Saying No to Passivity Leads to the Path of Freedom

24 Feb

By Abbi

Get rid of passivity and be led to freedom

When it comes to deliverance, saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom. Passivity refers to inactivity, particularly inactivity of who you are, your thoughts, decisions, and free will power. The topic of passivity is so important during these times for several reasons: one of them is that passivity is providing an invitation to evil spirits and as a result, there are people suffering. Fallen angels and demons are igniting spiritual battles. People all over the world are experiencing this.

Christians Influenced to Be Passive

The church system promotes that Christians should be passive in order to be blessed by God. Their teachings lead to heavy influences. This causes people to let go of their common sense thinking. Christian religious followers who believe in false doctrines, rely on a false god to make decisions for them. In addition, when the dark forces of evil spirits pretend to be of God, a professing Christian is at risk of accepting any messages that imposter sends to them.

When I was an avid churchgoer I thought I needed God to make basic, common sense decisions for me. I depended on God to decide almost everything for me. What words I should say, what choices I should make, what housing I should live in, and so on. The passivity continued spiritually when I would assume that all supernatural type experiences were from God. As a result, I without hesitation, listened to the messages. That turned out to be a disaster because those messages were not from God but from evil spirits pretending to be God.

Passivity Leads To Torment

The evil spirits weapon of choice used against me were futuristic dreams, visions and hearing of voices. This caused a lot of damage to a time in my life that I had to recover from by the grace of God’s help.

As I continued in a church system that never provided me the spiritual truth, depth, or meat I was looking for, I became lost in who I was. It took the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit to show me that I had a false salvation experience when I followed the alter call.

I realized that I was worshipping the fake Jesus. How did God reveal this to me? He led me to find Pastor Pam Sheppard, who had the knowledge to teach me that because I had been obeying a religious and witchcraft spirit, it had gained such access to my soul, and I provided them with fuel to continue to torment me. With her help, I learned about the tricks and deception that evil spirits were spreading in the church system and all over the world. Others were not able to teach me and help me like she did.

Darkness in the Church System

I realized that tricks of evil spirits where hidden within the church system and they even attempted to influence my family members. Fallen angels and demons can use people you know to influence you. If allowed, they can speak through to people at times. They often use those who are deceived about the manipulation that Satan is causing in the institutional church system.

Some religious believers professing to be Christian can unknowingly spread Satan’s agenda. As a result, it leads to spoken words that appear to be Godly, or prophetic but are false, psychic predictions. The devil spreads lies and tries to cause ruin in their targets life. The person who accepts these words without testing these words are an example of that individual being passive.

Unbeknownst to many, there is an enormous population that are worshipping a religious evil spirit. When this happens the enemy strikes and can cause spiritual manifestations. Manifestations like hearing voices, tormenting visions, spirit rape, demonic nightmares and even physical torment are just some examples.

The Invitation

Passivity invites evil spirits inside a person’s soul when they go into an altered state. Being in an altered state is a very specific form and doorway to passivity. In the religious church system, certain acts induce an altered state and a passive mind, and thus usher in the worship of a religious evil spirit. Holy dancing, being slain in the spirit are a few examples that happen in the institutional church system.

Those who engage in meditation, yoga, Buddhist, and Hindu practices may have heard about chakras. People are trying to open their chakras and channel Kundalini energy. This claims to enlighten the person. These acts are one of the popular forms of spiritual passivity happening in many parts of the world. People are also doing this in the United States, and it can be very dangerous! For more information about this topic, click here for this article. One of the big takeaways about the subject matter of passivity is that in order for demons to get into your soul, being in an altered state gives demons that doorway access.

Passivity can occur in all walks of life because the world has a tendency to say in various ways, that their ways are the best. In addition, there is a frequent push to promote that your free will common sense needs to be tossed aside. When one gets involved in the religious church system, the risk of being passive, becomes 10 fold.

Resist Passivity

When I continued counseling with Pastor Pam, I strengthened up my will power to be able to fight for myself in a healthy way. It was assertion that she helped me build up. Saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom and I used my free will to resist the devil and all his tactics. Building up my free will led me down the road to recovery. I received freedom from the bombarding words of evil spirits speaking to me continuously.

When a psychic approached me after I had been in counseling with Pastor Pam, I ignored the psychics advances to try to give me a a psychic reading because I knew that by stopping to listen to that woman say words that supposedly predicted my future, it was an attempt of setting me up by witchcraft evil spirits. They attempted to manipulate me by trying to get me to listen to their words for a long time, and cause danger. See scriptures on the dangers of fortune tellers and psychics ( Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Leviticus 19-31; 1 Chronicles 10:13-14: Isaiah 8:19, 2 Chronicles 33:6)

I shed that religious expectation that I needed to be passive at all times. Importantly I got rid of that religious thinking that I had to accept every religious prediction, religious prayer, and “special message.” That sort of teaching promotes one to accept every word of faith doctrine, laying of hands, “thus sayeth the Lord” message. When your safety is in jeopardy, it’s important to think about your safety and be careful not to agree to what is malicious.

Breaking Free From Passivity

Your talents and personality that make you different than others, become preserved when you continue to break free from passivity. One must be aware to the wiles of the enemy in all systems, including the institutional church system, so that you do not fall prey to demonic and fallen angel spirits that try to ensnare you by getting you to worship them.

My pastor, Pam Sheppard, continued to mentor me and my passivity lessened. The religious have tried to influence me. Some tried to put strange ideas in my head that did not originate from me. When this happened, I would stand my ground. I encountered pushy people at work, and some random strangers. It started to become easy to say “No that is not what I believe, No this is not what I want.” The devil has tried it’s different methods to use people to try to influence me in ways that would be harmful to my well being, however, saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom. Not being passive was the key to my strength in this arena

The Importance of Your Will Power

After I left the institutional church system, tormenting religious evil spirits started to lessen. Evil spirits will try to send messages to you, so the will power must be utilized at all times. The goal is for your mind to resist and block away any of these messages and prevent you from being under demonic control. Your will power is essential to getting you down the road to recovery. It is one of the biggest components to deliverance.

Evil spirits will take advantage of those who are both passive in the natural and spiritually passive. Getting rid of passivity is the armor that you will need to break free from the bondage of captivity by evil spirits. Learning to stop being passive can take time and you may likely need help with this. You can receive help from PSM. We offer coaching, counseling and mentorship to help you with any spiritual battles you may be experiencing. You can also get the help that you need by reading books by Pastor Pam. In particular the book: The Church of the End time Zombies, is a great resource for you when it comes to learning about passivity and getting led down to the path of freedom.

Click the Image Below for: The Church of The End-Time Zombies

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