Prideful Assumptions

9 Aug

WE LIVE in a society with beliefs, statements, and perspectives. The truth is seen as relative mostly, or the truth is simply not seen at all. Every person we interact with has some kind of belief system. Even the ones who don’t “believe” in anything, well that’s what they believe in.

There’s a saying that goes something like, “Never bring up politics or religion in a conversation,” which is excellent advice. Both religion and politics have extremely strong beliefs. People who are subjects of those beliefs can be very stubborn, closed to reason, strong-headed, and always claiming they know all the answers…

Why are people like this? Why are some just zealous and overly obsessive about their beliefs, opinions, and objections that they have to force, bind, obligate, and project them on others? There’s only one possible answer I can think of: pride. What’s ugly about prideful beliefs is that one, most of these beliefs are fallacies—in other words false ideas. In the religious atmosphere, doctrines and ideas are an everyday or weekly projection. Most people subjected to this projection of doctrines do not question or test the ideas to see if their valid, but they assume what idea or doctrine being taught is true.

Pride loves to defend assumptions. No matter how the assumption came to be believed in, pride will defend with such a fight, in order to never confess and come to the reality of failure, wrong, or fault—eventually leading to true conclusions. Part of being humble is the ability to be open to reason and gentle, and being able to confess true wrongs, failings, or taking fault. Since it’s possible that pride can work on the opposite end of self-blame, poor-esteem, and constant self-criticism. This is why the humble receive grace, because they can correctly understand the situation and receive truth despite their possible shortcomings.

Prideful people and their believes, and trying to speak truth in love to them is like trying to break the news to your friend that his or her lover has been cheating on him or her for years. Denial, blame, rejection, hate, fear all come into factor. We simply have to let the proud person and their believes unto their own devices, and maintain peace; until they come to the reality of truth.

At RESCUE, we do not project what we believe on others. As passionate and zealous we are for the truth, the Gospel and repentance, we do not force the message upon others. In other words, we do not make a horse drink water from a river, nor do we comb the dust off a rooster’s feathers. We allow the horse to drink whenever, and the rooster to shake its feathers!

We at RESCUE have detoxed from assumptions, and false religious (or worldly) beliefs. If you have questions about the ministry, struggle with pride, and are questioning what doctrines you believe in and are searching for truth: give the number 888-818-1117 a call or email

One Response to “Prideful Assumptions”

  1. Anonymous August 12, 2019 at 10:53 am #

    “At RESCUE, we do not project what we believe on others. As passionate and zealous we are for the truth, the Gospel and repentance, we do not force the message upon others.”

    I couldn’t have said such a more truthful thing myself. We aren’t to place bondage onto other people. In fact, we’re here to do the exact opposite. 🙂


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