A Message From Pam Sheppard

Welcome Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

You probably want to know who Pam Sheppard is, so here goes.

By profession, I entered into the human services field in  1968, serving  17 of my public services state government  years in the field of corrections. I worked for 25 years while I was a full time minister.

A licensed therapist for decades, once I permanently left public service, I entered into   private practice as a Christian deliverance counselor from  1996 to the present.  I also started a church in 1996, which I pastored until 2008.

A former atheist and a former occultist in the 60’s and 70’s, I shockingly was born again on March 29, 1977, I have been in ministry since I was licensed to preach on 10/25/1981.  I spent 25 years within an institutional denomination, first as an evangelist, then as a pastor/teacher  within  3 denominational churches as an ordained elder.

In a dream, the Lord called me out of the denomination  in 2003.  Once I tested that dream and knew it came from God, I obeyed, having left officially on June 25, 2004.

I waited for 3 years before joining another church system when the Lord spoke again in 2007 and again in 2008. His message to me was at first unbelievable, then once tested, I found it phenomenal, challenging and life changing. To know more, I suggest you watch the 5 video series  below, as they are about my born again experience, which is the most important thing to know about the founder of any ministry:

Send emails to rescueonfb@icloud.com or call toll free, 888-818-1117

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All videos by Pam Sheppard Publishing


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