Translated From Darkness to Light

8 Sep

Five years ago, I did not know Pam Sheppard Ministries. At that time, I was hearing voices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It all started gradually when they would say one word every 5 to 10 minutes. They would say things like “leave”. Later on, it gradually turned into constant, long running words telling me to do things and talking about Jesus.

The voices grew stronger after I visited a psychic, who claimed that she could help me. The voices started telling me to leave my job and not to go back into that building. One day, I obeyed those evil spirits and I left my job. That was a big mistake. As soon as I obeyed them, I gave them authority and control over me, and with that, those evil spirits continued a 24/7 harassment, while not giving me any breaks or pauses.

Then, I discovered an article online written by Pastor Pam Sheppard. I called her and when we spoke about my situation, she had knowledge about this subject and understood what was happening to me. One of the ways her knowledge was evident was when she made it clear that me obeying those spirits was the absolute wrong thing to do. She discerned fear coming from me, and she also knew that I was not really born again, even though I thought I was.

Eventually, Pastor Pam started counseling me and I watched many of her videos, read her articles, and read her books. One of the many great things that Pastor Pam and the Holy Spirit did for me was help me take back my free will. Like she says in the video below, we worked and worked and worked until I took back my God given free will!!! And yes, I am holding it dear to me.

After being in counseling and mentoring with Pastor Pam for 5 years I have progressed tremendously. The voices dramatically decreased to the point where I would go days without hearing from them. To me that is a true miracle. I have found multiple jobs and have been able to easily work in different areas that I felt was a better fit for me, compared to before where I was living in fear about being unemployed and unsure of when I would ever receive another pay check again.

Then on July 21st, 2019 at 12 pm, my day arrived. He gave me a true salvation experience, which was truly supernatural, and absolutely not of my own doing. I had no idea I would become born again that day and was definitely not expecting it.

You see, years ago as a teenager I “accepted Jesus”, when prompted by the preacher to walk down the aisle and do such a thing. Yet looking back I realized I accepted Jesus out of pressure and fear to do what was expected of me and because of the promise suggesting I would be saved just by accepting him.

Yet when those evil spirits came to harass me, my prayers, church attendance, and reading the Bible only made the voices come stronger and led to an increasing mention about what Jesus thinks I should do.

 Hearing voices constantly and consistently, for example when they spoke about Jesus, didn’t make sense. Everything they wanted me to do was not fruitful and did not help me in my life whatsoever. In contrast, anything I listened to them about, put me in danger. After being in counseling with Pastor Pam, she taught me that I had a false conversion and everything that I felt didn’t quite add up during my time of being religious, started to make sense to me, as to why this was happening. I was worshipping the fake Jesus and praying to him and when I found that out, I stopped worshipping the fake Jesus, and removed myself of religious behaviors that were deeply rooted in my life.

One of the ways I advanced against those evil spirits harassing me was when I renounced the false conversion. Not too long after that, I no longer heard voices in my head saying “Jesus thinks this”, “Jesus thinks that”. Still, my goal was to get those evil spirits to leave me alone and not talk to me about anything at all because they were still commenting about everything I was doing. Thankfully, I went from hearing voices constantly and consistently to significant and dramatic reduction, as I continued being counseled and mentored by Pastor Pam and I was feeling relieved and grateful for this.

As far as true salvation, I learned from Pastor Pam about waiting on God’s call to cause my salvation. Besides, there was plenty of work I needed to do on my soul, due to all the years, since childhood, of damage, pain, insecurity, and worries lodged deep inside me.

On the day of my salvation experience, July 21st, 2019, at Pastor Pam’s annual workshop, after she preached an incredibly powerful sermon the day before, a sermon so powerful that after hearing it, the next day, the Holy Spirit led me to think about Jesus. Next, the Holy Spirit led me to repent, have Godly sorrow, GAVE me a clear understanding of the resurrection, and GAVE me the pure awe, shock, happiness, and excitement that Jesus actually is alive!! I went from loudly sobbing and to joyful astonishment that Jesus is actually alive. As this was all happening, all who were in attendance at that workshop were cheerful and encouraging witnesses to this occasion.

Now today, I know that I am a new creation in Christ. His grace of everything he has done and the power that is Him with the faith given to me that He defeated death, has a resounding and continuing impact on me.

As for those voices, even before I got born again, they had already completely reduced. Since my rebirth less than 2 months ago, I have observed even more change and improvement. My salvation experience is so unforgettable, that it is my weapon and shield against them. The peace that I have is wonderfully more consistent than before I got born again and the voices from evil spirits continue to decrease even more and more than before. Each week, I notice even more improvement against them, in that their presence has and continues to diminish. Hearing voices is now on a rare occasion.

One would wonder was waiting for Five years for the Lord and my born again experience worth it? It definitely was. Why? Because in the first few years, once I realized I had a false conversion and was progressively undeceived, I realized how much of a gift it is to be undeceived and aware of all the devils schemes, plots. His countless and often hidden tactics to destroy have been uncovered and as a person who became privy to this information, I used this knowledge to my healthy advantage, going about my life, safely altering, adjusting my life decisions based on what I knew about Satan’s deception tactics. God has blessed me with the truth of all the enemy’s deception and I am continually grateful for that. So in the midst of waiting for my salvation experience, that gratefulness has been sweet to have, just like the first bite into your favorite fruit you’ve been longing for, that sweetness of truth was and is refreshing.

So over a five year period, I overturned my false conversion, realized that salvation is a gift from God, not of mans own doing, and I did not waver but remained steadfast to what I continued to learn from the help I received in weekly deliverance counseling sessions.

With guidance and counseling from Pastor Pam Sheppard, her teaching, experience, and own born again history, Once flighty, I am now resilient. I know that God intended to cause me to eventually enter His family.

For me, Being born again is worth all the waiting I have done, because the new creation that salvation in Jesus Christ has given to me is extremely fulfilling, rewarding, and sustains me. The grace of salvation by Christ is everlasting and irreplaceable of anything the world offers. The peace the Lord has given to me , I am thankful for it and will always be thankful for it. The Lord has taken me out of Satan’s dark world and into his light of truth.

Pam Sheppard Ministries is THE place to be if you are lost and in the dark. The answers you have been looking for are right here. There are people who have been struggling with torment of all sorts whether by demons, fallen angels, or the family members and friends the enemy is using against them. Call 1-888-818-1117 if you would like to know more about Pam Sheppard Ministries and what help you can be offered.

2 Responses to “Translated From Darkness to Light”

  1. Tee September 9, 2019 at 6:09 pm #

    AMEN AND AMEN AGAIN!!! There is NOTHING like being born again! It is definitely worth the wait! Congratulations on your new life in Christ!😊🎉🎊


  2. gailatrescue September 9, 2019 at 5:48 pm #

    Reblogged this on Pam Sheppard Ministries.


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