Psychopaths, Sociopaths—Are They Incurable?

24 Oct
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According to, 1% of the general population are psychopaths and 4% are sociopaths. Of course, this would be the “diagnosed” ones, but who knows how many are not diagnosed and living among society. Psychology defines psychopaths as ones who shows no remorse, are anti-social, amoral, and have no empathy. They are extremely manipulating, and have controlled behavior. Psychologist hold, that a psychopath was “born” as one, and is rarely a nurtured condition. Whereas a sociopath, is more so a nurtured condition, and is narcissistic, self-centered, does not have empathy, is also amoral, but is not very manipulating and controlled. Either way, these people are held by modern psychologist as those with a, “mental condition” and can be “treated” but the “cure” has not been found. So, psychopaths and sociopaths…are they incurable?

Let us first further investigate what the Scriptures tell us about the word “Psycho.” Jesus Christ said, “Because lawlessness shall increase, the love of many shall grow cold” (Matt. 24:12). “Grow cold” is where the word “psycho” is used. A psycho can be one who is “cold.” What secular psychologist find, is that psychopaths do not have a conscience. They cannot feel remorse, guilt, or have any feelings toward people. They are essentially “heartless.” The heart is where the affections, mind, will and emotions rest. The area in the psychopaths heart where the emotions, feelings, conscience, and affections rest is literally “frozen.” Whereas the “mind and will” function without this affectionate area of the heart working. This is in essence what a psychopaths personality is made up of, only their “mind and will.”

Psychopaths can manifest their tendencies from a young age. From killing and torturing animals, manipulating their parents, harming other children without remorse, extreme anger issues, unemotional responses to natural feelings of love and so forth. This must mean that psychopathy is an “inherited” personality. Whereas sociopaths are more so “conditioned” into one because of abusive parents, environmental problems, and traumatic experiences. Either way, the question to be begged is, “How does this happen?” Psychopaths were not truly born this way, since we know originally man was not born with this “psychopathic” personality. Which means, at some point a “psychopath” had to be “made” and pass on their personality by means of children.

What could be the possible answer is that a psychopath, did indeed once have a “warm” heart. Where in the heart the affections, natural feelings, emotions and conscience were “in touch” within the person’s soul. The person had a personality, and could have empathy and feelings. But, the person “gave up” these feelings, and “abandoned” or passively “ignored” their conscience, and feelings. Overtime this person grew “mentally” intelligent, controlled, manipulating, and willful. But, this person grew “heartless” losing emotional feelings, conscience, and affections until they became completely lost. It could also be possible that a wicked-spirit then took ground over the person’s heart, since they no longer willed to have that place within the heart functioning in it’s original purpose.

This could be the possible explanation for why some psychopaths are absolutely sinister. But, we cannot necessarily blame everything on the devil and his demons…

What cannot be disputed, is that psycho or sociopaths have some kind of “bondage” in their hearts that does not allow them to have a conscience, empathy, and affection. Whatever this bondage be, secular men of psychology find this bondage “incurable” but, the Scriptures say, “What is impossible for men, is possible with God.” So, there definitely is a cure for people with this disorder, or bondage. What is it?

The GOSPEL’S resurrection power is the solution to all things! The power of God’s salvation manifests to any person who believes in the Gospel by means of God’s faith given to the person. God promises that upon the New Covenant now established, He will “write the Law upon the heart,” and “put the Law in the mind.” His own Spirit will dwell in the believing one’s “new spirit” and God will give a “new heart.” A “new heart” believing Jesus has been risen from the dead by God. This is the solution to any psychopath or sociopath, the Gospel and God’s work of salvation.

Once a psychopath is brought to the Cross by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit can make them feel “remorse” and guilt for the first time. This leads them to repentance and when God grants the faith to them to believe in the resurrection, they receive a new spirit and new heart! A new heart able to have a conscience, feelings, and godly affections! There is no condition before God, that is “exempt” from His salvation. If you are predestined in Christ, no matter what “state” or “mental condition” you are in, God’s salvation and rebirth is possible!

At times, I wonder if religion is creating unemotional, unemphatic people because of it’s “outer form” of godliness but denial of power. Since, people are “covering” their true feelings, but ultimately are “controlling” their behavior to shape and form into that of a “compassionate” person. But, within, they are “dead” and cold of natural feelings and empathy. This could explain why there is this “coldness” within the religious systems of today, and why some sinners in poverty have more “warmth” about them…

As Christians, we are to be compassionate people, and tender in touch. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, we are here to present a Gospel that brings “new hearts” and renewed minds. We have “put on” Christ and are here to be empathetic in your sufferings, and here to help you with whatever bondage you may be in, even if the world has labeled you as “incurable.” Give us a call at 888-818-1117 for counseling, questions, or concerns!

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