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Beware of Meditation and Yoga!

25 Feb

Written by Sarah

I started practicing guided meditations and chanting mantras when I was twenty years old. I often combined this with marijuana use. At first, I received relief from anxious thoughts and depression, but it didn’t last. I began to be tormented with vivid nightmares, visions of moving shadows, and a strange phenomenon which I called, “blacking-out.” Black outs happened during the day when I was fully sober.

Unconsciously, I would stop breathing while my mind went “offline.” I estimate that this would last for at least 30 seconds. During a blackout, an outsider would say of me that, “the lights were on, but no one was home.” I would have no re-collection of where my mind went or how long I wasn’t breathing once I “came to.” I believe that this phenomenon was evidence that, through my meditation practice, I was trained to enter into the altered state on command. All of this was possible because I chose to be passive.

Like many others, I was deceived into believing that I was improving my mental health through harmless meditations. Demons were entering my opened chakras the entire time. People open their chakras by entering into an altered state of consciousness through passivity. Passivity means that one’s mind is unfruitful.

A passive mind is one where the part of the brain is responsible for rational decision-making, the frontal lobe, is inactive. All thinking stops. A person enters into a passive state through various practices, such as: meditation, chanting, falling slain in the spirit, yoga, reiki, dancing, daydreaming, speaking in tongues, and alcohol/drug use.

These practices create an altered state of consciousness, or a trance. Therefore, one enters into an altered state by allowing their mind to become passive. The altered state is how one’s chakras (a.k.a. demonic doorways to the soul) open. Evil spirits enter a person’s soul through their opened chakras. Entering into an altered state is an invitation for demons to legally enter into one’s soul. Demons cannot enter into someone unless they are in an altered state.

The enemy uses the altered state of consciousness and the 7 chakras to produce a false conversion. The “I Accept Jesus” practice involves passively saying a prayer asking Jesus to “come into my heart.” This prayer is unbiblical. However, the person is tricked into believing that they have invited the true Jesus Christ of Nazareth into their heart. In reality, this prayer invites the fallen angel, Isha, to open the heart chakra. Religious demons then enter into the person. This produces a false conversion. The person begins to worship the fake Jesus; the fallen angel known as Jesus Sananda Immanuel. The demons may produce feelings of love, peace, warmth, and joy to “sell” the false conversion as a genuine conversion. Later, these demons may begin to torment the person with condemnation, blasphemous thoughts, and fear.

The enemy is pushing the entire world into an altered state of consciousness because it is a critical part of his end-time agenda. The enemy’s intention is to deceive the world into believing that the Antichrist is God. He plans to achieve this by speaking the same thing into the minds of every person at the same time. This stunt will “prove” that the Antichrist has the qualities of God: all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present. Of course, the Antichrist is
not God and can only be in one place at a time. Therefore, the enemy will have his many demons help him to pull this off.

But why is the altered state a critical part of this plan? Because the only way demons can enter into a person is through the altered state, or trance. Demons can speak thoughts into a person’s mind undetected once they live in their soul. Therefore, the enemy is training the entire world in the trance so that their souls will become infested with demons. He can then use these demons to speak the same thing into peoples’ minds at the same time. Thus, he can convince many that the Antichrist is God.

Knowing this, it becomes clear why the enemy is aggressively promoting the altered state in these last days. It is through the altered state that the enemy can enact his end-time deception. He is grooming people into the trance by any means necessary. It is no wonder that fornication, alcohol and drug use, meditation, yoga, and chanting (including in the institutional church) are normalized and seen as healthy in the world today.

All of these activities put a stop to rational thinking, induce a trance (which opens the chakras), and invite demons into the soul. Therefore, it is crucial that we deal with our ability to enter into the altered state so that we do not become fodder for Satan’s deception.

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