The Religious Right ain’t so Right!

18 Jul

Despite one of the most common beliefs that Americans hold dear, the United States’ Founding Fathers were not born-again Christians. They were Deists. While they acknowledged the existence of God, they denied the possibility of miraculous and supernatural occurrences in the natural world. From their perspective, they thought God to be like a clockmaker. According to the teachings of Deists, as a clockmaker creates a clock and leaves the clock to tick, God created the world only to leave it to function via the laws of science.

Aside from science, Deism also stresses the importance of the intellectual strength of humans. In fact, it was influenced by the Enlightenment, a European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries that favored reason and individualism over religious faith. Not to mention, a Deist would usually dismiss the Bible stories containing miracles as nothing more than myths. In fact, Deists considered a very limited portion of the Bible seriously.

Of the Founding Fathers, President Thomas Jefferson, President James Madison, inventor Benjamin Franklin, and author Thomas Paine were all confirmed Deists of their era. Meanwhile, George Washington’s religious beliefs are still fiercely debated among historians. He tended to favor the term “Providence” over “God.” Nevertheless, many Christians fail to recognize the Deist history that influenced the foundation of the United States and the Constitution.

In fact, American politics did not even involve religion until the 1970s.

That was when Republican Phyllis Schlafly gathered mutually disgruntled Catholics, Mormons, Protestants, and Orthodox Jews into a movement to stop the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.). Meant as an addition to the Constitution to negate sexual discrimination, it was the long-term goal of the Second Feminist Movement. However, Schlafly believed that the E.R.A. defied the God-ordained roles of man and woman. In which, she believed that a woman should stay in the home to work with her children, and the man should be out working, “It would be a tragic mistake for Congress ever to adopt any public or tax policy which encourages mothers to assign child care to others and enter the labor force.”

Feeding on the grievances of conservative, religious groups, Schlafly cited that passing the E.R.A. would lead to an increase of abortion, homosexuality, divorce, and moral-degrade; and the loss of child support, the implementation of a female military draft and a disruption of the traditional man-wife roles. Basically, she spoke about anything that the religious people wanted to hear; and they drank the kool-laid, believing her as a voice of reason. It was a massive grassroots movement similar to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Schlafly’s coalition refused to let the E.R.A. pass, believing that’s what God intended it to be. They wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and refused to listen to any other point of view. No matter how much their concerns may not have been founded at some points.

So, it wasn’t a surprise to the American public when Schlafly and her religious coalition stopped the E.R.A. from being ratified in the U.S. Constitution. Despite thirty states ratifying the E.R.A., it got halted by at least thirteen states standing against it. Furthermore, the newly established Religious Right became a name-stay by popularizing “family values” politics that would dominate the Republican Party in the Reagan years. Since the 1980’s, the Religious Right has become a political juggernaut by becoming synonymous with a platform based on pro-life, anti-gay rights, and “morality, as set in motion by Schlafly’”s Religious coalition.

Nevertheless, morality and politics do not mix.  Despite the Republican’s excuses for his actions, President Trump’s political reputation comes from a common disregard for morality at best. If morality was the gold-standard of electability, #45 certainly wouldn’t reside in the White House. The difference between Trump and the other politicians is that Trump is considered both loud about vulgar via his speaking and tweeting, contrasting, the more seasoned politicians clandestine backdoor politics underscored by a  hypocritical moral twist.

In other words, they are all phony.  

Most of all, God and politics do not mix. Man is naturally alien to God, and politics is certainly a conduit of man. As a democracy, the United States logically caters to special interests of people. Politicians gain their prominence by gaining power, position and privilege in return for their group’s favor. Created in Rome, a democracy is entirely of the world where Jesus Christ has no place. As the Devil is the god of this world, that makes democracy not a man-made concept under satanic influence. Politics generates a cycle of failure where a citizen must vote for an unreliable, inept government, fight for their rights and (or) be forced to obey their country’s laws. Repeat.

The U.S. government is in crisis, because Trump has challenged and contradicted its foundational principles of the rule of law and the constitution. It seems that Trump wants to rule as a king within a monarchy, and not as a coequal with the Congress and the Judiciary within a democracy.

The real king of the Earth is Jesus Christ. He will overthrow all worldly governments during his 1,000-year reign over the planet. A person would think that the religious right would understand such a concept if they understood their own God. After all, a true Christian isn’t of the world, but they are above the world. In fact, until the Lord returns, the world will never be a home to any born-again Christian.

However, the religious right is blind as they were back during the day of Christ. When they compelled Pontius Pilate to crucify the Lord. Just as today’s religious right is in the hands of Donald Trump, their predecessors were in the pockets of the Emperor of Rome and Pilate. The parallels to the times of Christ and today are uncanny to say the least.

So, please Lord, return to rule the world with both love and justice, with a rod of iron. A man rules for himself, but you rule for us all!

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