Religious Parents Taking Matters into their Hands: Are Babies Born Sinners?

20 Sep
Religious parents either think their children are devils or angels. Therefore, they treat them as such with less than stellar results in term's of salvation's sake.
The Lord knows ourselves better than we do.

The Fall of Adam and Eve resulted in the totality of mankind to be spiritually entrenched in sin. Consequently, anyone born of the flesh must be spiritually reborn to be reconciled with God. Needless to say, the process is triggered by the Holy Spirit’s timing. When a person’s spirit becomes born again, the Holy Spirit first inspires a Godly sorrow. From there, they would be led to Lord Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Then, they supernaturally realize that their sins were paid by the blood of the Christ. Thereby, they spiritually rejoice for His Resurrection upon their rebirth.

That is the only path to salvation as validated in the Bible, “Jesus answered, ‘I tell you the solemn truth, unless a person is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit…The wind blows wherever it will, and you hear the sound it makes, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going. So, it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:3-7).

However, that still doesn’t stop religious parents from taking matters into their own hands. They attempt to usurp power from the Holy Spirit through rituals like baptism, however, the truth is simple. Through God’s grace, salvation comes from the Holy Spirit’s revelation. Babies might be born sinners, however, that doesn’t mean they are not one of the saved.

Religious parents still attempt to strike salvation into their children in vain. Often, their strategies involve capitalizing on the fear of Hell. Other times, they passively lead their babies into receiving half-hearted baptisms. These supposed acts of parental aid actually produces spiritual hindrance with the potential of the child becoming frightened about committing sin, augmenting judgmental behavior, and spurring fear over a loved one’s salvation.

Since a true conversion of the Lord can only be led by the Holy Spirit, these religious parents often lead their children into a man-made, false conversion. Once a false conversion takes place, work must usually be done to renounce the façade before a true conversion takes places. Consequently, religious parents trying to force their faith onto their youth results in more harm than good. Out of fright or malice, they shove their baby bird off the cliff without even realizing if they were ready to fly yet. Hence, the importance of understanding that the all-knowing Holy Spirit must lead the salvation process.

Many religious parents fail to understand that salvation is not something for a human to seek themselves. Rather, a person must attempt to avoid the alluring influences of the occult and the false doctrines of the church-system. Hence, a parent’s responsibility to their child isn’t to enact their salvation, but to clear to path for an easy spiritual rebirth process. A child’s spirit might be easier for the Holy Spirit to rebirth based upon not receiving spiritual lies.

The possibility begins to diminish for a quick deliverance when parents attempt to teach ‘spiritual truths’ that might actually be fallacies. Keep in mind, the Holy Spirit knows everyone’s rebirthday. So, no one is going to get left behind that wasn’t supposed to. It is not the fallen nature of the human spirit to revive itself. That would be like thirsty flowers trying to water themselves. However, if a parent is still concerned, they could teach their children the basics of the Gospel with the urgency for repentance left out. Babies may be born sinners, but they can still be led to the light in due time.

These days, everyone wonders why the suicide-rate is so high amongst children. The answer is the increasing number of non-benevolent caretakers. Most parents think they know best, but they still hold the responsibility to examine the fruit of how they treat their child. If their son or daughter is having mental issues and acting out, the parents must look to themselves to change their strategy. Sadly, these parents are usually the most stubborn. Everyone pays the price for the parent’s ignorance when the child finally snaps and consequently takes things into their own hands.

Indeed, there is a balance between planting seeds of faith in a child’s spirit and screeching religiosity into a child’s ear. It is not a parent’s job to force their children to want God. While the Enemy might charm the child’s sinful nature, a faithful parent must trust that the Holy Spirit will guide them out of their vices once the time is right. All in all, salvation is out of everyone’s hands. Instead, it lies in the Spirit of the Lord. At first, babies are born sinners, but they just might be saved by the wind of the Holy Ghost later down the road.

At RESCUE, there is a fellowship group offered on Facebook for people willing to detox from religion.

Based on the topic, members have written:

“The love of God is grace and control is counterproductive to grace. As a parent I try to be careful not to be controlling and to allow my children to make their own mistakes and try to help them learn from it.”

“[I had] a mother who used religion to control me. I remember feeling suicidal as a child because I felt unloved and misunderstood. People are sincere but being controlling is not love. Thank God, I grew out of how I was feeling at the time.”

If you’re likeminded and would like to join our Facebook page, the link is here:

For further studying, check out these books:

Translated From Darkness to Light

8 Sep

Five years ago, I did not know Pam Sheppard Ministries. At that time, I was hearing voices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It all started gradually when they would say one word every 5 to 10 minutes. They would say things like “leave”. Later on, it gradually turned into constant, long running words telling me to do things and talking about Jesus.

The voices grew stronger after I visited a psychic, who claimed that she could help me. The voices started telling me to leave my job and not to go back into that building. One day, I obeyed those evil spirits and I left my job. That was a big mistake. As soon as I obeyed them, I gave them authority and control over me, and with that, those evil spirits continued a 24/7 harassment, while not giving me any breaks or pauses.

Then, I discovered an article online written by Pastor Pam Sheppard. I called her and when we spoke about my situation, she had knowledge about this subject and understood what was happening to me. One of the ways her knowledge was evident was when she made it clear that me obeying those spirits was the absolute wrong thing to do. She discerned fear coming from me, and she also knew that I was not really born again, even though I thought I was.

Eventually, Pastor Pam started counseling me and I watched many of her videos, read her articles, and read her books. One of the many great things that Pastor Pam and the Holy Spirit did for me was help me take back my free will. Like she says in the video below, we worked and worked and worked until I took back my God given free will!!! And yes, I am holding it dear to me.

After being in counseling and mentoring with Pastor Pam for 5 years I have progressed tremendously. The voices dramatically decreased to the point where I would go days without hearing from them. To me that is a true miracle. I have found multiple jobs and have been able to easily work in different areas that I felt was a better fit for me, compared to before where I was living in fear about being unemployed and unsure of when I would ever receive another pay check again.

Then on July 21st, 2019 at 12 pm, my day arrived. He gave me a true salvation experience, which was truly supernatural, and absolutely not of my own doing. I had no idea I would become born again that day and was definitely not expecting it.

You see, years ago as a teenager I “accepted Jesus”, when prompted by the preacher to walk down the aisle and do such a thing. Yet looking back I realized I accepted Jesus out of pressure and fear to do what was expected of me and because of the promise suggesting I would be saved just by accepting him.

Yet when those evil spirits came to harass me, my prayers, church attendance, and reading the Bible only made the voices come stronger and led to an increasing mention about what Jesus thinks I should do.

 Hearing voices constantly and consistently, for example when they spoke about Jesus, didn’t make sense. Everything they wanted me to do was not fruitful and did not help me in my life whatsoever. In contrast, anything I listened to them about, put me in danger. After being in counseling with Pastor Pam, she taught me that I had a false conversion and everything that I felt didn’t quite add up during my time of being religious, started to make sense to me, as to why this was happening. I was worshipping the fake Jesus and praying to him and when I found that out, I stopped worshipping the fake Jesus, and removed myself of religious behaviors that were deeply rooted in my life.

One of the ways I advanced against those evil spirits harassing me was when I renounced the false conversion. Not too long after that, I no longer heard voices in my head saying “Jesus thinks this”, “Jesus thinks that”. Still, my goal was to get those evil spirits to leave me alone and not talk to me about anything at all because they were still commenting about everything I was doing. Thankfully, I went from hearing voices constantly and consistently to significant and dramatic reduction, as I continued being counseled and mentored by Pastor Pam and I was feeling relieved and grateful for this.

As far as true salvation, I learned from Pastor Pam about waiting on God’s call to cause my salvation. Besides, there was plenty of work I needed to do on my soul, due to all the years, since childhood, of damage, pain, insecurity, and worries lodged deep inside me.

On the day of my salvation experience, July 21st, 2019, at Pastor Pam’s annual workshop, after she preached an incredibly powerful sermon the day before, a sermon so powerful that after hearing it, the next day, the Holy Spirit led me to think about Jesus. Next, the Holy Spirit led me to repent, have Godly sorrow, GAVE me a clear understanding of the resurrection, and GAVE me the pure awe, shock, happiness, and excitement that Jesus actually is alive!! I went from loudly sobbing and to joyful astonishment that Jesus is actually alive. As this was all happening, all who were in attendance at that workshop were cheerful and encouraging witnesses to this occasion.

Now today, I know that I am a new creation in Christ. His grace of everything he has done and the power that is Him with the faith given to me that He defeated death, has a resounding and continuing impact on me.

As for those voices, even before I got born again, they had already completely reduced. Since my rebirth less than 2 months ago, I have observed even more change and improvement. My salvation experience is so unforgettable, that it is my weapon and shield against them. The peace that I have is wonderfully more consistent than before I got born again and the voices from evil spirits continue to decrease even more and more than before. Each week, I notice even more improvement against them, in that their presence has and continues to diminish. Hearing voices is now on a rare occasion.

One would wonder was waiting for Five years for the Lord and my born again experience worth it? It definitely was. Why? Because in the first few years, once I realized I had a false conversion and was progressively undeceived, I realized how much of a gift it is to be undeceived and aware of all the devils schemes, plots. His countless and often hidden tactics to destroy have been uncovered and as a person who became privy to this information, I used this knowledge to my healthy advantage, going about my life, safely altering, adjusting my life decisions based on what I knew about Satan’s deception tactics. God has blessed me with the truth of all the enemy’s deception and I am continually grateful for that. So in the midst of waiting for my salvation experience, that gratefulness has been sweet to have, just like the first bite into your favorite fruit you’ve been longing for, that sweetness of truth was and is refreshing.

So over a five year period, I overturned my false conversion, realized that salvation is a gift from God, not of mans own doing, and I did not waver but remained steadfast to what I continued to learn from the help I received in weekly deliverance counseling sessions.

With guidance and counseling from Pastor Pam Sheppard, her teaching, experience, and own born again history, Once flighty, I am now resilient. I know that God intended to cause me to eventually enter His family.

For me, Being born again is worth all the waiting I have done, because the new creation that salvation in Jesus Christ has given to me is extremely fulfilling, rewarding, and sustains me. The grace of salvation by Christ is everlasting and irreplaceable of anything the world offers. The peace the Lord has given to me , I am thankful for it and will always be thankful for it. The Lord has taken me out of Satan’s dark world and into his light of truth.

Pam Sheppard Ministries is THE place to be if you are lost and in the dark. The answers you have been looking for are right here. There are people who have been struggling with torment of all sorts whether by demons, fallen angels, or the family members and friends the enemy is using against them. Call 1-888-818-1117 if you would like to know more about Pam Sheppard Ministries and what help you can be offered.

What is Worship?

7 Sep

What is Worship?

What is Worship?

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Americans vs. Mexicans vs. Hispanics: Looking Beyond the Labels

6 Sep
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Within the twenty-first century, cultural pride has exploded in the United States. Online genetic databases have even been developed for Americans who feel ignorant of their ancestral heritage. Nevertheless, Mexican-American people still face distinct challenges establishing their own ethnic identities. Unlike other minorities, Mexican Americans have overlapping ethnic labels. These labels start with the overall term ‘Hispanic’ that applies to anyone of Spanish ancestry. Then, the term ‘Hispanic’ narrows down to ‘Latino’ that particularly applies to anyone of Latin American ancestry. After that, Mexican Americans must choose to describe themselves as ‘Mexican,’ or ‘Chicano.’ Thereby, Mexican Americans can call themselves: Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, or Chicano. Since, most Americans prefer to categorize people based on their race, numerous Mexicans have adapted the approach to change their ethnic call card depending on their audience. It is their way of camouflaging themselves out of discrimination. Although, on both sides, it’s time to focus on our commonalities as a society and look beyond the labels.

 With so many applicable labels, many Mexican Americans find themselves disoriented. For a clearer perspective, I interviewed a Hispanic person about the development of his racial identity. Jesse describes, “Funny enough, during my childhood, I thought I was white. My friends called me gringo…they had a much darker skin-tone than me. If I stayed outside, my hair would turn blond. My eyes were a much lighter shade of brown too. I wouldn’t tan, I’d turn red… they’d call me red lobster.” As the Spanish Empire generally sent men to colonize Latin America, Spaniard men often took Indigenous American wives, “Spanish America gave almost instantaneous rise to a mixed-race population, called mestizos, which quickly became numerically by far the largest portion of the population.” Consequently, Mexicans have a wide-range of skin-tone from extremely light to unmistakably dark. With intermarriage continuing to be prevalent in the Mexican population today, each generation has increasingly fewer people identifying as ‘Hispanic.’ Instead, ten million Hispanics, according to the 2010 Census, switched their ethnic label to ‘White’ or ‘Black.’ Factors that are believed to have caused the shift are assimilation, intermarriage, and upward mobility. So, Jesse’s childhood seemed to be a precursor of the upcoming trend. 

It wasn’t surprising to hear Jesse was called a gringo, since he is rather fair-skinned. However, I was still shocked that Jesse ever identified with the term ‘White’, considering that many Mexicans usually draw a deep, cultural line between ‘White Europeans’ and themselves. Curiously, I asked about his pride as a Mexican. Given that Jesse grew up during the 1980s, a period when San Antonio public schools outlawed Spanish on campus, I wondered if he felt political pressure to identify as ‘White.’ Conversely, he responded, “…I have great pride in my Mexican heritage. Thinking back, I recall my mother telling me stories of trucks filled with Mexican workers, bound north to Wisconsin to work the farmland, normally picking corn.  Every year, she’d migrate in those same trucks to earn what little living she could until my siblings and I were born. Having heard her experiences, I had a great pride to call myself Mexican.” So, once again, I was astounded. Many Mexican American stereotypes and labels are based on poor, immigrant laborers left working the fields. Yet, instead of shame, Jesse appeared to be proud of his roots.

However, I still pondered how Jesse dealt with identifying as both ‘White’ and ‘Mexican’ at the same time. On one hand, ‘White’ is a political majority in the United States, meanwhile, ‘Mexican’ is a discriminated minority. I was about to ask if Jesse ever felt overwhelmed with so many names associated with the Mexican identity: Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, etc. Although, he took initiative on his own, “That was put to the test when I decided to join the military. I was bombarded with labels: White, Hispanic, Texan, and Latino. Suddenly, I was a little confused of what to consider myself.” Apparently, Jesse was raised in a Mexican ethnic enclave. So, the community was practically one-hundred percent Mexican and considered to be one of the state’s many ‘ghetto Mexican Projects.’ He said that the only labels that he had known to apply to himself were ‘White’, ‘Texan’, and ‘Mexican’. The terms ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latino’ were foreign to him until someone explained, “…’you’re white. Your family is from Mexico that speaks Spanish. Spanish comes from Spain which makes you Hispanic. Since Mexico is considered a Latin American country, you are Latino. Ethnically, you’re Mexican.’” From another armed forces member, Jesse claimed to hear the word ‘beaner’ for the first time. Popularized in the 1980s, the derogatory noun became popularized after millions of Mexican immigrant workers flooded into the agricultural labor sector. Specifically, these Mexican immigrants were usually undocumented and were often found harvesting pinto beans. Since then, some Mexicans have attempted to turn the term into a badge of honor. However, if that has gone mainstream is yet to be foreseen. The majority of Mexican Americans would rather avoid the word’s usage outright. For comparison, it is similar to the N- word for African Americans, except it’s still frowned upon even when a Mexican would refer to another Mexican as a ‘beaner’ in conversation. To put bluntly, only xenophobic people use the term in casual conversation. Which goes to show, Jesse’s own fellow servicemen didn’t even accept him as their own fellow, equal American.

Considering that Jesse was a product of the 1980s, I enquired whether pop culture also pertained to the establishment of his racial identity. According to a 1996 New York Times article, “Hispanics maintain that Hollywood films have always portrayed them as either vicious bandits, lazy peasants, or humorous buffoons. While emphasizing these stereotypes, Hollywood motion pictures have ignored the positive contributions of Hispanic-Americans toward life and culture in the United States.” Appearing bothered by his testimony about racial discrimination, Jesse recollected, “…The low rider or the biker?  I struggled to decide, who was I going to be? So, I decided to forgo all the labels. When someone asks me about my nationality, I would tell them American. The only thing that matters.”

Overall, Jesse’s testimony brings on a disturbing question to all people currently living in the United States. If a natural-born, armed service member cannot be accepted by his country, who could? Over the last eighty years, countless minorities have found themselves proudly supplemented into America’s melting pot: African Americans, Italian Americans, Scottish Americans, and so on. Yet, Hispanic Americans often are deemed not “American” enough, whether by Spanish-speaking or skin-tone. While other minorities may worry about racial profiling, Mexican Americans must dread the possibility of wrongful deportation even if their birthright promises otherwise. Given the government’s intimidation over Mexican Americans, it becomes the responsibility of all Americans to begin to rise for the sake of their neighbor, looking beyond their “label.” After all, cultural acceptance starts with society’s choice, not found on a DNA test.

RESCUE is a safe haven for the people feeling excommunicated from society. Our group’s mission is to dissolve religious and cultural bondage for the lost and found. We believe no one should ever feel like they must hide in fear of retaliation. As a closed group on Facebook, members may speak openly about their struggles and receive feedback. As the people who care when no else does, click the link to give us a shot. We can lead you to the path of the freedom step-by-step: Instead of looking at all the labels, we look at you.  

Breaking Free From The Evil Matrix

4 Sep

I recently watched a video explaining how the movie, “The Matrix” is really a movie explaining our world in a “fiction, non-fiction” way. Whether you have seen the movie or not is not relevant to what is about to be discussed in order to “break free” of this evil “Matrix.”

When we are naturally born in our flesh and blood as a human being into the world, we are born cut-off from God, sinners with an un-renewed mind, in bondage to death and Satan. While on top of that, we are mostly likely also raised by people in the same position teaching us how to live, what values are, what’s real and what isn’t. As time goes on, and just like our bodies grow into maturity, your mind also grows into believing the assumptions and delusions Satan has introduced through the world and all the people held captive by Satan’s system. This also includes all religions, and the churches, which just add a different “spin” to the delusion.

When you observe the world around you, this is what the reality is. People are robotic, zombie-like, brainwashed, and under this sort of mind-control that has blinded them from reality and truth. People believe whatever, think whatever, feel whatever, do whatever they feel, whatever is the norm, whatever is presented by the world (and the church) as good, without question. Almost as if people have become purely instinctual animals, like lab rats running through a maze trying to find the cheese. While many of these people understand what a prison is, little do they understand the various types of prisons, and that mental slavery is a form of prison slavery also.

Like physical prison, a person is bound to a cell, restrictions, and regulations. The prisoner cannot behave freely, and is unable to be independent. He must submit his will to the controlling authorities and be dependent upon them and their power in order to survive. It is in this way that the world’s people’s minds are. They are imprisoned, and captive to the world and its restrictions, regulations, programs, gratifications and are unable to behave freely, be independent and therefore must surrender over their will to the evil system that lies in the power of the evil one, Satan. They will continue to sleep-walk through the world, and belong to the world until they receive the love of the truth, and desire to know what the reality of things are.

The moment God, the God of truth begins to “awaken” one from this dream, this delusional state of mind, this mental-prison, it’s a shocking moment. There are many layers of this mental prison, and only God and His truth can get one out of all of them. First, you are trapped in a cell. The moment you begin to desire, or love the truth, is the moment you are “awakened” from your mental slumber and realize the reality of where you are, mentally. Since the truth is freedom, loving the truth is loving freedom. As you begin to learn and know the truth, you find the needed resources to escape the cell. However, once you are out of the cell, you now are in the prison where other guards, officers, and even prisoners will all attempt to keep you captive in the prison and put you back in your “cell”. The more you desire to know the truth, the more likely you are to escape.

After all the denials, confrontations, doubt, shocks and uncertainties you now have been led out of the “prison.” Although mentally, you have escaped, what will hold you back is the past, if you allow it to. You see, although you are out of the “prison system” and its delusions, the prison system still exists, and the life you once lived there once existed. That way of living was a reality, a part of you and what shaped you up until this point. And now, even though you are a freeman, knowing the truth, you are in a different place where you have to survive and live. It is here, that lies the challenge of living a life that is entirely different from that of the prison-life. And just as physical prisoner’s have challenges returning to society, so do those who have been released of the mental slavery to delusions and into the truth. Sadly, some fail to overcome the truth’s reality demands and prefer to live in bondage to the “system-prison” and be a slave of delusions.

To finalize all of what’s been spoken, here at Rescue and Pam Sheppard Ministries, we were people who were once, part of the “prison-system” of the world controlled by Satan. However, we have been broken out, and freed from that system, and live in the truth, with minds renewed and delivered from bondage to delusions. And we work as a united people in Christ to break as many free from the sleeping mental-bondage of delusions and illusions of this world. We are here to help you be set free, and get out of this “Matrix” or “prison of the mind” and stay free. For any questions or help, email

What contrasts can you compare with the idea of a “matrix” or prisons, that relate to the idea of deception?

Trust Issues and Thwarts

1 Sep

WHEN YOU HAVE a history of placing your trust into someone or something and that trust is broken it can be likened to a rope that is torn in half. Although you may try to tie the rope back together, the “knot” will remain there…

We live in a grievous world full of people who are evil, and abuse others. And within the IC there is an even more dangerous evil of wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who are not outwardly evil, people who have integrity and appear righteous and innocent but a really ministers sent by Satan and inwardly ravenous, selfish, “clouds without water.”

Not to mention the IC, but in general it’s fair to say we have all experienced betrayal, broken promises, and our hopes diminished and shamed. We long to trust, and be accepted; but when we are rejected we can respond in many various ways. One of them is the “ain’t nobody to trust” mentality that’s a mindset of self-preservation. Another is the “rejection fear” a mindset that drives people into the anxiety of needing to be accepted.

Trust is a fundamental part of the human heart, or the mind and emotions. Trust is what bridges relationships, and is essentially the foundation of what makes up a relationship. The first priority we must have is to trust in God through Christ. We should have no other reliance other than God. The issue arises is the person with the “ain’t nobody to trust” mindset claiming to only “trust God” when ignorantly the person fails to realize that God works in people to help others in need…

One of Satan’s powerful thwartings is to create mistrust in your heart. Satan knows exactly what people God wants you to be surrounded with and will do everything to prevent you from reaching God’s people. Think of it like a herd of sheep. Satan works as the wolf, cutting off the path of a struggling lamb to the rest of the herd and shepherd for the sake of slaughter.

While, at times it’s important to have genuine doubts, and test everything, with examination. Eventually, you will have to come to a conclusion and make a decision to trust. The ones who constantly examines and tests yet never are able to come to conclusions are likely to have trust issues, or a mindset of fear. Since, no matter every reason to trust, or the good possibility of a successful relationship, Satan places irrational fear, thoughts, and accusations to shake up a person’s trust; eventually thwarting them from reaching a sincere relationship to someone who God had anointed in Christ.

This has to be one of the hindrances Satan uses against people who God has sent to be part of His Heavenly Kingdom. Satan along with his wicked spirits create all kinds of feelings of “eerie-ness” and fear of the unknown, religious demons, who without rest, are ever finding fault with God’s people and thus accusing and condemning His saints. Satan seductively with intellect, whispering all kinds of suggestions, questions, reasons, possibilities, outcomes, and lies mixed with truth—just to thwart some lost soul from reaching true people of God.

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” Since, Jesus Christ of Nazareth should have been trusted, and sought after for help, yet, at the cross He was betrayed, and left. His disciples shaken up with trusting Him. You can see how God Himself, has been through rejection, betrayal, and people not trusting Him. This is merely an example to demonstrate that Satan will do everything to get us away from trusting God and reaching His people. Not to mention the Devil will easily bring in the “right” people into your life or even yourself whom we should not trust at all…

At Pam Sheppard Ministries we can help you overcome your trust issues, or an other unhealthy mindset by means of God’s truth and His Gospel. Trying to reach out, but have concerns? Contact 888-818-1117 or email if you would like to address your trust issues and harmful mindsets.

Has Satan shaken up your trust to get you to fall away from where God wants you to be? I would not be surprised, he’s been doing it since Adam and Eve’s time!

The Mysterious Babylonian Reality

1 Sep

Babylon the great, who are you? How can we understand your mystery? This is a wonder going through the book of Revelation.

Her possible beginnings, could be when the peoples of ancient times united together against God to construct a tower, to make a name for themselves. What happened to you oh, city? Though your people’s tongues and understanding was disrupted, did your hearts ever change? You people of old sought to be as one people, one united humanity, yet together in rebellion against God. Your riches, your knowledge, your industry, your city, your business, your pride all in harmony to defy the LORD. Your history of beliefs surely has not died, looking at Sodom, Egypt, and then Babylon. Rebellion, idolatry, sexual immorality, uncleanliness, spiritual abominations, sins upon sins, maybe you did not take directly part in their share, but your system, yes your beliefs scattered like a blaze. Maybe this what the LORD foresaw, and knew would come; and maybe had not He disrupted your language your beliefs and influence would have come sooner and grown worse.

Babylon when you occurred in time, you just were the best city and people to describe whatever this mystery is. Whatever this drink of rebellion is you’ve given the nations and peoples, can we ever understand you? Babylon, you are symbolic of rebellion, idolatry, sexual immorality, horrendous greed, injustice, cruelty, unclean spiritual and religious practices, lustful lust, abomination upon abomination. But,

Babylon the great, you must be similar to this. You must know your own. But you, oh Babylon are not just Babylon but Babylon the great. You must be so proud, because you are the one over all these rebellious cities from the beginning of this age to this end of this age. You are on the top, the mother of the system. You are the one who gave birth to the Tower of Babel, Sodom, Egypt, Babylon and every city of idolatry, every city of sexually immoral behavior, every city of rebellion and defiance, every city of drunkenness, every city of your religious and spiritual prostitution.

Babylon the great, though you have stood tall over all these years. Though your influence still exist today in the churches, businesses, organizations, media, entertainment, education, and so many more areas… you will fall!

What are your thoughts on this mystery name, “Babylon the great?” And who is she?

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

1 Sep

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

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The New Age Movement vs. Christianity: How’s Your Spiritual Palate?

30 Aug

During the 19th century, American grocers were free to put whatever they pleased into their products. However, the Pure Food and Drug Act was administered to prevent inedible things like sawdust to be served at the dinner table. Sadly, spiritual food isn’t near as regulated as the food that we put in our mouths. Every day, countless Christians consume false doctrines of deceiving cults and religions. Out of all, one of the most notorious “grocers” is the New Age Movement. Adhering to East Asian, Middle Eastern, and other religions of the world, the New Age Movement becomes a particularly dangerous conduit of deception. An amalgamation of so many religions, the New Age Movement rounds itself out with a false masquerade of Christianity. With an “everything goes” attitude, the New Age Movement has become an occult-converting factory, encouraging the use of tarot cards, energy healers, psychic mediums, and countless other forms of idolatry. So, here are some pointers to differentiate the false New Age Christianity (and other worldly religions) and biblical Christianity.

Simply put, the New Age Movement attempts to glorify the self. Meanwhile, Christianity glories God. The deadly, attractive poison of the New Age is that people are baited into acting on anything that pleases their flesh. When trying to get people to open their sacral (sex) chakra, I recall a reiki healer saying along the lines of, “Don’t be afraid to be sexual, just let go! There’s no shame in your sexuality. ~ Is that really the right thing though, or is that something they’d would want the right thing to be? If a belief system is attempting to get someone to actively indulge their bodies, it’s absolutely the opposite of Christianity. As according to the Bible, “…offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God–this is your true and proper worship.” In other words, your flesh is meant to be ‘cut out’ in favor of developing your spirit to be free of sin, instead of smothered in it.  The New Agers say, “Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.” Meanwhile, Christianity counters, “Follow and obey Jesus for the heart is deceitful.” 

The New Age Movement also enforces the concept of “self-saving”, in other words, taking matters into our own hands. Instead of trusting and following in the Holy Trinity, the New Age turns to ascended masters, spirit guides, astrology, and angels for their personal guidance. (When in reality, these are empowered by malevolent spirits who disguise their evil in their messages of good.) Particularly, such divination practices demonstrate how the New Agers attempts to predict and control their lives, especially the future. Hence, they display that they aren’t really at peace, but rather they are in the illusion of peace. To put bluntly, there wouldn’t be enough horoscopes to give them a peace of mind, there’s always a worry for tomorrow. They’re anxiety is constantly cycling without end. So, they always need a word from someone, somewhere, or anywhere. Although, without spiritual discernment, they play a game of Russian Roulette. It’s a trap of unregulated food products when you get into divination as evil spirits are quite listed on the box of crystal stones, the label of the tarot cards, or the latest Ouija board.  

The New Age Movement also distorted the message of the Gospel. This is like the way Charles Finney deceived the institutional church in the 19th century with the ‘I accept Jesus practice. Graphing such easy believism into their narrative, the New Age Movement has added their own variations of Finney’s guide to salvation. (Man cannot redeem himself from his own sins as true spiritual repentance is prompted by the Holy Spirit) Many of the New Age Movement claim that Jesus Christ is a meager “ascended master” or a laidback, enlightened individual. While the TRUTH is that Jesus was fully God and fully man during his walk on the Earth. Continuously, they negate the essence of Christ’s teachings, the existence of sin, hell, devil, and demons. Meanwhile, these lessons are a badge of honor to those following true Christianity. More so, when these individuals are redeemed by the blood that Jesus shed on the Cross, born-again, SAVED from their sins for eternity. There is no reiki, subliminal, or astral projection that would ever produce that kind of supernatural release from the world. Of which, many in the New Age Movement still seek after, not even realizing that they are producing their own bondage by trying to make peace with their flesh, an insatiable animal.  With so many in the dark, these individuals do not know the taste of proper spiritual food to decide whether their own doctrines are safe or poisonous. 

If you need help refining your spiritual palate, RESCUE fellowship on Facebook provides countless posts, articles, and commentary on false doctrines. You’d know the Enemy’s lies so well, you wouldn’t even need to ponder if something sounds legit or not. After I left the New Age Movement, I felt so confused and conflicted, who was the God that I was trying to serve? Is he merciful? Is he judgmental? Through RESCUE, I’m learning step-by-step, no hassle or rushing. You learn at your own pace. Not to mention, there are numerous, welcoming people waiting to answer any of your questions, including myself. So, you’ll never feel lost or overwhelmed. At RESCUE, we’re the people that care! Give us a chance at:

The Paradox of Christ’s Example of Love

30 Aug

God is love. And since Jesus Christ is God, He was and is the example of love.

The word “love” is handed around in the world like cheap cigarettes. And even the modern-religious lingo of the day, “love like Jesus did” is spoken of constantly.

We have heard, “God so loved the world that He sent His only Son” (John 3:16) and the Lord Jesus spoke, “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). He also mentions in the same Chapter, “If you love Me then you will keep My commandments.”

The concept of Christ’s love, is that 1) it’s an unemotional choice 2) it’s manifested in a form of willful giving 3) the first priority is to love God the Father and keep obedience to the Son Jesus Christ 4) it’s a love without distinction 5) it’s supernatural 6) it does not demand love in return and 7) is respectful of others’ freewill and perspectives. When Jesus walked, He did not necessarily love man. He loved His Father, which inevitably resulted in Him loving and forgiving man. Jesus Christ’s love was ultimately for God and doing His will.

This is the very paradox we face, since although He loved His Father in heaven, and God revealed to the world His love by sending His Son—Jesus Christ as the revelation of the love of the Father. Yet, even though this revelation of God’s love was manifested in Christ before the eyes of men; He was despised, rejected, hated, betrayed, and killed. All the Apostles likewise, following their Master’s footprints, imitating Christ’s love, were beaten or killed and or put into exile. These examples reveal, it’s possible to love your neighbor and be hated without explanation in return.

What we have to remember is that loving God means loving people according to His will and the example that Christ left. Human nature, or the natural condition of the flesh is able to love also. However, this love is subjected to the flesh and the law of sin and death. Discerning this love is easy, it’s emotional, selfish, and unable to please God. While at the same time this love can have a good side of natural feeling, or natural compassion human’s have, a sort of empathetic conscience—at times, we can be moved to love people according to this love or our flesh, making ourselves the center of love, rather than a love centered on Christ. True Christian love has Christ in the center of the relationship, you loving God and the other person loving God. When our love interferes the other person from loving God, and makes them more moved to love us; the love thus becomes fleshly and is “man-centered” love.

This is the form of love that religion offers. The love is natural, draws people to themselves and has distinction. What love with distinction is, can be expressed in this way, “I am going to love you because of.” It’s an attitude that a person must have a certain distinction in order to be loved. Whereas Christ’s love does not have distinction, in other words, “I am going to love you despite.” It leaves out the required distinction that religion requires to obligate themselves to love.

True love, means your love for your neighbor is flowing from your love for God. Loving the Father and His will precedes all other loves and commandments. At times, especially to man, it may not seem as though we love them according to the flesh. Yes, you can be loving God and your neighbor, but because Christ is “in the space in-between” they will be aggravated, they will mistrust you, accuse you, and draw their own conclusions about you. And, not to mention those who love yet, don’t understand the supernatural love of Christ, they can easily be deceived into living a natural life of love for humans, rather than a life of loving God.

The ultimate reality we must come to terms is that, no matter how much we can love God, our foundation is not on our love for Him, but on His love for us. As it says,

“This is love, not that we have loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atonement for our sins.” (1 John 4:10).

The fruit of the Spirit is love, and here at Pam Sheppard Ministries this love is manifested in deed and truth. Our love is founded on God’s love for us and our love is first obligated to the Father through Christ. We do not love from our flesh, but from the Spirit and a sincere heart. This means, that we are going to be more inclined to choosing God’s will, even if that means certain relationships fail for the sake of a greater One. We are able to train you to love the Lord and your neighbor without compromising your love for the Lord by loving your neighbor. Religion’s love is an empty tomb, and man’s love is fleshly gravitated toward selfishness, and easy pleasings. Contact 888-818-1117 for a greater understand of what Christ-like love is or email to be in an environment of true Christian love.

We are commanded and exhorted constantly to love our neighbor. The Lord prophesied about love in the endtimes, “Because of lawlessness the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). Interestingly, the word “grow cold” in Greek is “psycho.” It’s no doubt that we see psychos everywhere in the world, along with lawlessness. A psycho isn’t always a mad serial killer, it’s simply someone who doesn’t have a heart and whose love is cold. I’m convicted this prophecy is being fulfilled as you read, especially within religious white washed tomb churches.

Well, despite our neighbor’s distinctions, and lawlessness—we still must uphold the royal law of Christ, and love without any distinction, loving without compromising our love for God the Father through Christ Jesus the Son.

Can you relate to the paradox example of Christ’s love? Have there been moments in your life when loving your neighbor appeared to them as not so “loving”? Can you discern the difference between the supernatural love like Christ, from the natural human like love?