Passivity and Occult Practices in New Age and in Religion

16 Dec
Written by She Warrior for God

I believe that passivity is created along with the altered state of consciousness by people who are willing to benevolently open themselves up to forces that they do not understand. People who are being sucked into the church scene where the holy rollers run the show and the minister has the ability to cause people to faint or within environments where people are consistently speaking in tongues, falling out, convulsing and writhing, that is an environment where the demons have come to play.

The church and religion as a system of power and control creates passivity. Yoga, Transcendental meditation and Reiki as energetic healing or exercise systems cause passivity and asc. The opening of the chakras is caused by the agitation and awakening of the kundalini serpent energy which resides in the base of the spine and rises up the spinal column to the cerebral cortex where it ignites the pineal gland.

This is blasphemous and against the law of God. The serpent began the journey of passivity by convincing Eve to passively want to know good and evil by encouraging her to take of the apple. Eve then passively ate of the apple and then gave Adam the Apple, who also passively ate. In my life, I have consistently avoided a deep connection with the church because I realized as a very young child that something was wrong.

What I observed was a tremendous amount of hypocrisy in the church. I could never understand as a young child why Jesus and the 12 disciples was on a large painting about the entire width of the church behind the pulpit and all of the members were in the painting were white. I couldn’t understand as a child because what I could see was that the preacher was black, the deacons and deaconesses were black, the choir was black, the congregation was black, the ushers were black and so am I. The congregation passively accepted this falsified imagery.I had thoughts as a very young child that I could never aspire to be of any godly nature because I did not have white skin.

Throughout my life I was also “pushed” in several ways by individuals and energies to gravitate towards ethereal “magik”. I also briefly attempted to try tai chi, reiki and yoga from the television. I briefly tried to attempt to practice Buddhism, deep meditations astral projections and I briefly tried to dabble in witchcraft and the occult. I have always had an interest in Tarot cards, Divination, Crystals and Meditation, as well as, Astral projection and naturalistic healing via plants and energy systems.

The occult has been attempting to pull me in a dangerous direction for years.I was living extremely passively. I lived passively as a geyser. I was calm and bubbly on the surface but waiting to erupt underneath. I have always felt lost and endlessly searching for truth in spirituality. I have learned through my journey of being born again on November 6, 2020 around 5:30 PM ET in the state of Maryland, that all of these practices were evil and sending me straight to hell.

The reason that I understand this is because I have been looking for a God my entire life and I understand now that I have been willingly misdirected through my past to be disassociated with the True God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The man that died on the cross and shed his blood for all humanity to cancel our sins so that we may enter heaven.Now, once the ultimate Sin was committed in the garden, God decided at that moment when Adam & Eve hid from him in the garden, that they broke his covenant and command by pure disobedience and he cast them out of the garden of Eden and he shut down their chakra system in order to do that effectively. God only wanted man and woman to know the pure energetic capacity of good, love, well-being, kindness and peace.

The serpent introduced lies, danger, violence, cruelty and evil. Mystery Babylon has attempted over the eons to train human beings into a state of passivity via practices that open humans up to demonic attack and fallen angel strongholds on souls. Human beings throughout history have openly, suggestively and passively placed themselves in a position to be embodied, attacked or possessed by these disincarnate spirits. Eastern religion is a major promoter of passivity and has introduced millions of evil demigods into the lives of unsuspecting yoga practitioners across the world. By practicing yoga poses and by chanting, channeling transcendental energy and by practicing the mantras, human beings have made a connection to the underworld who live in the air, in the form of fallen angels and demons.

The enemy’s intent is to place all individuals who are attuned with an altered state or a demonic practice to a mass telepathy by the Antichrist. There are billions of people all over the world who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and several Protestant denominations who either unknowingly or purposefully practice, promote and incorporate paying passive homage to evil entities.

The End Time agenda lies in Satan’s effort to manipulate the disillusioned and the deceived among his elect. Toward the intent that they fall to the wayside on judgement day with no hope of reconciliation with God. Thus far, the enemy has successfully prematurely redirected them to acknowledge beforehand that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is their Lord & Savior. In so doing, the work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation has been diminished, wherein He sovereignly call sinners to the cross and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Consequently, a false conversion has been birthed, that must be overturned prior to a true salvation experience.

For more details on Satan’s End-time Agenda, click here

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