Rescue Fellowship: Good Tree, Good Fruit

27 Jul

This year’s Pam Sheppard Ministries workshop was an experience unheard of. Before I begin, I must thank Pastor Pam for her cheerful giving, patience, organization, love, and zealous leadership throughout the entire time; as well as ALL of RESCUE who volunteered willingly without grumbling to help make the workshop possible…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

There are going to be three points that will be addressed during this article: 1) the fruit of Rescue and or Pastor Pam’s ministries 2) the highlights of the workshop and 3) why you should be part of the ministry.

As I arrived to New York I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement and nerve to finally meet the peculiar people of Rescue. The more I began to interact with everyone, the more warmth, embrace, and love abounded; I know I was were I belonged. The fruit of love is beyond evident among Rescue; and during the time of the workshop there seemed to be good fruit surrounding everyone involved. This seemed (to me) to be the foundation of Rescue, and all fruit bore from the fruit of love. This love is not a worldly love, but Christ’s love in deed and truth. A love that edifies, builds, strengthens, reproves and most of all—sincere. It was such an honor to be apart of this event, and to be with Pastor Pam and the members of Rescue. Not only did I grow to love others, but I grew in love for the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth above all; as I become much more centered and focused on Him. The fruit of salvation is also among Pastor Pam and Rescue as the Holy Spirit united us as one, we witnessed Abbi’s new birth as the Holy Spirit did the work, Pastor Pam helped deliver her out of “the womb” and now she is a new creation in Christ!

As seen above, Abbi becoming truly born again was a supernatural miracle I know I can’t forget. As she declared while shocked, “Oh my God, He is alive!” Brought such refreshment to our spirits and hearts. Her joy, peace, and entrance into the Kingdom of Light through Christ, although an invisible reality was made visible as this glow from within her shined. The unity of the Spirit was an incredible highlight; as the Spirit moved upon all of us in different ways; yet keeping us together in Christ. Seeing all the work, love, diligence and zeal in the little or large things that goes into Rescue behind the scenes to provide ministry for those who are in need; was a delightful thing to witness. Learning more about one another, opening up, cracking jokes, laughing, crying, was a wonderful time. Growing closer to the Lord was also a certain unforgettable time.

I have had a short two years, thankfully, being in “renown” churches, synagogues, with deliverance workers, charismatic movements, and a mega church; but never heard the full Gospel preached. I never had true peace and freedom within me, until I came to Rescue; man, I was in for way more than I expected! And I am absolutely blessed to have been led to Pastor Pam and her ministry, Rescue.

If you want truth, freedom, the full Gospel, to understand salvation, and deliverance—Rescue is the ministry for you!

Give the number 888-818-1117 a call; or email if you have any questions about Rescue or Pam Sheppard Ministries!

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