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Why The Wrath Of God?

20 Nov

Why the wrath of God? Why does God have wrath? God’s grace and love is always mentioned, and His goodness. But, we cannot deny that God has serious anger also. Let’s take a look at what anger is, and how it effects us. We also need to observe why our gracious God has this wrath, and how we are saved from it.

What Is The Point Of Anger?

Have you ever had such anger at someone, or something? Such frustration, and wrath? Well, the whole concept of anger, in essence is when something is wrong. Yes, when something is going wrong, or someone is doing wrong you get angry. For example, when a child does something extremely cruel, or wrong, you as a parent will show anger to display the seriousness and reveal to the child how wrong they behaved.

Anger is to awaken a person to their error. Have you ever been yelled at by someone who is angry? Does not their yell, and anger stir you up to realize what’s happening is wrong (from their perspective)? This is the whole concept of wrath is that it’s to fully reveal the depths of wrong being done. How can you fully realize the consequences of your actions, if no one says anything? Or, if someone is polite in confronting you doing the wrong thing, won’t it not “fear” you as much? Won’t you not truly realize how wrong you are?

Why God Has Wrath

It’s this very essence of wrath, that God has wrath. The Apostle Paul was given revelation of “the wrath of God from heaven against unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18). This section in the Scriptures tells much as to why God is angry, namely because of unrighteousness. All humanity is left, “without excuse” before God. Therefore, because of unrighteousness God must display His wrath upon it, in order for the unrighteousness to truly realize how wrong they are. Yet, this wrath has a “day” reserved by God. We now are in the era of grace, as we await the “Day” of the LORD.

Many people don’t even acknowledge what they do is wrong. Even the “religious” ones. The simply have “suppressed the truth by their unrighteousness.” The religious ones, because of their “self-righteousness” have not the faith in Christ that brings about true righteousness. Wrath is God’s last resort to awaken the slumber and rejection of righteousness that comes from Christ, and why He has a specific day that His wrath will be manifested upon the ungodly and unbelieving.

Being Saved From God’s Wrath

Those who have been saved and born-again have “escaped” God’s wrath. Because, Jesus Christ of Nazareth bore your punishment of God’s wrath on His Tree. The one act of righteousness transcends to all who believe in the Son, thus escaping the “day” of wrath of God upon unrighteousness.

It’s important not to have fear, while understanding the wrath of God. God desires that His elect, “should not perish but all come to full repentance.” There are too many “religious” preachers installing fear and terror into people about God’s wrath and punishment. Yes, this is true the wrath of God. It’s also true, that God is merciful and “mercy triumphs over judgment.” He has revealed all goodness through Jesus Christ His beloved Son, and will show mercy to whom He shows mercy.

Examining Your Salvation

The Apostle Paul had to warn the Romans that God will render according to one’s works, and how there will be punishment, wrath and anguish for everyone who does evil, without partiality. You want to have the assurance that you belong to Christ and that you have escaped the wrath of God….

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