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21 Feb
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NOT TOMORROW, NOT LATER, BUT NOW. IT’S TIME TO STAND UP. Against what? “Against the methods of the devil, principalities, evil rulers, the darkness of this age, and wicked spirit powers.”

Not Walk, Not Sit, But Stand

“Having done all to stand” STAND! Yes, you must do everything you can to stand. If you are running or walking, STOP AND STAND. If you are sitting, or laying down, GET UP AND STAND. Wherever you are, however you are, whatever you do, do what you must to stand!

When you stand, you must stand IN the power of the Lord Jesus. The power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead. There is no other power we can stand in, and win. We can be victorious brethren! We do not have to be in a position of ground-low defeat. No, we don’t need to be face in the mud beaten. Nor crushed and pressed to a point of spiritual despair. BECAUSE YOU CAN STAND UP IN THE LORD AND IN THE MIGHT OF HIS STRENGTH!

ENOUGH excuses! Rise up, and “PUT ON THE ARMOR” not lacking one piece!

The Fruit Of Resistance Is Retreat

When you hear the word “flee” you can also think of “retreat.” When the evil day dawns on you, the enemy comes with a method. A specific plot, design, and strategy all creatively planned and timed to KNOCK YOU DOWN TO THE GROUND.

When you are “sober and vigilant” you can hear the enemy’s roar and charge. You will sense the plot, sense the method and all the wicked spirit powers approaching in ruthless aggression. RESIST! And, resist. AND RESIST TIL THE END! You must refuse all of it, until there is a “fleeing.” This “flee” is a retreat, a temporary one as the enemy “regroups” for another evil day of slaughter.

Figurative Example

I was currently reading on what made new male prisoners targets for sexual assault. The rapist would often target the “submissive and passive” type, or the “effeminate” type of men. Guys who were more “assertive” and “aggressive” and had an attitude of RESISTANCE were less likely to be targeted. And even if they were attacked they would fight their heart out. Even if it meant terrible defeat, it earns respect among the prison.

THIS IS SIMILAR to how Satan operates. He is looking and targeting souls who are more willing to be passive to his operations, schemes and methods. This does not excuse the resistant ones, because he will come for you too! However, as long as the defensive armor is up it will bring the fruit of retreat because of ACTIVE resistance and vigilance. The problem is not the armor, the strength of the Lord, but US not actively refusing and being made powerful in the Lord.

Never Give Up

We can never give up the “good fight.” Never allow a defeat to tear you down to a point of despair, but rise brethren. Rise from the dust, and brush the dirt of your face. Know, that ALL THE BRETHREN AROUND THE WORLD ARE GOING THROUGH TRIALS, AND THE CLOUD OF WITNESS ABOVE WHO WERE BEFORE US HAVE ALL BEEN THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING. And better yet, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST THE FORERUNNER ALSO WENT THROUGH EVERY TEMPTATION YET KNEW NO SIN!

The devil’s time is short and he is angry and going to bring a special warfare against the saints of these times. We must be sober, we must be ready and watching. UNITED together IN CHRIST to stand against the foe. Therefore, it’s time to stand up!

What Is The Religious Demon?

10 Feb
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What is the religious demon? Pastor Pamela Sheppard said this about the religious demon, “The spirit of the Antichrist, is the biblical name for it. It is a fallen angel that imitates God, that masquerades as the Lord or as the Holy Spirit or even as the Father. The whole purpose of this spirit is to kill, steal and destroy your faith in Jesus Christ forever.” She goes on to say, that the spirit of the Antichrist is to get us to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

The Shock

It’s a stunning, but true revelation. The Antichrist is out to get us at all costs, to cut ourselves off from Christ, as extreme as it is…that is his only goal. Pastor Pam goes on to explain how the Antichrist is a fallen angel of rank and has specific demons under his control fitted for this slaughter. He operates at an endless rate to get as many people to accept him as God and deny the true Christ.

This is not just an ordinary falling away or open rejection, but a calculated, persistent order and direction to lead every person away from God. Why the Antichrist is successful at this is because he is disguised “as” God. To say, people being lead by the Antichrist sincerely believe they are following God and never question it. The Antichrist is at constant work of plotting every move, with such advanced strategy so that we take the steps into losing faith.

Every weakness of yours, in fact everything will be used against you by the Antichrist both in the invisible and visible realm. There are opposing forces constantly against your faith in Jesus Christ. All designed to completely kill it.

How Do You Overcome?

We may have all the forces of hell against us, but remember the gates of hades shall not prevail against the Church of Christ no matter what age, time, or powers that come against her. If you have been born-again, know this well. But, this fact does not mean INDIVIDUALLY. As an individual true, you are the Church of Christ, but the Church is to be ONE body of born-again believers dead and alive and soon to be born-again. So, the first step to overcoming the Antichrist is this very concept: BE IN FELLOWSHIP WITH TRUE BELIEVERS.

Being united with Christ is to be united with His Body or Church. That is a huge blow to the Antichrist. The Antichrist will first need to isolate you off from others, and get you distant (at heart, mind, spirit, etc.) from other believers. Once this is achieved the operation begins to break lose all kinds of accusations, condemnation, fear, deception, and a “covering” over the mind so that light is not as visible. Once a believer is not as receptive to the truth, the heart becomes hardened and then corruption begins. This only leads a believer to a place of hardships. But, the Antichrist may have everything, but the one thing he does not have is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

“Putting on” the Lord Jesus IS how to resist the Antichrist since the True Jesus is the conqueror of the Antichrist. When you “have on” the Lord you have on the very STRENGTH to empower you through the trials of the Antichrist.

How The Antichrist Got Me

I was always intrigued by the supernatural, especially at a young age. At ten years old I was already soothsaying. If I lost one of my stuffed animals or toys, I would throw a stick in the air. Whatever direction it pointed to, that’s were the stuffed animal or toy “would be.” Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. This is more the occult demons at work, however it was only to groom me into the influence of the Antichrist.

Once I had touched everything in the occult by the age of 20, I then realized a lot was wrong with me. I got religious by a supernatural voice telling me to read the Bible. I thought the voice was God, and so I obeyed it and began learning the Bible. Once I read about the occult section in the Law I “became conscious of sin.” From there the Antichrist began to work in me. Accusations, condemnation (not conviction) about my sins that drove me to do religious works. My worship as sincere I was, it was not in spirit or truth and was to the Antichrist indirectly. Although I had dropped the occult, I picked up religion, not to mention I became re-exposed to it once I joined charismatic churches.

To say, I simply turned from evil and into a different form of evil. I’d call it “counterfeit good” evil.

Counterfeit Good

Counterfeit good is how the Antichrist got me. Everything I thought was good, was simply a counterfeit inspired by the spirit of the Antichrist. The healing, guidance, revelations, prayers, signs, wonders, tongues, “fire” and everything in-between was all a supernatural counterfeit good to get me into deception.

Only until the REAL HOLY SPIRIT LEAD ME OUT of this deception of the Antichrist in the church did I begin to have freedom from it. And, not only that but the deception of my salvation which the Holy Spirit lead me out of and then in His timing caused me to be born-again IN TRUTH. BUT THIS DOES NOT EXEMPT ME FROM THE ANTICHRIST.

As of recently, I have experienced a different side of the subtle operation of the Antichrist who was a few steps ahead of me. The Antichrist and Satan cannot use the accusations of my old self and sins any longer like they could before I was born again. But, NOW they use a more “tainted” accusation that gets me feeling defeated, wrong, discouraged, and hopeless. They will quietly (trying to imitate the Holy Spirit) in the form of suggestions tell me what I am doing is wrong (no matter what it is), how I need to “touch not, handle not, do not” so forth. Overtime it made me uneasy, and started to take my peace and freedom. Note, that these accusations also came in a “counterfeit good” but THEY WERE NOT OF GOD!

Why does it matter? Even if the accusation may be somewhat true and may lead to a “good”? BECAUSE THEN I WOULD BE OBEYING THE “CONVICTION” OF THE ANTICHRIST WHICH LEADS TO FURTHER DECEPTION!

Wait It Out!

The best thing to do is wait. Wait to see if things are from God. DO NOT ASSUME that apparent goods are of God, because the enemy can use them just to get you on his command.

I have to be honest to say, that this ministry MAY BE OF THE FEW that actually KNOW how to overcome the Antichrist out of THE ENTIRE INHABITED EARTH. I’d have to estimate that billions, yes billions are already under the influence of the Antichrist and Satan’s occult and religious deception. If you are searching for truth you have come to the right place!

It’s time to declare, “I REFUSE TO BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE ANTICHRIST.” Once I asked the Father to expose the presence of the Antichrist and remove any veil of deception, I COULD SEE the “invisible plots” strategically placed in front of me. ALL DESIGNED to destroy my faith…

TAKE HEART and resist the Antichrist, Satan’s specific wicked agent to destroy the faith of the saints.