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You Are A Deliverance Worker!

26 Mar
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When I was religious I use to think that I had to search “land and sea” for some kind of deliverance worker to set me free. It seemed everywhere I went, no one really understood my complex spiritual issues. Yet, when I arrived to Pam Sheppard Ministries and began learning about deliverance, I discovered an important deliverance worker…ME! You see, you are a deliverance worker for your own soul!


I recently watched a video of Pastor Pam Sheppard explain this concept. She goes onto tell how there exist many self “deliverance” ministries who give you prayers and such things. Yet, these traditions and practices do not have power and can leave you in an even worse condition.

Self-deliverance is simply YOU working out the deliverance of YOUR soul. It’s you taking a STEP, a MOVE, and WALK to actively GAIN BACK your ground from the Devil and his demons. Proclaiming your freedom by knowing truth, and REVOKING and REFUSING are what is involved.

Centrality of Truth

No amount of prayers, and “affirmations” can deliver you. I know this to be true. I would pray and pray, “decree and declare” to a vain defeat. Simply because in all my efforts I did not know nor understand the TRUTH, and the real reason behind my problems.

For example, I recently went to the hospital because of a horrible blistering migraine. Part of my going to the hospital was to get a diagnosis of why I was having them. But, to my (not) surprise they only gave me drugs and numbed the throbbing pain. Although the pain left, I never the less was left with the same issue and condition and lo and behold exactly a weak later I would be struck with another migraine! They only would treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause…

It’s in this way that nearly all deliverance workers operate they only treat the symptoms. And, they analyze their success by the “symptoms” being healed and not the underlying cause.

Doctor Patient Deliverance Analogy

It’s an excellent analogy to use: doctors and patients. You see, doctors have to figure out what’s wrong with you and your medical condition. However, they can only do so much to understand what’s wrong with you. At some point you will have to explain your issues, pay attention to your symptoms, and such so the doctor can properly diagnose you and provide treatment.

I would go from “doctor” to “doctor” to get healed in and even outside the church, but only superficially. My symptoms would leave, but then would return or new symptoms would strike. A common issue is that they did not have any experience with sound-deliverance. It wasn’t until I arrived to Pam Sheppard Ministries did I receive diagnosis of my spiritual condition and receiving true freedom and healing.

How can a doctor diagnose a medical condition if a doctor is only in med-school? You see, our Pastor and ministry leaders have a combined unique experiences and knowledge that are equipped to properly “diagnose” your issues and get the results you NEED.

Things To Do

Part of the process of deliverance is “self.” The self, or soul of a captive must be liberated. And, it can only be liberated if the captive is willing to also work out their freedom. At our ministry we effectively give courses and books to help you in your personal road to spiritual recovery. If you desire to learn more about true deliverance, and need deliverance contact us. But, be prepared to put in the work, pay attention and FIGHT.

What Is Good Zeal?

24 Mar
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Zeal can simply mean “fire” or “hot” and fervent. It’s a sort of “sizzle” that you hear when you cook on the stove. We as humans can be naturally passionate. We can have zeal about anything really. Zeal about what we believe, our jobs, our interests. But, what is good zeal, as in the zeal a Christian should have? Let’s look further into this.

The Wrong Kind First

Let’s get out of the way the wrong kind of zeal. The Pharisees had zeal, in fact more than anyone. Saul was a great example of this before his born-again experience. He had more zeal than any Pharisee and persecuted Christians. He was “blameless” in the Law. Saul didn’t make mistakes, always did what was right and knew everything about the Scriptures.

Yet, in all of Saul’s work, zeal, passion, and “fire for God” he fell short of the mark. Why? Because his zeal was not centered on Christ. Out of all that he accomplished he himself “considered it all garbage” basically. This goes for “modern day Pharisees” too. All that church attendance, intense worship, prayers, good deeds, “witnessing” and studying of Scriptures is not true zeal.

True Passion

Our zeal and passion is true is when the Holy Spirit is governing them and directing them for the purpose of lifting up Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It’s when ALL our fervent feelings are directed and led by the Holy Spirit. If you can somehow imagine a radio, the Holy Spirit is the one to “turn up the volume.” However, YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING THE VOLUME. It’s all governed by the Holy Spirit, as He directs everything. We just need to make sure we are “tuned in.”

At times we can think that certain deeds, if done wholeheartedly means we have zeal. But, it may not even be what the Holy Spirit is lusting after. It’s when we are walking fully after the Spirit that true fire and zeal occurs. I like to think of our Pastor Pam’s example when it comes to this. She has “put all her chips in” to the Holy Ghost and is letting Him take over.

The Lord’s Example

Jesus Christ of Nazareth had the zeal of His Father and God “consume Him.” He has left us an example also, of what genuine zeal is. When there were merchants and worldly business people in the temple, He turned over their tables, rebuked them, claiming that the temple is a house of prayer. This is a little instance where we can see the zeal of God consuming Him. His passion for truth was so intense that lies could not abide in His presence, as we see Him proclaiming the truth and destroying the religious deception of the Pharisees.

Jesus understood that with God “you cannot be lukewarm.” You must be zealous-hot or dead-cold. The Spirit of God had all of Jesus Christ’s emotions, fully directed in harmony to the will of God. ALL passion, fervent, zeal, strength, and love was for His Father. There was “no room” for Him to be complacent because He was full of zeal, literally “consumed” by the intensive-passion from His Father.

You can see this zeal also working aggressively to war against the powers of darkness. He was at full throttle and friction against Satan’s kingdom, because of His zeal for God. Every desire Christ had, was every desire His Father had. Every heartbeat He had was a beat for God and His will.

Concluding Thoughts

In short, to compare the “religious zeal” and “Christian zeal” is simple. Religious zeal is passion for recognition, human honor, self-interests, traditions and rituals. Christian zeal is fiery passion for Christ and His labor, truth, walking in the Spirit, and Christ’s honor, so “we are not spit out of His mouth.” This whole process is rather done unconsciously…..

Lukewarm, or not caring is because we are not centered on the Lord’s passions, or maybe haven’t asked God to fashion our desires like His. Since, only the Holy Spirit can lead genuine fire. The fix to being lukewarm is simply “mind the things of the Spirit” and walk in what the Spirit is thinking…


The Coronavirus and the Tribulation

16 Mar


Is the Caronavirus the “evil day” referred to in the scriptures? Is this “the end” or is there more to come? Is it the work of Satan or could it be the judgment of God on the entire earth? In no way a doomsday book, “The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About” will not only answer these questionS, but also provide you the reader with a foundation of the full assurance of the ability of God’s elect to survive in turbulent times.

As the years, months and days become increasingly challenging and you desire to avoid both doubt and anxiety, keep this book near to understand the signs and wonders already underway. For upon your remembrance of its pages and it’s chapters, the Enemy will retreat, for as it’s written, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” [James 4:7])

For this enlightening book released in “such a time as this,” will help you understand and come to grips with that special “day” of wickedness within the pre, mid and post season called “the tribulation.”

Even though Discouragement, fear, doubt, oppression, sin, heaviness, bondage, confusion, deceit, temptations, hindranceS, stumbling, trials, tribulations, tests, accusations, lies, ——yes all the darkness, all the wickedness, curled up into evil arrows soaked in tar and set on fire with profuse ammunition, aimed and ready to be strung at the people of God in Christ……as you read, you will be strengthened …in spite of it all. Why? Because the truths in this profound book will stir up your spiritual hope and faith as it sets you on solid ground to get ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To read a sample, CLICK here

An Eternal or a Temporary Reprobate?

9 Mar

There is a view which can be overwhelming to see. You seem to see yourself within an infinite spiral of reprobation, in which every trail a creature could ever imagine, forward and backward and all about world without end, is both preceded and answered by a greater and all-encompassing reality in which your position is hatred, sin, death, and a perfect role of unbounded damnation. (This is a picture of eternal reprobation.)

At this seemingly-complete view, you become speechless. Nothing seems to remain for you but a rational irrationality.

So that this fixture, this doleful circumstance, could only be superseded by an infinite person whose superseding creative ability could invent a previously-unimaginable new way out for you.

That person is of course Christ…

And your escape is encoded in these old words he did say: “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” — There, in that statement, is the superseding hope, if you can see it.

Some Reprobation Is Temporary

It seems important to not misunderstand the definition of the word “reprobate”. In fact all created humans have been reprobate at one time; in your case, what you may be seeing and feeling and experiencing is temporal reprobation, which is simply the real state of all of humanity, though it’s not often felt.

So you cannot conclude that, because you see that you should by justice be eternally reprobate, that therefore your reprobation is eternal. There is an everlasting love (Jer. 31:3) which is able to overcome temporal reprobation. The individual at the Pool of Bethesda was sick for 38 years, to the point where he said “I have no man”. But a certain Man did come and cure him and commanded him to “Rise” (John 5:8). This same Man himself did rise from the dead in the same body he died in, which indicates that he himself will also raise certain others who were temporally reprobate. (“That very Man in the clouds of heaven”, as Bunyan called him.)

In her article here, , minister Pam Sheppard says to those who see and say they’re reprobate, “you are right”. And so it’s no use to hide from these sights or cover ourselves with ‘fig leaves’ (Gen. 3:7). But also she says that we reprobate sinners need not despair, because when the right time arrives, “God grants the reprobate the ability to overcome” and “He even causes us to receive the spirit of repentance.”

In stark contrast, modern-day apostate christianity has taught and continues to teach that sinners are not really reprobate and hence they can and must “choose Christ” in order to get his Holy Spirit, thus demanding from sinners the biggest fig-leaf-covering antics yet conceived, and setting them upon associated behaviors, such as embittering unbelieving prayer (which Christ specifically commanded against, Matt. 6:7), or passive suppression of their own livelihood in exchange for roleplaying as a ‘good person’ (Matt. 6:16). These beliefs and antics may still be embedded by habit in our souls if we’ve grown up in, or have been exposed to, today’s common heresies. And so a detox process may be necessary for us. And rare ministries such as Ms. Sheppard’s might be useful to us if we are struggling with the detoxing process.

I’ll wrap up with this — As an encouragement, it’s worth remembering the words of Spurgeon in his letter to Medhurst: “If the Lord had meant to destroy you, He would not have showed you such things as these.”

— Aaron, 2020/03/09