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The Key to Defeating Torment – Trusting God

6 Aug
A person successfully conquers a mountain of  fear, rejection, evil, and temptation through love: It alludes to how the love of Christ helps overcome all obstacles and turmoil of the world.
“Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13:6).

While I’m not born-again, here is a testimony of how I came across Pam Sheppard Ministries and how I learned how love and trust in the Lord conquers fear.

My mother and I were extremely into the occult. We read the books of Edgar Cayse, bought healing stones, visited psychic fairs at his headquarters, etc. I myself was particularly involved in the New Age Movement through receiving energy healing (reiki) through videos on the Internet to alleviate severe Eczema. Usually, I had a set number of channels that I would receive the reiki from: There was about 3-4 of them that I preferred. However, I sought a new user that could offer stronger ‘benefits.’ The subsequent Youtuber I found claimed that he could open all 72 chakras of the body through various spirits and reiki symbols, which he would send to those viewing his videos. He also had an assistant with him that would amplify the effects.

Now moving back slightly earlier in the week, my mother had just recently started reading the Bible and gotten increasing religious. She quoted the verse Deuteronomy 18:10-12 and wished for me to refrain from New Age practices like she had, “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery, casts spells, consults a medium or familiar spirit, or inquires of the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD.” Personally, I felt like the occult had more meat, love, and understanding than any Christian church that I had ever seen. So, I was resistant.

Needless to say, after watching the Youtuber, I felt increasingly ‘off’ for the next 1-2 days. The symptoms were like a spiritual cold: I felt inexplicably weak, drained, and off-center. It was when I had to admit, my mother was probably right: The New Age was no good after all. Therefore, I threw out all my New Age stuff and got ready to start a new leaf as a dedicated, religious Christian. (At that point, I thought ‘religious’ was potentially a good word. I’ve come a long way since then.)

A major problem was my mother had no idea about how repentance worked. She claims at each night, we should ask God to forgive us and cleanse us of our sins. We must make it our resolve to be clean in the sight of the Lord and pray constantly for the spiritual well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. The latter is understandable. Although, it also echoed the behavior of Job, whose fear and lack of trust in the Lord resulted in him becoming self-righteous, fearful, and most of all RELIGIOUS. Everything seemed to be like more of a perfectionistic performance where no one garnered any enjoyment, let alone bear any fruit.

I was choking on all the sins that I would do throughout the day. I was counting them up like ants. Not to mention, I was struggling with changing my mindset from the laxity of the occult to the rigidness of religiosity. It seemed like every thought seemed like the wrong one. Then, I heard a doctrine where the Lord hears your thoughts and uses them to place judgment upon you from a pastor, who also joked about people sent to Hell if they didn’t accept Jesus. That’s when I got really torn-up on the inside: I felt incredibly guilty for my involvement in the occult and most of all, I was afraid. Terrified of myself and everyone around me. Scared to death of my mistakes and other people’s.

That is when blasphemous thoughts ramped up in my mind. All day. Every day. Every hour. Things got so bad between the endless onslaught of thoughts against Christ and worshiping the Devil. I was throwing up after nearly every meal from anxiety of where my salvation stood. I lost twelve pounds. A doctor mentioned that my blood pressure was low, likely from the lack of food.

I started attending church to curb my ceaseless torment from what I felt was a spiritual attack from the Enemy for leaving the occult. From what I understood, the Enemy couldn’t attack you in church. Yet, I was. It didn’t make sense to me. The deeper I was falling into religion, the deeper I was falling into insanity.

It was in this severe condition that I found Pam Sheppard Ministries through an article that I found on opening chakras and torment. After some deliberation, I took the leap to question everything I have ever known and embark on a spiritual journey (which I still continue today.)

Making that comment asking for Pastor Pam’s help was the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life.

From Pastor Pam, I learned that I wasn’t born again. It wasn’t my job to make myself repent to Christ. I had to wait on the Holy Spirit to rebirth my spirit on the Lord’s time. One bad thought wasn’t condemning than any other thought that I’ve had. I also learned God wasn’t looking for perfection. He often uses mistakes for spiritual growth and development. If people could reach perfection like religious people (myself at one time) tend to, then why did God need to die and be resurrected at the cross to cleanse His Elect’s sins?

Most importantly, my torment was virtually defeated by this simple lesson:

Trust in the Lord. He knows you better than you know you. If there is no defeat, there is no getting saved. He /loves/ you.

You got to understand, Pastor Pam saved my life with her love, guidance, and experience. She’s always patient and kind, telling the truth in love. I owe the bright, young woman that I am today to her. She gave me the affirmation which said, ‘In Christ, there is nothing to fear, and HE says perfect love casts out fear.’

It’s an honor to be a part of Pastor Pam’s ministry and serve under its namesake. I know without the Lord guiding me here, I might not be walking the planet nor find unfathomable trust in Him for my salvation.

Here is the link to Pastor Pam’s article that overhauled everything that I’ve ever known about religion and the occult: It started the journey that led me here.

Religious Parents Taking Matters into their Hands: Are Babies Born Sinners?

20 Sep
Religious parents either think their children are devils or angels. Therefore, they treat them as such with less than stellar results in term's of salvation's sake.
The Lord knows ourselves better than we do.

The Fall of Adam and Eve resulted in the totality of mankind to be spiritually entrenched in sin. Consequently, anyone born of the flesh must be spiritually reborn to be reconciled with God. Needless to say, the process is triggered by the Holy Spirit’s timing. When a person’s spirit becomes born again, the Holy Spirit first inspires a Godly sorrow. From there, they would be led to Lord Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Then, they supernaturally realize that their sins were paid by the blood of the Christ. Thereby, they spiritually rejoice for His Resurrection upon their rebirth.

That is the only path to salvation as validated in the Bible, “Jesus answered, ‘I tell you the solemn truth, unless a person is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit…The wind blows wherever it will, and you hear the sound it makes, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going. So, it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:3-7).

However, that still doesn’t stop religious parents from taking matters into their own hands. They attempt to usurp power from the Holy Spirit through rituals like baptism, however, the truth is simple. Through God’s grace, salvation comes from the Holy Spirit’s revelation. Babies might be born sinners, however, that doesn’t mean they are not one of the saved.

Religious parents still attempt to strike salvation into their children in vain. Often, their strategies involve capitalizing on the fear of Hell. Other times, they passively lead their babies into receiving half-hearted baptisms. These supposed acts of parental aid actually produces spiritual hindrance with the potential of the child becoming frightened about committing sin, augmenting judgmental behavior, and spurring fear over a loved one’s salvation.

Since a true conversion of the Lord can only be led by the Holy Spirit, these religious parents often lead their children into a man-made, false conversion. Once a false conversion takes place, work must usually be done to renounce the façade before a true conversion takes places. Consequently, religious parents trying to force their faith onto their youth results in more harm than good. Out of fright or malice, they shove their baby bird off the cliff without even realizing if they were ready to fly yet. Hence, the importance of understanding that the all-knowing Holy Spirit must lead the salvation process.

Many religious parents fail to understand that salvation is not something for a human to seek themselves. Rather, a person must attempt to avoid the alluring influences of the occult and the false doctrines of the church-system. Hence, a parent’s responsibility to their child isn’t to enact their salvation, but to clear to path for an easy spiritual rebirth process. A child’s spirit might be easier for the Holy Spirit to rebirth based upon not receiving spiritual lies.

The possibility begins to diminish for a quick deliverance when parents attempt to teach ‘spiritual truths’ that might actually be fallacies. Keep in mind, the Holy Spirit knows everyone’s rebirthday. So, no one is going to get left behind that wasn’t supposed to. It is not the fallen nature of the human spirit to revive itself. That would be like thirsty flowers trying to water themselves. However, if a parent is still concerned, they could teach their children the basics of the Gospel with the urgency for repentance left out. Babies may be born sinners, but they can still be led to the light in due time.

These days, everyone wonders why the suicide-rate is so high amongst children. The answer is the increasing number of non-benevolent caretakers. Most parents think they know best, but they still hold the responsibility to examine the fruit of how they treat their child. If their son or daughter is having mental issues and acting out, the parents must look to themselves to change their strategy. Sadly, these parents are usually the most stubborn. Everyone pays the price for the parent’s ignorance when the child finally snaps and consequently takes things into their own hands.

Indeed, there is a balance between planting seeds of faith in a child’s spirit and screeching religiosity into a child’s ear. It is not a parent’s job to force their children to want God. While the Enemy might charm the child’s sinful nature, a faithful parent must trust that the Holy Spirit will guide them out of their vices once the time is right. All in all, salvation is out of everyone’s hands. Instead, it lies in the Spirit of the Lord. At first, babies are born sinners, but they just might be saved by the wind of the Holy Ghost later down the road.

At RESCUE, there is a fellowship group offered on Facebook for people willing to detox from religion.

Based on the topic, members have written:

“The love of God is grace and control is counterproductive to grace. As a parent I try to be careful not to be controlling and to allow my children to make their own mistakes and try to help them learn from it.”

“[I had] a mother who used religion to control me. I remember feeling suicidal as a child because I felt unloved and misunderstood. People are sincere but being controlling is not love. Thank God, I grew out of how I was feeling at the time.”

If you’re likeminded and would like to join our Facebook page, the link is here:

For further studying, check out these books:

Americans vs. Mexicans vs. Hispanics: Looking Beyond the Labels

6 Sep
Image result for mexican american

Within the twenty-first century, cultural pride has exploded in the United States. Online genetic databases have even been developed for Americans who feel ignorant of their ancestral heritage. Nevertheless, Mexican-American people still face distinct challenges establishing their own ethnic identities. Unlike other minorities, Mexican Americans have overlapping ethnic labels. These labels start with the overall term ‘Hispanic’ that applies to anyone of Spanish ancestry. Then, the term ‘Hispanic’ narrows down to ‘Latino’ that particularly applies to anyone of Latin American ancestry. After that, Mexican Americans must choose to describe themselves as ‘Mexican,’ or ‘Chicano.’ Thereby, Mexican Americans can call themselves: Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, or Chicano. Since, most Americans prefer to categorize people based on their race, numerous Mexicans have adapted the approach to change their ethnic call card depending on their audience. It is their way of camouflaging themselves out of discrimination. Although, on both sides, it’s time to focus on our commonalities as a society and look beyond the labels.

 With so many applicable labels, many Mexican Americans find themselves disoriented. For a clearer perspective, I interviewed a Hispanic person about the development of his racial identity. Jesse describes, “Funny enough, during my childhood, I thought I was white. My friends called me gringo…they had a much darker skin-tone than me. If I stayed outside, my hair would turn blond. My eyes were a much lighter shade of brown too. I wouldn’t tan, I’d turn red… they’d call me red lobster.” As the Spanish Empire generally sent men to colonize Latin America, Spaniard men often took Indigenous American wives, “Spanish America gave almost instantaneous rise to a mixed-race population, called mestizos, which quickly became numerically by far the largest portion of the population.” Consequently, Mexicans have a wide-range of skin-tone from extremely light to unmistakably dark. With intermarriage continuing to be prevalent in the Mexican population today, each generation has increasingly fewer people identifying as ‘Hispanic.’ Instead, ten million Hispanics, according to the 2010 Census, switched their ethnic label to ‘White’ or ‘Black.’ Factors that are believed to have caused the shift are assimilation, intermarriage, and upward mobility. So, Jesse’s childhood seemed to be a precursor of the upcoming trend. 

It wasn’t surprising to hear Jesse was called a gringo, since he is rather fair-skinned. However, I was still shocked that Jesse ever identified with the term ‘White’, considering that many Mexicans usually draw a deep, cultural line between ‘White Europeans’ and themselves. Curiously, I asked about his pride as a Mexican. Given that Jesse grew up during the 1980s, a period when San Antonio public schools outlawed Spanish on campus, I wondered if he felt political pressure to identify as ‘White.’ Conversely, he responded, “…I have great pride in my Mexican heritage. Thinking back, I recall my mother telling me stories of trucks filled with Mexican workers, bound north to Wisconsin to work the farmland, normally picking corn.  Every year, she’d migrate in those same trucks to earn what little living she could until my siblings and I were born. Having heard her experiences, I had a great pride to call myself Mexican.” So, once again, I was astounded. Many Mexican American stereotypes and labels are based on poor, immigrant laborers left working the fields. Yet, instead of shame, Jesse appeared to be proud of his roots.

However, I still pondered how Jesse dealt with identifying as both ‘White’ and ‘Mexican’ at the same time. On one hand, ‘White’ is a political majority in the United States, meanwhile, ‘Mexican’ is a discriminated minority. I was about to ask if Jesse ever felt overwhelmed with so many names associated with the Mexican identity: Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, etc. Although, he took initiative on his own, “That was put to the test when I decided to join the military. I was bombarded with labels: White, Hispanic, Texan, and Latino. Suddenly, I was a little confused of what to consider myself.” Apparently, Jesse was raised in a Mexican ethnic enclave. So, the community was practically one-hundred percent Mexican and considered to be one of the state’s many ‘ghetto Mexican Projects.’ He said that the only labels that he had known to apply to himself were ‘White’, ‘Texan’, and ‘Mexican’. The terms ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latino’ were foreign to him until someone explained, “…’you’re white. Your family is from Mexico that speaks Spanish. Spanish comes from Spain which makes you Hispanic. Since Mexico is considered a Latin American country, you are Latino. Ethnically, you’re Mexican.’” From another armed forces member, Jesse claimed to hear the word ‘beaner’ for the first time. Popularized in the 1980s, the derogatory noun became popularized after millions of Mexican immigrant workers flooded into the agricultural labor sector. Specifically, these Mexican immigrants were usually undocumented and were often found harvesting pinto beans. Since then, some Mexicans have attempted to turn the term into a badge of honor. However, if that has gone mainstream is yet to be foreseen. The majority of Mexican Americans would rather avoid the word’s usage outright. For comparison, it is similar to the N- word for African Americans, except it’s still frowned upon even when a Mexican would refer to another Mexican as a ‘beaner’ in conversation. To put bluntly, only xenophobic people use the term in casual conversation. Which goes to show, Jesse’s own fellow servicemen didn’t even accept him as their own fellow, equal American.

Considering that Jesse was a product of the 1980s, I enquired whether pop culture also pertained to the establishment of his racial identity. According to a 1996 New York Times article, “Hispanics maintain that Hollywood films have always portrayed them as either vicious bandits, lazy peasants, or humorous buffoons. While emphasizing these stereotypes, Hollywood motion pictures have ignored the positive contributions of Hispanic-Americans toward life and culture in the United States.” Appearing bothered by his testimony about racial discrimination, Jesse recollected, “…The low rider or the biker?  I struggled to decide, who was I going to be? So, I decided to forgo all the labels. When someone asks me about my nationality, I would tell them American. The only thing that matters.”

Overall, Jesse’s testimony brings on a disturbing question to all people currently living in the United States. If a natural-born, armed service member cannot be accepted by his country, who could? Over the last eighty years, countless minorities have found themselves proudly supplemented into America’s melting pot: African Americans, Italian Americans, Scottish Americans, and so on. Yet, Hispanic Americans often are deemed not “American” enough, whether by Spanish-speaking or skin-tone. While other minorities may worry about racial profiling, Mexican Americans must dread the possibility of wrongful deportation even if their birthright promises otherwise. Given the government’s intimidation over Mexican Americans, it becomes the responsibility of all Americans to begin to rise for the sake of their neighbor, looking beyond their “label.” After all, cultural acceptance starts with society’s choice, not found on a DNA test.

RESCUE is a safe haven for the people feeling excommunicated from society. Our group’s mission is to dissolve religious and cultural bondage for the lost and found. We believe no one should ever feel like they must hide in fear of retaliation. As a closed group on Facebook, members may speak openly about their struggles and receive feedback. As the people who care when no else does, click the link to give us a shot. We can lead you to the path of the freedom step-by-step: Instead of looking at all the labels, we look at you.  

The New Age Movement vs. Christianity: How’s Your Spiritual Palate?

30 Aug

During the 19th century, American grocers were free to put whatever they pleased into their products. However, the Pure Food and Drug Act was administered to prevent inedible things like sawdust to be served at the dinner table. Sadly, spiritual food isn’t near as regulated as the food that we put in our mouths. Every day, countless Christians consume false doctrines of deceiving cults and religions. Out of all, one of the most notorious “grocers” is the New Age Movement. Adhering to East Asian, Middle Eastern, and other religions of the world, the New Age Movement becomes a particularly dangerous conduit of deception. An amalgamation of so many religions, the New Age Movement rounds itself out with a false masquerade of Christianity. With an “everything goes” attitude, the New Age Movement has become an occult-converting factory, encouraging the use of tarot cards, energy healers, psychic mediums, and countless other forms of idolatry. So, here are some pointers to differentiate the false New Age Christianity (and other worldly religions) and biblical Christianity.

Simply put, the New Age Movement attempts to glorify the self. Meanwhile, Christianity glories God. The deadly, attractive poison of the New Age is that people are baited into acting on anything that pleases their flesh. When trying to get people to open their sacral (sex) chakra, I recall a reiki healer saying along the lines of, “Don’t be afraid to be sexual, just let go! There’s no shame in your sexuality. ~ Is that really the right thing though, or is that something they’d would want the right thing to be? If a belief system is attempting to get someone to actively indulge their bodies, it’s absolutely the opposite of Christianity. As according to the Bible, “…offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God–this is your true and proper worship.” In other words, your flesh is meant to be ‘cut out’ in favor of developing your spirit to be free of sin, instead of smothered in it.  The New Agers say, “Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.” Meanwhile, Christianity counters, “Follow and obey Jesus for the heart is deceitful.” 

The New Age Movement also enforces the concept of “self-saving”, in other words, taking matters into our own hands. Instead of trusting and following in the Holy Trinity, the New Age turns to ascended masters, spirit guides, astrology, and angels for their personal guidance. (When in reality, these are empowered by malevolent spirits who disguise their evil in their messages of good.) Particularly, such divination practices demonstrate how the New Agers attempts to predict and control their lives, especially the future. Hence, they display that they aren’t really at peace, but rather they are in the illusion of peace. To put bluntly, there wouldn’t be enough horoscopes to give them a peace of mind, there’s always a worry for tomorrow. They’re anxiety is constantly cycling without end. So, they always need a word from someone, somewhere, or anywhere. Although, without spiritual discernment, they play a game of Russian Roulette. It’s a trap of unregulated food products when you get into divination as evil spirits are quite listed on the box of crystal stones, the label of the tarot cards, or the latest Ouija board.  

The New Age Movement also distorted the message of the Gospel. This is like the way Charles Finney deceived the institutional church in the 19th century with the ‘I accept Jesus practice. Graphing such easy believism into their narrative, the New Age Movement has added their own variations of Finney’s guide to salvation. (Man cannot redeem himself from his own sins as true spiritual repentance is prompted by the Holy Spirit) Many of the New Age Movement claim that Jesus Christ is a meager “ascended master” or a laidback, enlightened individual. While the TRUTH is that Jesus was fully God and fully man during his walk on the Earth. Continuously, they negate the essence of Christ’s teachings, the existence of sin, hell, devil, and demons. Meanwhile, these lessons are a badge of honor to those following true Christianity. More so, when these individuals are redeemed by the blood that Jesus shed on the Cross, born-again, SAVED from their sins for eternity. There is no reiki, subliminal, or astral projection that would ever produce that kind of supernatural release from the world. Of which, many in the New Age Movement still seek after, not even realizing that they are producing their own bondage by trying to make peace with their flesh, an insatiable animal.  With so many in the dark, these individuals do not know the taste of proper spiritual food to decide whether their own doctrines are safe or poisonous. 

If you need help refining your spiritual palate, RESCUE fellowship on Facebook provides countless posts, articles, and commentary on false doctrines. You’d know the Enemy’s lies so well, you wouldn’t even need to ponder if something sounds legit or not. After I left the New Age Movement, I felt so confused and conflicted, who was the God that I was trying to serve? Is he merciful? Is he judgmental? Through RESCUE, I’m learning step-by-step, no hassle or rushing. You learn at your own pace. Not to mention, there are numerous, welcoming people waiting to answer any of your questions, including myself. So, you’ll never feel lost or overwhelmed. At RESCUE, we’re the people that care! Give us a chance at:

When God Doesn’t Heal

25 Aug
Image result for alternative medicine

Chronic illness is a door for countless people to enter the occult. Unrequited by the field of medicine, people feel entrapped by their flesh to where they’re willing to believe in anything for a solution to their affliction. So, they look to yoga, reiki, and mediums as ways to cure themselves. However, many people fail to realize that these practices are forms of idolatry. Yoga is rooted in Hinduism that praises a pantheon of false gods by positioning into certain positions; reiki opens entrances to the soul (“chakras”) where evil spirits may come and go; and mediums receive information from familiar, demonic spirits that provide visions and words for the matter-at-hand.

These days, countless “occult solutions” have spurred millions of dollars in the alternative medicine industry. While alternative medicine itself, isn’t necessarily bad, offering natural, homeopathic remedies as a means of healing, it has unknowingly become invested with countless occultic practices. There is nothing wrong with looking to plants for medicine. However, when someone is not giving credit to the God (that put those plants onto the Earth) and honoring Him by the way that those plants are used, that’s where they go wrong.

Here’s to prove how much the occult has infiltrated alternative medicine. My eye sight has gotten a bit worse in the past few years. So, I looked online for tea products that featured herbs that helped eyesight. Innocent enough, right? Although, the first result that I found was along the lines of “Medical Medium: Vision Tea.” Obviously, I didn’t indulge myself in the product, however, that doesn’t disregard the fact that someone was misusing God-given materials with an occultic twist. That same person apparently offers psychic readings to clients on behalf of their health; and John Doe would provide food recommendations based on information from “the Holy Spirit”. However, he never divulges if he had ever tested the spirit in his countless years of practice. Considering this person has become an outright popular author and featured nutritional expert on the morning news, he is an astounding example about how the occult has become a normalized way of healing.

Some may wonder why God would allow Elect to be chronically ill. After all, He has told us himself to not be attached to the world. Yet, the chronic population find themselves dependent on manufactured medicine to function. However, the truth is that illness doesn’t need to be a path of disability but a way of grace. Remember, our flesh isn’t what the Lord is after but the spirit that’s inside. For He knows the essence of each of His creations; and “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).

Without my illness, I would’ve never looked to the occult for physical healing. Once I figured out that the occult was filled with spiritual darkness, I tried to find refuge in the institutional church when I began to become tormented by unseen forces. Long story short, without getting tormented, I would’ve never found RESCUE; and I wouldn’t be writing this piece. Since I was a child, I’ve protested my chronic illness, crying out to God, “Why? Why did you make me, only for me to be broken?” Well, I believe that I have found myself the answer. It is to reach and assist the other broken souls that need help finding their way.

People looking into the occult for healing need to understand, “…Those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). If you’re wondering how to trust the Lord, but your chronic illness is an obstacle, give Pastor Pam a call at (888)-818-1117. She provides guidance for clients to take what the medical world has to offer and teaches them to talk by faith in spirit. Just because you’re hurting, doesn’t mean you have to go to the Devil for a way out!

The Silent Struggle of the Mexican American: Mexican vs. American

15 Aug

Without a doubt, the United States is undergoing major demographic changes. By 2060, the Hispanic population would be expected to reach 26.6 percent of the country’s people. Disturbingly, the forewarned statistic has ignited much hateful, detestable protest from white supremacists in the form of racist protests and mass shootings. Of which, Mexican Americans find themselves commonly caught in the crossfire. Not fully accepted as Mexican nor American, they often suffer their hurt in silence.  

“You don’t understand, [Mexicans] don’t accept us…,They’ll tear us apart,”  People fail to understand Mexican Americans carry a complicated relationship with their solely Mexican counterparts. While there are exceptions, the two groups usually kindle a mutual animosity toward one another. Countless Mexicans view their American brethren as traitors for “selling out” to the white man. Thereby, they have historically shunned Mexican Americans whenever they cross over the border.  It’s dangerous for Mexican Americans to enter Mexico. Often, they are targeted to be robbed, kidnapped, or murdered for their “American” nationality. Even today, Mexicans feel that their American counterparts owe them for Mexico’s exploitation at the hands of white people. Yet, Mexican Americans do not feel like they have done anything wrong. It wasn’t their fault how the borders were drawn nor their fault for being born in the United States. Yet, Mexican Americans still get treated as traitorous backstabbers by their own former people. So, when a white supremacist says, “Go back to Mexico,” They really mean, “Get yourself killed.” 

On the flip side of the coin, Americans choose to see only the “Mexican” side of the Mexican American. They fail to understand that many Mexican American families have resided in the United States for multiple generations. Like Native Americans, a good portion of Mexican Americans were forced to assimilate to American culture after the United States had conquered their homeland. As such, white people had taken plenty effort to snuff out the Mexican out of Mexican Americans thinking they were bettering them for society. The most lasting, severe tactic used to “Americanize” Mexican Americans was to abruptly end their ability to speak Spanish.  At which, countless generations have since had lost the skill to speak properly to their monolingual ancestors. Since, parents often refused to teach their children Spanish under American pressures. Not to mention, children received a negative association with their native tongues as usage brought on punishment. Adding insult to injury, places like southwest Texas held Spanish classes for students, however, the dialect was normally taught in Castilian. So, the children that were fluent with their local Spanish still couldn’t catch a break in class. They’re own dialect was literally seen as wrongThat took place as recently as the 1980s. Despite that not being their fault, Mexican Americans still receive a quiet criticism in the Hispanic community when they cannot speak in Spanish. A kick in the teeth, many Americans these days encourage learning a second language, in fact, the most recommended language is Spanish. That is a far cry from the policies that were enacted against Mexican Americans years ago. 

Overall, Mexican Americans assimilated to the United States as they “told” to do. Despite their best efforts, however, they’re never seen as American enough. Understand, Mexican Americans are under the wrath of a cultural double-edged sword. If they choose to assimilate anymore, they’ll be the “Americans sellouts” that Mexican hustlers tell them they are. However, if they hang onto their culture, they’re no better than the next Mexican crossing the border. Indeed, it’s common for Mexican American to be faced with an identity struggle as they figure out where they are on the “Mexican to American” spectrum. So, it isn’t as simple as, “Just speak English.”  

Trapped between two worlds, Mexican Americans receive cultural pressure on both sides. If a Mexican American only speaks English, they’re considered a heretic to their culture. Although, if a Mexican American only speaks Spanish, they’re seen as an illegal delinquent. If they speak both languages, they’d be judged on their lingual performance from both sides. Consequently, Mexican Americans find themselves trying to be twice as perfect as everyone else to satisfy the societal criteria of the two groups.  

In most cases, Mexican Americans have resided in the United States for centuries. Yet, Americans still treat them as if they have just crossed over the border. Within the U.S., there are countless ethnicities whose homelands are much distant away than the Mexican American: African, Irish, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Although, a Mexican American’s native land is usually a short trip across the Rio Grande or right where they’re standing. No matter the case, a Mexican American’s presence seemingly offends Mexicans and Americans alike overall. Hence, Mexican Americans attempt to take pride in their unique position by rebranding themselves with names like “chicano” to make something of their own Mexican identity without “Mexican” baggage. Meanwhile, other Mexican Americans identity themselves with the word “Hispanic” to avoid similar stereotypes. However, neither rectification solves the problem.  Mexican Americans always seem at a crossroads on issues, forced to pick a path. However, no matter which path they choose, they must face rejection from the opposite, parallel road.  Hence, the quiet suffering of the Mexican American.  

If you feel caught at a cultural or spiritual crossroads like countless Mexican Americans. consider treading the path of RESCUE. There, you could overcome the influences of culture and rejection to empower yourself on the way to a new identity. With the help of fellowship, you will learn how to stand on your own, standing for your own best interest. Filled with a multitude of backgrounds such as African, Mexican, and English and (former) religions like Jehovah Witness, Catholic, and Baptist, just about every person can find someone who can relate to your situation. Thereby, you find the foremost advice to spiritual liberation…beyond all the labels, just as the Lord intends. 

The Ten Commandments: Shattering a Perfectionist’s Flawless Reflection

7 Aug

The legend of the Ten Commandments precedes itself. As God’s flawless, textbook guide to righteousness, many perfectionist Christians have challenged themselves to follow all Ten Commandments to the letter. However, many find themselves tripping on their own two feet, avoiding sin. For some people, life becomes like a scoreboard. They count how many sins that they committed, tallying per day their losses and wins. Often, the sins outnumber the victories. From there, that leads to a winding road of frustration where living becomes surviving. However, those people do not realize that it isn’t the way that God’s Elect was meant to live.

Naturally, today’s modern society emphasizes perfection. Photographic advertisements devour on the insecure. Cunningly, they display untarnished, youthful models to trick others into buying their products. All for profit, these advertisers use the unseen forces of photoshop, make-up, and visual effects to produce a literally impossible image. If people cannot understand the limits of the flesh, how could they understand the limits of the soul?

After all, the Ten Commandments demanded nothing short of perfection. As the psalmist states, “The law of the Lord is perfect” (Psalm 19:7). As known, only one Man has followed the Law without a single grievance since the fall of Adam and Eve. Even more so, Christ hadn’t only followed the Law, but He also died paying the complete penalty of the Law. Christ suffered so that his people may be spared.

Most people fail to understand the purpose of the Ten Commandments. It’s not just a ‘Don’t do this’ or ‘Don’t do that.’ It’s a mirror of mankind’s own sinfulness. It is meant to be a demonstration to show how far people stand apart from the holiness of God.  As stated, “…the law is holy, righteous, and good” (Romans 7:12). No procedure was placed within the law for failure. It was meant to be all or nothing. One personality flaw would inevitably destroy the perfection that God required in His Law. Just one.

We are told that God spoke all the words of the law. He gave the entire testimony, and the Jewish people of Moses’ era assumed the responsibility of following the Ten Commandments per order. That spurs the question, why didn’t the Jewish people ask for mercy? After all, a flawless criterion requires a perfect man. However, no mortal man on Earth was ever perfect since the fall of Adam and Eve. So, how could mere mortals think of following every verse of the Ten Commandments without fail? Overall, a likely answer is human pride. It always makes people think that they can please God by themselves. As proven, before Israel even received the law and began to execute the Ten Commandments, they were already dancing in front of their idol, the Golden Calf.

See, the Ten Commandments was meant to be a lesson for the Israelites to learn humility. They could not be Holy enough to follow all Ten Commandments on their own.

A goal of a religious perfectionist is often to attempt Holiness by executing all the Ten Commandments (…or something similar.) That doesn’t sound bad at first. After all, God’s Elect was told to make their bodies into Holy sacrifices to the Lord. However, that’s where the Ten Commandments becomes a form of soulish bondage instead of a state of spiritual harmony. These perfectionists fail to realize the Ten Commandments were meant to be insurmountable in the first place.

It is truly an impossible task.

Attempting such an unfeasible challenge of holiness triggers a never-ending cycle of frustration. For a person to have a constant self-critical eye, it wears down the blade of their faith. Soon, their own degradation caused by their flaws transmutes into a judging game against other people. Finding dissatisfaction in themselves, they turn to nitpick others within their line of sight. Trying to set themselves apart from the rest of the other sinners around them, these self-shattered individuals begin to compare sins. As religious perfectionists struggle to build themselves by their impossible code, they must take someone else down. Often, that is done to their chosen targets by outright, blunt ostracization or silent, piercing judgment. Consequently, they fail to understand the impossibility of perfection. After all, if they were thoroughly Holy, what would be the need for the grace of the Resurrection?

Many months back, I saw a Christian preacher on the television falsely claim that people must keep all Ten Commandments in thought. However, he failed to realize that the mind is the worst possible place to derive Holiness.  Since the mind is constantly at war with principalities and powers of the air. Not to mention, the mind is also the meeting point between the egotistical soul and the dead spirit of non-born-again believers. Thereby, the mind is completely alien and void of God in the first place. As most of the Elect are not born-again, such a misguided teaching provides an impossible goal that could only be reached once they are born-again. Such an event only takes place from witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus. The born-again experience cannot be done by man’s own prompting, but instead by the Holy Spirit’s intervention. Consequently, a non-born-again believer meticulously following the Ten Commandments is equivocal to entering a spiritual marathon that they haven’t even entered yet! 

People think that their sins will somehow make God refuse his Elect. However, they are blind to God, writing all three billion letters of their DNA, writing the circumstances of their lives, and setting the time of their salvation. He literally created them before time even began to tick. He knows the good, bad, and temptation of each person. That includes the very essence of their spirit. Consequently, if someone claims that someone is too awful to be born-again (or themselves for that matter), that person fails to recognize their Lord’s omnipotence.

After all, He created His Elect long before the Ten Commandments were established.

If you feel tortured by the inability to follow all Ten Commandments, join RESCUE at There, you may gain spiritual freedom and enlightenment by learning the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Personally, I found other points of view helps myself see spiritually better. It’s something helpful along the lines of using many mirrors to see oneself. Many people have been in similar positions. If your situation requires a personal touch, you may call Pastor Pam at 888-818-117. 

Democracy in the US & The Fall of Rome

29 Jul

From the start, the democracy of United States was conceived to be an image based on the great Republic of Rome. Inspired by Rome’s longstanding five-hundred years of power, the legend of the Republic of Rome demonstrated the vast capabilities of separation of powers, checks and balances, and veto-power. Across the United States, early American delegates journeyed to Philadelphia in 1787. Their goal was to establish an effective federal government. Though, despite all of Rome’s grandeur, the Founding Fathers still had Rome’s downfall weighing heavy on their minds too. Once a thriving Republic, Rome’s crumbled as an Autocracy by the first century B.C. At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked if the United States would be a republic or a monarchy. He cautioned, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Despite our Founding Father’s grave fears, the United States has proven itself a survivor of civil war and regional variety. However, 200 years later, the United States is suffering from a political stagnation that may have been Benjamin Franklin’s worst nightmare. For the past three years, people have looked to differing examples of failed democracies like Germany’s Weimer Republic to understand the situation afflicting America. Yet, Rome is a much more relevant example. After all, America’s democracy is a daughter of Rome’s Republic. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like early Rome, the United States is now a matured country that doesn’t know anything except the established status-quo. 

The United States and Rome both differ from failed, short-lived democracies, because their masses have learned to value freedom, political norms, and constitutional checks. So, they’d naturally rebel against an outright totalitarian dictator. Typically, Romans anticipated elections, respected voter’s choice, and believed elected officials should fairly represent all their constituents. Most of all, they operated under the assumption that representatives would peacefully compromise to resolve difficult political problems. These cultural standards allowed Rome to remain stable, despite even becoming the world’s largest state. However, obviously, that didn’t last forever. 

Old republics won’t die outright with a bang. Instead, they slowly self-destruct starting with the deterioration of their cultural and institutional defenses. The literal foundation of their government. For Rome, that erosion began nearly unnoticeable in the middle of the second century B.C. Similar to the United States, Rome was confronted with a rising wealth gap. As Rome vastly expanded, they plucked the riches of the newly conquered territories. However, increasingly, the affluence went straight into the pockets of abundant folks; meanwhile, the middle-class didn’t see a zing of profit. As time passed, Roman politicians attempted to reconcile the outrage that the economic inequality caused by proposing voting reforms and suggesting programs to distribute public resources among underprivileged Romans. Despite the virtue to prosper the lives of the lower-class, most of these proposals were blocked. Thereby, it was inevitable that was a major revolt would occur. Led by Tiberius Gracchus, he successfully annexed Italian land for the peasantry. However, he was soon assassinated by his enemies in the Senate. Of whom, he used their hoarded money to fund the venture. It was the first act of Roman political violence in 300 years.

Needless to say, the slaughter of Tiberius gave the country a taste for bloodlust on the political landscape. Afterward, power-hungry Romans implemented distasteful tactics like murder, violence, and bribing to a point where they became the norm. Despite two civil wars tied to the collapsing democracy, Romans still thought their neglected government to be intact. Some Romans were under the belief that the Republic had the potential be restored after Julius Caesar dictatorship in 44 B.C. To the contrary, Caesar’s subsequent assassination proved the opposite. Rome experienced several more atrocious civil wars that lifted the veil of delusion from Roman citizens’ eyes. They allowed their Republic to fall. The Roman Republic transitioned into the Roman Empire under the rule of a dictator.

Under the Roman Empire, the size of the state sharply increased. Over centuries, Rome conquered territory across the Mediterranean Sea, rapidly expanding into Europe, North Africa, and West Asia. However, the larger Rome grew, the more unstable, corrupt their rulers became. In biblical history, they placed puppet kings like the Herod family to manage the various provinces of Palestine; and they placed military leaders like Pilate, Felix, and Festus into power to keep the people in check. These first figures were reasonable, acting in the best interest of ensuring Rome’s power by appeasing the religious Jewish populations. Although, over time, these leaders become increasingly selfish and barbaric in nature. It steadily climbed to the likes of Nero and Commodus. Of the two, Nero executed Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter. Not to mention, he was said to have lit Christians on fire to light his garden during the night. Meanwhile, Commodus was volatile, putting his sister to death; and he established an irrational personality-cult centered on himself. Statues and all, he insanely claimed to be a god.

Historical Rome teaches a grave lesson to modern Americans. The robust, cultural defenses which protect established republics will slowly erode if they are not regularly reinforced. Already, #45 is unleashing anarchy through his haphazard and chaotic rhetoric. He has punched numerous holes in the United States’ traditional, political defenses by condoning racism, hate-speech, and rigidness. Not to mention, he is standardizing a dangerous, hysterical political climate. Under his administration, the heavy pressure of his personality continues to strain America’s constitutional structure. It wasn’t made for someone who is unwilling to compromise. 

Meanwhile, the rest of America’s politicians fail her by prioritizing their selfish agendas. Without a doubt, they have numbers on their mind instead of the fate of her own people: numbers at the polls, figures of donations, and statistics of winning. Even if a morally righteous man was elected into power, he cannot do his job without restraint from corrupted counterparts peppered across the political landscape. These days, all those bad apples have far more power than the few good ones in America’s democracy. 

The only way the world can prosper is under the leadership of a king. Someone who is untouchable by people, temptation, and SIN! Needless to say, that flawless standard is impossible for any man of this Earth. Since, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is only who could put the holiest of righteousness at first priority. He does not fall for the selfish, immoral obstacles that have plagued leaders for centuries. Conversely, as the Son of God, He will grace the world under his kingship with keen guidance, loving care, and virtuous justice.

These days, everyone is yearning for a selfless leader to uprightly rule. However, they do not realize that God’s kingdom is right around the corner. It won’t be something that everyone will be expecting. So, it’s best to seek RESCUE. A camaraderie of Christian believers, RESCUE helps others understand political occurrences from an Endtime perspective and to prepare for God’s return to power. The changing of hands from egotistic Man to honorable Jesus will likely be not be a quiet transaction, so it’s best to be prepared. Republics cannot be kept forever.


The Religious Right ain’t so Right!

18 Jul

Despite one of the most common beliefs that Americans hold dear, the United States’ Founding Fathers were not born-again Christians. They were Deists. While they acknowledged the existence of God, they denied the possibility of miraculous and supernatural occurrences in the natural world. From their perspective, they thought God to be like a clockmaker. According to the teachings of Deists, as a clockmaker creates a clock and leaves the clock to tick, God created the world only to leave it to function via the laws of science.

Aside from science, Deism also stresses the importance of the intellectual strength of humans. In fact, it was influenced by the Enlightenment, a European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries that favored reason and individualism over religious faith. Not to mention, a Deist would usually dismiss the Bible stories containing miracles as nothing more than myths. In fact, Deists considered a very limited portion of the Bible seriously.

Of the Founding Fathers, President Thomas Jefferson, President James Madison, inventor Benjamin Franklin, and author Thomas Paine were all confirmed Deists of their era. Meanwhile, George Washington’s religious beliefs are still fiercely debated among historians. He tended to favor the term “Providence” over “God.” Nevertheless, many Christians fail to recognize the Deist history that influenced the foundation of the United States and the Constitution.

In fact, American politics did not even involve religion until the 1970s.

That was when Republican Phyllis Schlafly gathered mutually disgruntled Catholics, Mormons, Protestants, and Orthodox Jews into a movement to stop the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.). Meant as an addition to the Constitution to negate sexual discrimination, it was the long-term goal of the Second Feminist Movement. However, Schlafly believed that the E.R.A. defied the God-ordained roles of man and woman. In which, she believed that a woman should stay in the home to work with her children, and the man should be out working, “It would be a tragic mistake for Congress ever to adopt any public or tax policy which encourages mothers to assign child care to others and enter the labor force.”

Feeding on the grievances of conservative, religious groups, Schlafly cited that passing the E.R.A. would lead to an increase of abortion, homosexuality, divorce, and moral-degrade; and the loss of child support, the implementation of a female military draft and a disruption of the traditional man-wife roles. Basically, she spoke about anything that the religious people wanted to hear; and they drank the kool-laid, believing her as a voice of reason. It was a massive grassroots movement similar to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Schlafly’s coalition refused to let the E.R.A. pass, believing that’s what God intended it to be. They wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and refused to listen to any other point of view. No matter how much their concerns may not have been founded at some points.

So, it wasn’t a surprise to the American public when Schlafly and her religious coalition stopped the E.R.A. from being ratified in the U.S. Constitution. Despite thirty states ratifying the E.R.A., it got halted by at least thirteen states standing against it. Furthermore, the newly established Religious Right became a name-stay by popularizing “family values” politics that would dominate the Republican Party in the Reagan years. Since the 1980’s, the Religious Right has become a political juggernaut by becoming synonymous with a platform based on pro-life, anti-gay rights, and “morality, as set in motion by Schlafly’”s Religious coalition.

Nevertheless, morality and politics do not mix.  Despite the Republican’s excuses for his actions, President Trump’s political reputation comes from a common disregard for morality at best. If morality was the gold-standard of electability, #45 certainly wouldn’t reside in the White House. The difference between Trump and the other politicians is that Trump is considered both loud about vulgar via his speaking and tweeting, contrasting, the more seasoned politicians clandestine backdoor politics underscored by a  hypocritical moral twist.

In other words, they are all phony.  

Most of all, God and politics do not mix. Man is naturally alien to God, and politics is certainly a conduit of man. As a democracy, the United States logically caters to special interests of people. Politicians gain their prominence by gaining power, position and privilege in return for their group’s favor. Created in Rome, a democracy is entirely of the world where Jesus Christ has no place. As the Devil is the god of this world, that makes democracy not a man-made concept under satanic influence. Politics generates a cycle of failure where a citizen must vote for an unreliable, inept government, fight for their rights and (or) be forced to obey their country’s laws. Repeat.

The U.S. government is in crisis, because Trump has challenged and contradicted its foundational principles of the rule of law and the constitution. It seems that Trump wants to rule as a king within a monarchy, and not as a coequal with the Congress and the Judiciary within a democracy.

The real king of the Earth is Jesus Christ. He will overthrow all worldly governments during his 1,000-year reign over the planet. A person would think that the religious right would understand such a concept if they understood their own God. After all, a true Christian isn’t of the world, but they are above the world. In fact, until the Lord returns, the world will never be a home to any born-again Christian.

However, the religious right is blind as they were back during the day of Christ. When they compelled Pontius Pilate to crucify the Lord. Just as today’s religious right is in the hands of Donald Trump, their predecessors were in the pockets of the Emperor of Rome and Pilate. The parallels to the times of Christ and today are uncanny to say the least.

So, please Lord, return to rule the world with both love and justice, with a rod of iron. A man rules for himself, but you rule for us all!

Reader, you do not need to wait for the Lord alone. At RESCUE, we teach the Gospel of Christ, the state of the Institutional Church, the signs of the Endtimes, and the ways of spiritual warfare. Call for a month’s free trial at 888-818-1117 or email

Spiritual Growth via Everyday Struggles

10 Jul
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Challenges on Earth are inescapable. The death of a loved one; loss of a job; a serious illness; terrorist attacks; and a plethora of unplanned disasters are only the beginning.  These consistent, everyday struggles generate an onslaught of strong emotions and a fixation on uncertainty.

Resilience is the process of adapting to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress. These things may derive from familial strife, health issues, stressors of the family or workplace. At first, stress could prove overwhelming. That said, that doesn’t mean that a person cannot learn to cope. After all, emotional pain is synonymous with living. More so, it is more common in people who have suffered major trauma in their lives. Despite seemingly a personality-trait, resilience is actually something that is taught by difficulty.

In short, resilience is something that is earned. 

For someone leaving the institutional church, spiritual resilience is significant to develop when numerous untruthful teachings are revealed. It may prove overwhelming like someone pulling a carpet underneath a person’s feet. The process may hurt like unpeeling bandages off a raw wound. However, in the end, it’s necessary. As testimonies in God’s hand, where’s the triumph in our lives without defeat?

As Psalm 27:1 states, “The LORD is my light and my salvation— so why should I be afraid? The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?” So, we have nothing to fear even at the most difficult of obstacles or the severe of disaster.  

Try…Fail…Try…Fail, the only true failure is when we truly stop trying. When we cannot rise with our own power, we reach out to God and to fellowship to steady our stance to walk again. That’s the power of faith, it allows you to manage forward, despite the wind attempting to blow you backward. 

People cannot prevent bad things from happening. However, they can control how they respond. At RESCUE, we teach our followers how to take deceive actions to overcome our darkest, spiritual hour. We mold a spiritual prisoner into a spiritual commander. We turn a religious follower into a conceptual leader. We take the fractured pieces of our people, and we mend them to help guide others on the narrow path of faithful, spiritual resilience.

If you need a hand to hold on the road of spiritual resilience, the RESCUE fellowship group is available on Facebook at  They taught me how even the most tormented of people can find a way to peace, myself included. If you require special one-on-one attention, Pastor Pam offers phone-counseling sessions at 888-818-1117. At RESCUE, we call to the broken! Take back your free-will today!