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The Hunt: Fallen Angels & Religious Demons in Everyday Life

11 Jan
One third of the angels in heaven rebelled with Satan and were cast out by God. They now dwell the earth. What do they do all day, and how does it affect us?

Many of the clientele that PSM deals with have undergone a spiritual torment of some variety. They have endured blasphemous thoughts, evil visions, religiosity and physical torment from demons and fallen angels among other things. What is shocking about it is that many of them only started experiencing such things after attending church and other religious practices!

Why are so many people experiencing these afflictions? Why and how are they led into it? And what can be done about it? All of these questions and more will be explored in this article. It is written that God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Let this article serve as knowledge bestowed unto His people so that they may be learned when dealing with the forces of evil. For you, too, will experience a moment when Satan and his emissaries leap at you when you were doing nothing but going about your daily business.

This will be divided into 3 parts: 1) Understanding Satan’s motivations for attacking the saints, 2) how demons and fallen angels operate in everyday life and 3) what those in God, both born again and not, can do to deal with such attacks.

1: Understanding Satan’s motivations for attacking the saints.

I want you to think big picture for a moment. We live in a vast world with over 7 billion people on earth. Yet, there is a spiritual realm — one that is invisible — consisting of God, Satan, angels of God, angels of Satan, demons and more. All of these beings have the capability to do things that are impossible in the physical realm.

Where we come in is the fact that we are a special creation: Man. We were designed to have spiritual fellowship and worship with God. This puts us above all the animals of the earth and marks us as an object of hatred for Satan because we are a divinely crafted being that is meant to worship the one true God: Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Satan rebelled against God and set out to be god. Because of our unique nature, he seeks worship from us and control over us. God wants man to be redeemed and reconciled to Him; Satan wants man under his control and to be used against God’s will. This is the battleground of spiritual warfare we find ourselves in the midst of.

Furthermore, we know that man ultimately has one of two fates: being born again with the Spirit of God and reconciled to Him for all eternity, or suffering damnation due to their unrepentant soul remaining separated from God all throughout his life. Satan and his forces have been on earth for thousands of years and they have sharpened their skills in weaving deceit across the minds of man. The rivers of time flow with the souls of man floating across it quietly, while Satan comes crashing against them like a tidal wave seeking to bring them under into the depths.

The scriptures speak of the elect of God. They are the heirs of salvation. Many of the clientele who have come to PSM are the elect of God, waiting to be born again. This means that they are special targets of Satan because he especially revels in attacking those who are predestined to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now I want to bring you back to a point I made earlier: 7+ billion people live on the earth as we speak. Yet many more billions populated the world before our fleeting time here on earth. For all of those people who came before us over the course of thousands of years, these evil forces were working to bring about their destruction. And when their targets died and left the physical realm, they would go onto the next target(s). So these evil forces are extremely learned and skilled with crafting intricate plans to attack their targets.

For the people on earth, demons and fallen angels are assigned to them to bring about their downfall. So what do they do all day while we are living our daily lives? Demons and fallen angels spend their entire existence plotting the fall of man and acting out to lead them into spiritual pitfalls and traps. This brings us to the next point: exactly what it is that they do to deceive man.

2: How Demons and Fallen Angels Operate in Everyday Life

Let us look at how the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth described Satan. While rebuking the Pharisees in John 8:44, He said: “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies.”

So there it is: Satan’s main weapon of choice against man is lies. For more information on how lies affect soul and spirit, check out my article here: Lies and Deception Affect Both Soul & Spirit.

However, I want to bring this all together so that one may begin to understand what is going on in the spirit realm and how it affects the physical so that they may begin to think critically on their own situation and achieve victory.

A lie is a statement lacking in truth and planted to bring deceit into the mind of its hearer if they believe it. The full truth of a matter is not always immediate to the person who is looking at it. In the spirit, Satan and his workers are constantly at work creating false ideas to present to its target and lead them into other falsehoods to have more control of them. I will use myself as an example.

I grew up in a non-denominational church. This church was as modest as they come: no stained glass windows, a plain room with wooden walls and about 20 or 30 partakers total. We didn’t even have a pastor! Yet God the Holy Spirit was not there and He never was. Satan used his lie of this false Christianity and used my upbringing to start accepting its ideas. When I started getting blasphemous thoughts, he used the lie that I was eternally damned to bring fear into me which led to me partaking in more religious practices in an effort to draw near to God and receive mercy. However since this false brand of Christianity was under the devil who had made the lie, it granted him more control and power over me which led to the blasphemous thoughts and spiritual torment I would later face.

I need to take a moment to hammer this home: This is just ONE example of how a fallen angel led me into deceit. These demons and fallen angels use ALL MANNER of deceit to bring people into captivity. Think of the hundreds of false religions throughout the world; its partakers experience a counterfeit peace and think it is the real deal, living their entire lives in a house that was built on sand. It is not just religion. Nowhere close. Let me give you a list of some of the deceits that we see prevalent in the world today:

– That there is no God
– Conspiracy theories that lead its captives to paranoia
– Health practices like yoga which are seeing a surge, they come from ancient false religions
– Superstitions
– Belief in aliens
– Belief that one race is inherently superior to another: racism
– Extremist beliefs, often leading to violence
– That man can naturally be born homosexual
– Transgenderism
– Hundreds of false religions
– Sex before marriage is acceptable in the eyes of God
– That man is his own master and will save himself
– That sin does not exist
– There is no harm in marijuana nor other recreational drugs

And more. These are broad strokes, but Satan operates on much smaller scales if he needs to. For example, he has sent people to me who uttered a single sentence that he put in their mind to be used against me. This is happening all the time in the many interactions people are having with one another and they are none the wiser for it because they do not know that their thoughts are not always their own. The devil can plant lies and attacks in the people via thoughts to be used against others.

Satan will have you believing that the false ideas implanted into your soul that have led to further corruption are really the truth if you are not equipped with the knowledge of the Lord God.

Every person has demons or fallen angels assigned to them. Those evil spirits constantly plot against the person and tailor-make a plan that will specifically work against that individual. Do you like to do drugs and enjoy a high? Satan will send someone your way with a fatal drug that will lead to overdose. Are you faithful and dutiful? He will lead you into a false religion that appeals to that part of your personality. Are you innately skeptical of authority? You will find conspiracies popping up on your Facebook feed and you will find yourself deep in the rabbit hole before you know it. Do you have a friend or family member whose beliefs differ from yours, or even agrees with a false religion or idea you follow? They, too, will be used to bring you deeper into deceit.

One way to look at it is that these demons’ efforts to destroy man is like a hunt. They are hunters seeking to kill their prey. It is the point of their existence, and nothing brings them more glee to see man destroyed by their wiles and tricks.

So what are we to do? While one should never live in fear, it seems the odds are stacked against us. We are up against fallen angels and demons, powers and principalities who have thousands of years’ worth of experience in sowing deceit and wreaking destruction. Satan is a skilled liar to the point that he has managed to convince a great many people that he does not even exist, along with many of his lies being accepted as common knowledge in the present day and age. How can we possibly outwit these evil forces and defend ourselves?

3: Dealing with demons and fallen angels

To begin rebuffing the devil, we must identify the root of the deception or attack that is being used against us. For those who are in spiritual torment I tell you this: you brought this on yourself due to a lack of knowledge. I say this with no harshness; I brought a severe demonic attack on myself years ago by praying to a false god in ignorance. So ask yourself: what lie did I believe, and what action did I take that has enabled these evil spirits to gain ground over my soul and influence my life to such a serious degree?

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth said the truth will set you free. I never understood the significance of those words until I came to the ministry. I suffered a false conversion years ago. When I started counseling with Pastor Pam in 2016, one of the first spiritual gems she dropped on me was the fact that I was not truly born again. By accepting this truth, it allowed my mind to let go of the lie that I was born again and, in due time, enabled Pastor Pam to cure my torment through prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lies are overturned with truth, which we should always strive to find. Many of you, like myself, had erroneously partaken in a religion that they thought was Christianity, only to be led astray and in torment like a sick practical joke.

Accepting truth and letting go of lies applies to other matters. It is through thorough research and being logical that we can start to gain a foothold in truth which will then rebuff lies that the devil comes at us with. If lack of knowledge is what destroys God’s people, it is the abundance of knowledge that will gain us victory. So be eager to learn the truth of all things, and do not simply take things at face value. Yet also forgive yourself if you walk into deceit, for it is by making mistakes that we learn.

One example of this that I will give is dreams. Many of the clientele that PSM works with have dreams, both from God and the devil. The ones from the latter are designed to bring the person into deceit. A few years ago, I was jumping rope and doing boxing exercises in the gym. One night, I dreamt that Pastor Pam called me and said, “It looks like you’re training to be a fighter. You should take up martial arts.”

I knew that martial arts employs eastern philosophies and practices in its teachings, and would give ground to the devil. So I kept with what I was doing and stayed content in it; I did not chase after a form of combat that would give the devil more ground over me. I knew that demons have the power to take other forms, so one posed as her in an effort to have me obey them.

In addition to this, demons always use fear to come at the captive. It is fear that gives the demons more access to the person and influence them so we must always be on guard against it. If a captive can manage to break through that fear, they demolish the control of the evil spirits attacking them. In the case of the non-born again, they must be bold. By that, I mean they must be “bulletproof” and willing to walk through the mental bullets firing at them through blasphemous thoughts, visions, physical torment, etc. You ever see the movies where a superhero like Superman or Ironman endures gunfire without a scratch? They don’t even flinch. That’s how one has to be like. Steadfast. Don’t stop your life just for religion’s sake. Keep marching strong! Then, your faith in Christ and your willpower strengthens. Don’t flinch, or buckle, or fret. Keep a cool head against these spiritual attacks and use your free will to act in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord God.

There is sometimes a need for more extreme action to be taken against the devils’ attacks. Some attacks are so serious that it takes prayer and intervention of God. Depending on what it is, He may deal with it by either immediately giving the person relief or leading them on a process of gaining healing over it. This is where counseling comes in, a service that Pastor Pam provides.

Lastly, I encourage the reader to be humble. It takes humility to accept the truth. Sometimes it is not easy to accept that one has been deceived, or that their own thinking has been incorrect and only led to more pain or torment. Yet you should take heart because it is written in the New Testament that God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. With grace comes healing. Do not hesitate to come to the Lord God in humility. In fact, that is the key to and the beginning of real healing.

Have you been led into lies and deceit by the devil? Do you wish to uncover the truth and gain healing over the spiritual torment that shackles you? Send an email to or call 888-818-1117.

Translated From Darkness to Light

1 Jan

Posted by gailatrescue

In Christ there is freedom

It will now be six and a half years ago, before I came to find Pam Sheppard Ministries. At that time, I was hearing voices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It all started gradually when they would say one word every 5 to 10 minutes. They would say things like “leave”. Later on, it gradually turned into constant, long running words telling me to do things and talking about Jesus.

The voices grew stronger after I visited a psychic, who claimed that she could help me. The voices started telling me to leave my job and not to go back into that building. One day, I obeyed those evil spirits and I left my job. That was a big mistake. As soon as I obeyed them, I gave them authority and control over me, and with that, those evil spirits continued a 24/7 harassment, while not giving me any breaks or pauses.

Then I discovered an article online written by Pastor Pam Sheppard. I called her and when we spoke about my situation, she had knowledge about this subject and understood what was happening to me. One of the ways her knowledge was evident was when she made it clear that me obeying those spirits was the absolute wrong thing to do. She discerned fear coming from me and she also knew that I was not really born again, even though I thought I was.

Eventually, Pastor Pam started counseling me and I watched many of her videos, read her articles, and read her books. One of the many great things that counseling with Pastor Pam did was help me take back my free will. Like she says in the video below, we worked and worked and worked until I took back my God given free will!!! I am holding it dear to me.

After being in counseling and mentoring with Pastor Pam for over 5 years I have progressed tremendously. The voices dramatically decreased to the point where I would go days without hearing from them. To me that is a true miracle. I have found multiple jobs and have been able to work in different areas that I felt was a better fit for me, compared to before where I was living in fear about being unemployed and unsure of when I would ever receive another pay check again.

Years ago as a teenager I “accepted Jesus”, when prompted by the preacher to walk down the aisle and do such a thing. Yet looking back I realized I “accepted Jesus” out of pressure and fear to do what was expected of me. I followed a projected promise that suggested I would be saved just by accepting him.

Yet when those evil spirits came to harass me my prayers, church attendance, and reading the Bible only made the voices come stronger and led to an increasing mention about what “Jesus” thinks I should do.

 During the time of hearing voices constantly, they would often speak about Jesus. Something did not seem right. Everything they wanted me to do was not fruitful and did not help me in my life whatsoever. Instead, anything I listened to them about put me in danger.

After being in counseling with Pastor Pam she taught me that I had a false conversion. Once I found out about the false conversion I had, I realized that I was right to be suspicious of the worship and religious practices I was getting myself involved in. I finally started to realize that I was worshipping the fake Jesus and praying to him. When I found that out, I immediately stopped worshipping the fake Jesus and removed myself out of religious behaviors that were deeply rooted in my life.

One of the ways I advanced against those evil spirits harassing me was when I renounced the false conversion I had. Not too long after that I no longer heard voices in my head saying “Jesus thinks this”, “Jesus thinks that”. Still, I wanted those evil spirits to leave me alone and not talk to me about anything at all because they were still commenting about everything I was doing. Thankfully, eventually I went from hearing voices constantly and consistently to then having significant and dramatic reduction as I continued being counseled and mentored by Pastor Pam. I was feeling relieved and grateful for this.

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From darkness to light by the grace of true salvation

As far as true salvation, I learned from Pastor Pam about waiting on God’s call to cause my salvation. Besides, there was plenty of work I needed to do on my soul due to all the years since childhood of damage, pain, insecurity, and worries lodged deep inside me.

Once a week for 5 years, I had counseling sessions with Pastor Pam. I adored and enjoyed her company whether on the phone or in person. I attribute much of my improvements to her patience, wisdom, motivation, and support. I developed a closeness to her that meant a lot to me.

As I peeled off my passive nature that I have had for years, I discovered the real me was a risk taker at times and not a follower. Raised in California, I decided to make a change and move over to the East Coast, to New York Upstate and live near Pastor Pam. It didn’t matter what anyone thought about that decision or what was thought of as popular. All that mattered was that I did what was best for me.

Yet, throughout those five years, Pastor Pam noticed that though I had made so much progress, and was a big part of her Ministerial team, dutifully helping, and seeking to continue to help, presenting at her Bible studies and so on, but why was I not born again yet? In fact, there would be moments at a Bible study session where I would start sobbing as scripture was read, but it did not transition into a salvation experience. This happened multiple times.

Nevertheless, Pastor Pam continued with her mentorship and counseling with me. I remained a loyal member in her Ministry, helping her as she gave me assignments that she believed I was capable of doing.

Then Pastor Pam had her annual workshop from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 21st. I was a part of the Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM) committee that would prepare for the workshop and reserve the location of where the workshop would be held. It turns out that the location that Pam Sheppard Ministries was supposed to have the workshop in, was only going to be available on Friday July 19th and we had to make arrangements to find another location for Saturday and Sunday.

Thankfully we found another good location, and were able to reserve a nice space to accommodate the workshop. The new location happened to be the same complex that Pastor Pam got born again. Many years ago she used that same room to hold church services in the big room where our PSM workshop would be held.

The first day of the workshop went well. We were introduced to a young innovative newcomer, Evan, who just a few months before, became born again after reading one of Pastor Pam’s books and watching a series of her videos. We enjoyed Chinese food and gathered around as we shared the different ideas we had for the Ministry.

The next day on Saturday, Pastor Pam preached a powerful sermon as she included the emphasis and amplification about the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In addition to the many important topics we discussed, Pastor Pam went around the room asking who felt they needed deliverance. Those who needed prayer and assistance with deliverance were helped that day by Pastor Pam. She spoke to me as well about my need for deliverance. I knew I was still battling with evil spirits who were trying to discourage and distract me.

Later that day the attendees enjoyed a hearty meal at a popular restaurant. I had no idea what was to come the next day.

Yet something was bothering me that Saturday night when I came home to my apartment after that dinner. It was the devil that was bothering me. That evening, an evil spirit spoke through me and laughed mockingly. That night, evil spirits were present with back and forth talk, with the intent to frustrate, place fear, and unrest in me. I called Pastor Pam that night and told her what was going on. She prayed for me. I was glad that she prayed for me and then I went to bed. Yet I had a semi restless night, unable to find peace nor sustained rest while in my own bed. Finally I got some rest and woke up the next morning to get ready for the last day of the workshop with Pam Sheppard Ministries.

On the morning of the last day of PSM’s workshop, while in my apartment, there was a pressure that I felt on my body as I was getting ready for the workshop. Again, those evil spirits were more noticeable than usual, whispering strange words to me, as I was preparing to leave my apartment. When I closed that apartment door to head to my car, that pressure that I felt suddenly began to go away and there was no longer harassment from those evil spirits.

I picked up some fellow members and drove them to our reserved workshop location. We all settled in our same seats from the day before. Evan read scripture from the Bible describing God’s people.

After this scripture was read, Pastor Pam brought this question up to everyone in the workshop: “are you God’s people?” If so, why?” We all went around in a circle to answer this question. When it came to be my turn, I answered: “yes I am God’s people”, and then surprisingly I began to cry. At that time as I was speaking, I had enough. I had enough of the devils antics. I was tired of the enemy finding different ways to bother me. All of the worries in my mind, troubles and fears, at that moment, suddenly I knew that it didn’t matter. I said: “I’m tired of the devils attampts to prevent me from doing what God wants me to do!!! These distractions are not what’s important!” I yelled out: “it’s about Jesus. It’s about Christ!!” As I was talking, Pastor Pam said: “are you born again?” I said to her, I’m just talking. And the attendees laughed. I was letting out my feelings and expressing what I was going through.

At that moment I knew that my wordly worries needed to be pushed aside.

Pastor Pamela Sheppard heard me mention Jesus and she was like a seasoned midwife in addition to a warrior. She got up out of her chair, saw that I was sobbing and talking about Jesus. Which is a noteworthy observation because ever since I renounced my false conversion, I rarely mentioned Jesus’s name for about 5 years. Instead, our counseling sessions often focused on the strongholds that the world had over me.

Back to that moment on July 19th, 2020. Pastor Pam suddenly yelled out “repent!” I replied with: “I can’t.” Pamela Sheppard said is that the devil? And she boldly told the devil to leave. Next, I sobbed, crying, with sorrow, shouting that I sinned over and over again. She then asked me who is your Lord? I had no idea what I was going to say. All of a sudden I blurted “Jesus!!!!!!!!!” “It’s Jesus!!!!!” “It’s Jesus!!!!!!” I heard my own voice, louder than it has ever been in my life talking about Jesus. My voice was roaring loud, filling the entire room. Oh my goodness and after that I was convicted. I was like a screaming, crying baby that was just being born. Faith had just been given to me about Jesus and I had no idea it was going to be given to me at that moment. The Holy Spirit convicted me in such an unforgettable way.

Me, a person who focused so much on what the world thinks was being humbled and broken down by God. How I appeared didn’t matter. All that mattered was what the Holy Spirit was drawing me to and that was the focus of Jesus. I kept saying the name Jesus. As I continued to say his name, I started to realize, Oh my, he actually did come back alive. Truly alive, not in Spirit but physically. It was something that deep down I always thought was impossible and now I believed it.

What was happening was me having a shocking discovery and revelation of this unforgettable miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. What the gospel said was true. It was actually true. I screeched in absolute shock and amazement, with my mouth wide open, walking to one corner of the room, sliding down to the floor, as if no one was in that room. I covered my mouth with amazement. Then I yelled out with a combination of tears, awe, and astonishment, saying out loud over and over, “Oh My God, Jesus is actually alive.”

Then suddenly confidence came to me. A confidence I had never ever felt in my entire life. I felt strong and as if I was a new person. A new person who was no longer bound and restrained. I next walked around the room, celebrating the resurrection of the Lord. All the attendees clapped and cheered for me as this was all happening.

July 21st, 2019 at 12 pm was when my day arrived and I got born again.

God gave me a true salvation experience which was truly supernatural and absolutely not of my own doing. I had no idea I would become born again the day that I did. I was not expecting it. I was GIVEN faith by the grace of God to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Now today I know that I am a new creation in Christ. His grace of everything he has done and the power that is Him with the faith given to me that He defeated death has been a resounding and continuing impact on me.

The next morning while I was in my own apartment, I walked past my bathroom mirror, took a quick glance and felt that there was something different about how I looked. I first shrugged it off and said, hmmpf maybe it’s nothing. But yet I couldn’t shake off that change I saw. I slowly went to the mirror and looked at my face. I couldn’t believe it but I was right, my face looked different. Relaxed. Happy and no longer tense or rigid. Now there was a look of happiness and excitement. When I smiled, it came naturally and felt so good to smile.

The next day that Pastor Pam saw me she said that I used to have a perpetual look of worry on my forehead and it was now gone. I was shocked that she noticed it too, as I thought that no one else would notice what I saw in the mirror that morning. I would come to find out that other members of the Ministry noticed this change as well.

As for those voices, even before I got born again, they significantly reduced. I have not heard from them 24/7 as I kept continuing my deliverance counseling sessions with Pastor Pam once a week without ever missing a day for 5 years. Since my rebirth less than 2 months ago, I observed even more change and improvement in that aspect. My salvation experience is so unforgettable, that it is my weapon and shield against them. The peace that I have is wonderfully more consistent than before I got born again and the voices from evil spirits continue to dramatically decrease more and more than before. Each week, I notice even more improvement against them, in that their presence has and continues to diminish and be rare.

And now, in 2021, I continue to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit that stays in me. My soul continues to strengthen, as God and the Holy Spirit use the lessons of life to heal me, and provide me with continued growth and empowerment.

Am I Truly Born Again? – Already Not Yet

Today in 2021 I am maturing in Christ! The peace that I felt the moment I got born again: remains. No matter what I go through, the fruits of the Spirit are my backing, my encouragement. The devil has tried in ulterior ways to distract me, deter me, and discourage me, yet his attempts are just that: attempts. The weapons of Christ’s salvation and overwhelming characteristics of truth always pull me out of whatever attacks the devil has tried.

Since being born again, I have noticed some changes that I didn’t pick up before. I used to get these dreams that would lead me to feel noticeably numb in my body and they seemed so real, and left me with fear during the dream and would linger after waking up. Yet now, I no longer have those dreams.

My desire to alert the elect of God continues. I think about those who are waiting for their time, but just need to be pulled out of the darkness they are in.

Though 2020 has been a challenging year for all, by the grace of God he has repeatedly provided me with wonderful employment opportunities, protection, happiness, and new beginnings. I appreciate the quietness in my mind, which is a lesson for me. You see, many years ago, way before I found Pam Sheppard Ministries, I made several invitations in my life to evil spirits looking for them to “help” me with my problems. As a result, the aforementioned voices from evil spirits came. Now, since I have overcome all of that, as a born again person, I am happy to have the freedom that I have. I enjoy the removal of bondage from religious, worldly, and witchcraft evil spirits.

Hope is a foundation that stays in me. Hope is instilled in me of Christ’s love, and Christ’s power. I am more confident not because of me but because of confidence given to me by Christ. As far as those voices, there is even more freedom from them than when I first got born again. The reduction from their presence continues. I have come a long way when it comes to those voices. The burdened bondage that I felt has been removed, by the grace of Christ. The voices continue to reduce, and there continues to be a dramatic change for the better in regards to that. In that aspect, the improvement always gets better week by week.

Was waiting 5 years for me to get born again worth it? It definitely was. Why? Because while waiting, my soul was being healed in much needed ways. Receiving help from Pam Sheppard Ministries gave me a healthy advantage as I was going about my life. I was safely altering and adjusting my life decisions based on what I knew about Satan’s deception tactics. God has blessed me with the truth as I learned of all the enemy’s deception. I am continually grateful for that. In the midst of waiting for my salvation experience, the progress I made was a sweet gift to have. Like the first bite into your favorite fruit you’ve been longing for, that sweetness of truth is refreshing. Throughout my waiting period, I did not waver but remained steadfast. I continued to learn from Pastor Pam as I had weekly deliverance counseling sessions. Learning that salvation is not of my own doing but a gift from God, helped me during my waiting time. I know that God intended to cause me to eventually enter His family.

The new creation that salvation in Jesus Christ has given to me is extremely fulfilling, rewarding, and sustains me. The grace of salvation by Christ is everlasting and irreplaceable of anything the world offers. The peace the Lord has given to me , I am thankful for it and will always be thankful for it. The Lord has taken me out of Satan’s dark world and into his light of truth.

Pam Sheppard Ministries is THE place to be if you are lost and in the dark. The answers you have been looking for are right here. There are people who have been struggling with torment of all sorts whether by demons, fallen angels, or the family members and friends the enemy is using against them. Call 1-888-818-1117 if you would like to know more about Pam Sheppard Ministries and what help you can be offered.

End-Time E-books – Get Ready for the Lord!

28 Dec

End-Time E-books – Get Ready for the Lord! – In our books, courses, videos, online groups and pastoral counseling sessions by phone, the question that is answered is “how do we live and survive in such a time AS THIS?” The scriptures warn the last
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Passivity and Occult Practices in New Age and in Religion

16 Dec
Written by She Warrior for God

I believe that passivity is created along with the altered state of consciousness by people who are willing to benevolently open themselves up to forces that they do not understand. People who are being sucked into the church scene where the holy rollers run the show and the minister has the ability to cause people to faint or within environments where people are consistently speaking in tongues, falling out, convulsing and writhing, that is an environment where the demons have come to play.

The church and religion as a system of power and control creates passivity. Yoga, Transcendental meditation and Reiki as energetic healing or exercise systems cause passivity and asc. The opening of the chakras is caused by the agitation and awakening of the kundalini serpent energy which resides in the base of the spine and rises up the spinal column to the cerebral cortex where it ignites the pineal gland.

This is blasphemous and against the law of God. The serpent began the journey of passivity by convincing Eve to passively want to know good and evil by encouraging her to take of the apple. Eve then passively ate of the apple and then gave Adam the Apple, who also passively ate. In my life, I have consistently avoided a deep connection with the church because I realized as a very young child that something was wrong.

What I observed was a tremendous amount of hypocrisy in the church. I could never understand as a young child why Jesus and the 12 disciples was on a large painting about the entire width of the church behind the pulpit and all of the members were in the painting were white. I couldn’t understand as a child because what I could see was that the preacher was black, the deacons and deaconesses were black, the choir was black, the congregation was black, the ushers were black and so am I. The congregation passively accepted this falsified imagery.I had thoughts as a very young child that I could never aspire to be of any godly nature because I did not have white skin.

Throughout my life I was also “pushed” in several ways by individuals and energies to gravitate towards ethereal “magik”. I also briefly attempted to try tai chi, reiki and yoga from the television. I briefly tried to attempt to practice Buddhism, deep meditations astral projections and I briefly tried to dabble in witchcraft and the occult. I have always had an interest in Tarot cards, Divination, Crystals and Meditation, as well as, Astral projection and naturalistic healing via plants and energy systems.

The occult has been attempting to pull me in a dangerous direction for years.I was living extremely passively. I lived passively as a geyser. I was calm and bubbly on the surface but waiting to erupt underneath. I have always felt lost and endlessly searching for truth in spirituality. I have learned through my journey of being born again on November 6, 2020 around 5:30 PM ET in the state of Maryland, that all of these practices were evil and sending me straight to hell.

The reason that I understand this is because I have been looking for a God my entire life and I understand now that I have been willingly misdirected through my past to be disassociated with the True God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The man that died on the cross and shed his blood for all humanity to cancel our sins so that we may enter heaven.Now, once the ultimate Sin was committed in the garden, God decided at that moment when Adam & Eve hid from him in the garden, that they broke his covenant and command by pure disobedience and he cast them out of the garden of Eden and he shut down their chakra system in order to do that effectively. God only wanted man and woman to know the pure energetic capacity of good, love, well-being, kindness and peace.

The serpent introduced lies, danger, violence, cruelty and evil. Mystery Babylon has attempted over the eons to train human beings into a state of passivity via practices that open humans up to demonic attack and fallen angel strongholds on souls. Human beings throughout history have openly, suggestively and passively placed themselves in a position to be embodied, attacked or possessed by these disincarnate spirits. Eastern religion is a major promoter of passivity and has introduced millions of evil demigods into the lives of unsuspecting yoga practitioners across the world. By practicing yoga poses and by chanting, channeling transcendental energy and by practicing the mantras, human beings have made a connection to the underworld who live in the air, in the form of fallen angels and demons.

The enemy’s intent is to place all individuals who are attuned with an altered state or a demonic practice to a mass telepathy by the Antichrist. There are billions of people all over the world who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and several Protestant denominations who either unknowingly or purposefully practice, promote and incorporate paying passive homage to evil entities.

The End Time agenda lies in Satan’s effort to manipulate the disillusioned and the deceived among his elect. Toward the intent that they fall to the wayside on judgement day with no hope of reconciliation with God. Thus far, the enemy has successfully prematurely redirected them to acknowledge beforehand that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is their Lord & Savior. In so doing, the work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation has been diminished, wherein He sovereignly call sinners to the cross and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Consequently, a false conversion has been birthed, that must be overturned prior to a true salvation experience.

For more details on Satan’s End-time Agenda, click here

Born Again – George

2 Dec
Come, let us join Christ in the wondrous golden field of flowers!

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is my God and Master and I am His servant, George.

Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ who showed me mercy and delivered unto me the precious and perfect gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. I write this text to serve as a documented testimony to the power and glory of the One True God. I pray that I might be given the words that will be pleasurable in His eyes and that they might encourage His sheep to know that their time is coming and that there is much to look forward to.

I was born on November 13th, 1992. Friday the 13th. To a loving mother and father, they would tuck me in bed. And above my head on the wall was a crucifix with a figure of “Jesus” that one sees in paintings, watching over me every night as I slept. I wandered through adolescence and was spoiled as an only child. I would be given gifts and toys with very little resistance from my parents. I even remember being thrown a wonderful birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, with all of my preschool friends and classmates being invited.

I had the childhood that any young boy would want.

Yet there was an undercurrent to my adolescence and upbringing. It would make itself known loudly by interjecting every Sunday of the week where I would find myself in a plain looking room with rows of red chairs lined up next to each other: church. My father had been going to a non-denominational church since his 20s and, having met a previously-Catholic woman in my mother who claimed to belong to Jesus Christ, wanted to raise me in it. They would bring me and sit me down next to them where the congregation would sing hymns and read from the Bible. The elders in the church would take turns leading its members in prayer and the breaking of bread and drinking of wine.

My religious upbringing manifested in the same way that the Christian subculture in America has been instructing its members to worship for the past few decades: pray every day and read your Bible. I would pray before my meals and before bed. I did not read much on my own time, concluding that I could learn from my church. During the summers, my mother and father would send me to Bible School, a recreational program where the children would engage in the same activities as church as well as more kid-oriented ones like water balloon fights. I engaged in all of this out of obligation and instruction, but running around with the other kids and doing art projects with them as a child was fun.

One day I experienced a moment with my father which would shape and mold me with fear and misunderstanding for the large majority of my life: I walked into his room and there he was, reading his Bible. My dad was my hero and I always loved to spend time with him.

“Dad, what are you reading?” I asked.

“Mmmm….I probably shouldn’t show you this, but here,” he said.

I leaned over and looked at the text. It was the passage about the unpardonable sin, where the Lord Jesus Christ rebuked the Pharisees and told them there would be no forgiveness in blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Fear settled into me and I hurried out the room. As I lay in bed readying for sleep, a barrage of blasphemous thoughts came battering into my mind like a storm of arrows raining on its target. The horrifying reality sunk in: I had damned myself by committing the unpardonable sin and I was damned for all eternity. Fearful and sad, I chose not to say anything to my father and went to sleep.

For the next 10+ years, I quietly struggled with fear about the unpardonable sin under the assumption that I was damned forever. It would most often creep into my mind as I lay in bed alone at night, as a fear of hell would settle in. My experience with the church during this stretch of time is a story for another time as I expedite to God’s glorious redemption of me.

It was in April of 2016 that I met Pastor Pamela Sheppard. I got to know her and she got to know me. She showed me wisdom, guidance, and patience as she worked on various issues that I had in my own soul. We built a great relationship as she taught me about God and what it is to be a Christian. We spoke on a weekly basis for the better part of the next 4 years. One of the first things she taught me was that I never had really committed the unpardonable sin and that in my early 20s I experienced a false conversion. For those who do not know, a false conversion is a fraudulent born again experience wherein the recipient is shown heavenly things to make them think they are born again, yet they are actually are not.

Pastor Pam and I dealt with a myriad of spiritual issues: intrusive thoughts, fear of hell, confrontations with fallen angels, etc. She taught me that God saves His people at His own timing. I learned about the corruption and infiltration of religion and the churches across America and the world. I learned more about Who Jesus Christ really was and what He does for his people. I learned how to stand in truth and rebuff demons and fallen angels who come to bother, torment, distract and destroy the children of God. I learned how to counsel others in spiritual warfare. It gave me an unbelievably strong foundation and understanding of what it meant to stand firm. It taught me how to stick up for yourself against these vast forces of evil running to and fro across the earth, running circles around the people on it due to the same reason God said His people are destroyed: their lack of knowledge.

Yet as time went on, I wondered, why am I not born again yet? God would show me my true character and sin in dreams: arrogance, pride, highmindedness, vanity, ego and more. And as I persisted, Satan would come and try to use me against Pastor Pam and her ministry and it was revealed that I had a huge, dark fallen angel assigned to me who would insert blasphemous thoughts into my mind on a regular basis. He would also set up various situations in my own life to lead me into deceit and come to me with thoughts and dreams that seemed to be from God, but were designed to destroy me.

On top of this, I struggled with a number of my own issues due to my nature: anxiety, stress, guilt, fear and even suicidal thoughts. Beyond this, I also had a myriad of personality traits that was harmful to both me and others. I was prone to getting offended easily due to my high ego and was also vindictive against anyone who crossed me. I had narcissistic traits which was evident by thinking of myself higher than others, requiring and wanting excessive admiration, envy of others and more.

I had made a lot of headway over the years in terms of working on my soul and character. But I felt like I was reaching a breaking point: I had so much stress to the point that my heart rate jumped by 25+ beats and I felt a constant pain in my chest. Meanwhile, I was coming to terms with the fact that I was lukewarm towards the things of God and the ministry. I became like I was in church: attending out of obligation and putting on my smile that looked pleasing on the surface, yet no feeling or love in my heart as I said whatever pretty words I knew sounded pleasurable to fit in.

I remember painting one day when my spirit spoke to me and showed me the overarching attitude I had towards life: apathy. Sheer, pure apathy towards everything. The microexpression on my face that defined me was one where my lips would droop, betraying my innermost feelings: indifference towards life. I simply did not care about much. I was like the tinman from the Wizard of Oz: I could help others and even banter with them and they would like me, but I had no heart.

Fast forward to 2020 and I had moved to New York for a new job, living near Pastor Pam. My birthday, November 13, once again on a Friday the 13th like my birth date was nearing. I told her that I would like to spend some time with her and other members of the ministry for my birthday. She agreed and after my shift at work, I drove an hour and a half up to Albany for the night.

I arrived and Pastor Pam ushered me in and we engaged in pleasantries and discussion about the new job and the cultural climate of the United States. Shortly after, Abbi and Evan – two workers of Pam Sheppard Ministries – arrived and welcomed me. They were all so kind to me, buying my favorite flavored cake of red velvet for me and getting some Chinese food that I liked. We had a pleasant meal and moved to the living room where we had a discussion about God.

Pam looked at me and after having a conversation, decided to begin a prayer for me.

I must be honest: I had not assumed that anything immediate would happen from this prayer. I had been prayed for before, especially to be born again, and it had not happened yet.

“Father God, I come to you on behalf of George,” she began.

Sitting there on her couch with my head bowed, I listened.

“God, you had put it on my mind today that George might be born again today,” she proclaimed boldly.

Those words hit my spirit like a gut punch.

“What?!” I shouted out. I was dumbfounded. Because as she said those words, I began to have a spiritual and emotional experience so joyous and glorious that it will stay deep in my heart, soul and spirit for the rest of eternity in pure joy over the Lord Jesus Christ. And as she spoke, I was beginning to experience the presence of God in the spirit.

She continued to pray for me and from the deepest recesses of my soul, I began to sob and weep. I could feel my chest swell up and the sound of my voice in a deep cry as God showed me who I really was: a pitiful, wretched and decrepit sinner. A repugnant and putrid pile of sin, disgusting and shameful. This spiritual revelation hit my soul and I could not believe what a pathetic human being I was. I make no exaggeration when I state that in that moment I felt like less than a worm in the earth. My friends, what I was experiencing was the beginning of Godly sorrow.

And as I sat there weeping and in the spirit, I suddenly found myself inside the earth. I was experiencing what it was like to be a piece of dirt in the earth: dead and dirty. Yet in a moment, I saw a glorious, great, big hand reach out towards me. And it touched me. The moment it did, I experienced in the spirit what it is to be born again. The hand touched me and while I was a piece of dirt in the earth, I instantly bloomed into a flower and experienced life for the first time.

And as I blossomed into the earth, in the spirit I saw my surroundings. I was in a beautiful field of flowers, yellow and gold. And near me was a Figure in a robe. It was at this point that I witnessed the Resurrected Jesus Christ of Nazareth before my very eyes. I was in awe at what I saw, my mouth gaping open and my eyes shot wide open with tears running down them and my fingers cupping my face in amazement.

It is at this point where I will try to do my best to explain what I experienced, but words cannot truly justify the glory, awe, and perfection that I saw in the spirit. Nonetheless, here goes.

God began to impart unto me a spiritual experience where I realized I was finally alive through the Lord Jesus Christ and I experienced emotions in the spirit that transcends anything we can experience in the physical realm. I felt a deep, Godly love strong within my spirit, sobering me. As God interacted with me, I felt a glowing warmth emanating from His perfect Body. The closest I can explain it is to try and imagine as if you were right next to the sun, but it didn’t hurt, it just nourished you and gave you life. There was a sense of holy and heavenly light coming from Him an it was glorious.

I began to receive understanding from God in my spirit the various parts of His character that has been written about: He is merciful. He is kind. He is loving. Here stood the God Who created all things on earth and life itself standing before me in an intimate moment between just us two to make a statement: I love you, George. I died for you and your sins, and I rose again so that you may have life. The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is a God of honor and justice and here I was, approximately 2,000 years after He ascended to heaven. I was seeing Him do what He always said He would: that He came so that His sheep would have life, and have it abundantly.

As I received my new birth and experienced the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I began to cry out in the physical realm.

“WHAT MERCY! WHAT KINDNESS!” I bellowed out. The glory of what I was witnessing was so astonishing that I could not help but cry out as the greatness of what I was seeing was awe-inspiring.

Love, happiness and joy began to flow through me. These were Godly emotions that sunk deep into my soul.

“FOR ME? FOR ME?” I both questioned and exclaimed at the same time. I was in complete and utter awe that God had taken time out of HIS day to bring me NEW LIFE. To bring me JOY. To bring me HAPPINESS. To DELIVER me from my sins. To reach into the dirt where I was a dead, pathetic pile of sin and with a simple touch bring me life for all of eternity in the safe and secure presence of GOD. On my own birthday, the Lord Jesus Christ showed me kindness and mercy as He graciously translated me from the kingdom of darkness into His kingdom of light.

As my time with God in the spirit continued, I began to experience His Body. Flowing from Him was the anointing of the Holy Spirit and it was made known to me several things about God. I experienced and felt His Perfection and Glory. I felt a warm glow from Him of Holiness. And lastly, I learned that He was POWERFUL and INVINCIBLE. I experienced His power in the spirit and I could feel in the spirit that His Body was invincible. I could make no exaggeration of this if I tried: a nuclear bomb could touch the Risen God and it would bounce right off him like a pitiful plaything. The glory of such knowledge dawned on me and I continued shouting out in glory and praise of God.

The chains of my soul have been broken and snapped into nothingness through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, with tears flowing through them. I peeked them open between my fingers and looked around the room. Straight ahead of me was Pastor Pamela Sheppard. The tears and weeping of sorrow I had experienced a mere moment ago had transformed into tears of joy and sounds of deep laughter as I realized what was happening. I was laughing like a manic man, relieved and ecstatic that the Lord Jesus Christ is risen.

“You are my mother!” I yelled out to her. She, Abbi and Evan began to laugh in joy as they partook in my new birth.

“You are my brother. You are my sister,” I said to Abbi and Evan. They smiled at me as we shared in happiness together.

I looked around the room and in the spirit I saw that it was a delivery room, with surgical equipment around like you see in the hospital. My legs felt heavy, like I was walking for the first time. My eyes could see and it was like I was seeing for the first time. Near us I saw what appeared to be a small crowd of people with a cloud enveloping them, saints.

To my friends reading this who are waiting on God: take courage. As Pastor Pam has said before me, as Evan has said before me and as Abbi has said before me, I echo their message: No amount of sin, evil or wrongdoing is too much for God. I was so pathetic in my old state that in my rebirth experience God likened me to the dirt of the earth. Here are some definitions of dirt:

  1. Any foul or filthy substance, as mud, grime, dust, or excrement.
  2. Something or someone vile, mean, or worthless.
  3. Moral filth; vileness; corruption.

Who among you, when walking over the earth and ground, pays attention to the dirt and worms being crushed underneath their feet? Yet God in his infinite and vast glory, mercy and peace took this piece of dirt, touched it and had it grow and blossom into a beautiful flower. Here are the definitions of what it is to bloom:

  1. to produce or yield flowers
  2. to mature into achievement of one’s potential
  3. to flourish in youthful beauty, freshness, or excellence
  4. to shine out : glow

I am still in awe that He actually gave me the perfect gift of eternal life on my birthday. What a loving and kind God He is. I am now His. Any and all imperfections in me have been made perfect by His Spirit that dwelleth within me.

Since then, I am at peace. Godly peace. Things like arrogance, pride, ego are distant from me as I crucify my flesh to instead walk in the Spirit. I can look at the old George and rebuke his fleshly temptations and desire for sin. I can use the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer to worship God, rebuke fallen angels and demons and strengthen me. I have experienced joy and happiness to a degree I never have before all thanks to the Lord. God took my sin and deadness of spirit, squashed it into nothing, and gave me eternal life.

There is more to come. There will be other pieces of dirt and sin who will blossom and be with Christ in that beautiful field of flowers ‘til the end of the age unto all eternity. We have a lot to look forward to. The Day will come when He descends unto the earth and rules it with an iron rod, where all will know that Jesus Christ is GOD. Please Lord Jesus, carry out Your will on earth for your children and lead them in Your plans as the Day of the Lord nears. I echo John from the Book of Revelation and the cry of all children of Christ on earth: come, Lord Jesus. All glory be to Your Perfect and Holy Name, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Updraft Plus for Backups

6 Oct

The Key to Defeating Torment – Trusting God

6 Aug
A person successfully conquers a mountain of  fear, rejection, evil, and temptation through love: It alludes to how the love of Christ helps overcome all obstacles and turmoil of the world.
“Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13:6).

While I’m not born-again, here is a testimony of how I came across Pam Sheppard Ministries and how I learned how love and trust in the Lord conquers fear.

My mother and I were extremely into the occult. We read the books of Edgar Cayse, bought healing stones, visited psychic fairs at his headquarters, etc. I myself was particularly involved in the New Age Movement through receiving energy healing (reiki) through videos on the Internet to alleviate severe Eczema. Usually, I had a set number of channels that I would receive the reiki from: There was about 3-4 of them that I preferred. However, I sought a new user that could offer stronger ‘benefits.’ The subsequent Youtuber I found claimed that he could open all 72 chakras of the body through various spirits and reiki symbols, which he would send to those viewing his videos. He also had an assistant with him that would amplify the effects.

Now moving back slightly earlier in the week, my mother had just recently started reading the Bible and gotten increasing religious. She quoted the verse Deuteronomy 18:10-12 and wished for me to refrain from New Age practices like she had, “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery, casts spells, consults a medium or familiar spirit, or inquires of the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD.” Personally, I felt like the occult had more meat, love, and understanding than any Christian church that I had ever seen. So, I was resistant.

Needless to say, after watching the Youtuber, I felt increasingly ‘off’ for the next 1-2 days. The symptoms were like a spiritual cold: I felt inexplicably weak, drained, and off-center. It was when I had to admit, my mother was probably right: The New Age was no good after all. Therefore, I threw out all my New Age stuff and got ready to start a new leaf as a dedicated, religious Christian. (At that point, I thought ‘religious’ was potentially a good word. I’ve come a long way since then.)

A major problem was my mother had no idea about how repentance worked. She claims at each night, we should ask God to forgive us and cleanse us of our sins. We must make it our resolve to be clean in the sight of the Lord and pray constantly for the spiritual well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. The latter is understandable. Although, it also echoed the behavior of Job, whose fear and lack of trust in the Lord resulted in him becoming self-righteous, fearful, and most of all RELIGIOUS. Everything seemed to be like more of a perfectionistic performance where no one garnered any enjoyment, let alone bear any fruit.

I was choking on all the sins that I would do throughout the day. I was counting them up like ants. Not to mention, I was struggling with changing my mindset from the laxity of the occult to the rigidness of religiosity. It seemed like every thought seemed like the wrong one. Then, I heard a doctrine where the Lord hears your thoughts and uses them to place judgment upon you from a pastor, who also joked about people sent to Hell if they didn’t accept Jesus. That’s when I got really torn-up on the inside: I felt incredibly guilty for my involvement in the occult and most of all, I was afraid. Terrified of myself and everyone around me. Scared to death of my mistakes and other people’s.

That is when blasphemous thoughts ramped up in my mind. All day. Every day. Every hour. Things got so bad between the endless onslaught of thoughts against Christ and worshiping the Devil. I was throwing up after nearly every meal from anxiety of where my salvation stood. I lost twelve pounds. A doctor mentioned that my blood pressure was low, likely from the lack of food.

I started attending church to curb my ceaseless torment from what I felt was a spiritual attack from the Enemy for leaving the occult. From what I understood, the Enemy couldn’t attack you in church. Yet, I was. It didn’t make sense to me. The deeper I was falling into religion, the deeper I was falling into insanity.

It was in this severe condition that I found Pam Sheppard Ministries through an article that I found on opening chakras and torment. After some deliberation, I took the leap to question everything I have ever known and embark on a spiritual journey (which I still continue today.)

Making that comment asking for Pastor Pam’s help was the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life.

From Pastor Pam, I learned that I wasn’t born again. It wasn’t my job to make myself repent to Christ. I had to wait on the Holy Spirit to rebirth my spirit on the Lord’s time. One bad thought wasn’t condemning than any other thought that I’ve had. I also learned God wasn’t looking for perfection. He often uses mistakes for spiritual growth and development. If people could reach perfection like religious people (myself at one time) tend to, then why did God need to die and be resurrected at the cross to cleanse His Elect’s sins?

Most importantly, my torment was virtually defeated by this simple lesson:

Trust in the Lord. He knows you better than you know you. If there is no defeat, there is no getting saved. He /loves/ you.

You got to understand, Pastor Pam saved my life with her love, guidance, and experience. She’s always patient and kind, telling the truth in love. I owe the bright, young woman that I am today to her. She gave me the affirmation which said, ‘In Christ, there is nothing to fear, and HE says perfect love casts out fear.’

It’s an honor to be a part of Pastor Pam’s ministry and serve under its namesake. I know without the Lord guiding me here, I might not be walking the planet nor find unfathomable trust in Him for my salvation.

Here is the link to Pastor Pam’s article that overhauled everything that I’ve ever known about religion and the occult: It started the journey that led me here.…/christians-who-open…/

Wounds as an opening to the soul

28 Jul

In our life, we all suffered from some deep hurts even traumas sometimes. All this has left a mark in us, a wound. I know I see one in myself.

The enemy is looking for any weaknesses we have to infiltrate and use ourselves against ourselves to serve his evil plan. For me it allowed him to manipulate me into staying passive and fearful through low self esteem, trust issues and pessimism.

It is very important that we learn how to deal and close those wounds that hinder us unaware ; for that honesty is key.

Pam is a skillfull and patient counselor, and her therapist experience is key. We tend to neglect mental health and psychological issues, but as our mind is part of our soul : to heal the mind is healing the soul.

So I advice you, during your religious detox, to claim back your soul through dealing with your issues and close all the wounds of your soul.

Call us : +1888-818-1117

A Generational Curse or a Plague?

25 Jun
The Plagues of End Times

Do you believe that curses have been passed on to you from your ancestors, as far back as four generations? If this is what you believe, then you are in denial of the scripture that assures you that those who are in Christ have been delivered from all the power of darkness and the wicked one cannot touch us. (Col. 1:12; 1 John 5:18). No curse can go through the cross of Christ and have dominion over those who are in Christ. We are not under a curse once we have come through the cross. Every spiritual blessing is for us who are in Christ Jesus (Eph. 1:3). Anyone that insists they are cursed needs to know who they are in Christ, and maybe who Christ is as the Spirit of adoption (Rom.8:15).

What I have found is that those who have been involved in deliverance ministries have actually brought a curse upon themselves by accepting a specific generational curse as a fact. As a result, their belief in this teaching actually creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that the worker and the captive actually bring to pass together.As Paul warned the Galatians, any one who adds to or detracts from the gospel of Jesus Christ will become CURSED.

Ironically, the generational curses teaching adds to and detracts from the gospel of Jesus Christ, particularly the power of the cross. This teaching promotes a law that hinders grace, and it is by grace that we are set free from the curse of the law. Consequently, those who uphold the “generational curses” doctrine which states that Satan and his demons create curses for Christians because of ones ancestors, actually opens the door to a curse.

Taken a step further, this false teaching actually creates the fear that put those who believe in it in even more bondage than what they may originally have sustained! We as believers “have not received a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind.” If you believe this teaching, you are risking the soundness of your mental state, bringing on further anxiety and stress that may “cause you to faint” when you enter into spiritual battle against demons.

Therefore, if you stand in spiritual warfare with a deliverance worker against a self-proclaimed curse that was never there in the first place, you forfeit the grace that is needed to set you free. This teaching is particularly dangerous because it implies that Jesus didn’t break the curse on the cross. As such, it stands to reason that if you believe that you are in bondage to a generational curse, then you must not be born again.

If you are not born again then you are STILL under the power of darkness and Jesus did not remove your sins and His blood has not cleansed you from sin. Therefore, you have NOT been translated out of darkness and the spiritual weapons of Ephesians 6 will not work for you, if you are in bondage to a generational curse.

So what does the devil get out of this false teaching?  He gets those who teach it and those who believe it to lose grace and to weaken their faith.  

Consider this. There is a difference between a curse and a plague. By the cross, Jesus delivers us from a curse because when we become born again, old things become new and the past is washed in the precious blood of the Lamb, which includes any sins that your ancestors may have committed that could possibly affect YOU. A curse is specific in that it
is an appeal to a supernatural power for harm to come to specific people,places and things.

A plague is “different.”

A plague is much more general. It’s like a tornado. When it hits NO ONE is spared from its effects and even the innocent who are simply in the wrong place at the time of the tornado. The innocent get swept up with the guilty.

A plague is a widespread affliction, a sudden destructive influx or an outbreak. It can also be persistent, but it is also infectious–in the spirit, a plague can be compared to a highly infectious disease like The Coronavirus. The impact of Covid 19 is plague-like—-not discriminating between guilty and innocent, good and evil.

Jesus warned the elect of God to “come out of Her, lest ye be partakers of HER sins and receive of HER plagues.” If He is referring to the institutional church, then the innocent will be partakers of the plagues along with the guilty. Those who hear the warning and continue to remain in a defiled place are subject to a plague, and the elect of God are not exempt from it. For what has been prophesied 20 centuries ago by the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos cannot be changed. Consequently, it is presumptively foolish for ministers to believe they can stop or even mitigate the effects of Coronavirus with prayers when it is Jesus Himself who shall release the metaphorical rider of the pale horse of the book of Revelation:

When He (the Lamb) broke open the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature call out, “Come.” So I looked, and behold, an ashen (pale greenish gray) horse [like a corpse, representing death and pestilence]; and its rider’s name was Death; and Hades (the realm of the dead) was following with him. They were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with plague (pestilence, disease) and by the wild beasts of the earth.
Revelation 6:7-8 – Amplified

In “Come Out of Her, God’s People you will find these words:

‘There are many who practice a professing Christian religion who live under a curse because they have either added to or taken away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have found from our studies that demons are having a field day with professing Catholics, Mormons, (Latter Day Saints) Jehovah Witnesses, Coptics, Christian Scientists and others.  When you profess to be a Christian yet Jesus is not Lord and the Holy Spirit is not God in your so-called Christian faith, demons will use this fact against you as an occasion to rule in your life.  The demons will be successful because you are practicing a religion that has “added to or detracted” from the gospel.”

Since most of those who contact Pam Sheppard Ministries to be set free from demonic torment were also attending a church that could not deliver them, I simply asked them to give me 90 days of no church attendance. Unfortunately, those who can’t do so are not delivered. They are not cursed but “plagued.”

Let a word to the wise be sufficient.

The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About

God is the one opening eyes

17 Jun

In this testimony, I will share with you how God got me to see the action of the fake Jesus in my life and how I had a deep relationship with him and not the only real God as I thought while coming in this ministry.

The realest revelation ever

My name is Elisabeth. I am a french Caribbean young woman, raised catholic deeply involved in church since a young age. I served mass, sang in the choir, was in a prayer group dedicaded to Mary and went to Medugorje (pilgrimage place of Mary worldwide) twice. All was kind of well between me and “”god”” until I saw a video where a girl shared her trip-to-hell dream. I never heard hell talked about and suddenly I became aware of that and VERY afraid. Here began religious torment.
October 2019, I attended a 7th day adventist church. There I learned about how unbiblical and witchcrafty the Catholic Church was and it broke me. I entered another religious bondage through harsh legalism. I was already in torment, obsessed with dying in hell and avoiding damnation through religious means as prayers to get saved or intense bible reading and fasting. I threw away almost all of my clothes (too sexy), cut my 7 years old dreadlocks that I cherished out of fear and had more supernatural experiences than ever before like voices announcing my death, pseudo-prophecies etc.
Tired of being OBVIOUSLY misled by these voices that told me I was born again when I was still knowingly in sin, I started detox from religion and calls with Pastor Pam. I red parts of the Fake Jesus and I knew that as being religious especially catholic I must’ve been worshipping the fake Jesus. But it was not personal. Until that day.

I was reading a paper about catholicism that Pamela Sheppard gave me to review my past. I got to think about all the practices I got involved with. Most of that stuff I forgot to be honest. While I was going back in memory, an image of a place kept coming into my mind. I saw myself in a highly spiritual worship place where I prayed Mary with my group, near the huge cross in the garden. I didn’t understand why I was seeing this place but it was like something was drawing me there. I had completely forgotten about that but it kept coming back in my mind like a movie scene. I focused on that, trying to remember what happened and suddenly I WAS ABLE TO SEE THE WHOLE MOVIE IN THE NARRATOR PERSPECTIVE so to speak. That place was where I established clearly my contract with the fake Jesus through a supernatural experience. The day it happened was my last day before going to France to study thus my last day in Martinique. I felt drawn to that cross, like someone calling me. I went closer to it almost not controlling my body anymore I knelt and was submerged by a feeling of peace, love and a supernatural touch. I vowed “I give you my life completely”. I even heard in the flashback the voice say “this is where we must the first time”. From that point I was able to see where and how it all started. From the day I thought I met an angel of God to save me from death to this moment. It was really a time travel, but I could see the spiritual behind-the-scenes. I was literally re-living those situations with the knowledge of today, and that’s how I understood clear as day how Satan tricked me into giving my life to him.
I had a lot of supernatural experiences before, voices and visions, very emotional stuff but this one was different. I’ve never been able to see my life that way and would have probably never been able to see this in particular on my own. It was by far the realest revelation I’ve ever received and it really brushed away all the doubts I had before.
Deception is really everywhere but you really can’t see until God opens your eyes. I forced myself into receiving what I learned here, but doubts remained until that day happened.
What you need to KNOW you will know. So even if doubts creep up, just wait and see!