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Trust Issues and Thwarts

1 Sep

WHEN YOU HAVE a history of placing your trust into someone or something and that trust is broken it can be likened to a rope that is torn in half. Although you may try to tie the rope back together, the “knot” will remain there…

We live in a grievous world full of people who are evil, and abuse others. And within the IC there is an even more dangerous evil of wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who are not outwardly evil, people who have integrity and appear righteous and innocent but a really ministers sent by Satan and inwardly ravenous, selfish, “clouds without water.”

Not to mention the IC, but in general it’s fair to say we have all experienced betrayal, broken promises, and our hopes diminished and shamed. We long to trust, and be accepted; but when we are rejected we can respond in many various ways. One of them is the “ain’t nobody to trust” mentality that’s a mindset of self-preservation. Another is the “rejection fear” a mindset that drives people into the anxiety of needing to be accepted.

Trust is a fundamental part of the human heart, or the mind and emotions. Trust is what bridges relationships, and is essentially the foundation of what makes up a relationship. The first priority we must have is to trust in God through Christ. We should have no other reliance other than God. The issue arises is the person with the “ain’t nobody to trust” mindset claiming to only “trust God” when ignorantly the person fails to realize that God works in people to help others in need…

One of Satan’s powerful thwartings is to create mistrust in your heart. Satan knows exactly what people God wants you to be surrounded with and will do everything to prevent you from reaching God’s people. Think of it like a herd of sheep. Satan works as the wolf, cutting off the path of a struggling lamb to the rest of the herd and shepherd for the sake of slaughter.

While, at times it’s important to have genuine doubts, and test everything, with examination. Eventually, you will have to come to a conclusion and make a decision to trust. The ones who constantly examines and tests yet never are able to come to conclusions are likely to have trust issues, or a mindset of fear. Since, no matter every reason to trust, or the good possibility of a successful relationship, Satan places irrational fear, thoughts, and accusations to shake up a person’s trust; eventually thwarting them from reaching a sincere relationship to someone who God had anointed in Christ.

This has to be one of the hindrances Satan uses against people who God has sent to be part of His Heavenly Kingdom. Satan along with his wicked spirits create all kinds of feelings of “eerie-ness” and fear of the unknown, religious demons, who without rest, are ever finding fault with God’s people and thus accusing and condemning His saints. Satan seductively with intellect, whispering all kinds of suggestions, questions, reasons, possibilities, outcomes, and lies mixed with truth—just to thwart some lost soul from reaching true people of God.

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” Since, Jesus Christ of Nazareth should have been trusted, and sought after for help, yet, at the cross He was betrayed, and left. His disciples shaken up with trusting Him. You can see how God Himself, has been through rejection, betrayal, and people not trusting Him. This is merely an example to demonstrate that Satan will do everything to get us away from trusting God and reaching His people. Not to mention the Devil will easily bring in the “right” people into your life or even yourself whom we should not trust at all…

At Pam Sheppard Ministries we can help you overcome your trust issues, or an other unhealthy mindset by means of God’s truth and His Gospel. Trying to reach out, but have concerns? Contact 888-818-1117 or email if you would like to address your trust issues and harmful mindsets.

Has Satan shaken up your trust to get you to fall away from where God wants you to be? I would not be surprised, he’s been doing it since Adam and Eve’s time!

The Mysterious Babylonian Reality

1 Sep

Babylon the great, who are you? How can we understand your mystery? This is a wonder going through the book of Revelation.

Her possible beginnings, could be when the peoples of ancient times united together against God to construct a tower, to make a name for themselves. What happened to you oh, city? Though your people’s tongues and understanding was disrupted, did your hearts ever change? You people of old sought to be as one people, one united humanity, yet together in rebellion against God. Your riches, your knowledge, your industry, your city, your business, your pride all in harmony to defy the LORD. Your history of beliefs surely has not died, looking at Sodom, Egypt, and then Babylon. Rebellion, idolatry, sexual immorality, uncleanliness, spiritual abominations, sins upon sins, maybe you did not take directly part in their share, but your system, yes your beliefs scattered like a blaze. Maybe this what the LORD foresaw, and knew would come; and maybe had not He disrupted your language your beliefs and influence would have come sooner and grown worse.

Babylon when you occurred in time, you just were the best city and people to describe whatever this mystery is. Whatever this drink of rebellion is you’ve given the nations and peoples, can we ever understand you? Babylon, you are symbolic of rebellion, idolatry, sexual immorality, horrendous greed, injustice, cruelty, unclean spiritual and religious practices, lustful lust, abomination upon abomination. But,

Babylon the great, you must be similar to this. You must know your own. But you, oh Babylon are not just Babylon but Babylon the great. You must be so proud, because you are the one over all these rebellious cities from the beginning of this age to this end of this age. You are on the top, the mother of the system. You are the one who gave birth to the Tower of Babel, Sodom, Egypt, Babylon and every city of idolatry, every city of sexually immoral behavior, every city of rebellion and defiance, every city of drunkenness, every city of your religious and spiritual prostitution.

Babylon the great, though you have stood tall over all these years. Though your influence still exist today in the churches, businesses, organizations, media, entertainment, education, and so many more areas… you will fall!

What are your thoughts on this mystery name, “Babylon the great?” And who is she?

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

1 Sep

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

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