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Chakras & Occult: Reiki

11 Apr
One will find true healing in the hands of God

Chakras and Occult: Reiki

My last article discussed empaths and how chakras are related to them. PSM’s mission as a ministry is broadening and one of the driving forces of clients making their way to us is activities related to the occult. One of these activities has been picking up steam and is becoming more accessible than ever: Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is defined as “energy healing,” a kind of healing that can restore one’s physical condition or emotional state. Do you have some kind of injury that is persistent and neither medicine nor physical therapy is helping it? There is a reiki healer out there who will try to heal you. Do you have an emotional trauma that is weighing you down? A reiki healer will volunteer to help you.

Reiki is all about healing. The practitioner puts their hands on the client and taps into an “energy” that then physically affects the person receiving them.

The word “Reiki” is comprised of two Japanese words: Rei meaning “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and ki which is “life force energy.” Put them together and you have the concept of using a spiritual power that is interconnected with life itself to bring healing unto its partakers.

Understanding Reiki Spiritually

First off, let us understand that reiki is a byproduct of Eastern mysticism. The practice was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800s. Dr. Usui was interested in medicine and theology and wanted to craft a form of healing that was unattached to religion. His mission was to make a form of healing that was accessible to anyone.

Dr. Usui partook in practices such as meditation and martial arts and eventually became a Buddhist priest. He partook in a 21-day retreat on a mountain where he fasted, meditated and prayed. He believed that his prayers were answered when on the 21st day he saw Sanskrit symbols that helped him develop Reiki further.

From there he created a clinic in Tokyo and passed down the teaching to others who would carry on the practice after he perished. It eventually spread to the West and throughout the world.

What needs to be understood is that Dr. Usui was used by Satan like many people: a well-intentioned person obliviously partaking in fields ruled by Satan. We must look at the root of something to determine its validity. The root of reiki is a man who participated in meditation, martial arts and Buddhism: all practices inherently opposed to Christianity. These practices were developed by false gods who use them to gain ground and control over its participants.

Pitfalls of Reiki

Reiki proclaims to be a religion-free practice. One does not have to believe in a religion to partake in it or use it for others. And that is precisely what makes it so dangerous!

Any observance into Satan’s methods in the last days we are living in reveals a simple truth: he is operating in a way that makes partaking in activities he rules over easier than ever. One can type in “reiki healing” into google and find a number of practices near them in seconds. What’s more is that reiki is being combined with existing practices such as physical therapy, massage parlors and other health practices.

When one practices reiki or accepts it being done to them, they are giving license to the demons and fallen angels to have influence over their life. The person receiving it may experience relief but it will be at the cost of evil spirits working in their lives more intricately.

To go into further detail: we have had a number of clients who have come to us tormented by demons because of their partaking in reiki. What’s worse is that reiki is so accessible that we have even had people who picked up demons and torment by simply watching youtube videos! The healer will reach out to the camera and proclaim a healing unto the viewer which can lead to torment.

Furthermore, reiki is closely interlinked with chakras. The logic behind this is that by placing one’s hands over a certain chakra, that chakra can be balanced and the person will feel relief. For example, the third-eye chakra slightly above and centered between the brows is related to anxiety and depression. One would receive a reiki healing by having hands placed on it to reduce anxiety.

The Antidote

People go to reiki practitioners because they want to be healed. They did something to their chakras so are now seeking out someone to help them. This goes hand-in-hand with how Satan operates: he creates a system where each piece is intertwined and the people caught up in it bounce from one deception to another. Martial arts, yoga, reiki, meditation, etc. are all different flavors of the same deception.

The greater point to this is the fact that reiki is proof to the fact that Satan is a master of counterfeit. Reiki is counterfeit healing and its partakers will often face consequences even if it’s not until the end of their life.

We have had clients who have been delivered from opened and imbalanced chakras. How was such a thing done? Through prayer to God the Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whereafter God the Holy Spirit moved and delivered the partaker. Seek not a quick fix rooted in a practice created by Satan, seek the Lord God Who brings true healing.

Have you been a partaker of occultic practices like reiki, energy healing, chakra-opening and other things? Have you found yourself in bondage due to looking into these things are now in torment? Give PSM a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Knowing yourself in church is impossible

31 Mar

In order to decipher your daily circumstances and detect anything unusual in your life, you have to know yourself. The Enemy is constantly at task to bring us down, sensing subtle attack after subtle attack each tailor-made for each of us. Often, these attacks come with lies about ourselves and others.

When you know yourself and are confortable in it, you see these lies and set-ups clear as day. Because your foundation is fixed.

When I was an active member of thr church (Catholic then adventist), I had to give up/hide a lot of things. Even to myself : love of fashion and art in general, curiosity, ambition, interest for societal issues and such. That’s what I like. But whenver I saw any interest in something “worldly” I had a hard time accepting it and I was in a constant inner fight to hide, to change or just mourn about it.

This prevented me from knowing myself in a secure way. So when demons came to torment and mislead with their lies and intrusive thoughts about (myself particularly), I fell right for it because I couldn’t say “Hmm… I have that thought in my mind… that’s not of me to think that. I won’t pay much attention to it.” and thus stay relaxed.

In church, by these constant urges to change yourself with your own strength, prayers and ritualistic acts such as reading the Bible, going to mass or tithing, you are obviously not encouraged neither to be yourself or to be honest and acceptant if yourself and others.

They mistake denial of the flesh as denial of the self which is who you are ; which leads to useless self-doubt, self-righteousness, self-hatred and worst of all, complete defeat in front of demonic torment through passivity.

Truth is, we are sinners. We are in the world and unless God touches us, we are going to love the things of the world. That’s it.

If you are coming out of church and want to come out of your shell of religiosity to know yourself to resist the devil successfully, contact Pastor Pam, our leader at or by telephone at 888-818-1117.

The Dangers of Nigerian Witchcraft

27 Mar

By Abbi

Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers is something my Nigerian family often mentioned to me. Growing up in America, I remember hearing about Nigerian witchcraft; there was so much that I didn’t understand, especially why it was so popular. Some of the things I saw were professing Christians practicing witchcraft type behaviors and seeing nothing wrong with it. I saw Nigerians blend witchcraft practices into their everyday lives. Eventually, those same patterns of occult witchcraft started to influence me, particularly when I was emotionally stressed. This led to turmoil and unhappiness in my life.

The Problems of Nigerian Witchcraft Are Commonly Known Among Nigerians

Many Nigerian families have had conversations about Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers. It is portrayed in Nigerian movies; whether as a parody or used as a life lesson warning about why it is so dangerous. I became used to hearing stories of disturbing or unusual potions put together to achieve some desired goal. The inevitable result was; tragedies happening to that person who started those potions and it was the talk of the town. Other Nigerian Americans I knew had similar experiences hearing these stories.

Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangerous risks are still present despite the knowledge of it’s damaging effects. The love of money, fear, desperation, greed, pride, lust, and generational influences may drive witchcraft behavior. Generational influences that promote witchcraft as acceptable can be passed down. Parents can influence children to believe in witchcraft. The expectation and pressure to continue any cultural witchcraft can be strong.

Fear is an emotion that can lead people to witchcraft. This can grow to the point where the individual loses common sense judgment to make sound decisions. I believe that fear is important for everyone to address. It’s also key to identify what are your deep fears; this knowledge can reduce the risk of seeking witchcraft.

The Damaging Attacks and Control

Witchcraft can cause evil spirits to attack that individual who partakes in it, leading to emotional pain, mental aguish, and repetitive harmful choices in ones life. Demons and fallen angels coming in control of ones life can lead to spiritual torment; evil spirits will continue to fight your individuality, and they will work to try to destroy you in whatever way they think they can. The individual who partakes in witchcraft can be controlled in a way that they lose sight of who they are, and become bound to evil spirits, as if they are in prison. It is noteworthy to point out; since demons and fallen angels hate all humans, the end result is that those evil spirits will eventually turn on you.

I am happy that God saved and protected me from witchcraft. Amazingly, despite my unwise participation; he intervened. What’s even more wonderful is that; miraculously, God caused me to have an unforgettable salvation experience in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Regardless of how long it took for me to realize that all forms of witchcraft and occultism is a recipe for disaster, it was a powerful lesson learned. I am grateful that God saved me from the dangers of witchcraft occult.

Resist Nigerian Witchcraft Practices

It’s important to take action against Nigerian witchcraft. Resisting it’s practices helps one break free from this evil. No matter how small the act is or how meaningless it may seem, these practices risk having a long lasting harmful presence in your life. It will grow into a burden of continuous darkness. I also believe that superstitious behaviors can influence a person to do witchcraft behaviors. This should be examined and addressed to see if it’s a problem that needs to be overturned in your life.

Nigerian witchcraft can begin at a young age. Parents can invoke fear to children that witchcraft is a last resort when things go wrong. This can continue on as an adult. When it comes to prayer, it can be used as a form of witchcraft; some are taught that this is acceptable. Those who do controlling prayers to cause harm to another person are doing a form of witchcraft.

Examine Yourself

Professing Christians who do witchcraft type behaviors likely do not realize they had a false born again experience. Deceiving spirits strongly influence these individuals. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to give that person a wake up call that it’s deceiving spirits who strongly influence these individuals. A professing Christian’s faith must be examined, especially if the individual finds that he or she is drawn to seducing spirits.

Spells, magic, curses lead to the dark world of evil and can ruin an individuals life. These acts attach the person to the evil spirit realm causing one to be the devils toy. Plus, it gives the enemy permission to control their life. The goal of evil spirits is to eventually destroy the individual in whatever way they can. Many are blind to the fact that evil spirits do not like humans at all. They may try to allude to trying to help the individual, but their ultimate goal is to try to take you down, no matter who you are.

Human Sinful Desires

People use Nigerian witchcraft to get something they want. The sinful nature of all humans are reasons that often lead one to Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers. Examples are that a person’s goal may be to steal from others or get rich quickly. Other times it could be to find love or lust. In Nigerian witchcraft, the practicing person, intends to cause harm to another. Nigerians grow up hearing stories about ghastly witchcraft outcomes. Time after time, the story ends with the person who did witchcraft, going through dangerous despair themselves as a result of the witchcraft practiced.

The many angles of Nigerian witchcraft can become filled with patterns of unrealism and thoughts. When a person becomes drawn by these thoughts, the individual becomes a captive to the idea of witchcraft. They let witchcraft take over their lives and cause fear in them. As a result, the aspects of witchcraft, controls their life. That individual must learn to remove the obsession and fear of witchcraft and renounce it.

The Importance of Rejecting Nigerian Witchcraft

I am glad to hear about Nigerians who want to stop the spread of Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers in Nigerian society. I urge Nigerians to continue to be alert and cautious to the many ways that witchcraft still exist. The controlling aspect of witchcraft often goes unnoticed, and it puts those who are easily influenced, at risk of being subjected to witchcraft personalities.

Despite generational impact that Nigerian witchcraft can have on a person, the good news is that one can rebuke those witchcraft influences! This is one of the most encouraging things that I learned when I came into Pam Sheppard Ministries; the truth strengthened me as I rid myself of occultist desires.

Nigerian witchcraft can lead to a road of spiritual torment, especially if the individual chooses to mix Christianity. Pam Sheppard Ministries is able to help with any sort of struggle like this.

Get Help So That You Can Overcome

Pastor Pam helped give me the strength to overcome witchcraft influences. She was formerly involved in the occult and became born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth on March 29, 1977. She coached and counseled me so that I can recover from the aspects of witchcraft and many other spiritual problems. I also read her various meaty books. Those books gave me in depth insight about the deceptive witchcraft evil spirits, coming into individuals lives.

A helpful book to read is: The New Idolatry. This is a book that really helped me. For this book, click the book image below. To contact PSM, call 1-888-818-1117 or email

Chakras and Occult: Empaths

20 Mar

Chakras and Occult: Empaths

We are in the last days, watching the geopolitical relations of the nations develop and tending to the damaged sheep of the good shepherd, Jesus Christ. We’ve come nearly 2000 years since the Lord God ascended and have seen different church ages operate in a variety of ways. At PSM many of the clients were formerly involved in different aspects of religion.

But God is One Who is full of surprises. We are seeing a steady increase of clients from a field that is getting more mainstream and prominent than ever: the occult. And one of these occult practices that is gaining prominence is that of the empath.

What is an empath?

An empath is one who can feel the emotions of others. It differs from empathy because it takes the idea of empathy and ramps it up by 500%. It’s one thing to hear a friend confide in you about some difficulties that are crippling them and to feel sad for them. This is empathy, and that’s a good thing. It’s part of human connection.

The problem is when one hears the story and literally feels the same, deep sadness inside their body despite not having personally gone through those circumstances. Instead of just feeling sorry for the person, they become just as crippled as the person and experience the same deep pain they are experiencing. This goes for any emotion: anger, sadness, happiness, etc.

As humans made in God’s image, we are soul, spirit and body. Part of the soul is the emotions. Our emotions are our own; they are not meant to be explicitly experienced through others.

Do not misunderstand me: there is validity in sharing in emotions with people through social interactions. But there is an occultic practice where experiencing others’ emotions starts to dabble in the supernatural. Empaths have the ability to physically touch someone and “absorb” their emotions into their own body, feeling whatever emotion that the other person did within.

Understanding empaths spiritually

Being an empath is lauded in the occult because it is often the gateway to other supernatural powers such as telepathy, psychic abilities and experiencing energy among others. It is also linked with the chakras, especially the solar plexus chakra which is located right above the navel and below the sternum. The solar plexus chakra is equated with one’s self-worth.

The world of the occult and chakras often speak about energy. A quick description of what energies mean in an occultic manner is that they are stored emotions in different parts of the body, in organs and chakras. The confusion arises from one looking at different parts of their body and chakras then trying to interact with them to change their mood, emotions and outlook on life.

An example of this is touching one’s heart and saying affirmations about self-love and forgiveness.  Or tapping the solar plexus chakra and saying statements of self-worth. Empaths distort reality by trying to make existence all about emotions and energy and constantly managing them through interacting with chakras.

The hole goes deep. By doing this, they are inviting demonic influence into their life because they are interacting with others and themselves on a spiritual basis through means that was enhanced by Satan.

Compare empathy and living through Christlike means and you will see that the two contradict and cannot coexist. The born again Christian has a new spirit and they live a life where they grow, developing Godly and Christlike aspects to their character. They do this by walking in the Spirit.

The empath on the other hand is on a quest to become more spiritual through their own means instead of God’s. Their absorbing of other peoples’ emotions and interacting with their chakras is often a precursor to going further into the occult world with other practices like reiki and energy healing.

Godly ignorance

Empaths are an interesting topic because they are directly interacting with the spirit realm on a level most people are not. The thing is, we are not meant to have consistent interaction with the spirit realm. God has closed our eyes to the spirit realm for a reason: we would go crazy if we saw all the things that are happening in the spirit. That’s because demons and fallen angels are running circles around man, taking wicked and foul forms to mock human beings while controlling them.

Dabbling with empaths in the occult is a lot like Satan’s other forms of deceptions: it has room to go deeper and deeper. Those who participate in these ideas often have a notion that they are becoming a more divine creature by partaking in occultic actions and rituals. Their eyes become more open to the spirit realm and they start seeing changes to themselves in the physical realm. They fool themselves into believing they are reaching a higher level of consciousness and even godliness.

One must be content with what they have in the physical realm. It’s how God created us and intended us to be. Any and all Godly interactions with the spirit realm will be decreed by God Himself and one does not have to go seek it outside of prayer that His will be done through it. This notion that man can ascend through occultic means has a vanity and pride at its root: that man is his own master, and is so powerful that he can reach divinity and godliness by himself.

So do away with it. The antithesis of these occultic practices is simple: walk in the Spirit, and by definition walk in faith. When one does so, they do not need to see or feel things in their flesh to attain a form of Godliness. They can rest in the knowledge that their soul and spirit has been preserved by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Have you been a partaker of occultic practices like reiki, energy healing, chakra-opening and other things? Have you found yourself in bondage due to looking into these things are now in torment? Give PSM a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Assurance: Discover Yourself in Christ

10 Mar

I want to talk directly to anyone who is waiting to be born again or healed by God in this post.

I have been a part of this ministry since 2016 during some of the most formative years of one’s life: their early 20s. I have seen people who were here before me grow and serve God in honorable ways. I have seen people who came after me do the same. And finally, I have seen people serve for a season or two then depart, having even left myself for a while.

Yet I have noticed a difference in the last year or two: God is causing His people to be born again more than ever. We have had clients meet Pastor Pam and get born again in the same week, even the same day. We have seen God reward people who have been here for years waiting patiently on Him by leading them in rebirth.

This ministry is kicking into high gear. Members are finding their callings. This post is from someone who recently became born again reaching across the aisle of life over to the side of the spiritually dead waiting to come to life thru the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I want to encourage you and tell you what it’s like to be born again. I want to give you a sense of what you have to look forward to.

Before I got born again, I reached a point where, in my eyes, my physical life was a failure. I had spent my entire life building up ideas and philosophies with which to live by. And what it meant to live in a way that was right, meaningful and honorable. Yet for all my efforts, I was ice cold. I could smile but felt a nothingness deep in my soul, devoid of joy.

I came to a point where I realized I was evil, not on just an intellectual level but something I felt physically and emotionally deep in my heart. And I remember being surprised that such a deep evil existed there. My main motivation to live was to hang on until God came for me. I had concluded that if my efforts at building my life to a place of meaning failed after all of my many attempts, that perhaps God could give me meaning.

He did. And he gave me what I want to talk about today: assurance.

In Hebrews 10, the Apostle Paul writes to the church encouraging them to “draw near [to God] with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith.”

Assurance is something that each and every child of God is either waiting on (those awaiting rebirth) or experiencing (those already born again). It affects every single person involved in this ministry whether they realize it or not. The importance of this topic cannot be understated.

I was like many of you: a faithful member of the church going every Sunday with Bible studies and other meetings in between. Yet I had a lingering, nagging doubt about salvation. I didn’t feel saved. My thought was: if I am an heir of eternal life, should I not know deep within that I am?

There was an emptiness in my soul. An insecurity about salvation, a fear of not being saved that led to psychological issues which we are seeing churchgoers run to the ministry with. People come asking why they are lukewarm, why they have no zeal. Why they doubt salvation, why they feel unsure about their souls. Deep things. I will tell you the answer: they do not yet have a heart for God. But they will when He comes for them!

And when you get born again, the Lord God places a crown of life on your head and plants peace and assurance in your heart and soul. Do you remember when the Lord Jesus Christ came to the Apostles after His resurrection? He said, “Peace be with you” and breathed on them, giving them new life through God the Holy Spirit and an inner peace and assurance. He does for His people today what He did for them while He dwelled on earth: grant them eternal life and a heart for God!

If you are not yet born again, you will be in time and all of those doubts, insecurities, fears will be replaced with an empowering ASSURANCE! You go from an emptiness and depravity of the soul that is universal to every person who has ever lived (except Christ) to an inner CERTAINTY that you belong to God. You know that your time here on earth is short until you are reunited with Him, whether through His glorious return or when you leave the physical realm into His arms.

How strong is this assurance? Well, it is this strong certainty that rests in one’s soul and spirit. It is the Godly mark of Christ, this peaceful feeling that grounds you and gives you the knowledge that no matter what, you belong to God and NOTHING will change that. I make no exaggeration when I say that if someone came up to me and shot me, obviously I would feel physical pain but my spirit is so emboldened by God that I would simultaneously feel a peace within that He gave me. That is what it means to walk in the Spirit: you walk with a confidence that nothing will move you because you are in the Lord’s hand.

Yet there is even more to the life that God gives His people. My brothers and sisters in Christ in the ministry and I have experienced how God has made us aware of skills and talents that we did not even know we had!

Think of when you were a child and went through life, you didn’t realize it at the time but in retrospect you can see how your personality developed in certain places and how you matured at times. As someone recently born again, I am “developing” a new life and I find myself reacting to things in new and different ways because I am a completely new being. So will YOU who are waiting on God.

That’s the brilliance and beauty of God: He takes his people and leads them in an ENTIRE LIFETIME of growth to become more Christlike. It’s the ultimate adventure. I remember reading the scriptures and the saints seeming so distant, just characters in a book. They no longer feel that way now that I understand what it means to walk with God. Anyone in Christ is like another character from the Holy Bible who is being molded to what God wants them to be, it’s glorious. We have mentors who can interpret dreams. We have mentors who can cast out demons. We have mentors who can decipher the deep troubles of peoples’ souls and counsel them.

And Pastor Pamela Sheppard, the head of the ministry under God, works with individuals one on one. She leads them to a point where they are free of the demonic influence that shackled them and brings them to a place of STRENGTH. And when God moves and breathes on the individual like He did for the Apostles, the person discovers a NEW SELF IN CHRIST who can accomplish things they NEVER thought themselves capable of doing. They put on the armor of God and go forth with confidence, grounded by a Godly assurance in their soul as a constant reminder of eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

So what do you fear?

Do you wish to be free of demonic influence in your life? Do you seek purpose and want to be born again in the Lord Jesus so you may live a life of meaning and discovery in Him? Give PSM a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Idolatry of the Heart & Mind

2 Mar

One of the ongoing missions of Pam Sheppard Ministries is to lead our clients out of the captivity of Satan and into the freedom of Christ. A prevalent reason for their spiritual woes is idolatry, often having manifested in them worshiping fallen angels posing as Jesus without them knowing it. They often cause this by asking Jesus to come into their heart or prior involvement in religion or the occult.

Yet there is another form of idolatry, a deeper one that is essentially a heart issue that arose out of original sin. This is inner worship of something. Let me break this down on two fronts: 1) How sin and fall from grace led to man practicing idolatry and 2) How idolatry is often practiced today with whatever one wants.

First off, look at the scriptures and you will see God’s original intent for His beloved creation, man, was to have a special relationship with God and that one of the main components of this love was worship. Adam and Eve got to enjoy an incredibly blessed and privileged existence because they were constantly near God both in a physical and spiritual sense. When one is close to God and worships Him, one feels a Godly joy and peace within. Too many times have I seen worship misunderstood as a physical act wherein the person may feel some fleshly emotion but not the Godly, spiritual sense of satisfaction and joy that God brings.

Adam and Eve’s disobeying of the Lord God opened the door to sin taking a foothold inside of man. It led to a corruption of the soul and a separation from God that was passed down to every single human being conceived after them except for Jesus Christ. In Old Testament times, the Lord God began a mission to overcome sin by leading a lineage of people who would eventually pave the way for Christ to be born. We read of the saints of old who were Godly men and women who worshiped the true God.

Yet due to man having sinned, there were many people who were led astray into deceit because ultimately man still felt a deep sense of needing to worship something to draw close to God. A byproduct of sin allowing man to become aware of evil was that man started to worship false gods. This is the first form of idolatry we read about in history and it became commonplace, resulting in events like golden calves and other gods being worshiped across different cultures.

Idolatry continued throughout the ages in various forms up until the modern day. The plight we see with regards to idolatry today is twofold: 1) outer worship of false gods, most commonly through churches claiming to be Christian and 2) inner worship and love of something that is not God, whether it be self, an activity, money, etc.

Think of the path the common man takes today. One is born with a dead spirit. Their first priority should be to want God and become alive spiritually. But due to being separated from God they are blinded to the idea of seeking Him.

Instead, their life becomes a mission to have a good career, find a mate, have a family, find something they are passionate about and dedicate their lives to it, so on and so forth. While these things and others have their place, the problem arises when they become the top priority in one’s life and seen as the meaning of it. They aren’t.

The meaning of life is to be reconciled to the Lord God and serve Him so that He may be pleased with you. The idolatry of things that are not God come because man has an innate need to worship and love. So because the person is ignorant to the idea that they should seek God, they find something else to replace Him and make that their god instead.

Perhaps the god we see most in the world today is self, with the common man motivated by self pleasure. The past few hundred years especially have seen things like philosophy and science pump man’s ego to the point where he believes he is his own master. You choose your own path in life and do whatever you want so long as it is in the context of completing the broader mission you have set out for yourself. People do this because they do not understand what it is to worship God in spirit and truth.

I’ll speak plainly: it is better to have one’s spirit reborn in Christ and live what would be considered an unremarkable or meager life than it is to accomplish all of one’s goals, dreams, attaining all of their physical desires, only for them to die with a dead spirit which never got to experience the love of God. Their spirit was dead and empty without them even realizing it because all they focused on was flesh.

What most people do not realize is that by serving the Lord God in spirit and truth, you also benefit from it. You experience joy. You experience love. You experience devotion to a perfect Being Who loves you unconditionally and fills your soul and spirit with a peace, happiness and assurance that is IMPOSSIBLE to get from ANYTHING in the world.

Love of self or fleshly desires has led to a myriad of issues that our clients have found themselves in counseling for. There are people who made a god out of things of the world and have experienced some form of psychological damage. For myself, I was mostly my own god before being born again and this led to arrogance, anger, emptiness and coldheartedness. Yet God forgave me for my wrongful ways and has graciously redeemed me, giving my life purpose in Him.

So I ask you: who do you love? What do you love? What is being put first in your life? Do you seek God? All I illustrate is that there are millions of people caught up in a wave of self-worship unaware that a second flood is coming which they will be blindsided by because all they could think about was their flesh. Seek God, for He has a life for His people full of mystery, wonder, meaning and love that transcends anything the world offers.

Do you wish to understand more about idolatry and how it has negatively affected the church today? Have you made idols out of things that have distracted you from seeking the Lord God? Learn more about the subject by purchasing Pastor Pamela Sheppard’s book, “The New Idolatry” here: or

Alternatively, if you seek to be free of false idolatry that has manifested in your life give PSM a call at 888-818-1117 or email

Saying No to Passivity Leads to the Path of Freedom

24 Feb

By Abbi

Get rid of passivity and be led to freedom

When it comes to deliverance, saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom. Passivity refers to inactivity, particularly inactivity of who you are, your thoughts, decisions, and free will power. The topic of passivity is so important during these times for several reasons: one of them is that passivity is providing an invitation to evil spirits and as a result, there are people suffering. Fallen angels and demons are igniting spiritual battles. People all over the world are experiencing this.

Christians Influenced to Be Passive

The church system promotes that Christians should be passive in order to be blessed by God. Their teachings lead to heavy influences. This causes people to let go of their common sense thinking. Christian religious followers who believe in false doctrines, rely on a false god to make decisions for them. In addition, when the dark forces of evil spirits pretend to be of God, a professing Christian is at risk of accepting any messages that imposter sends to them.

When I was an avid churchgoer I thought I needed God to make basic, common sense decisions for me. I depended on God to decide almost everything for me. What words I should say, what choices I should make, what housing I should live in, and so on. The passivity continued spiritually when I would assume that all supernatural type experiences were from God. As a result, I without hesitation, listened to the messages. That turned out to be a disaster because those messages were not from God but from evil spirits pretending to be God.

Passivity Leads To Torment

The evil spirits weapon of choice used against me were futuristic dreams, visions and hearing of voices. This caused a lot of damage to a time in my life that I had to recover from by the grace of God’s help.

As I continued in a church system that never provided me the spiritual truth, depth, or meat I was looking for, I became lost in who I was. It took the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit to show me that I had a false salvation experience when I followed the alter call.

I realized that I was worshipping the fake Jesus. How did God reveal this to me? He led me to find Pastor Pam Sheppard, who had the knowledge to teach me that because I had been obeying a religious and witchcraft spirit, it had gained such access to my soul, and I provided them with fuel to continue to torment me. With her help, I learned about the tricks and deception that evil spirits were spreading in the church system and all over the world. Others were not able to teach me and help me like she did.

Darkness in the Church System

I realized that tricks of evil spirits where hidden within the church system and they even attempted to influence my family members. Fallen angels and demons can use people you know to influence you. If allowed, they can speak through to people at times. They often use those who are deceived about the manipulation that Satan is causing in the institutional church system.

Some religious believers professing to be Christian can unknowingly spread Satan’s agenda. As a result, it leads to spoken words that appear to be Godly, or prophetic but are false, psychic predictions. The devil spreads lies and tries to cause ruin in their targets life. The person who accepts these words without testing these words are an example of that individual being passive.

Unbeknownst to many, there is an enormous population that are worshipping a religious evil spirit. When this happens the enemy strikes and can cause spiritual manifestations. Manifestations like hearing voices, tormenting visions, spirit rape, demonic nightmares and even physical torment are just some examples.

The Invitation

Passivity invites evil spirits inside a person’s soul when they go into an altered state. Being in an altered state is a very specific form and doorway to passivity. In the religious church system, certain acts induce an altered state and a passive mind, and thus usher in the worship of a religious evil spirit. Holy dancing, being slain in the spirit are a few examples that happen in the institutional church system.

Those who engage in meditation, yoga, Buddhist, and Hindu practices may have heard about chakras. People are trying to open their chakras and channel Kundalini energy. This claims to enlighten the person. These acts are one of the popular forms of spiritual passivity happening in many parts of the world. People are also doing this in the United States, and it can be very dangerous! For more information about this topic, click here for this article. One of the big takeaways about the subject matter of passivity is that in order for demons to get into your soul, being in an altered state gives demons that doorway access.

Passivity can occur in all walks of life because the world has a tendency to say in various ways, that their ways are the best. In addition, there is a frequent push to promote that your free will common sense needs to be tossed aside. When one gets involved in the religious church system, the risk of being passive, becomes 10 fold.

Resist Passivity

When I continued counseling with Pastor Pam, I strengthened up my will power to be able to fight for myself in a healthy way. It was assertion that she helped me build up. Saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom and I used my free will to resist the devil and all his tactics. Building up my free will led me down the road to recovery. I received freedom from the bombarding words of evil spirits speaking to me continuously.

When a psychic approached me after I had been in counseling with Pastor Pam, I ignored the psychics advances to try to give me a a psychic reading because I knew that by stopping to listen to that woman say words that supposedly predicted my future, it was an attempt of setting me up by witchcraft evil spirits. They attempted to manipulate me by trying to get me to listen to their words for a long time, and cause danger. See scriptures on the dangers of fortune tellers and psychics ( Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Leviticus 19-31; 1 Chronicles 10:13-14: Isaiah 8:19, 2 Chronicles 33:6)

I shed that religious expectation that I needed to be passive at all times. Importantly I got rid of that religious thinking that I had to accept every religious prediction, religious prayer, and “special message.” That sort of teaching promotes one to accept every word of faith doctrine, laying of hands, “thus sayeth the Lord” message. When your safety is in jeopardy, it’s important to think about your safety and be careful not to agree to what is malicious.

Breaking Free From Passivity

Your talents and personality that make you different than others, become preserved when you continue to break free from passivity. One must be aware to the wiles of the enemy in all systems, including the institutional church system, so that you do not fall prey to demonic and fallen angel spirits that try to ensnare you by getting you to worship them.

My pastor, Pam Sheppard, continued to mentor me and my passivity lessened. The religious have tried to influence me. Some tried to put strange ideas in my head that did not originate from me. When this happened, I would stand my ground. I encountered pushy people at work, and some random strangers. It started to become easy to say “No that is not what I believe, No this is not what I want.” The devil has tried it’s different methods to use people to try to influence me in ways that would be harmful to my well being, however, saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom. Not being passive was the key to my strength in this arena

The Importance of Your Will Power

After I left the institutional church system, tormenting religious evil spirits started to lessen. Evil spirits will try to send messages to you, so the will power must be utilized at all times. The goal is for your mind to resist and block away any of these messages and prevent you from being under demonic control. Your will power is essential to getting you down the road to recovery. It is one of the biggest components to deliverance.

Evil spirits will take advantage of those who are both passive in the natural and spiritually passive. Getting rid of passivity is the armor that you will need to break free from the bondage of captivity by evil spirits. Learning to stop being passive can take time and you may likely need help with this. You can receive help from PSM. We offer coaching, counseling and mentorship to help you with any spiritual battles you may be experiencing. You can also get the help that you need by reading books by Pastor Pam. In particular the book: The Church of the End time Zombies, is a great resource for you when it comes to learning about passivity and getting led down to the path of freedom.

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Do you wish to be a god ?

20 Feb

In today’s society, we see a lot of competition and aspirations to be prettier, skinnier, stronger, healthier, wealthier, and not be like the average person.

Some people spend tons of money to get the closest to immortality and what they see as perfection. They want to be gods.

In religious rhetoric, all this is futile superficial worldly preoccupations. So what do they do ? They act like they are above all that by wearing voluntarily ugly clothes, not wearing makeup and demonizing people who do “”indulge”” in such behavior.

These people also want to be gods. By pretending to be above human superficial nature of loving to be approved, they really wish to ascend to God-like status. At least in the eyes of the church.

While it is pretty impossible and burdensome to crave this world’s perfection standards, it is as prideful to pretend to be above it. It is false guilt. Religious false guilt.

As a former catholic then adventist, I hid my body image issues and felt bad for caring about my looks. I threw away clothes that I liked, stopped caring about myself. I stopped being myself just to be “not like other humans”. Well, I am human.

Because our human nature is sinful and imperfect. We all have hidden desires, and if we are not born again it is just going to be ! And torturing yourself to approach what church tells you is God’s standards WITHOUT waiting for His Spirit to bring you to Jesus and change you in His Image by His timing is just impatient and as proud as men chasing immortality.

Do you have or had secret desires of being like a god out of impatience too ? Feel free to comment. If you want to be set free from any burden related to that, you can set up an appointment with Pastor Pam via phone ( 888-818-1117 ) or via email at

Idolatry & Rituals: How You Invite Demons Unaware Pt. 2

14 Feb

This is the second part of a 2-part series about invitations to fallen angels. If you have not seen the first part, check it out here:

How easy is it to draw an evil spirit to oneself? We have had a number of clients who did nothing more than watch a youtube video on the kundalini awakening or a reiki practice where the person they were watching “transferred” energy to them and boom, the person became demonized! I myself spoke to a picture of the fake Jesus and he leapt out of my smartphone in the spirit and led me in a false conversion!

Because by obeying these deceptions and practices that were crafted by demons to “bring healing” or “bring salvation” or any number of things they purport to be, they actually serve as an invitation to the devil himself to act in the person’s life! No elaborate ritual or summoning is required these days. Here is a list of common practices which actually attract demons to a person:

–       Prayer to any god or deity who is not God the Father, Who is approached in the Name of God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ by those who are born again
–       Reiki
–       Yoga
–       Eucharist
–       Speaking in tongues
–       Hypnotism, including hypnotherapy which is on the rise
–       Magical practices that seem like harmless fun such as palm reading, Ouija, fortune telling, etc.
–       Astrology and horoscopes to the point that one is living their life around it
–       And many more!

In addition, a lot of groundwork has been done on Satan’s part to ensure that the ideas of summoning and drawing evil spirits seem like madness, something that only superstitious people, religious zealots or crazy people do. My own perception before joining the ministry was that drawing demons to oneself was a product of false religions, something you mainly see in the Middle East where they go into temples and pray to false gods.

Yet there are so many vehicles of deceit and destruction that appear benign on the surface that all one has to do is open up their youtube app or go to church on Sunday and there they are, demonized. Social media and online communication is great for allowing people to connect with each other, but there’s danger in how accessible things of the devil are. Because he is sly and knows how to dress up evil so that it looks harmless on the surface level.

Have you ever heard of a serial killer pleading in court that “demons told him to?” In actuality, he is probably telling the truth and got so far into obeying evil spirits that he began to see and hear them when most people can’t. Yet due to his evil action and the lack of knowledge of the spirit realm that is pervasive in the world he is written off as insane and ignored.

These things happen on a smaller scale: if someone is hateful and prone to violence, demons may target that person and trigger an event that gets them so angry they may inflict violence on another or even take their life. If they are greedy, demons may set them up to lose a great sum of money or even win some, ultimately to go in debt and commit suicide from the devastation. If they are interested in the supernatural, there are dozens of methods (some named earlier in this article) that will be brought to that person’s attention so they can pursue it and stir more demonic influence in their life.

The topic of how one’s personality (a part of their soul) draws demons to themselves is a whole other topic to be explored. A quick takeaway on the subject is this: Satan uses different strokes for different folks. He studies the individual and no matter what personality they have, his army is seasoned enough to craft a customized gameplan to bring about their downfall.

For now I leave you with this: if you were going to put your money in a stock that you heard secondhand might be successful, would you not research it before doing so? If you were going to put your time into a pursuit, hobby or relationship, would you not look up information about it or get to know the person before committing to them? So it is with various practices: Research what you are getting involved in. Look at its history, the root of it. Ask yourself: is this dangerous on a spiritual level? The pitfalls arise when the person takes a careless attitude towards it and hops into the activity without understanding its deeper implications or consequences.

The issue is that a lot of these practices are presented as harmless, healthy, all in good fun and that’s causing people to find themselves in peril. People are also doing these things in an effort to draw nearer to God, only to be led to a false god. Do not seek God through some practice or dramatic act. When you are born again, you do not need such things. When you are born again, you have inner peace and an assurance you can palpably feel within as a result of being reborn in the Spirit of Christ. One does not command God to save them; He saves them in His own timing and way. If you are reading this, it’s likely you are His and salvation is only a matter of time. Rest in that.

Have you experienced spiritual torment? Are you currently under attack by demons and find that no matter what you do, they are not relenting or leaving? We can help: send an email to or call 888-818-1117.

If you would like to learn more about the spiritual warfare that is going on in our times, pay a visit to Pastor Pam’s shop and pick up a book via one of the following links: or

Idolatry & Rituals: How You Invite Demons Unaware Pt. 1

14 Feb

There is an idea that demons and fallen angels must be summoned through specific rituals and incantations. How true is this and what does it mean for you?

The amount of growth that PSM has seen in its workload over the past 2 years in particular has been quite the significant increase in terms of percentage gained in comparison to its previous years. More and more are we finding clients coming to us saying, “A demon has afflicted me lately. All I did was go to church, accepted Jesus, prayed and read my Bible. Yet they torment me day and night, how can such a thing be?”

Allow me to give you the short answer: It is much easier to draw demons to you than commonly thought. There is a wide arrange of invitations that the common person is not even aware is an invitation! This idea that an elaborate ritual with pentagrams drawn on the floor surrounded by candles and oxblood must be performed lends itself to a misconception that that is the only way demons can enter the lives of the individual to gain ground over them. If it were only that simple.

Before I link this to the modern spiritual crisis of the age wherein we are witnessing millions open themselves up to demons in the spirit realm, I am going to give a brief explanation of how we got here.

The scriptures speak of practices performed dating back to the Old Testament that were seen as abominations by God, practices like necromancy (speaking to the dead) and divination (the practice of seeing into the future). These arts are loosely related in the field that is called magic and occult. Over time, this field branched out and started inventing new ways to draw spirits to oneself, such as Ouija, fortune telling, crystal ball seeing, seances, palm reading and more. The power in these practices is that they were actually created by demons and fallen angels who crafted them, and then used various people in the physical realm to bring them into popularity and prominence.

In short, doing things of such a nature acts as a signal to demons in the spirit realm who are then given access to the person. They are able to do this because they are agreeing to their involvement by practicing something that was designed to draw and worship them. And to channel their powers through human beings as well which is an abominable intermingling of two beings which were not intended to.

Many partakers of magic and occultic rituals throughout history knew they were drawing spirits to them. In the spirit realm, Satan’s question then became: how can I draw in those who are naïve or avoidant of these things so I may have more control over them too? He decided to use religion, because religion is often rife with practices and rituals. Its participants do them under the idea that it is pleasing to the Lord God but are deceived.

In time, this led to a 2-step process by fallen angels: 1) craft false religions worldwide, creating different sets of false beliefs tailormade to the culture it was created in and 2) insert various practices and rituals into said religions so its participants are inviting demons and fallen angels into their lives without even knowing it.

As the Lord God has said: His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Satan deceived Eve by telling her that she would become like God, knowing good from evil. It was a half-truth, with the disastrous consequences being hidden from the woman as all she could focus on was how pleasing to the eye the idea was. This is the basis and foundation of deceit that we see bleed into false religions.

Look throughout history and you will find a multitude of religions and occult practices having a set of rituals to honor their gods, ancestors, saints or whomever is being worshiped or honored. The problem is that these are often presented as a thing of the past; practices of antiquity such as Daoism, shamanic traditions, voodoo, etc. Yet Satan has cleverly designed and infiltrated religions in such a way that people are drawing spirits to them more than ever before.

Fast forward to today and the cry of the average client is: “All I did was go to church and say the sinner’s prayer, accepting Jesus into my heart. Why has this torment befallen me?” That is because the act of saying that prayer aloud is an invitation to a fallen angel who poses as Jesus based off a false idea that man must take action to be born again.

This is the first part of a 2-part series regarding invitations to demons and fallen angels. Next time I’ll outline examples of everyday activities that are being conducted that draw evil spirits. If you want to learn more about protecting oneself from evil spirits and fallen angels, purchase one of Pastor Pam’s books on the subject such as “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us” or “The Church of the Endtime Zombies” from her store here: Find Kindle books at