Deliverance Essentials Workshop

COMING SOON! The Best Deliverance Training Ever or Anywhere!!

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The Deliverance Essentials Workshop Presents Even Deeper Truths then the 12  Short Videos Do!


  • A former atheist, In Christ since 3/29/1977
  • A secular professional counselor since 1973
  • A program planner for state government for 25 years, retired in 1997.
  • An ordained minister since 1981
  • Called into deliverance in 1983
  • Cast out demons on the phone since 2002.
  • Trains and certifies other deliverance ministers
  • 15 years a pastor of 3 denominational churches
  • 3 years a student of the occult (1974-1977)
  • An author of 16 books, with a concentration in the occult, idolatry and false religion
  • specialities include but are not limited to :hearing voices. narcissistic personality disorders
  • mental health versus demonization
  • fallen angels and the spirit of the Antichrist;
  • altered states, hypnosis, necromancy,
  • cults, ancestral worship, Satanic wiles and strategies ofspiritual warfare and intercessory prayer, spirit, soul and body
  • MUch more and still learning!!!

The Workshop Fee, is set for $189, including monthly stipend for all coaches.  

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