Warfare of the Mind

25 Oct

War is defined as “a state of armed conflict” according to the dictionary. Upon a mind being renewed in Christ, there is a “war” that takes place in the mind. The warfare of the mind is the “armed conflict” against the “strongholds” of Satan.

We first must understand the function of the mind. The mind is an area within the soul which purpose is the “intellect.” The intellect is responsible for examination, judgment, reasoning, and decision making. The “heart” has thoughts, while the mind “thinks about” these thoughts. While the heart may “feel” for something, the mind has ultimate “rulership” over making choices.

An unregenerate person’s mind is still able to gain truth, it can only understand within the “natural intellect” but this one’s mind doesn’t have the “mind of Christ” and cannot “wage-war” against the strongholds of the Foe. This mind however, can be free from aspects of deception, and therefore “maintain” the truth and continually learn knowledge about what’s false and what is real. This, however is not “waging war” against the strongholds. Since, “we do not wage war according to the flesh,” “for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.”

Weapons that are needed to tear down the strongholds of Satan cannot be natural. God gives, upon regeneration in Christ a “new spirit” and a “new heart” is given but the mind is progressively being “transformed and renewed.” God puts His Law in the mind, yet the mind is still in this process of “renewal.”

So, exactly what is a stronghold? First of all, a stronghold is the concept of a “fortified castle” by which a militia can be safe and recover during war. A stronghold of Satan therefore, is a “mindset” that has not been renewed and therefore the adversary can “rest” in this specific mindset.

The mindset is specifically, “imaginations” or “logismos” which in Greek can mean “reasonings” and comes from the root word of “think” and “logic.” This “logic” is some kind of “reasoning” that Satan has placed in the mind, and made a “stronghold” out of this line of thought. Satan then, can “rest” in this logical stronghold, and watch as your mind becomes “blocked” and struggles with thinking clearly and correctly.

From there, Satan then fires from hell “every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.” “High things” are the thoughts of the Wicked One, the Prince of the “air.” They are “ideas of the air” being put into the mind by means of the satanic stronghold established. These “ideas of the air” then attempt to exalt above the knowledge of God. The knowledge of God is Christ, since Christ is all in all and all things were made through Him. A high thing will attempt to exalt above the revealed spiritual truth and revelations of Jesus Christ. These thoughts attempt to “dethrone” the things of Christ, and the mind “set upon” the Spirit of God. They moved in from the strongholds and try to pull down the truth of God and then “rise up” and above contrary to what God’s knowledge reveals.

This isn’t specifically a war of the truth, per say. But, it’s the war of a renewed mind in Christ, whose regenerated spirit is “wrestling” against the dark powers of the air. And during this battle, the enemy comes with schemes against the spirit, as the wicked hosts come to wrestle against the spirit united with Christ; while the enemy also searches for a place in this regenerated person’s mind that has not been “renewed” in order to develop a stronghold and fire the arrows of high thoughts from hell.

While the believers spirit has the armor of God, the believers mind also has “divine power.” Indeed, only divine power can “destroy” the strongholds of Satan within the mind. This is why the carnal cannot wage war against the strongholds. But, the regenerated spirit equipped with armor, and the mind being renewed has this “weapon of warfare” through God to destroy the strongholds of Satan.

First, this weapon is able to “cast down” the reasonings of Satan. Satan’s reasonings are extremely crafty, and subtle. Yet, the renewed mind is able to “cast down” whatever the reasoning be. Just as Christ was able to recognize the Satanic “reasoning” from Peter who Satan used and attempted to offend Christ from fulfilling God’s will. This is in essence, what Satan will cunningly do within any area in need of renewal in the mind from God. The “reasoning” that diverts you from fulfilling God’s will, and knowledge of His will. Yet, the divine power of God, within the renewed mind can easily cast down this set of thinking as Christ did, “Get behind Me, Satan!” He said, “For you mind not the things of God, but men!”

Upon the imaginations (ie. the stronghold) being taken down, there still “floats” the “high things” that attempt to exalt above the knowledge of God. As if it’s like the “rising dust” that puffs up in the air when a building collapses to the ground. The huge bricks colliding with the ground where the dust and dirt then launch upward creating a cloud of smoke. These “high things” are also cast down by the mind in light of the divine power of God.

You may wonder exactly, what is this “divine power” and this “godly supernatural weapon of warfare”?…

“Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

Yes, this is the divine weapon from God to the mind of a regenerated child of God through Christ! This weapon has the strength to “bring” or “carry away” the strongholds and high things of the wicked powers of the air within the mind. Not only “carrying” these thoughts and reasonings, but “putting them into captivity.” Literally “capturing” every thought and subjecting it to the “obedience of Christ” with “readiness.” And then, upon the “captivity” this weapon of divine power then “punishes” all disobedience, and in turn fulfills the mission of obedience to Christ.

This entire process is easy, and peaceful. Despite it’s a “war”—the divine power of God makes this warfare simple, and mentally easy to wage war. Many times Christians can think they are “waging war” but are yet waging war according to the flesh, in tiresome over mental activity and ironically enough they then wage war according to a stronghold of Satan…

At times, we must pray that God, reveal the “strongholds of Satan” and “shed light upon the mind” in order to “see” the enemy’s reasoning within any area of mind not renewed. We also must allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to use this divine weapon of warfare. Then from there USE the divine weapon of bringing captive every thought, thus casting down strongholds and high things against the knowledge of God! Being born-again is the ultimate “divine power” and something to wait for. If you feel as though you are “waging war according to the flesh” and struggle with mental clarity, contact our ministry so we can help you examine your salvation! Our number is 888-818-1117.

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