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Animals: Symbolism in Dreams

10 May

Hercules and the Hydra – John Singer Sargent, 1921-1925

One of God’s first acts in creation of the earth was to create animals. Genesis 1 states that the Lord let fish and sea creatures live in the waters as well as birds for the air. It’s in verse 24 that we see God state that the earth was to produce animals and they would scurry along the ground with the ability to produce offspring, also acting as livestock.

Finally, God moved onto the highest form of living creations on earth: human beings. We read that humans would reign over the fish in the sea, birds in the sky and all the wild animals on earth. The next chapter in Genesis would detail how God created man as well as how Adam would name them all.

The takeaway from this and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is straightforward: Man was given a special place in the hierarchy of creation insofar as 1) they would rule over the animals and creatures of the earth and 2) Man would have a special relationship with God – so much so that the Lord Jesus Christ would die and resurrect so they may have life. Man would be given the Holy Spirit and have God dwell in his chambers.

The key component of Man’s relationship to animals is that man rules over them. This was amongst the first edicts we see decreed by God in the Book of Genesis. We also see that Daniel and Peter, two of God’s great servants, would go on to have dreams where animals would symbolize various aspects of messages God sent them.

Dreams of Animals in the Last Days

Exodus Internet Church’s teachings are always placed into the context of the times we live in: the 11th hour, the last days before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth. We are caught in the middle of great spiritual warfare between God and Satan. Fallen angels and demons are more active than ever in peoples’ lives and will use dreams to attack them.

Animals in dreams are often representative of fallen angels. It’s a form of mockery that fallen angels have used due to their hatred for man which stems from us having a special relationship with God they used to have. The prevailing emotions of a fallen angel toward a human are hatred, jealousy and envy. Here’s the kicker: the mockery behind taking the form of animals in dreams is the fact that we were made to rule animals! The fallen angels are saying that they can rule over us while taking the form of a creature beneath us – they fully embrace the adversarial archetype they take against the people of God.

We even see this time and time again in the Old Testament. Adrammelech, a god with the countenance of a mule, is mentioned in 2 Kings 17:31 as having children sacrificed to him. Baal, a god with the face of a bull is named as a god whose priests exercised self-mutilation (1 Kings 18:28). Moloch, a calf, is spoken about by God as He instructs the Israelites to stone any person who offered a child to him (Leviticus 20:2-5). Evil spirits have been taking the form of animals to try and assert themselves over men before the Lord Jesus Christ descended to earth!

Animals can also serve as commentary with regard to what the evil spirits’ agendas are in our lives. At other times, they can represent a part of ourselves that we are facing, wrestling with or have overcome.

Examples of Animal Dreams from EIC Members

Several members of our own ministry have had dreams involving animals – I am going to draw from them for examples related to an animal we all know as Christians: the snake. The snake is important because it is representative of Satan whom we know will be defeated the Lord Jesus Christ. The scriptures tell us that the Lord has crushed the head of the serpent for His people – He has done this through His crucifixion and resurrection, meaning that all evil spirits must bow to Him now and forever!

Evan recently testified in one of our messages how a giant cobra bit him in a dream shortly before he cut its head off. The bite did not hurt him and he was fine. The symbolism in this lies in that the snake’s attack on Evan was ultimately shown to be ineffective. It’s a metaphor for how the occult practices he used to practice before the Lord baptized him now have no power or hold over him whatsoever. The Lord God gave him victory over the evil spirits who tried to attack him.

Lee spoke of a dream where she visited a reptile expo with many booths manned by handlers who showcase the animal they are in charge of. She came across a handler with a rat snake and while she was trying to showcase the snake, it got out of control and bit Lee. The next part of the dream shifted to another booth manned by Pastor Pam. She addressed the snake attached to Lee’s arm and grabbed the snake behind the head before shutting it in a cage. The dream is symbolic of how Lee and Pastor Pam’s relationship in counseling would deliver her from the influence of evil spirits, even foreshadowing her born again experience.

Lastly, I will give my own dream of a snake. It must be mentioned that before being born again, I was subject to abuse and beatings by evil spirits in my dreams. I received one after the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed me in His honor and in the dream, I was standing on my driveway as an enormous snake – I estimate at least 90 feet in length and 10 feet tall – charged me. I leapt at the snake and beat its head with a sword I brandished, representing the sword of the spirit that I could now wield in Christ.

When one gets a dream of an animal, the meaning and symbolism of the animal must be taken into account when analyzing what the message is saying. The dreams show that those in Christ will be delivered from the dark and evil forces in the Christian’s life through the mercy and power of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. One can rest assured that the Lord God will make any attacking spirit upon you in dreams will be forced to bow to the glory of Christ.

The Return of Christ: Glorified Bodies

16 Nov

One of Exodus Internet Church’s missions is to edify the people of God in the last days. As human beings, the lens thru which we gaze out into the world is colored by the various responsibilities we are beholden to here in our life on earth. Whether that be jobs and careers, family life, friendships and relationships, there is always something that requires our immediate attention and efforts.

Yet as children of God we are called to look beyond that. Because we are inheritors of eternal life and the new birth. Life rendered onto us by the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God. We are blessed to be in these times because the return of the Lord God is imminent; we will get to witness firsthand the second coming of Jesus Christ and live with Him as He rules the earth. We are living in the very times that saints throughout time and history have wondered about since the onset of the church of Christ.

The return of the Lord brings with it another glorious centerpiece promised to us by our God: the redemption of our bodies.

“And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope, we were saved.” – Romans 8:23-24

Many of you reading this have either received the new birth or are waiting for it. And for those who have it, you march on the narrow path of salvation strengthening your soul and exercising Godly knowledge to become more Christlike. And for those of you who wait, you chisel away at your soul thru counsel and edification so that you may better yourself in preparation for the second birth. We are grateful for this life that God has given us.

But there’s more to come. The redemption of our bodies is something we will only experience when Christ comes back and rewards us with them. However, we have some information available to us that allows us to glean some insight into what having those bodies will be like.

The Spiritual Forefathers: Adam and Eve

It has recently come to the attention of the ministry to peruse the ancient texts, meaning texts that were not added to the Word of God for various reasons. Two of these books are the first and second Books of Adam and Eve.

The first and second Books of Adam and Eve are texts detailing what the first two saints went thru after being banished from the Garden of Eden. In them we see a number of things that are as relevant to being in Christ as ever such as: the consequence of sin, contending with Satan, putting our faith in God to see us thru difficulties as well as the creation of marriage so that the line of David would be established, paving the way for the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I read thru the text my attention was caught by the suffering of Adam. Because you see, Adam and Eve are the only saints who had glorified and perfect bodies in the presence of God, only to lose them. All the other saints who received those bodies were resurrected when Christ was on earth, when He resurrected the saints of old on the same day He was resurrected (Matthew 27:51-53). And we now await the same bodies. Everyone else outside of Adam, Eve and the Lord Jesus Christ were born in deadness of sin.

There are a number of details in the text that are crucial to getting an understanding of what having those bodies will actually be like.

Characteristics of Glorified Bodies

Adam details the weaknesses he experienced after being cast out the garden in the text:

“While I was in the garden I knew neither heat, nor fatigue, neither transience, nor trembling, nor fear; but now since I came to this land, all this affliction has come over me.” Adam and Eve 22:3

And God tells Adam about other changes to his body:

“Adam, when you were in My garden, you knew neither eating nor drinking, faintness nor suffering, leanness of flesh, nor change; neither did sleep depart from your eyes. But since you transgressed and came into this strange land all these trails have come over you.” – Adam and Eve 35:2

What this tells us is that all of these limitations of the human body will not even be a factor when the Lord Jesus Christ gives us our new bodies!

No more tiredness, lack of sleep, fear, dependence on food and water for us. The biggest word in the text is probably transience, also known as the state of something being temporary, meaning we will be immortal.

Tell me, if we are immortal and have glorified bodies, do you think we will have sicknesses? I don’t think so. No more disease and sickness, sensitivity to heat and cold, so on and so forth. Just immortality and strength at all times. My friends in Christ, all of these tiny factors weakening our bodies and affecting our quality of life that we barely even think of will be a thing of the past.

This is part of the beauty and glory of what it means to be a Christian. That we have such knowledge. That we can adopt an eternal mindset and look forward to and have faith in the good things that the Lord God has promised all of us.

And yet, that is not even the whole of it. Adam goes on to detail how his emotions and spiritual life were affected by sin:

“Forgive us our offense and our sin, and look at us with Your eye of mercy. For when we were in the garden our praises and our hymns went up before you without ceasing. But when we came into this strange land, pure praise was no longer ours, nor righteous prayer, nor understanding hearts, nor sweet thoughts, nor wise judgement, nor long discernment, nor upright feelings, neither was our bright nature left within us. But our body is changed from the likeness in which it was at first when we were created.” – Adam and Eve 23:7

It has been determined that the body and the mind are interconnected. The bodies will not only affect our physical capabilities, but our emotional and spiritual ones as well!

These characteristics of pure praise, righteous prayer, understanding hearts, sweet thoughts, wise judgement, discernment, upright feelings and a bright nature are invaluable. Think of the implications of this for both our relationships with God and each other as children of God.

Pure praise and righteous prayer mean a stronger and perfect fellowship with God as we approach Him in a manner most pleasing to him.

We will better understand each other as friends in Christ because our hearts will be full of understanding, as well as having sweet thoughts and wise judgements toward one another. The implications of such traits means that the petty squabbles, hurt feelings, miscommunications that hurt friendships, being turned off by another, conflict and strife with our fellow people will not even be a thing in God’s new world for us.

To have upright feelings and a bright nature means to be filled with love and everlasting life in Christ. It is my strong belief that saints will be united and have wonderful fellowship with each other without the pettiness or harshness that we sometimes exhibit on each other. Perfect harmony and peace in God will be part of the new life!

Finally, it is written in the text that Adam and Eve could see into the spirit before their bodies were altered, as they would witness angels praising the Lord God in the heavens regularly. This means that when Christ returns and gives us our bodies, we will be able to see beautiful, heavenly and Godly things with our very eyes.

Our Bodies Made like Christ’s

“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like His glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself” – Philippians 3:20-21

To have our bodies made like Christ’s brings on even more glory to God. My friends, I can tell you that when I got born again, I had a vision of Christ. I was in a golden field of flowers, where the flowers were sparkling so brilliantly it was like they were more perfect than the purest gold.

And I looked into the field and saw a robed Figure Whose glory filled existence with perfection as I witnessed it in the spirit. He was invincible. I could tell that nothing could hurt Christ. And in His essence was pure kindness, joy, glory, majesty, mercy, grace and love.

Nothing in this world is perfect. The most we can do is create a standard in some activity and call that standard perfect, but real perfection does not exist in this life, especially not in people.

Yet I witnessed perfection in God when I was born again. If our bodies are to be like Christ’s as the scriptures tell us, what unimaginable glory awaits us?

I did not want to come back from the land I was in. It is good to know that such things are a sign of our future, as the Lord God will give us our new bodies and establish His new kingdom on earth.

Come Lord Jesus, back to earth for the glory of God and render onto your saints the glorified bodies that have been promised. The completion of our hope in the things to come under the Lord God!

False Conversions: Fear of Hell

14 Oct

The Spirit: Hell

It is evident that in this 11th hour, Satan and his underlings are pulling out all the stops in leading the world in a grand deception before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We as human beings born in and enslaved to sin have empowered these evil spirits and enemies of God to flourish in this last day and age due to our rebellion, fornication and idolatry. I speak not just of fornication and idolatry in the physical sense, but the spiritual sense as well. I speak of the idolatry and fornication that man has rebelled against God with dating all the way back to our predecessors who worshiped a golden calf and other animals back in Old Testament times.

And while those sins were abominable then, all hell is breaking loose in these latter days because the common person has a severe lack of knowledge with regard to spiritual matters. The scriptures tell us that God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. What you get is a spiritual blindness resulting in a person believing a spirit when confronted with one as opposed to testing them, opening the floodgates to further deception.

One of the chief deceptions of the day are “spiritual experiences” that run the gamut: near death experiences, spiritual awakenings, communication with God, conversions that are of a heavenly nature, so on and so forth.

I can tell you as someone who belongs to God that I have had ventures in the spirit both from the Lord and from the enemy. And, during dreams, I have traveled to places in the spirit that are hellish in nature. I would say the defining characteristic of hell is not just an absence of life, but that its essence is spiritual death which hangs in the air thicker than a smog.

A Testimony of Hell

So what happens when you take the people of today’s proclivity to seek out spiritual experiences and combine it with hell? It is like the other myriad of experiences out there that have piled up to form a mountain of deception so vast that it has risen up from the earth and reached the heavens. In this case, it breeds false conversions.

I recently came across a video of a man who claimed to have been taken to hell. Before the dramatic episode, he experienced a number of spiritual occurrences that are recounted repeatedly with much of the clientele at EIC.

The man was led into the world of religion where he began to experience things like an “inner voice” in his “spirit” telling him to speak at certain times during Bible studies and other Christian gatherings. He began to pray and read the Word on a regular basis, thereafter having encounters in the spirit.

He spoke first of being visited by an angel and taken into a home where he felt the presence of God. And he was led through various doors and up and down flights of stairs into a final room where he had a knowing that Jesus was about to visit him in the room. He woke up before it happened.

It was shortly after where he saw a bright, pure light in his room while he was by himself. The light was brighter than the sun and forced him to his knees, and he saw a man walk out of the light: Jesus.

This soon led to a second encounter in a dream where he came face to face with Jesus and realized that he was a sinful person as well as the holiness of God. He awoke, claiming to have a new fire for God with the experience being so profound that he began to change his ways. He thereafter had an experience where a literal flame appeared before him in his room.

More supernatural occurrences happened to the man, the chief of which was a dream where he got into a car crash. He dreamt of waking up in a hospital only to have his spirit leave his body and descend into hell with demonic entities in it. He awoke from the dream with a new vigor for life, promising God that he would do everything in his power to tell everyone he knows that hell exists and to change their life to avoid it.

He prayed for confirmation and in due time, he had another dream where he descended into hell. As he saw the people around him were in torment, he heard an angry voice he believed to be God tell him, “Go and tell them to repent.” After this, the man went on to share his testimony with everyone for the purpose of getting people to repent. In his most recent appearances, he urges everyone to seek out a supernatural occurrence with God because it is available to everybody.

Deception: Fear of Hell

The scriptures call on us to not believe every spirit, but test them and see if they be of God.

This means we have to not just look at the experience, but the motive behind why we receive messages. I see a number of aspects to this testimony that are cause for concern.

The first indicator is the “inner voice” the man referred to which kept pressing him to speak at certain times during Bible studies. My experience is that God is not pushy, but the devil is. God allows the person to make a choice with their own free will, while the enemy forcefully pushes them into the path he has planned for them.

The giveaway with this is that the man was not born again at the time this happened, yet he was led into praying and reading the Bible every day. He was led into religious activity that is explicitly designed for those who have the new birth. This ties into the following point.

He saw Jesus, face to face. One of the most prevalent deceptions of the last days is that a fallen angel by the name of Jesus Sananda Immanuel is posing as Jesus to lead people into false conversions and a lifetime of deception. It is actually the subject of one of Pastor Pam’s books: The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.

Encounters with “Jesus” are more common than ever. It’s easy to take a spirit at face value when one undergoes a spiritual experience beyond the realm of possibility in the physical realm. 2 Corinthians teaches us that the enemy cloaks himself for the purpose of deception.

“No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” – 2 Corinthians 11:14

The plot is to appear as God to people who do not understand this. The enemy is using the common person’s lack of knowledge in spiritual matters to mislead them into thinking they have seen God. This can lead to the person unknowingly worshiping a false god for even the duration of their life because they have not thought to question the experience.

While the man’s spiritual experiences were dramatic, there is no mention of the resurrection which is a foundational and key element of any bona fide born again conversion.

This demonstrates a misunderstanding of the Gospel. For 1 Corinthians 15:14 instructs us that if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching and faith is dead. In spite of all the wonder and signs of a spiritual experience, a conversion is powerless without the resurrection.

Lastly, the fear of hell is prevalent in the testimony. A component of this false conversion that I have seen in many others is a heavy emphasis on a fear of hell. Suffering damnation is to be in hell and experience spiritual death.

But to be born again is to enter into spiritual life. It comes across as a mockery; a new convert will be rejoicing in the eternal life that the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ gave them! With that comes peace, joy and love among other fruits written of; there is no fear in the new spirit we have been given by the Lord God.

Have you experienced condemnation and fear while trying to find your path in God after attending church? Have you questioned some of its teachings or if God is even there? If you seek God and want to guard yourself against the pitfalls and deceptions of the enemy, give EIC a call at 888-818-1117 or email

False Conversions: Wicca and Satanism

26 Aug

            I recently came to across an article that, at first glance, seemed encouraging and uplifting. Featured on various Christian news websites, a young man by the name of Matthew told a dramatic story of how he overcame drug abuse, a dishonorable discharge and even a suicide attempt all by the mercy of God.

But as I read through his story, it became apparent to me that telltale signs of a false conversion were there. He spoke about how he hit rock bottom after being dismissed from the Army and turned to witchcraft in an attempt to take control of a life that was slipping out of his control:

“It was this sense inside of me like I’d finally, completely dedicated myself to Satan,” he recalls. “When I began to experiment with witchcraft, I began to feel this control. I began to feel like I can manipulate the world around me. I can manipulate the people around me. I’m tired of being stepped on. I’m tired of not being accepted and loved by everybody so I am going to force it to happen.”

There’s two aspects of drawing evil spirits to oneself here: evil, negative emotions (in this case, depression and manipulation) and the practice of witchcraft. Matt came from a broken family and fell into depression, the effects of which were exacerbated by his use of drugs and alcohol. He battled with anxiety and dove deeper into harder drugs like meth and heroin.

During all of this, he began to take in false ideas of God. Condemning ones that we see many clients speak about such as God striking one down the moment they sin and do wrong.

He met a Wiccan high priestess who led him into occult and new age practices.

“There’d be manifestations, like stuff would move around. I’d do a spell or a ritual or something and I’d see something happen as a result of it and I thought, ‘Man, I’m in control.’ I loved that feeling of, ‘I have power. I have the ability to do something.”

He goes on to describe a blood covenant he made with Satan and immediately experiencing a condemnation, a knowing that he was destined for eternal damnation. This spiritual downfall brought Matt to the point of deciding to take his own life.

This is where what seems like a miracle happens. Matt had a vision of Jesus and thereafter renounced Satan, throwing away his tarot cards and books of spells. He pleaded to God for forgiveness and experienced a peace he never knew before, even claiming victory over his past addictions, mental illness and use of Wicca.

From there, Matt embraced a new life where he is now a pastor to the youth in his church. He got married and speaks of the fruits of love and joy he received from God.

The scriptures tell us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. By examining ourselves, we have to take an objective look at our behavior and experiences to determine if they really are Godly. The importance of this cannot be understated as we live in the 11th hour, the moment of history where the war between God and Satan is amplified shortly before the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

While Matthew has gotten free, I see a number of red flags to his conversion that makes me question if he is still in the hands of the devil or not.

One of the strengths of our ministry is that we have members in it who have dabbled in both “sides” of the spiritual realm: the occult and religion. This gives us greater understanding of the deceptions of the spiritual realm at large. A recurring theme we see in the cases brought to us is that clients are often led on a path from the occult to religion.

I believe that such could be the case with this man as he dabbled with both Wicca and Satanism, though I cannot say definitively. These determinations take time to ascertain.

Allow me to explain this on a spiritual level. In the spirit, Satan has different aspects of spiritual warfare. Yet Satan’s kingdom is divided against itself. There are fallen angels who rule over different occult practices such as wicca, magic, kundalini, mysticism, eastern practices, etc.

On the other hand, there are fallen angels who specialize in religion, including Christianity. These two spiritual forces war with each other to rule the souls of people trying to find spiritual enlightenment, whether it be through the occult or religion.[1]

This gives way to the setup: By having someone dabble in the occult and then go to religion, they now not have just one brand of evil spirit influencing them, but two. This opens them up to different attacks of varying natures.

Matt was a prime target for attack by the enemy due to the darkness within his own soul as well as his external actions that gave ground to alcoholism, drug use and witchcraft. By using Wicca, he opened himself up to numerous demons and fallen angels specializing in the occult who led him down a dark path. He “got free” of this by his conversion to Christianity.

But I ask myself: was the conversion bona fide? The biggest red flag I see in all of this is his mention of seeing a mental image of Jesus, a vision. There is a fallen angel who masquerades as Jesus and is the author of millions of false conversions in this last hour via “accepting Jesus.”[2]

A vital component of all of this is that every supernatural experience where Christ is at the center needs to be examined thoroughly. The person must ensure that sin, repentance and resurrection were all involved in their conversion. Former partakers in the occult and false religion must detox themselves from those practices as well because Satan is trying to mock God by causing His people to be under the devil’s influence while they are unknowingly working for him.

As someone who has experience with this fake Jesus, one thing I can tell you about him is that he likes to mark his territory and flaunt himself whenever he gains a victory over someone. There is a very real possibility that this fallen angel was lording himself over Matt and showed himself to him as a means of gloating over the spiritual perversion that he led him into. I had the same thing happen to me!

Beyond this, Matt went straight into the institutional church which has been by and large infiltrated by Satan.[3] God is not there anymore. So why would God adopt Matt into His family and then send him to a place that is ruled by evil spirits for an extended period of time?

On the other hand, he claims to be free of mental illness and drugs. This is a good thing. But the enemy is clever and will happily give a person good things in the natural realm if it means he gets an iron grip on their soul. After all, that’s what this spiritual war that we’re in is about: the eternal fate and resting place of the men and women in the center of this battle between the Lord God and Satan.

Cases like this are pivotal for spiritual growth and understanding because it helps us see the layers of deception that are in play during these last days. We have to remain vigilant and not take things at face value, instead examining spiritual happenings and allowing time to expose if something is from God or the enemy.

In these last days, we are at war with the principalities and powers of the air. One of these angels is Jesus Sananda Immanuel, the Fake Jesus. To find out more about this spiritual deception and false conversions, purchase a copy of Church of the Endtime Zombies to equip yourself against the lies of the devil in the last days. If you seek counseling, give EIC a call at 888-818-1117 or email

[1] Sheppard, P. (2015). Chapter 8, Are YOU Born Again? In The Church of the End-Time Zombies (p. 216).

[2] Sheppard, P. (2015). Chapter 8, Are YOU Born Again? In The Church of the End-Time Zombies (p. 207).

[3] Sheppard, P. (2011). Judgement Has Already Begun! In The New Idolatry (p. 217)

Creflo Dollar: Tithing & Tongues

14 Aug

            In 2005, Pastor Pamela Shepard dreamt of televangelist Creflo Dollar. He had keloids all over his head and was wearing raggedy, old clothes so filthy that he looked like he had been sleeping in them. He ran into an elevator of a project ghetto that was drenched in urine, exited onto another floor and began knocking on doors. Creflo was trying to gather a choir of singers from the neighborhood for his next church project.

There was Creflo Dollar: multimillionaire pastor who had once fundraised for a private jet, stuck in a puddle of urine with worn out clothes, begging for help in a run-down building.

17 years later on July 3rd, 2022, Creflo Dollar made headlines for stating that his past teachings on tithing – his pride and joy of a doctrine for decades beforehand – were incorrect.

“I want to start off by saying to you that I’m still growing and that the teachings I’ve shared in the times past on the subject of tithing were not correct. And today, I stand in humility to correct some things I have taught for years and believed for years, but could never understand it clearly because I had not been confronted with the Gospel of grace, which has made the difference.”

“I won’t apologize ‘cause if it wasn’t for me going down that route, I would have never ended up where I am right now. But I will say that I have no shame at all saying to you, throw away every book, every tape and every video I did on the subject of tithing unless it lines up with this.”

The implications of both this confession and the dream need to be seriously evaluated because they raise the following question: if Creflo Dollar was in error about his teachings on tithing in relation to the prosperity gospel, what other false doctrines was his audience practicing?

How could one who is born again be portrayed as having keloids on their head and around the mind when they should be wearing the helmet of salvation? A keloid is a scar that has not healed correctly, and Creflo Dollar being in an elevator filled with urine and wearing raggedy clothes is symbolic of uncleanness and unrighteousness. The dream suggests that Creflo Dollar is not actually rich, but poor in a spiritual sense and that he is not born again.

What the Lord is saying with this dream is that when Creflo Dollar apologizes, do not accept it as it is a scam. He is not born again and is deceived, teaching in error and persisting in doing so despite the apology.

The Deception of Tongues

            Creflo Dollar’s doctrines of the prosperity gospel and tongues were inspired by Kenneth Copeland, a prominent televangelist in the Charismatic movement. In the video above, we see Copeland with Dollar at his side as he speaks of an experience where a spirit came over him. Copeland soon found himself speaking in tongues to Creflo Dollar and even saying they interpreted their words to each other.

Tongues as defined in the Scriptures meant the speaking of different languages by the spirit. The “tongues” we hear in the church today (and even other religious buildings) is not a human language, but one that is uttered by evil spirits. They are two different things, with the current iteration of tongues being a tool by the devil.

Satan’s goal with tongues is to use the speaker to make a mockery of God by speaking forth evil upon ourselves, our families, loved ones, friends and nations all whilst being unaware of what we are saying. One could be speaking curses onto their own families and not even know it because they don’t understand what they’re saying. The words one speak have consequences in the spirit realm. How much more will those words do when the person is channeling evil spirits to speak through them?

We do not know if tongues has totally ceased. It is possible that in some part of the world that it is used legitimately. That said, it is much easier to interpret and translate other languages due to modern technology and the ability to learn languages being much more accessible than it was when the church spoke in tongues in the New Testament. Seek through the records of the church up to the 1900s and you will find there is no evidence of tongues being used.

We are in the 11th hour. This false practice of tongues is a latter-day assailment by the devil through the twisting of scripture to get people to curse themselves. The enemy has used prominent televangelists and church leaders to normalize the practice. This leads to the average person trying to achieve these things for themselves and opening the floodgates to spiritual torment and deception. We know because multiple clients have reported coming here because they experienced torment after speaking in tongues!

Evaluate Yourselves

            This ties us to a vital point for any Christian: we must humble ourselves or we will be unfruitful in God.

Creflo Dollar failed to fully show humility here, making a point to say that he was not going to apologize because his mistakes got him to where he is today. When he said this, I was aghast at how he made the entire ordeal about himself. I wonder how many millions of people wrongly tithed and how many hurt their own livelihoods because of Creflo. I wonder how many went too far with it and lost their savings out of misplaced faith because of his teachings. And yet, he asserts that he does not even owe them an apology because those errors in teaching led him to where he is now.

There is no humility in this. I am of the opinion that one led by the Spirit would feel remorse for teaching false doctrines to whom they believed were the elect of God. I see no regard for the damage he has done to the people whose lives were hurt by excessive tithing.

Due to Creflo Dollar’s teachings on tithing and the prosperity gospel, the poor have gotten poorer. People went broke over this. The concept of tithing and giving was distorted into a lottery game, with people who had little income giving all they had. Tithing was taught as a necessity for holiness, meaning people were scared to not tithe and thought they would be cursed if they didn’t. This is more fear-based teaching in the church.

I state that Creflo Dollar and his followers would benefit from seriously reevaluating everything he has taught. The prosperity gospel and tongues are both prevalent in the church yet are false teachings that were warned about in Paul’s epistles.

When one persists in false doctrines and lies, they find themselves entangled in a tight web that permits them from growing spiritually, often without even realizing it.

The Godly reaction to learning that one is wrong in their teaching is to cease it altogether and diligently reexamine everything they know. Creflo Dollar has influenced millions of people into deception and falsehood yet is planning on continuing his teachings. He needs to examine himself and realize that he is not in the faith and give up teaching.

In Creflo Dollar’s case, it could take years to undo all the deception he has learned. It is because of cases like this that we must remain vigilant and examine ourselves, both for our own souls and the good of the brethren. Identifying these teachings and discarding them so one can follow a path of truth is the proper response to falsehoods like these.

Have you found yourself harmed by teachings you learned in church? Do you find yourself questioning some of its teachings or if God is even there? If you seek truth and want to guard your soul and spirit in Christ against the pitfalls and deceptions of the enemy, give EIC a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Discerning of Spirits: Is It God or the Devil?

4 Aug
What seems heavenly may be a snare from the devil!

It was decided the other week that I would begin writing for the ministry again. I had expected this to go smoothly, as I used to write on a consistent basis last year. After going a good amount of time without much in the way of significant attacks from the enemy, I had not expected him to assail me.

I was dead wrong in that expectation.

My last article spoke about the spirit of the antichrist, an evil spirit who acts as the antithesis to the Spirit of Christ that dwells within born again children of God. I have noticed that when something good happens in my life, often by the grace of God, that the enemy is right around the corner to try and down me after experiencing victory and peace in the Lord.

The Enemy Poses as God in Dreams

The same night where I had correspondence with Pastor Pam on what to write about, I readied for bed. Yet a strange happening occurred. I sat in bed when it seemed like things around me got foggy and dim, as in, existence itself got dark and blurry. It was spiritual in nature and I found it strange, then went to sleep where I dreamt.

I used to be in the Marine Corps. I have had dreams before where military life is used as symbolism, both by God and the devil. In the first dream, I found myself on the first floor of a school, roaming the halls, as if I was skipping class. Up on the second floor, I could hear one of my old sergeants, Sergeant Moore, speaking.

“I’m worried about George’s progress in class,” she said.

I remember Sergeant Moore. She was one of my best sergeants. I could hear how much she cared in her voice, which was consistent with her character as she had always gone out of her way to check on me when we served together. She was a woman who was brave, kind, intelligent, strong-willed and unintimidated by any circumstance. Sergeant Moore represented a reliable and loving leader in the spirit.

I walked up the stairs and went to attend her class after hearing her and saw her in the hallway. She sneered at me.

“Well, look who decided to show up after skipping class!” Her voice bellowed this time and was mighty as she mocked me.

I found myself in the classroom taking a test, where I hid the answers and had a second test on top of it, cheating and hiding my answers.

She shouted, “And he was doing so well, too!” I could feel the disappointment in her voice.

I woke up and interpreted the dream as Sergeant Moore representing God telling me that I was not applying myself to learning in the spirit, because classrooms represent spiritual growth in dreams.

The next night, I experienced the same dimness around me. I slept and found myself in a warehouse, a similar work environment that I have experienced in the natural realm. As I was working, a manager came up to me, stirred with anger so great that steam was fuming out of his head. He was telling me about all he did for his workers and every step he took to optimize their working conditions, and that I was messing it all up.

I woke up and interpreted the dream as similar to the first one, though with this one suggesting that I was being used to frustrate the work of the ministry.

I slept again the next night and found myself in a bus with a few passengers on a draw bridge. The bus crept up to right before the bridge split open, then backed up. Then, it roared forward and sent us diving off the bridge into the core of the earth, splitting open and sending us to hell. A city where instead of oxygen in the air, there were instead flames and lava.

I awoke and was cautious. These dreams had come in straight succession and I wondered if they were designed to create urgency in me. I went about my life.

As I went about my business, I peered into the spirit. And I saw a shadowy demon who has stalked me throughout my life, breathing and glaring at me. I would sometimes see a huge bull, ugly and in a position as if he was standing right next to me.

The Difference Between God & Satan

I took all these experiences to Pastor Pam and it was revealed that they were dreams designed to get me to fear and make me ineffectual.

Because my fear is not of the devil or any of his wiles, but of the Lord. The thought of God being disappointed, angry or thinking that I was a roadblock to His work was what I really feared and the enemy used it against me.

Since I had thought the first two dreams were from God, it actually stressed me out and made me doubt myself in a serious way because I did not want to do anything that would be displeasing to God.

Seeing the demon was an intimidation tactic, sending a message posing the question of, ‘if you can see me so easily, are you truly right with God?’ The whole week had been a barrage of assaults launched by the devil against me during a pivotal time where I wanted to sit down, lock in and do work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beyond that, the evidence that it was from the enemy was that the dreams were condemning in nature. I can tell you from experience that the Lord will lovingly correct His children for their betterment in a gentle, tender way that is sometimes even humorous.

I’ve learned that when analyzing a spiritual occurrence, that one’s emotions must be looked at. Are you feeling condemned, accused or even shamed? That’s the devil. God chastises those He loves for the nourishment of their soul and spirit, to make them more Christlike. Satan accuses those he hates.

As I said, when God moves, the enemy will often be right around the corner to counteract. This links back to my writing about the spirit of the antichrist versus the Spirit of God and how they interact with the children of God. I was fortunate to have Pastor Pam counsel me on these things, and it was good that I brought them to her. Revealing subjects that may be difficult to face is pivotal and key to spiritual growth and progress in counseling.

Discerning good from evil is a skill that takes time to develop, even a lifetime, but things worked out for the good of the Lord. I was reassured to stay the path of righteousness and service to God.

Exodus Internet Church is about gaining knowledge to discern what is from God versus what is from the devil according to the individual and their own unique experiences. If you find yourself seeking spiritual growth in Christ, give EIC a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Kim Burrell’s Judgmental Commentary: Empowerment in Christ

2 Aug


Kim Burrell, the 49-year old Gospel singer who has worked with musical artists like Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and Frank Ocean recently went viral for comments she gave during a sermon at Kingdom City Church. Burrell received backlash online for referring to the attendees as broke, ugly and praising anti-vaccination ideas in favor of “walking by faith.”

Here are some of the comments she made:

“Sometimes before we get friends we have to do an interview: How long you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your light bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer home or a house?”

“You understand. It’s not about status or material things. It’s just about choices.”

“We’re at church… those of us that are walking by faith without a mask and no vaccine,”

“Who likes to be told you’re just ugly? No one likes to be told that,” Burrell said. “Most don’t get offended until they know the bad thing about themselves… I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. God is good. God is great. You all look great. Most of you have on hats covering most of that anyway. Here’s to you.”

“I have a great personality.”

I want to notate three things in particular when analyzing these comments. 1) Luke 6:45 tells us, “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks 2) There is a spiritual element to the words Kim Burrell spoke and 3) Sermons like these are evidence that the loving spirit between the brethren of the church is not there.

The Spiritual Agenda Behind Burrell’s Words

We live in a spiritual world. While we live here in the physical/natural realm, the truth is that there are invisible spirits all around us with their own agendas. Satan’s agenda for the churches across the world are to take them over and “slip in” his own deceptions into the sermons while masquerading as God.

I have gleaned into Kim Burrell’s sermon and the truth is that the spirit of the antichrist is at work behind what she said! The spirit of the antichrist acts as the antithesis to God and Godly things. The Spirit of God promotes love, joy and peace amongst brethren. The antichrist who counteracts these things looks to promote judgement, condemnation, strife and conflict between people.

Lies, judgement and condemnation are among Satan’s most effective tools at keeping people in bondage and Burrell’s words are laced with them. They are used to attack a person’s soul by lowering their self-esteem and instilling falsehoods in them. Once a person “accepts” these falsehoods and it becomes part of their soul, evil spirits around the recipient have more ground to attack, influence and even use them for their own wicked agenda.

When one goes to church, one should be uplifted, empowered or sobered spiritually because the truths of God are being sprinkled into their soul upon listening to the speaker. Kim Burrell’s message has instead been used to mock people for their lack of material wealth or belongings, judging others, and promoting the idea that one is walking by faith by not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine. Are all of these ideas not purely of the flesh?

Since becoming born again, I have become more sensitive to the impact that words have on others and the human soul. Kim Burrell’s words revealed her innermost beliefs on what makes someone worthy, whether it be by their financial status or how they “exercise faith,” in this case by not wearing a mask.

Yet, I have mercy for her because it’s clear her evil spirits have gotten such a stronghold on her that she can say these ungracious and unkind things to the people she should be uplifting in Christ. It is also a sad truth that she is not the first pastor recently who has denigrated their fellow churchgoers or spread the lie that neglecting to protect oneself from COVID-19 is a form of Godliness.

Be Uplifted at EIC

Here at EIC, some of the most important fundamental teachings are understanding God, having love for the brethren and differentiating spirit from flesh. Lately in our assemblies, we have been speaking about what makes EIC unique and one of those things is demonstrating what it means to be Godly towards others both in deed and speech.

I am someone who had many flaws that were brought to the surface while being counseled in EIC. In fact, I experienced the things that Kim Burrell mocked people for because I have lived as someone who was broke with a great many ugly things in his soul. I was narcissistic, selfish, self-absorbed, manipulative, cold-blooded, angry, and many more ungodly things!

Yet, not once when I brought the truths of myself to Pastor Pam did she judge, condemn or mock me. Not once did God’s chosen vessel for pastoring me make me feel like I was less of a person or unworthy for the weaknesses and deficiencies of my soul. Instead, she taught me that I had a narcissistic flesh that was not beyond God’s power to restore with His love and mercy. I cannot imagine anyone truly being born again in Christ make the denigrating statements Kim Burrell said so casually. Indeed, a born again person would be convicted of their harsh speech and God’s Spirit would call them to repent.

Beyond this, I was taught how important it is to exercise common sense and logic, both with making decisions for myself and while interacting with other people. I was taught to be courteous and kind to others because that is what it means to be Godly. I was taught that using the scientific advantages that we as a people have been blessed with in this day and age like the vaccine is something to be grateful for and use to one’s benefit.

When the assembly of EIC gets together for service, we are about spiritual empowerment, gaining Godly knowledge from each other and moving as a cohesive unit as different limbs of the Body of Christ. EIC is what a church assembly should be, a place where we see one’s confessed weaknesses made into strengths by the mercy, glory and brilliance of God.

To the reader: I lovingly urge you to not accept ungodly ideas into your spiritual life. Do not be complacent or lukewarm with giving someone a pass if they are preaching falsehoods, condemnation and judgement to your face in the pulpit. Because God is infinitely noble and cares for you! He wants one not to be bogged down by ugly and hurtful words from a false teacher, but to give you a new spirit and heart for Christ! If one’s speech evidences that the devil is speaking through them, flee from them and instead seek God!

Exodus Internet Church is about spiritual empowerment and gaining knowledge to discern what is from God versus what is from the devil. If you find yourself seeking spiritual growth in Christ, give EIC a call at 888-818-1117 or email

T.D. Jakes: Femininity & Masculinity in Christ

28 Jul
Femininity & Masculinity balance each other out!

T.D. Jakes’ Comments on Black Women

Recently, Megachurch Pastor T.D. Jakes had a sermon on Father’s Day 2022 entitled “Real Men Pour In.” This came to the ministry’s attention after it set off a wave of backlash across social media as people suggested that Jakes made comments that were misogynistic, disparaging and critical of black women.

Jakes claimed that black families are struggling to exist as a strong, loving unit because men and women are failing to balance each other out for the sake of nurturing a family. He went so far as to say that black women are “too masculine.” I went to go view his sermon to see what he had to say for myself.

I was appalled at what I saw and heard.

Here is a list of statements Jakes made about women throughout his sermon:

  • “We [men] were not designed to receive from women”
  • “Your self-esteem is compromised when you have to ask your wife for lunch money”
  • “When Adam started eating out of his wife’s hand, sin came in because the divine order was broken”
  • “We [men] are designed to pour into you. And you are designed to take what we pour into you and increase it, and make it better.”
  • “This breaks all sociological order of the culture that we’re living in now, because we are raising up women to be men.”
  • “And you are not applauded for your femininity. You are applauded by the contemporary society for how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, possessive you are and you’re climbing the corporate ladder, but we are losing our families.”
  • “I know you can buy your own car, I know you can buy your own house, but until you create a need that I can pour into, I have no place in your life.”

How can we not receive from a woman, when we received life from one? How can one’s self-esteem be so fragile that it breaks when asking for help from a lover? Why should a woman be shamed for pursuing a career, autonomy and independence in a society that has long sought to take these things from her?

I was disturbed that Jakes could say these things with a straight face. When the camera shot out into the audience, I saw many young women who are in their formative years watching him and listening. I worry for how many people are believing in his message.

The underlying issue with T.D. Jakes’ opinion of black women and how they act is that he is operating on a very narrow, archaic point of view on what the “role” of a woman is in modern society. There is nothing Godly about what he said. There’s an undercurrent of “You were designed to be subservient to us and if you act outside of the realms men expect you to, you are in the wrong” to his comments that are quite ugly.

It is a sad thing that the progress women have made to make a better life for themselves is still getting pushed back against on such a large scale.

History has shown that women have been oppressed and limited throughout the ages, expected to be subservient to a husband and relegated to being a caretaker of children and taking care of the home. Yet the times are changing; recently in America they have more freedoms than in other periods of history because they can educate themselves and compete in the workforce. In fact, womens’ participation in the workforce is at a higher number than ever before.[1] This has led to many women being able to make a life for themselves without depending on anyone else and climb up to positions of influence and power in their respective fields. This is something that we should celebrate! The majority of the population can now build a life for themselves.

Yet it’s clear that T.D. Jakes has no regard for this. Comments like a woman “creating a need that a man can pour into” are woefully misguided and a sexist attempt at trying to tug the current times back into the 1700s.

Femininity & Masculinity in Christ

My friends, we must turn this discussion to instead put the focus on God and highlight His wonderful glory and brilliance in how he has designed both men and women, as well as the masculine and feminine in both of them.

The truth is that God has both masculine and feminine traits, and a strong person has a balance of both types of traits. Godly masculine traits include faithfulness, protectiveness, walking in truth, courage, commitment and spirituality. Godly feminine traits include nurturing, grace, mercy, beauty, caring and affectionate.

Two of the most beautiful and profound characteristics of God are the mercy and grace He has given His elect and, yes, those are feminine traits!

To take this a step further, we can see in scripture that God has used the image of a woman to illustrate His Godly characteristics such as:

  • Comforting God’s people like a mother to a child (Isaiah 66:13)
  • God hovering over His children like a mother eagle over her chicks (Deuteronomy 32:11)
  • God never forgetting His children like a woman never forgetting her nursing child (Isaiah 49:15)

A man having feminine traits to balance his masculine and a woman having masculine traits to balance out her feminine are something to be commended! This means they are a more balanced complete person, one who is able to connect with the people around them in a positive way more. Can you imagine how beautifully they can contribute to a loving family and/or relationship when either a balanced man or woman is paired with a partner that complements them and is also balanced?

If the human race is created in God’s image, and God has both masculine and feminine traits, how much greater is a woman if she has those masculine traits that He has? Or a man who has the feminine traits that He has? It’s glorious to think about, and this all relates to what it means to grow spiritually in the Lord Jesus Christ!

The ministry is all about working on one’s soul. This includes getting to know oneself and embracing both the masculine and feminine traits that can be used in the individual to serve God. If you find yourself seeking spiritual growth in Christ, give PSM a call at 888-818-1117 or email

[1] Bleiweis, Robin Senior. “Quick Facts About the Gender Wage Gap.” Center for American Progress, 24 Mar. 2020,

Demonic Influence: Dreams

27 Apr

Demons seek to control you through even the most innocuous things. How do we combat them?

Demons and fallen angels are about control. They are assigned to people from their birth and aim to influence the person’s life in subtle (and sometimes overt) ways to bend them to their will. If the person obeys them and falls for their traps, they gain more ground over them. Ground is legal rights for a demon or fallen angel to interfere in that person’s life.

Examples of people who have given themselves over to strong demonic influence are religious fanatics and occultists. Both live their lives practicing rituals that empower the demons and fallen angels monitoring them. Their dedication to their crafts serve as a feeding cycle to their own deception.

A new initiative God has undertaken is freeing His captives from the likes of the occult. The occult is a noteworthy field of study because the nature of it is that the person is drawing evil spirits to them in a very overt way. Activities like ouija, palm reading, fortune telling, etc. are surefire ways to invite demons to oneself.

Yet there is a way demons and fallen angels try to establish control over people in a subtle way that seems harmless and even fun: dreams.

They tried this with me. The dreams would come in different categories that I am going to lay out because I know they’re doing this to the people who end up coming to PSM for help. The dreams tend to fall into the categories of 1) posing as God 2) stirring up fear and 3) commanding that the recipient of the dream does some kind of action.

Demons and Fallen Angels Posing as God

This is happening far more than people know. The vast majority of people claiming to have heard from God have actually heard from fallen angels misleading them. Fallen angels pose as different gods whether it is pretending to be Jesus, any God from the trinity, and a great number of false gods throughout different religions. For me, it was a fake Jesus. The one you see in paintings. One dream he sent me had a Godly voice call out to me and say, “You will be born again when you can say: I am with you, even unto the end of the age.”

There was no reason for the Lord God to have told me that then. When God would come to me in dreams, it was often to show me my sinful nature to help me understand why He was about to bring me rebirth. The deceit of the dream posing as God above was to get me to put my faith and hope in it. If I had done so, the fallen angel would have had more legal grounds with which to distract me.

What one needs to keep in mind is that when they receive a dream, they must test the spirits by waiting on it. Do not just immediately assume it is from God and act on it. You’ll end up a sitting duck just asking for a fallen angel to put on some robes, appear to you in a dream claiming he is God, and having you run around in circles trying to “serve him” when he’s fooling you. If you look at the testimonies of people who have had false conversions, you will find that many spoke of having dreams where a religious being came to them with a great revelation. Such tales are laden in deceit.

Stirring Fear

By putting the target in a state of fear, that person is more susceptible to demonic influence. The person is less likely to act rationally because their heightened emotions will fog their ability to resist attacks from evil spirits.

Any and all nightmares are from demons and fallen angels. When one sleeps, what you see in your dreams is your spirit in the spirit realm. Things like monsters, demons, cartoons or people doing evil things in dreams are from evil spirits taking full advantage of the person’s vulnerable state to instill fear into them.

Sleep paralysis is another form of demonic influence over a person during sleep. Your spirit does not have much autonomy in the spirit (unless you’re born again) and is therefore susceptible to the overpowering actions of demons.

One dream I had showed the fake Jesus walking a path and gave me a sensation that I was following him. At the end of the trail was a grave. The message was clear: George, I am going to kill you. Yet if that fallen angel had the ability to kill me, he would have done so already. Instead, here I am alive in Christ speaking to you.

When you have dreams, nightmares or things showing you things that are alarming, do not panic. Keep a cool head and analyze it from a logical point of view, then wait to see if there’s any truth to it.

Commanding the Dreamer to take Action

This is the most direct way demons seek to gain control over their targets: telling them to do something. If the person obeys, they are drawing closer to the evil spirit ruling them because they are consenting to their ungodly suggestions.

One clever way they do this is using their ability to pose as different people. An example of this from personal experience was a dream wherein an ex-girlfriend came up to me on the street. She was telling me the real, true Gospel and emphasizing sin, resurrection and rebirth to me with great zeal. The dream was intended to show me, “look, this woman is right for you. Get in touch with her and be with her.” Yet I knew she was still in false religion and such a venture would prove futile. If I was to believe everything I saw in a dream and acted on it, I would have been in more bondage and possibly attached to someone on a different spiritual path than I was.

Sometimes their methods are more overt where they will literally tell you: go do this, go do that. Other times it’s more subtle and a suggestion like the above.


Dreams are a soft spot for many people. We have seen great saints like Daniel and John receive dreams with information that is still being studied to this day.

And that’s where the devil comes in. He knows that people want that special communication with God. Who doesn’t want to think that God took time out of His day to reach down to one of His people and give them a special message?

We do not have to completely give up on dreams and throw the baby out with the bathwater. What we need is WISDOM and to exercise it by heeding the scripture wherein we are to test the spirits, meaning we wait on dreams and watch what happens if we cannot quickly deduce that it is of Satan.

I also caution the reader to not allow dreams to fill up one’s mind throughout the day. If the devil can come to you 2 nights a week and have you thinking about those dreams for the other 5, then he is taking up rent in your head which will cause more demonic attack due to the accepted ground.

It takes great wisdom to interpret dreams. It takes even greater wisdom to accept that we are to walk by faith and not completely rely on them. Dreams have their place, but exercise caution and wisdom always.

Have you had dreams of a spiritual nature that you seek to understand? Would you like to learn more about the nature of dreams? Get a copy of Pastor Pam’s newest book, Dreams, Your Guide Through Deception and Confusion here or

Chakras & Occult: Yoga

18 Apr

This post is part of a series covering practices related to chakras and the occult. Our ministry offers Christian truth and information on worldly practices that isn’t offered elsewhere. If you’d like to read the other installments of this series, check out my articles on 1) empaths and 2) reiki.

As I touched on in my last article, more and more Eastern practices are gaining popularity in America as East blends with West. This is a subject to go more in-depth on another time, but it’s clear that Satan’s strategy for America has been to implement false religion and then — as the people got bored with his brand of counterfeit Christianity — replace it with Eastern mysticism and religions in its stead. Once he’s done using up one tactic, he tosses it away and plugs in his next plan of attack to keep his spiritual assault rolling.

Yoga is a practice we are seeing gain steam nationwide. Go to a gym that holds group exercises and you’re likely to see a yoga class offered there. I grew up near Philadelphia, PA and the art museum there holds weekly yoga classes. There are thousands of dedicated yoga studios worldwide. There’s even scientific studies showing that yoga has health benefits which is a driving reason for its popularity.

This touches on 2 points that I’ve seen Satan implement with his approach to spiritual deception. 1) He is implementing his practices to be socially accepted and easily accessible and 2) a focus on the physical aspects of his deception because of the ignorance to the spiritual implications of these matters.

Yoga: Where did it start?

One of the teachings here at the Spiritual Warfare Library of Pam Sheppard Ministries is that if you want to know the validity of something, you must look at its root. The root of something is the beginning of it, its origin. The approach to analyzing things in this manner was demonstrated by the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Matthew where He taught that good trees bear good fruit but corrupt trees bear evil fruit.

So what’s the root of Yoga?

An interesting fact about Yoga is that it was birthed and developed in ancient times before Christ descended to earth. This means that Satan was at work creating false ideas, religions and practices long before the Son of God began His ministry to teach the people the truth of salvation in Him.

Yoga was developed across different civilizations and cultures over 5000 years ago with its earliest record having been recorded by the Indus-Sarasvati in Northern India (1). Originally an oral tradition, its practices would bleed into other cultures by means of Hindu texts called the Vedas. Veda means “knowledge” and were intended to be sacred texts that served as the foundation of the Hindu beliefs. (2)

Yoga in ancient times tended to have 2 purposes. 1) Worship to false gods and/or 2) Getting body, mind and soul to “align.” From there, it was passed down to the modern day where yoga has been divorced from having an inherent tie with religion and instead presented as a healthy practice.

Spiritual Implications of Yoga

Let us examine what the above information means for yoga from a spiritual perspective. In the spirit realm, demons and fallen angels are acting constantly to bring about the downfall of man. One of the main ways this is done is thru false religion, beliefs and practices that by acting on them draws demons and fallen angels to the person.

By partaking in any false practice that was birthed in a false religion or other lie, you are inviting said demons to hold ground over your life. “Holding ground” means to have legal rights to that person; they are inviting evil spirits to have influence on their life and soul thru their actions. Yoga is especially foul from a spiritual perspective because it is interlinked with the worship of false gods.

So what did Satan do? He implemented the poses as a standalone exercise and pushed them out to the gyms, fitness centers and studios nationwide. Tens of millions of Americans practice yoga, who can say how many tens or even hundreds of millions are practicing it worldwide?

By presenting it as a harmless exercise that is good for one’s health, Satan’s plan is to gain ground over millions of lives who are drawing evil spirits to them unknowingly.

Furthermore, yoga is intended to activate “life force energy” inside one’s body. This means that yoga is used and developed to “align” and “balance” one’s chakras. Our chakras are to be closed and left alone, not interacted and toyed with. Yoga can intermingle with meditation wherein the participant is entering an altered state of consciousness that can and will attract demonic influence in their life without them knowing.

The Antidote

The main reason I see people bring up to justify their practicing of yoga is supposed health benefits. Reasons I’ve seen include relieving stress, increasing strength, developing focus, etc. The thing is, all of these benefits can be achieved thru physical activities that don’t draw and invite demons to oneself. If one wants to develop strength, they can lift weights. If they want improved heart health and cardio, they can run or swim, so on and so forth.

People will come with their studies and research done on it, saying, “look, here are the proven health benefits of this practice.” They are focusing only on the physical realm and the flesh. Do you think that Satan won’t give you improved physical and health benefits if it means he holds more control of your spirit and soul?

We are only here for a short time. Put your mind on what must be done to tear away the legal rights and control that the enemy has assailed you with so you can be prepared for salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Have you been a partaker of practices related to one’s chakras such as reiki, energy healing, yoga and so forth? Have you found yourself in bondage due to practicing things of this nature thinking it was innocent and are now in torment? Give PSM a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Sources: 1)