practitioners  who attend Christian churches are so shackled to the sin of idolatry, that release from demonic captivity is unobtainable without a thorough confession and renunciation of charismatic witchcraft.  As a consequence, the spiritual pride deeply rooted within the Charismatic movement and New Age occultism  remain a pervasive stumbling block and God Himself resists them.

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In the book the New Idolatry,  you will find a quote concerning demonism and psychotherapy by  German psychiatrist Alfred Lechler.  Dr. Lechler shed a somber light on demonic captivity:

“What then must we regard as the cause of demonic enslavement or possession?  If we enquire closely from such people as bear the marks we have just mentioned, we very often find in their background the use of magic means such as are employed in black magic–acts of charming or being charmed, the sin of fortune-telling or visits to fortune tellers and card layers, and participation in spiritist sessions.  Black magic is much more prevalent than is ordinarily assumed…When we look into the Bible, we note that it too is well acquainted with enchantment.  It is in Acts 19 described as a ‘prying art.’ (here we also find mention of magic books.)”

I have found Dr.Lechler”s perspective to be significantly comparable   to my own experience in working with professing Christians in torment. In addition, I offer the following points:

1. Satan does not torment his own people, as long as they continue to serve his agenda.

For this reason, occultists, Charismatics, Catholics, and converts to Eastern religious practices remain incredulous that professing Christians are tormented by what they themselves believe, practice, and wholeheartedly support. For Satan  while actually provides several of  his followers with fame and fortune, they are shocked when other practitioners reveal the torment they have endured.   As a consequence, the spiritual pride deeply rooted within each idolatrous practice  remains the stumbling block as “God resists the proud.”

2. Satan’s people will remain unwilling to accept that others are being tormented. They will rationalize and respond “you did not understand so you did not know what you were doing.” Here is a common example of someone who professes to be a Christian:

I’ve been dealing with Chakra meditation for some time and I have the ability to see past present and future I’ve seen a lot through my courses of traveling e.g. other universes entities of a dark nature and of light the discernment between the both is quite distinctive and the last time I check I didn’t see any demons coming out of them although demons exist without a doubt you don’t have to indulge and partake in the fruit of the forbidden. that is strictly a personal choice the Most High is not some mystical man who sits in the sky casting judgment upon his creations. Oh no my friend. He is much more then that. He is the infinite he is the all he is me and you and everything fathomable in existence he is the Is all interwoven through trans-dimensional strings and spheres of perception that can only be seen from different degrees of frequency and in order to see these things you must be in touch with the light body itself. Although permanently attached not connected because connectors have been severed by the systematic removal of truth and spiritual knowledge and also the misinterpretation of the word. You know not of which you speak but only because of that which you do not seek.

3. God does not torment anyone, yet He will allow Satan to torment those whom He has chosen for salvation to draw them out of false religious dogma and practices, , New age white magic, black magic and/or the Charismatic movement.

4. The tormented want to be free of torment, as is expected.  But for most of them, they would live in utter darkness, eternally deceived without the torment. What they don’t realize is that regardless of what they try to do to get rid of the torment, a long as they do not center their attention less on the torment and mote upon who Jesus Christ is and what He has done, their days of torment will be prolonged.

The catch-22 is this!!!

The tormented  need to be born again and there is only one thing they can do in that regard.  TURN AWAY FROM THE FORMER WAYS, TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES. FOR IF YOUR RIGHT HAND OFFEND YOU, CUT IT OFF!!!!

This does not mean that the torment will stop completely.  What will  totally stop the torment is a true rebirth, a bona fide conversion that  cannot  be brought  about by “accepting Jesus” and “asking Him to come into your  heart.  No sinner’s prayer will bring about the birth of  new spirit.

So as part 1 is resisting the devil. part 2 is even harder because there is nothing anyone can to  deserve to be born again.  Part 2 involves hearing the gospel ALL OVER AGAIN AFTER YOU HAVE DETOXED FROM YOUR FORMER IDOLATRY. 

So what is the solution?

Humble yourself  and wait!!!!

Come to terms with the fact that you practiced witchcraft.!!!!! Witches in the old testament were stoned to death for their acts of idolatry.  Has God stoned you yet?  if not, Be thankful that He  has allowed you to live.  Why?  Because of His mercy,  the sacrifice of His Son on the cross, and His bodily resurrection!!!!

He knows where you are, He has allowed Satan to torment you  and if He has chosen you, He shall deliver you.

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