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Falling In Love With Jesus…

6 Mar

I remember singing this song right before a sermon in 2005, right before Katrina.  This song became the basis for a ‘cliche’ that we hear many in church say and proclaim like it is normal.

“Falling In Love with Jesus, Falling In Love with Jesus, Falling in Love with Jesus, is the best thing I’ve ever done…”

Now that I have shown you the dangers of ‘falling in love,’ I think I can safely inform you that ‘falling in love with Jesus’ is a dangerous thing.

“What?”  I know what you are saying.  “How could falling in love with Jesus be a bad thing?”

Ok, to recap, the whole phrase and mindset of ‘falling in love’ is a gross misonomer.  It leads to making lifelong decisions based upon an emotional high, a delusion.  I have seen many people ‘fall in love’ and lose their lives, either naturally, or spiritually.

Remember, ‘falling in love’ means that we blindly jump heart-first into a relationship or alliance with someone who has not been proven or tested.  We fail to guard our hearts with ALL diligence, as the Word admonishes us to.

MANY people go to church, seeking after God.  The preacher preaches them happy, then tells them to walk down the aisle, shake their hand, and ‘accept Jesus into their hearts.’

Then they are told they are born again, they are saved.  That they are ‘in relationship’ with Jesus.

They haven’t sought God on their own.  They haven’t prayed.  They haven’t cracked open the Word to study to show THEMSELVES approved.

They just blindly-and prematurely-accepted the preacher’s spiritual assessment of themselves.

My question to you all that walked down the aisle is this:

WHAT Jesus did you enter into relationship with?

What’s His name?

What does He look like?

How do you KNOW He loves you?  What did He do for you?  Do you KNOW?

Did you repent of your sins?  Were you EVER told that you had to?

What do you know about THE CROSS?  The Resurrection?


Or did you merely get saved based upon what a preacher told you to repeat?

If you did, you got in relationship with the FAKE JESUS!

YES!  There is a REAL Jesus Christ of Nazareth…AND a FAKE ONE!

The fake Jesus’ name is Jesus Immanuel Sananda.  This is what he looks like:

The Word of God tells us that the devil can transform himself into an angel of light.  Jesus Immanuel Sananda is a fallen angel that seeks the love, adoration, praise, worship and devotion of the masses, much like Lucifer coveted after the worship of the angels in heaven.

This picture of ‘Jesus’ is in millions of churches, homes, as well as other paraphanelia across the WORLD. Many pray to the pictures, or whatever this image is affixed to, thinking that they are praying to the real Jesus.

Many are ‘in love’ with THIS jesus…but they think they are ‘in love’ with the REAL Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

It’s not their faults.  Just like many blindly fall in love with their mates, their boyfriends and girlfriends, without knowing the full details, without trying the spirits to see if they be of God, without doing a thorough background search, without withstanding the test of time….MANY people jump heart-first into a ‘relationship’ with a jesus they BARELY know!

Everything is hunky dorey, at first.

In Love with a Person

walks in the parks

holding hands

spending all their time together

much gift giving

hasty, rush-rush marriages

will stay in abusive situations

In Love with the fake Jesus

faithful church attendance

loyalty to pastor/church

hours in fasting/prayer

sowing 1000s of dollars into ministry

hasty decisions to enter into ministry

will stay in abusive churches


But as time passes along, the beautiful fake Jesus they allowed to ‘impregnate’ them with a vision, a dream, a ministry, etc., starts to morph into something ugly, grotesque, demonic, much like the transition a woman trapped in an abusive marriage sees. How she watches as the man she loves and gave herself to on their wedding day turn into a monster who beats her almost every day.  Who mocks and laughs at her very existence…the very love he claimed to have had for her never really was…and now she realizes it…5, 10, 15 years into the marriage from hell.

By now, she feels trapped, even though she sees the dysfunction of her marriage.  Even though he brought home an STD to her, she stays.  Even though that evangelist saw the dysfunction of her ministry, she stays.

By now, the lady-who has caught her husband cheating on her more times than she can remember, she can barely remember when he said ‘I do.’

Many in the organized church system are like abused women stuck in abusive marriages.  They feel like they have invested so much time, prayer and energy into their churches, their ministries…and plus they are ashamed to admit that they have been duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled, so they stay.  They fall for the lie of the enemy that keeps lying to them telling them that they should stay so they can intercede for their churches, their marriages….

All because they ‘fell in love with A jesus…’ and NOT the REAL Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Don’t be so quick to give your hearts away….you NEVER know who you’re giving it to!!!!!

I Can’t Help…Falling In Love With You?

6 Mar

That is a line for the song made famous by the late Elvis Presley.

We all have fallen in love.

We all have been weak in the knees, hearts skipping a beat, stars in our eyes. We all have been in love with a person, where all we could think about was that other person.  Or so in love WITH being IN LOVE, that all we thought about was our next conquest, our next relationship.  It became an obsession!

The whole phenomena of ‘being in love’ is nothing more than an euphoric high, much like being high on drugs…

OR MUCH like being in an altered state of consciousness!

Read this excerpt from ‘Emotional Programming To Falling In Love’ written by James Leonard Park:

Falling in Love as Temporary Insanity.  

“…Romantic love is an altered state of consciousness. We seem possessed by an alien force taking over our hearts. Everything seems wonderfulespecially the object of our love. Our ‘spontaneous’ love-reactions pull us together into a whirlpool of hopeless, uncontrollable, overwhelming passion. ‘Falling in love’ is like surfing on an ocean wave sliding down a surging force beyond our control. Romantic love is blind because we are really responding to our own internal fantasies, well-prepared by the romantic tradition. For years, we have been yearning for our Dream Lover. And when a close approximation appears, we project all our pent-up fantasies upon that unsuspecting victim. These experiences are really being in love with love.
Such ‘love’ is entirely an emotion, taking place inside our own skins.  

We can abandon these cultural delusions and begin to establish our relationships based on real information about each other and genuine commitment toward each other. Loving without illusions lacks the emotional high of romantic love, but for on-going relationships truth is better than fiction. Instead of projecting our pre-existing fantasies, we can get to know each other as we really are and as the persons we are becoming….”(http://www.tc.umn.edu/~parkx032/CY-HOAX.html)

If we keep in mind that we do the same thing with religion-deal with delusions instead of reality-it is not far-fetched to conclude that there is an ongoing agenda among the religious ranks to get everyone within its grasp ‘in love,’ if not with each other, than ‘in love’ with the institution or the organization of the church.  Or ‘in love’ with the people.  ‘In love’ with the fake prosperity, the fake peace, the fake joy that the organized church always promises.

I was thinking about this the other day.  How falling in love is just another form of being in an altered state of consciousness.

Then I began to understand what the enemy is trying to do to folks in church.

There is a trend in church where more and more people are searching for their ‘soul mates’ in church.  There are people (in church) who are literally obsessed with the idea of getting married, finding ‘the one’ God has for them.  The search for love with the walls on the institutional church has become a ministry in and of itself!

We MUST be careful!

The organized church-and the religious spirit that rules it-makes MANY promises.  None of which it intends to or even is capable of keeping.  There are preachers that are setting up ministries AS WE SPEAK whose SOLE PURPOSE is NOT to help you find your soul mate, but to profit off of YOUR DESIRE to be married, to fall in love, to have kids, etc.

If they can keep you fixated and focused on what you DON’T have in your life, then they have succeeded in keeping you distracted.

The spirit of religion is nothing more than a matchmaker STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BELLY OF HELL…and it wants nothing less than YOUR ANNIHILATION.

MOST ‘Christian’ marriages that take place were NOT put together by God.  THIS is why the divorce rate is so high…That which GOD has put together….NO man can put asunder.

Furthermore, MOST of these ministries and conferences, conference calls and the such that are set up to help ‘save your marriages’ or make lofty claims that they are helping foster relationships are mere set-ups from the enemy to get you too focused on fighting a battle that GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR YOU TO FIGHT from the jump.

If all you can think about is your mate, then the RELIGIOUS DEMON has got you.

The spirit of Jezebel gets people to fornicate.  The spirit of fornication is derived from lust, which is mistaken most of the time for love.  The hormone oxytocin is released in men and women when they fall in love and even in greater amounts when they have sex.  Oxytocin promotes trust.  So while the Word of God admonishes us to guard our hearts – with ALL diligence – the world AND the church encourages and enables people to give their love away…freely, without discretion, discernment or caution.

And when one does practice caution in their relationships, they are falsely labeled as ‘wounded and unforgiving.’

No, that is wisdom to proceed with CAUTION.

The enemy’s job is to divert the believer’s attention AWAY from the purpose(s) of God.  To get people fixated upon THIS life ONLY…its comforts, its pursuits, its agendas, its happiness.

‘Falling in love, getting married, having 2.5 kids,’ is all part of what is called the ‘American Dream.’  Also included in that dream is home ownership, the white picket fence, the minivan and a 30 year career, followed by a successful retirement.

For many today, the home with the white picket fence part, as well as the 30 year career and retirement part of that dream is up in flames.  (Oops!  There goes the prosperity message!…UP IN FLAMES!)

So the last bastion of hope that we all can live the American dream is to still, at least, be able to ‘fall in love, get married and have kids.’

So what ‘dream’ is being sold now, more than that 3.5 bedroom, 4 bath house on the market down the street?

The ‘dream’ of falling in love!

There IS a reason why it is called ‘falling in love.’  Because you have to ‘fall’ to be in it.

STOP seeking the high of falling in love.  Because the enemy KNOWS what you like and will send it to you, hook, line AND SINKER!

Do you need help falling OUT of love with someone who just know is not good for you?  Even though they are a leader in church?  Caught up in an abusive situation with a leader in a church?

Or are you ‘in love with your church?  Your denomination?  Your pastor or leaders, yet you know deep down inside, something is wrong?


Then when you are out of danger-and ready for healing, call us at 518-477-5759  for help.

We are here for YOU!