Often people fail to realize that deliverance is no quick fix. It may take weeks, even months to adequately prepare a captive to be set free. One must be committed to the whole process if positive, lasting results are to be obtained and consistently maintained.

To know more about RESCUE,  visit www.aboutrescue.com   To set up your first phone session, call 888-818-1117

In the  video below, the founder, Pastor Pam, of both RESCUE, Deliverance counseling and coaching and the “setting captives free” blog  discusses RESCUE and evangelism.


7 Responses to “About RESCUE”

  1. Anonymous October 10, 2013 at 11:50 am #

    I can assign you to one of my workers for email mentoring. Send your email address to rescueonfb@icloud.com


    • subha prasanna October 15, 2013 at 12:59 am #

      i have sent mam.thanks


  2. subha September 16, 2013 at 2:15 am #

    hai.im from india & from hindu background but accepted Jesus as my God during collage days but got backslidded & got married to a hindu in arranged marriage 2 yrs back.now we are seperate with me & our daughter living in my parents house my husband with his parents. we lived in joint family after marriage.my mother in law caused me a great trouble.she dint allow us couples to speak or to go out or to be frank to even sleep together on our own wish.everything has to be as her order.if she allows us to speak half & hour,make me work from 5am to 11 pm in night while im pregnant with no empathy, not allowing us couples to sleep together in our room, not allowing us to go out .all she is demanding my lifetime commitment & “worship to her & her hindu gods”.my husband is like her eunuch or what they cal momma’s boy spending hours day by day at her feet with not even spending 10 min for pregnant wife left me in confusion.i repented back to Jesus coz i came to a point where i wanted to end my life becoz it was full of curses & failures everywhere though i believed Jesus can help me but dint know what went wrong that causd me backslid .after much prayer for past 9 months God showed me & is helping me to repent of my bitterness,unforgiving nature,judging others nature but for past 2 weeks things are different .JESUS opened my eyes to show mw about my parents both had this jezebel evil fighting almost every day to be family head & demoralising the other in front of kids(me & my brother) & so i had this jezebel or athalial evil nature in me with no respect for authorities or any obedience to their orders or commands,living my own life worshipping myself by doing whatever pleased me. now devil is demanding worship through this mother in law having my husband as its captive & threatning or intimidating me that it will end our family in divorce.can u pray for me.coz though i had known Jesus for past 10yrs(i was a hindu b4) i had now only realised the need for jesus as my saviour & my lord i dint have water baptism or sopirit baptism or any church participation at present.the church i left was a wonderful spiritual church but i dint stay which i believe now is becoz of my self worship & im repenting now to god to give me a church life now


    • Pam Sheppard Publishing October 3, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

      This is a tough situation. Your problem is really cultural. The only way to break free from it is really to leave, and you may not be in a position to do that. My first concern is “how did you get saved?”


      • subha prasanna October 9, 2013 at 2:19 am #

        thanks for taking time for me.i went to a diffferent district from home for my collage studies where in our girls hostel i came across christian friends & prayer cell & so went to church with them.for few months nothing happened .i prayed to jesus along with hindu gods as i thought he is also a god among various gods(hindus have a huge load of this gods stuff for each & every thing). i did many mistakes like using rosary,holy water,praying to images of jesus becoz of rc friend who told that is the way to pray.few months nothing happened but during our collage culturals i dint pray to hindu gods but prayed to jesus (just by closing eyes & praying in heart wherever i was) for 1 week.1 night i was oppressed by hindu gods who came to call me back tortured me.& next day they came in as full black being with literal horns in their head & tortured & i believe they tried to force to follow them but when i said psalms 91 the only portion i know as i have been told by my rc friend they ran off after some minutes.this is not a new strategy coz stories run in our societies that so called hindu gods do make physical or spiritual appearances to communicate or convey their message to humans or those individuals so that individuals go & do rituals&offerings to make covenents to cool off those gods.i was a strict hindu till then for nearly 20 yrs has cried begged prayed fasted to those gods during my childhood due to family problems my parents but they were stones then but when i prayed to jesus they come running & yelling & torturing day & night for some reason (my soul).the next day i went to that church (AGchurch ) & got their counselling in this matter when they told me about Jesus asked me to clear off all idols including rosary,mary or Jesus photos . i have accepted Jesus as the son of almighty god & my saviour & Lord ,attended the church for 5 yrs.but i dint had any goodness in me.i had difficulties in having good relationship or obedience to any or many godly suggestions then.recently i found out i m not happy ever in my life not only becoz of situations but inside me there is constant irritation, a counter voice always talking or pushing thoughts which i believe is the core reason why i have difficulty in anything to do with God.during childhood i had been abused sexually by neighbours constantly for nearly 6 yrs when i was may be 4 or 5 yrs old.so had some perversions inside.recently i came across a study on dreams bydr.olukaya in my search on sex demons.3 dreams in my childhood.1st i went following those abusers on a path from cinema theatre &i ends up in a cave or dungeon with a strange being wearing night suit but the being had lion head & human body,2nd a strange boy with parrot shaped nose came & proposed put a ring on my finger & said we are wedded & kissed in dream.3rd dream is i had a vision of seeing a hindu god called ganesha(human body & elephant head).all these dreams were during my childhood i.e when i was still a hindu. now after accepting Jesus i had nightmares all with demons, sex demons, running naked but what alarmed me recently is me flying experiences in my dreams, eating food or drinks, attending strange meetings on strange locations with few familiar faces only realising that as demonic when i woke up.these dreams are still there with me.i had diffficulty in praying or simply in concentrating anything or doing anything as a good fruit.my baby had near death experiences which they say as varmum or SIDS but it happens specifically during particular hours of nights revived with help local hindu priests.after much prayer i believe God showed me i had been going through judgements on jezebel becoz of rebellion,disobedience & witchcraft (i passed all my exams except just one subject by chanting & manipulations without believing or obeying god).i used to abuse my granny old widow at present at my parents care almost every day without any mercy or love.that night my daughter had the same trouble.now i have some understandings like i m not yet cleared of devil,s business,i need to have a delieverance whether a demon or a legion only Jesus knows it(not a single minute im left free by this demon,it tortures in mind by talking constantly since days i could remember my childhood only now i realise it as a alien voice in my mind not of mine.this voices drains me spiritually,gives confusion in almost everything,),if i have googled for something say kitchen pantry or living room or indoor gardens i have difficulty in praying coz once i close my eyes to pray i do get images i dint see in net or in physical life or ever.this is what gave me a thought that some being is inside troubling the walk towards christ.but in sum i have disobeyed Jesus in following this voices which has brought God’s judgement into my life.so far i remember i had lived a life running in nakedness in shame. but i had been in deception for past nine yrs believing that i had been saved & going through persecutions for being a christian.bible dint say like that.Jesus dint say like that.he said im jealous for you.He is a wonderful,loving,merciful God.there is something preventing HIM from blessing me.it should have been my sins.so like a retrospective study i have come to this point that something is standing between Jesus & me.please help me to solve this puzzle. here parents & ancestors do make lot of covenents with their gods on behalf of their childrens dono what is exactly troubling my relationship with God.i read the post saying wrong conversions in your site which made me believe im not the only one going through this,some people is out there understand me & can help me also.here most of them dont know of sex demons or jezebel or anything to do with warfare strategies living in much deception.sorry for being so long.thanks mam.


        • Pam Sheppard Publishing October 9, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

          There are various groups or divisions of fallen angels and demons that are hostile to each other and so they war with each other. The Hindu gods believe you betrayed them by becoming a Christian so they attack you.

          In the center of all this is the Fake Jesus. he received you, stirring up the animosity of the Hebrew gods. You are clearly not born again because you have no understanding of the true Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

          If you want to be prepared for deliverance, let me know.

          Pam Sheppard

          Sent from my iPad


          • subha prasanna October 10, 2013 at 7:05 am #

            exactly.i realised that i haven’t met the real Jesus. if so all this troubles,voices,shame,condemnation & punishments would have gone.thanks to the church for they alarmed me when i started to speak in tongues saying that it isnt from Jesus but from some unclean spirit so i dint go into any spiritual procedure since then like praying in tongues. i dono what to do now.im worried.i want JESUS for eternal life.i dont want to go hell.i dont want to serve devil.i dont want devil to rule any of my childrens or generations.i want us all to belong to Jesus & to be a good testimony & light to the souls in our country.i have got deceived somewhere.at present my situation is terrible spiritually more in like a cage much restricted.i want Jesus.this is not with innocence i had 9 yrs back but truly with repented heart on seeing & analysing my miserable life so far i want to kill devil. i have a strong self which i havent realised so long which had been the major culprit so far. i want Jesus becoz all i did to my life or to my generations is this bringing death. please help me.


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