Breaking Free From The Evil Matrix

4 Sep

I recently watched a video explaining how the movie, “The Matrix” is really a movie explaining our world in a “fiction, non-fiction” way. Whether you have seen the movie or not is not relevant to what is about to be discussed in order to “break free” of this evil “Matrix.”

When we are naturally born in our flesh and blood as a human being into the world, we are born cut-off from God, sinners with an un-renewed mind, in bondage to death and Satan. While on top of that, we are mostly likely also raised by people in the same position teaching us how to live, what values are, what’s real and what isn’t. As time goes on, and just like our bodies grow into maturity, your mind also grows into believing the assumptions and delusions Satan has introduced through the world and all the people held captive by Satan’s system. This also includes all religions, and the churches, which just add a different “spin” to the delusion.

When you observe the world around you, this is what the reality is. People are robotic, zombie-like, brainwashed, and under this sort of mind-control that has blinded them from reality and truth. People believe whatever, think whatever, feel whatever, do whatever they feel, whatever is the norm, whatever is presented by the world (and the church) as good, without question. Almost as if people have become purely instinctual animals, like lab rats running through a maze trying to find the cheese. While many of these people understand what a prison is, little do they understand the various types of prisons, and that mental slavery is a form of prison slavery also.

Like physical prison, a person is bound to a cell, restrictions, and regulations. The prisoner cannot behave freely, and is unable to be independent. He must submit his will to the controlling authorities and be dependent upon them and their power in order to survive. It is in this way that the world’s people’s minds are. They are imprisoned, and captive to the world and its restrictions, regulations, programs, gratifications and are unable to behave freely, be independent and therefore must surrender over their will to the evil system that lies in the power of the evil one, Satan. They will continue to sleep-walk through the world, and belong to the world until they receive the love of the truth, and desire to know what the reality of things are.

The moment God, the God of truth begins to “awaken” one from this dream, this delusional state of mind, this mental-prison, it’s a shocking moment. There are many layers of this mental prison, and only God and His truth can get one out of all of them. First, you are trapped in a cell. The moment you begin to desire, or love the truth, is the moment you are “awakened” from your mental slumber and realize the reality of where you are, mentally. Since the truth is freedom, loving the truth is loving freedom. As you begin to learn and know the truth, you find the needed resources to escape the cell. However, once you are out of the cell, you now are in the prison where other guards, officers, and even prisoners will all attempt to keep you captive in the prison and put you back in your “cell”. The more you desire to know the truth, the more likely you are to escape.

After all the denials, confrontations, doubt, shocks and uncertainties you now have been led out of the “prison.” Although mentally, you have escaped, what will hold you back is the past, if you allow it to. You see, although you are out of the “prison system” and its delusions, the prison system still exists, and the life you once lived there once existed. That way of living was a reality, a part of you and what shaped you up until this point. And now, even though you are a freeman, knowing the truth, you are in a different place where you have to survive and live. It is here, that lies the challenge of living a life that is entirely different from that of the prison-life. And just as physical prisoner’s have challenges returning to society, so do those who have been released of the mental slavery to delusions and into the truth. Sadly, some fail to overcome the truth’s reality demands and prefer to live in bondage to the “system-prison” and be a slave of delusions.

To finalize all of what’s been spoken, here at Rescue and Pam Sheppard Ministries, we were people who were once, part of the “prison-system” of the world controlled by Satan. However, we have been broken out, and freed from that system, and live in the truth, with minds renewed and delivered from bondage to delusions. And we work as a united people in Christ to break as many free from the sleeping mental-bondage of delusions and illusions of this world. We are here to help you be set free, and get out of this “Matrix” or “prison of the mind” and stay free. For any questions or help, email

What contrasts can you compare with the idea of a “matrix” or prisons, that relate to the idea of deception?

One Response to “Breaking Free From The Evil Matrix”

  1. Tee October 6, 2019 at 1:05 pm #

    OMG!!! I love this post! In the past, my husband and I have often talked about everything in this world being like part of a Matrix.


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