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My Lips Were Near, But My Heart Was Not

31 Dec

In my religious times I was much like how the young Saul was. Zealous, “blameless” or very self-righteous. When I would go to worship, I’d be the one standing out the most. Hands in the air, singing with all my heart, you get the idea. Despite how genuine I was, “My lips were near, but my heart was not.”

Pharisee Hearts

The Lord Jesus during His earthly ministry rebuked the Pharisees and said the prophesy of Isiah was fulfilled because of them. “These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their hearts is far from Me” (Matt. 15:6-8)

A Pharisee heart or a religious heart is this very concept. Mouths and lips that praise, sing, and boast about God, but hearts that do not know God or draw near to Him. I know this for fact, even in my “sincerity” I did not have a heart that knew God, or was close to Him. I was even the one who would judgmentally observe others and see this very verse be true to others! But, despite what I thought, I didn’t know the reality of my heart in it’s sinful nature.

You Need A New Heart To Be Near

The only way any heart can be near to God is being born-again in Christ. A heart that is in bondage to the fallen-spirit, is still under the power of Satan. It’s a heart “desperately wicked.” Even the apparent “good” the heart may do, it’s still in bondage to deceit and error.

This was why only my lips and mouth during my times as a “Pharisee” could draw near to God. No matter how hard I tried, my heart remained far off.

Self-Praise Motivated

The “God” I knew (which was not really God) and worshiped I truly believed by my efforts I would earn special favor. I did not find this to be true at the time, but now I see. I see, that I really was all about my self. The “God” I zealously served, and everything I did was for MYSELF.

Many people would compliment me, and I would say “Praise God.” Thinking I’d glorify Him, but my heart did not meet those words. Simply, because “God” was not involved, it was ME. So, in all my praise it was all about praising my SELF!

A New Heart Near God

Once the Holy Spirit worked salvation in me by means of the faith of God given to me to believe in the Gospel, I received a new spirit and a new heart. A “heart of flesh” with the Law written on it. I remember first thinking, “I actually KNOW God.” Part of knowing God is being NEAR to Him.

At the Cross is when I truly felt MY SEPARATED DISTANT HEART from God. I didn’t ever realize it until then. My stony heart was HUMBLED!

Are You Near?

Part of the reality check our hearts need is, Are they near to God IN TRUTH? In truth specifically means a heart being made new by means of the rebirth in Christ.

Finding out your hearts true distance before God, is a step to possibly closing that distance. EXAMINE YOUR SALVATION with our ministry, to make sure your heart is in the right place!

What Is A Cult?

26 Dec
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The word “cult” has a long-complex history, and it’s sense of terms is highly controversial between scholars. Whenever the world attempts to define truth we should have an instant red-flag go up. And it seems that both the religions of the world, and modern worldly social groups have all defined what a cult is. But, we must object and clearly define and ask, “What is a cult?”

Further Look Into The Definition

The word cult is defined as a “social group.” This social group is considered to have abnormal beliefs and have common interest. In other words they all have one goal, and all share bizarre beliefs. There usually is within a cult an authoritative figure who controls the followers, and has a systematic ritual to bringing in other people into the cult. Cult sizes can be small, but they can also be millions of people.

As you can see, these “terms” of a cult get extremely grey. And, it’s important that we rightfully discern these terms, lest we falsely accuse groups or people being a cult. First of all, let us first discern a cult as a “group” with a “collective false belief.” This is the essence of cult. The leader of a cult is simply a dictator-type figure, and the followers “blind-submissive slaves.” This group works in a functioning harmony of upholding their belief system and serving the leader’s selfish delusion.

False Accusations, True Accusations

It’s very easy for any group of people to be accused of being a cult. Typically because of religious worldly people whose mouth and mind is under the control of Satan, “The Accuser of the Brethren.” These religious “know it all” type will slander any group of people that have a different way of thinking, or different belief system. When, not realizing, that just because people have a different belief does not mean it is wrong or false.

Interestingly, it should be noted that cults are a group of people upholding a false belief or doctrine. With the true definition of a cult, it’s easy to see how the entire church system is a giant cult. It’s a group of people who uphold false doctrines inspired by demons as prophesied in the Scriptures. The biggest indicator of cults and those under the influence of one, is that they refuse to acknowledge their faulty beliefs and heed to the truth.

Personal Experience

I had been in an extremely legalistic cult for nearly six months, and then joined another legalistic cult not as “extreme.” Both cults had members who confessed to me that they (the congregation) were a cult (jokingly) but, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Both cults had an extremely controlling leader who did not know the truth about the Gospel, and submissive followers upholding their false teachings. Cults often have a “mass mentality” that makes it difficult to break free of them. Thankfully, by the grace of God I was delivered out of the church-cult system and into this ministry to receive counsel from my spiritual and psychological abuse.

It should also be noted that both these cult leaders were under delusions. They do not know the truth about both the Gospel, and spiritual matters. And were not willing to fess up to their error. They also used fear to bring others into subjection and had false humility to make them appear “trustworthy.”


To conclude, anytime we examine a social group, or any group of people and start to accuse them of being a cult, we must ask ourselves, “What is a cult?” If there is a group of people who all share a belief that is not in accords with the truth; then it is a cult. Simple as that.

Apathy Is Nothing New

18 Dec
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Apathy is defined as “lack of enthusiasm, or interest.” We can see all throughout the Scriptures of God’s people being apathetic to His causes and will. The danger of apathy is that, in essence it’s “lukewarmness.” Apathy is nothing new, and the enemy loves to install apathy into our souls to hold us back from gaining from God, and to lead us into rejection of God.

The Israelites Lack Of Interest

The Scriptures reveal how the Israelites were redeemed out of Egypt. Over 400 years of oppression, God finally was giving them the taste of deliverance and freedom. They first hand eye-witnessed the most fearsome attributes of God. In trivial circumstances, they were given the most amazing opportunity, to be apart of something that was much bigger than themselves, and even the whole world.

However, despite being graciously called, and brought out of slavery. After being guided by the cloud of God. After seeing over 15 supernatural experiences directly from the Most High. After all this, what is there attitude? Apathy. They lacked interest for the things of God. Their awe of God, their enthusiasm for His desires became stagnant. “Ugh, the desert,” “Ugh this that and the other,” “I don’t really care for this journey in the wilderness,” “Ugh, what’s the point anyways”? You can hear them apathetically saying.

Take Heed Apathy Still Exists

But, some are no different than the Israelites. Despite being miraculously brought to Pam Sheppard Ministries in a world that is globally satanically deceived. Despite being liberated from the bondage of lies. Despite laying hold of resources of truth with power from God. After being given an abundance of spiritual blessings, that are hard to find in a corrupt earth as the days of Noah. What’s the attitude of some? Apathy. Just like the Israelites who fell dead in the wilderness. Indeed spiritual apathy is the beginning to spiritual death…

Satan ultimately places emotional feelings in us that are designed to make us apathetic. Yet, instead of resisting these wicked subtle emotions that create apathy, some submit to them. “I don’t feel like doing this,” “I don’t feel connected to what God desires,” “I don’t feel so I won’t do,” is usually how these emotions “speak.”

Why Apathetic?

Other than Satan placing emotional feelings of apathy into the hearts and minds of God’s people, apathy usually comes from a form of unbelief. When you are full of faith, you have faith in who God is. What God has done. What God will do. This will inspire you to genuine enthusiasm for God’s causes and things. But, with unbelief you lose sight of God’s blessings, God’s goodness, God’s work in your life, and so forth.

If you are apathetic it has come as a result of both Satan introducing things that distract you from God’s things, and your own desires blinding you from God.

Therefore, Be Enthusiastic

Being “enthused” can also mean to be fervent, zealous. Having the enthusiasm for God and what He wants is simple-zeal, and God delights in this. You must repent from your lack of care, and resist Satan’s temptations, and strengthen your heart to know that God is worthy, and His causes are to be done with enthusiasm.

Pam Sheppard Ministries is not burdensome, not difficult. We do not put “heavy yokes on shoulders and lift not a finger.” No, we ask if you are apart of our ministry that you simply participate for your own well-being! Your apathy is harming your soul, and preventing you from growing up into salvation. “Be hot or cold” there is no apathetic lukewarm….

Humanity And Depravity In The Endtimes

15 Dec

The Lord and His Revelation reveal a great deal of things. One thing to note is humanity’s depravity in the endtimes. The Lord said during His earthly ministry, “For as the days of Noah were, so also will be the coming of the Son of Man” (Matt. 24:37). In the Book of Revelation we can also see a further depravity, “They blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds” (Revelation 16:11).

The Days Of Noah: Overview

The days of Noah were filled with wickedness. Let us remember, that only eight people were saved globally. The rest of humanity was drown by the flood. 99% of the human population’s hearts’ intentions were “continually wicked.” Humanity at the time had engaged in vast amount of sexual immorality, sorceries (drugs), idolatry, drunkenness (see the Book of Enoch), but especially corruption and violence (Genesis 6:7).

The Hebrew root word for “corruption” is shachath which means “to decay” and can be used to describe ruin, destruction, and waste. “Violence” is chamac and the root word can also mean “unjust gain, cruelty, injustice, and false.” During the times of Noah, there was destruction—politically, spiritually, ethically, in short the overall quality of life was perishing to ruin. On top of that there was injustice and cruelty that filled the entire global-sphere. Unjust gain, untrue business profits or greed, crime had no order or punishment, laws were not upheld or corrupted by officials, and nearly every person only had evil thoughts in their heart.

God’s Kindness And Wrath

God’s kindness is what leads us to repentance. It’s God’s benevolent and merciful nature that inspires repentance. We are indeed in this era of grace, where God’s kindness is open. The Apostle Paul reveals that God’s divine nature is clearly visible, and He has showed all men His revealed attributes by the things He created. However, men did not give thanks nor honor God; and the down hill spiral of depravity goes on. This is the ungodliness that God has wrath against (Romans 1:21-25).

This wrath is further specified in Revelation, on exactly the sufferings and pains God’s wrath will manifest. Yet, even in God’s wrath He is still awaiting to see if any will repent from their deeds. Commonsense, would tell us that if God is angry with you, then there must be something that you are doing that’s wrong. And from there, you can examine your deeds and observe conscience and repent. But, the depravity is so deep, that the men who have been predestined “vessels of wrath” blaspheme God and don’t change.

We are in these times of such depravity. We need to be aware, and not take part with the wickedness of this age. Check out our community here at Pam Sheppard Ministries if you desire to surround yourself with good people who draw near to God through Christ.