21 Feb
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NOT TOMORROW, NOT LATER, BUT NOW. IT’S TIME TO STAND UP. Against what? “Against the methods of the devil, principalities, evil rulers, the darkness of this age, and wicked spirit powers.”

Not Walk, Not Sit, But Stand

“Having done all to stand” STAND! Yes, you must do everything you can to stand. If you are running or walking, STOP AND STAND. If you are sitting, or laying down, GET UP AND STAND. Wherever you are, however you are, whatever you do, do what you must to stand!

When you stand, you must stand IN the power of the Lord Jesus. The power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead. There is no other power we can stand in, and win. We can be victorious brethren! We do not have to be in a position of ground-low defeat. No, we don’t need to be face in the mud beaten. Nor crushed and pressed to a point of spiritual despair. BECAUSE YOU CAN STAND UP IN THE LORD AND IN THE MIGHT OF HIS STRENGTH!

ENOUGH excuses! Rise up, and “PUT ON THE ARMOR” not lacking one piece!

The Fruit Of Resistance Is Retreat

When you hear the word “flee” you can also think of “retreat.” When the evil day dawns on you, the enemy comes with a method. A specific plot, design, and strategy all creatively planned and timed to KNOCK YOU DOWN TO THE GROUND.

When you are “sober and vigilant” you can hear the enemy’s roar and charge. You will sense the plot, sense the method and all the wicked spirit powers approaching in ruthless aggression. RESIST! And, resist. AND RESIST TIL THE END! You must refuse all of it, until there is a “fleeing.” This “flee” is a retreat, a temporary one as the enemy “regroups” for another evil day of slaughter.

Figurative Example

I was currently reading on what made new male prisoners targets for sexual assault. The rapist would often target the “submissive and passive” type, or the “effeminate” type of men. Guys who were more “assertive” and “aggressive” and had an attitude of RESISTANCE were less likely to be targeted. And even if they were attacked they would fight their heart out. Even if it meant terrible defeat, it earns respect among the prison.

THIS IS SIMILAR to how Satan operates. He is looking and targeting souls who are more willing to be passive to his operations, schemes and methods. This does not excuse the resistant ones, because he will come for you too! However, as long as the defensive armor is up it will bring the fruit of retreat because of ACTIVE resistance and vigilance. The problem is not the armor, the strength of the Lord, but US not actively refusing and being made powerful in the Lord.

Never Give Up

We can never give up the “good fight.” Never allow a defeat to tear you down to a point of despair, but rise brethren. Rise from the dust, and brush the dirt of your face. Know, that ALL THE BRETHREN AROUND THE WORLD ARE GOING THROUGH TRIALS, AND THE CLOUD OF WITNESS ABOVE WHO WERE BEFORE US HAVE ALL BEEN THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING. And better yet, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST THE FORERUNNER ALSO WENT THROUGH EVERY TEMPTATION YET KNEW NO SIN!

The devil’s time is short and he is angry and going to bring a special warfare against the saints of these times. We must be sober, we must be ready and watching. UNITED together IN CHRIST to stand against the foe. Therefore, it’s time to stand up!

2 Responses to “IT’S TIME TO STAND UP”

  1. Anita Beth Hallett February 27, 2020 at 9:56 pm #

    I just found your videos and thankyou for your service. Being in God’s Army makes you feel you’re standing alone. I’m watching and liking everyone. Learning too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anita Beth Hallett February 27, 2020 at 9:26 am #

    Love hearing the gospel.


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