The Lord’s Plan Is Greater

25 May

It’s quite evident, seeing how Satan came after us, that he had a plan. Yet, the Lord God Himself did too. And, the Lord’s plan is greater.

Satan A Limited Agenda

As manipulating and strong the Devil is, his power is surfaced to a limit. In no way can anything the Devil do be out of his own discord. Everything is monitored by God and he can only go forth as permitted.

This causes many to go to a line of thinking that God should just destroy the Devil. Which, God will do so, but He is not done with him yet.

All of us here at the ministry can personally attest that the Devil has an entire formula, and calculated motivation to lead us to destruction. Our Pastors words ring true, “different folks for different folks.” Each of us were led by Satan in a different way. All of our histories, cultures, traditions, personalities were part of the Devil’s operation for us to fail. But, God had other plans….

Born Again And Born To Hope

God’s predestined plan for us to be born-again destroyed all the Devil had planned. Of course the Devil is always planning destruction born again or not. But, the overall “course” of life unto evil that ensnared us was broken and we were given a new way of living.

One thing I had such bondage to being in the visible church was my past. I carried such a long shadow from my sins, and always felt ashamed. I could never be free from the memories that kept me looking back. As much as I wanted to be free, I was bound.

Becoming born again THROUGH the Resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth redeemed me, and washed away my past. As if all the shadows dashed away by light. I could finally be new and not held by what I did. In other words, I have such hope.

And it’s this hope I see with our ministry. The hope that Jesus of Nazareth is the God of salvation. And although the Devil took some of our past, I just see how all of us don’t care and have no regrets, shame, and fear about the past. Which is encouraging, since many people in religion have cut off their past, and live in dread, guilt, and pain of it.

Feel Stuck?

New life, means new. And if you are so overwhelmed with your past, it could be an indication you are still in sin.

We cannot psychologically brainwash ourselves through religion to bring change and forget the past. The supernatural power of God’s salvation involves no such process. Call 888-818-1117 our ministry hotline to get hope, encouragement, and clarity. THE LORD’S PLAN IS GREATER!!!!

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