Defining What It Means To Be Meek

13 Oct
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How the religious atmosphere has attempted to define what it means to be meek. Yet, we must understand by the example of Christ in the Gospels of what it means to be truly meek.

“Meek” according to the dictionary is defined as, “Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.” It is true that the meek are quiet and gentle. Christ called Himself as one who is meek. But, Christ was certainly not “quiet” when He rebuked the Pharisees, yelling “Woe!” And He was not so “gentle” when He turned over the merchant stands and money tables in the Temple, yelling, “Den of robbers!” Is Christ then, contradicting what a meek person is? No! For He is the Meek One! Therefore, we must unlearn this “quiet, gentle, submissive” meekness that has been taught for sometime.

Christ teaches that, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5:4), which He versed from the Psalms, specifically, “But the meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in abundant peace” (Psa. 37:11). This word “meek” in Hebrew is “anav” which can also mean “poor, needy, afflicted, humble.” The word of more resemblance to “meek” would be “humble.”

The meek are “humble” or “lowly” of them “selves”. And the meek person is entirely submissive, but “submissive” to the truth. The meek person is one who quietly follows, and submits to the truth. We see Christ, always submitting to the truth, and in the reality of the truth. Because a meek person understands their submission and stance on the truth, they do not need to defend themselves, exonerate themselves in the midst of lies. “They know the truth” and because of this they are indeed quiet and mild and not offended by others. They are “quiet” of imposing themselves and “mild” in their thinking of their self. Let’s look at Christ when He was on the Cross and the people were demanding He come down and save Himself because He is the King of Israel. Christ knew the truth that He was Who He was. There was no “noise” of Him defending Himself. He did not need to “justify” Himself, and therefore remained “mild” in the midst of the evil circumstances, submitting to the truth and rejecting the lies, quietly.

Jesus Christ likewise, when brought to Herod who demanded a sign, “submitted to the truth” in all quietness. He did not need to justify the truth, exalt Himself, and submit to Herod’s demand, because Christ was already submitting to the truth. He therefore denied Herod’s request, which would seem “un-meek” to some, but according to God this is meekness. You see, being meek is not a doormat, or a pushover, or someone who is passively allowing others to dominate and control them. No, the meek are “passive” to the truth, and the truth alone! They, “rejoice in the truth.”

The one who is meek may have a loud voice, may even appear insane, have a “different” personality, but they remain meek because they yield to the truth. Because the person who is meek is following the truth, submitting to reality—they ultimately will be happy and “inherit the earth.” Not only is this a “future promise” but one for now. The one who is meek is an “heir of the earth and will receive it’s inheritance.”

What exactly is the earth’s inheritance? Just as the Israelite’s were redeemed out of Egypt and “inherited the land” and it’s goods, this is similarly to how the “inheritance of the earth” is. The inheritance is not necessarily earthly riches and wealth, and the earthly “things,” but is the overall “earth” being given for you as your possession and ownership. Because the meek “submit to the truth” they can be found trustworthy with having the earth as their own possession. With this ownership of the earth they will be using this inheritance according to the truth.

What can you make out of one who is meek in accordance with Christ’s example?

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