Your Local Theater Showing, “Religion”

4 Nov
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(A metaphorically story on the reality of religion)

“There are multiple advertisements on the T.V. with a wonderful preview revealing a new show coming to the local theater. “The greatest experience of your life!” The commercial says. “Dramatic, thrilling, exciting, an emotional rush of love and power!” This voice proclaims, as clips and previews of the theater’s actors performing their roles, the stage, lights and cameras all presenting a wonderful image, and piece of artistic expression. “Behold!” It says, “Your local theater performing, “Religion.”

A desperately bored, or helpless individual finds as a “last resort” desire to check out this theater as “something to do.” Their intentions seem to be that, maybe this will be an exciting play! Maybe this will inspire and give hope to their life again! They purchase the rather expensive tickets, and enter into the theater. As they sit down in the packed full theater, they give their attention and begin to observe the play.

Loud dramatic music is cued, along with the intense lighting, and the actors and actresses appear in their dramatic roles, with costumes, hair dues, make-up, and emotional appearances. They are in their postures, and positions, creating a “suspense” of emotions, as the packed watching crowd is beginning to be “moved” by all the sensory stimulation.

Now the actors begin their lines, speaking with excellency, wisdom, sensuality, creativity, and all emotional power. “Stunning” the crowd thinks. The acting is phenomenal, appearing so authentic and real. The theater cast are making such a display of “Religion,” the crowd is now hooked into what’s happening. “What love!” “What tragedy!” The crowds utter quietly, because if any were to criticize loudly of their performance, security will come and kick them out!

So enough the grand finale appears, just to keep the crowd caught up in the fantastic ending—eventually the curtains close. “Let’s come back” they exclaim. As the lights shut off, the people begin to grab there things, the “exiting” commotion commences. The theater is now empty, the crowd goes back to their lives, as well as the actors and actresses. Everyone goes back to living just as they were. “Sigh” an actor expresses, “I can finally be me!” Of course the actors and actresses are well pleased with all the glory the crowd gave them. They love the applause and praise of men. “What a good performance,” their director and producer commend, as they collect all the crowds ticketing money. And soon enough they prepare for the next showing of “Religion……””

The word “hypocrite” in the ancient Greek language, literally means “to play a part, or wear a mask.” This expression was used in the theaters of the ancient Greek days. It also is figuratively used in the Bible to describe a hypocrite. You see, a hypocrite is exactly this, one “playing the role.” Acting out a part with controlled behavior, but the inner-essence of the actor contradicts what they externally display. And notice how the “playing part” achieves “praise from men”? This is the ultimate intention as to why a hypocrite “puts on a mask” is to receive praise from men, or “the crowds.”

Loved one, is this not the reality of religion, one big play of “godliness” that denies the power of God? The entire scheme centered on praise from men, money, and getting a large crowd to watch and “win fans?” This is the reality of all the churches: they are simply a theater.

One Response to “Your Local Theater Showing, “Religion””

  1. clareet April 19, 2021 at 8:36 am #

    Thought provoking comparison! Even though I have not attended many churches, I can see especially in more youth movements the music and lighting becoming like a club scene, stimulating emotions, its all sensory and fleshy.

    This article has also reminded me of how I feel an imposter in my own life.

    “Acting out a part with controlled behavior, but the inner-essence of the actor contradicts what they externally display.”

    I feel my whole life I have been a hypocrite, playing a role, pretending to be ok on the outside but living with inner turmoil on the inside. It has got me very confused about who I actually am.


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