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The Prophet Daniel and the End of Days

4 Jan

By SHE Warrior of God

Daniel’ s Prophecies Reveal Much About These Days!

In Chapters 9 & 10, Daniel was fasting, applying no ointments and eating no choice foods while he prayed in the land for three weeks. Daniel’s prayer was answered by an Angel that appeared before him on the waters of a river. Daniel was the only person that saw this Angel and all others around Daniel could not see the Angel but they felt his presence and they hid in utter fear.

I feel that Daniel was overpowered by the true majesty and Divine nature of the Angel that was sent to deliver a message on behalf of God. Daniel was stricken with weakness due to his fast and the presence of the Angelic being. Daniel could not speak, stand or barely breathe in the presence of such power. I believe that Daniel was in shock that an Angel stood before him. He described the Angel’s appearance and the regal nature of his clothing, skin, a voice of many and fiery eyes.

The message that the Angel had for Daniel was that his prayer had been answered by God himself and that this Angel was dispatched to meet with Daniel to deliver a message personally from God. The Angel told Daniel that immediately upon his open prayer, this Angel was sent with a message. The Angel encountered interference and a longstanding defense from spiritual being called the prince of Persia and his powers and principalities. This Angel called for help and the powerful and almighty Warrior Battle Angel Michael came to assist him.

Michael allowed the Angel to pass through from the third heaven, through the Firmaments of air and water, so that he may enter into the Earth realm to meet with Daniel to deliver a prophecy. This prophecy, allowed Daniel to understand that his people would not be damned forever but a time has been placed upon how long they may suffer until the powers of the one that hurts them is taken away by God.

The Angel delivered news of the coming Antichrist who is a part of the beast system that was revealed to Daniel in his dreams earlier on in the book. The Angel described that this being of opposition and blasphemous intent would attempt to elevate himself above God in the Temple of God by creating “World Peace”, “World Love”, “World Religion” and “World Government” and after three and one half years, a stop to all sacrifices will ensue.

furthermore, This being will claim to be God and he will be a cause of great deception and error of the elect in End times. At the end of seven years, this Antichrist being will also cause a mass slaughtering of God’s children during the End of Days. God’s children will be trampled, eaten and destroyed.

The Angel notified Daniel that after this time, the Anointed One, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the living Son of the Holy Father God, will return to disband the beast system, the harlot, the false prophet and the Antichrist being, The Lord God will return to reign upon this Earth for 1,000 years, as he Has already defeated all evil at Calvary. After His 1000 year rule on Earth, Jesus causes their destruction, making known their now desolate worship to God, Judgement Day & then casting these evil entities into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

. When Jesus returns, there will be true peace, true love, true compassion, true kindness and true humanity that if chosen, will become in alignment with the Will of our Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Daniel received the information he was waiting for and praying for. Daniel was now left with the understanding that God has set this path for the people of Jerusalem in motion purposefully and that all evil that claims to reign supreme over God’s chosen will be defeated once again by the End All and Be All, the I AM, The Father God.

Understanding the Abomination of Desolation: Has It Happened Already?

12 Sep

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

Clearly it happened once in Jewish history as Daniel predicted that it would.  In the year 167 BC. A Greek ruler, by the name of Antiochus Epiphanies committed two blasphemous acts in the second Jewish temple: He set up an altar to the Greek god Zeus and also he sacrificed a pig on the altar.

The Lord knew of that particular abomination as it occurred some two hundred years BEFORE  His words were recorded in Matthew 24:15.  So clearly, the Lord was prophesying about an event that would transpire in the last days, since the end of the gentile age is the subject matter of Matthew 24.  It stands to reason that in a similar way that the Lord compared the last days  to the days of Noah, in like manner, He also highlighted  the prophecy of Daniel with the caviat of “let the reader understand.”

Now the general understanding of those who interpret endtime signs is that before this particular sign can be fulfilled, the Jews will need to build a new temple.  So we could further assume that the Antichrist will not be revealed until that non existent temple is built in Jerusalem.

But what if that is not the understanding the Lord wants the endtime age to have? 

Whatever the future abomination is, if it is an overt act of the desecration of a Jewish temple, the obvious nature of such an act would not need very much understanding or interpretation.

AT the time that the Lord was questioned about the end of the age and His response recorded by Matthew in the 24th chapter,  the church age had not yet begun but would be shortly ushered in by a few of the Lord’s apostles and disciples on the day of Pentecost. So clearly, it made no sense for the Lord not to reveal at that time how the church age would evolve 2000 years into the future to people who were about to bring forth the age of the church. For to know the end before the beginning would definitely have blocked the motivation of  the apostles and disciples to begin and continue the work of building the church. Rather, it’s the last generation of the elect who truly need “to understand.”

So my question is this.  Suppose the Lord was not referring to the abomination of desolation as a part of Jewish history, but in reality, perhaps He predicted Christian history in its last days?  The accepted understanding within a common endtime understanding is that the Antichrist will establish a covenant with Israel for 7 years and then perform some blasphemous, unspeakable abomination, similar to what Antiochus Ephiphanies did in the second Jewish temple, before it was destroyed in 70 AD.

Yet built into the new covenant, the temple of God is clearly the reborn human spirit.  There are several scriptures to support the belief that the spirit of man is the temple of The Lord, both in the Old Testament and more so in the new.  So what if the abomination of desolation has occurred and is still occurring in the temple or spirit within those who claim to be God’s people?

So consider this. Would it not be an abomination of desolation to go to a church altar, expecting to receive the Holy Ghost into your spirit but instead, you received a  religious demon aka the spirit of the antichrist?

Anyone who knows even a little about kundalini yoga and the 7 chakras are aware of the fact that every human being has 7 spiritual gateways or doorways in his body. Through entering a state of passivity, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, chanting, even speaking in tongues will create an altered state of consciousness (ASC) conducive enough to crack open each  spiritual doorway, one by one. I would include falling slain in the spirit, holy laughter, speaking in tongues, the holy dance, shouting, running around the church, flopping one’s head back and forth, as additional practices that stir up the kundalini spirit and open the 7 doorways.

Chakras are actually doorways for Hindu gods who themselves are really principalities and powers. Each of these entities stand guard over each of the 7 portals: Over the crown is Shiva; the third eye is Hakini, the throat is Savashiva, the navel is Vahni, the sexual organs are Vishnu and Rakeeni, the anus is Brahma and the heart is Isha.

Since no where in the bible does it even suggest that we should “ask Jesus into our hearts,” the fallen angel Isha responds to the unsuspecting seeker’s  “invitation” as a call to the fake Jesus Sananda who Isha serves. So Isha opens the doorway to the heart and  spirits of the antichrist enter the heart doorway and take up residence in one’s “temple.”
So could it not be that the abomination of desolation has already occurred and is still occurring?  The Lord said that if we ask God for bread, HE would not give us a snake or a stone.  Well, I know for a fact that people are asking God to come into their hearts as they surrender their beings to an entity they believe is Christ at the altars of God, when in reality, it’s a fallen angel impersonating the Lord. Could it be that because they are going about it the wrong way, evil spirits have entered their temples?

What could be more abominable or more desolate than THAT?

The Holy  Ghost will not enter a temple where a demon dwells. It must be cast out FIRST.  Only after the demons have left will He enter your spirit and cause you to be born again, becoming  a temple where God Himself dwells.

God could cast it out the spirit of the antichrist Himself.  Yet most often He uses one of His followers to do so. AT RESCUE,  WE can help with this.  Either give us a call at  1-888-818-1117 or email us at getreadyforthelord@gmail.com


29 Dec



PREPARE! The Antichrist is coming FIRST, then the true Lord Jesus Christ!

PREPARE! The Antichrist is coming FIRST, then the true Lord Jesus Christ!

In one chapter, Revelation 12:12, you will find a brief history of mankind, beginning with the birth of the Lord and ending with Satan making war with the remnant of her seed.

Most see the woman in that scripture as Israel.  How could the woman be end-time Israel when among those verses, the woman  is described as the mother of “those who keep the commandments of God and who have the testimony of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.”  No, the seed is not the nation Israel.  The seed is all of those around the world who are born again, aka “the elect of God.”

But what really stands out for me is the phrase that reads “the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath.  Why?  BECAUSE HIS TIME IS SHORT.

So counting from the day that the Lord was born until now is about 2033 years.

So how much time has  Satan needed and what has been his primary task as “the god of this world?

Satan’s task is to organize what cannot be organized, to bring into conformity to his will those who will not be conformed. SATAN’S ULTIMATE TASK IS TO UNITE THE WORLD UNDER ONE GOVERNMENT with himself as the head.  By copying the Trinity of God, Satan  has chosen ONE man to imitate the Son, another to imitate the Holy Ghost, with himself looking to stand in the place of the Father.  Within this fake trinity, the Antichrist will announce that he will bring about a utopia of material abundance for all, jobs, jobs, jobs,  prosperity, peace with other nations, the defeat of all enemies, etc.

Yet Satan’s kingdom is divided on all fronts except where it comes to racial hatred and ethnic superiority. By now, Satan is having difficulty unifying those angelic beings who left their first estate to follow him, long before recorded time.   One  third of the angels of God saw Lucifer’s beauty and wisdom and chose to give their allegiance to him.  Little did they know that such an evil choice carries within itself the ultimate law of sowing and reaping, resulting in destruction and decay.

So I suspect that the fallen angels have already come to realize  that their choice of Satan was the wrong one to make and by now, their love for the devil has eroded and that they are out for self-preservation.  As such,  Satan’s forces have become more and more divided against themselves. Simply put, the fact that in the last 2000 years, God’s kingdom has increased day by day  but  Satan’s army  has either decreased or remained the same. This  is  certainly a sign of failure particularly since the devil has not been able  to extinguish the movement of faith in Christ  that the Lord started at the cross and finished with His resurrection and ascension. Satan has won various  battles over the last 2 centuries.  His biggest battles have been won in his attack against the institutional church with seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. .  Yet he has not been able to prevail in stopping God from gathering His kingdom.

Over the last 6 months, the weaknesses of the best government on earth–Democracy–have fully been exposed on many levels, particularly to those who have been watching from a spiritual perspective.  It does not seem likely that an American President could be the Anti-Christ because the bible predicts that the beast will head up more than one nation.  Nevertheless, democracy has proven itself too weak to contend with any despot who can take advantage of the two-party system, perhaps  becoming  a virtual dictator.  The beauty of recent events  to those who know the Lord and  to whom  the signs of the times have been revealed,   are now in a position to cry out for the return of the one and only king, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the time for the Lord’s prayer–thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil, or the evil one.

Yet be warned  saints.  The rider of the white horse is not the Lord.  It is the Antichrist.  The Antichrist is seeking to win the world by mimicking the known glories and qualities of the son of God. Remember. There will be 3 1/2 years of peace and prosperity when the axe falls.  You must get prepared for the falling of the axe!

Some are very disquieted in this hour.  Many are dying suddenly out of fear and despair. Others are in serious demonic torment.  You have sought help from your pastor, but your pastor is also  helpless. No peace.  No safety.

Therefore,  if you need help, complete the contact form below:


To learn more about Satan’s agenda, click here.

Preparing for the Lord’s Return

3 Dec


Those who are called to salvation and live in the end of the age just before the return of Christ will be able to recognize the times in which they are living. If one is able to recognize the prophetic meaning of the events recorded in books like Daniel and Revelation, one should be able to recognize these events unfolding, the enemy operating behind these events, and is not deceived into continuing to make the mistake of worshiping and serving a false god like in the churches and in the occult. Being able to recognize these things should also give one a measure of assurance and peace of mind as to the final outcome of the terrifying times spoken of in these prophecies.

For those of you who are the elect of God, you will clearly understand this one word that is a weapon that the enemy currently uses: DECEPTION.

The true elect of God will recognize this and bear witness with us. If you are of the elect, you will notice the deception that exists within the churches. You will clearly see the forms of Godliness that outright deny the power of Jesus Christ, through false religious practices including, but not limited to: praying Jesus into your heart, intercessory prayer, speaking in tongues, promoting of the “I accept Jesus” doctrine, the laying on of hands, and so forth…MANY will automatically OUTRIGHT DENY this, and will accuse people like us of being “false prophets” because they are so bound by their religious ways that they cannot see past it due to being deceived by the enemy. I would surmise it to say that ALL churches that are part of the organized church system (all denominations, including non-denominational groups) are run by THE DEVIL. Yes, people may have good intentions and may mean well, but they are DECEIVED by the devil and his agents. It is FALSE. It is COUNTERFEIT. It is but a copy of the real thing. People think God is in their church when he is NOT. Demons are in charge of these churches. People are worshipping the devil and his demons, thinking they are serving God. Why? Because they do not know the truth, and are blinded by their religion. If you are seeing this, YOU may be one of God’s elect. Once again, God’s TRUE elect will bear witness to what we are saying here. If you recognize that there is a difference between TRUE CHRISTIANITY AND THE RELIGION THAT EXISTS IN THE CHURCHES OF TODAY, then you may in the right place.

The true elect of God will also recognize the enemy operating in occult practices like yoga, meditation, the celebration of Halloween, the belief in New Age forms of thought, psychic phenomena, fortune telling, necromancy (trying to communicate with deceased loved ones), automatic writing, and the like. In this current day and age, occult practices seem to be hidden in just about everything, so you have to DO YOUR RESEARCH about these practices. Do YOU notice the occult trying to use deception to influence our society today?

In addition, the TRUE elect of God will notice some parallels with the current election and the events that play out in the books of prophecy, like Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelation. We believe that this is the time that the Antichrist will appear and eventually make himself known…a POLITICAL FIGURE WHO USES RELIGION TO DECEIVE, CONTROL, AND BRING A FALSE SENSE OF PEACE TO MANY.

How about YOU? Do you sense the Lord’s return? Do you notice FALSE DOCTRINES being practiced in the churches? Do you notice people carelessly engaging in occult practices like yoga and meditation, thinking they are harmless and simply promote “good health”? Do you see the enemy operating within religion and politics? As this new election has come to pass, you probably have begun to notice some endtime signs that are difficult for you to ignore. It seems pretty OBVIOUS that we are now in the time of Tribulation. Could the organized church be Mystery Babylon?

If this article speaks to you, we can help you prepare for the Lord’s return. We are a group of Endtime ministers and watchmen, committed, ready, and willing to be there for you as the 2nd Coming of the Lord approaches.

To contact us, email us at getreadyforthelord@gmail.com and we will be here to help.


Cindy Trimm Prays to the Spirit of Ashtar???

12 Apr

By Pamela Sheppard

THE FAKE JESUS:  Fallen Angels Among Us

It was this video clip that birthed the book “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.”  I’m not sure, but I suspect the year was 2006.  I had recently heard a voice say to me that the entire organized church was akin to a condemned, boarded up dwelling and that the Holy Ghost had vacated it. As a pastor for 25 years at the time,  I was truly  hoping that the message I had received was not from God.  So I decided to take a year and do some research.  I was about to begin by studying church history, when I watched this particular video.

At that point, I had never heard of Dr. Cindy Trimm so I watched the video without any preconceived perceptions of  her ministry.

 When the clip reached the 2 minute and 42 second point, my book “the Fake Jesus” was conceived, for it was at that exact moment that I heard Dr. Trimm “declare,” I THANK YOU FATHER THAT THE SPIRIT OF THE ASHTAR HAS FALLEN UPON THE PEOPLE as the people were falling slain in the spirit like ocean waves across the entire building where the congregation was assembled.

Astar? That sounded familiar.  I first went to my bible and found Ashtoreth, an old testament idol. Once I googled the name “Astar,”  Google  corrected my spelling  to ASHTAR. Beyond a doubt,  I was in a state of shock.  For the door to aliens, ascended masters, and fallen angels imitating our Lord  flung wide open. All because of the 2:42 slide of this video.

This is only one manifestation of Ashtar. He also appears as an alien.


5 Mar

In the last article, I talked about the rite of confirmation in the Catholic Church, as well as the tendency of many within the modern day Protestant church to ‘need confirmation’ or seek a sign after they have heard a word ‘from the Lord.’

Seeing that I’m a history buff, I always like to do my research and study to find out where a thing or tradition originated from, how did it get started.  It is my conviction that when we do that, we will fully understand the SPIRIT behind a thing and proceed accordingly….WITH CAUTION.

In other words, when we know WHY something was started, if the ROOT of it was GODLY or UNGODLY, then we can make an informed and wise decision to NOT follow it or participate in it if we find it started out NOT FROM GOD.

Is ‘needing confirmation,’ ‘seeking after a sign,’ of GOD?

Or is that mindset and all proceeding ceremonies and rites instituted thereafter, a result of RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING and DECEPTION????

The very first time in the Word of God where a man actually sought a sign from the Lord was in the book of Judges. (Yes, there were times when God spoke to the Israelites with signs and wonders, delivered them by such.  But Gideon is the first account where a man asked God to ‘show him a sign.”)

We are all familiar with the story of Gideon.

The story is found in Judges 6.  The setting is starting from about Judges the first chapter, Joshua and the generation who remembered what God had done for the Israelites in the wilderness before they reached their promised land had died out.  One of the last things God commanded the Israelites to NOT do is to forget the precepts of God, to intermarry with unbelievers and to worship their gods.  Yet, after God gave them ‘their promise,’ that is EXACTLY what the Israelites did.  Read Judges 1-3 to understand just where Israel was before Gideon was born.  They were in rebellion and disobedience.  They had forgotten God and all that He had done for them.  They got the bling, the power, the fame and the very allegiance they promised God in the wilderness they gave it to other gods and allowed themselves to ‘fall in love’ with-and intermarry-with unbelievers.

In the 6th chapther of Judges, God has given the Israelites over to the Midianites.  After hearing their cries for help, God calls Gideon as their deliverer-calling him a ‘mighty man of valor’ in vs. 12. Instead of responding in faith, believing what God has said, what was Gideon’s response?

“…If now I have found grace in thy sight, then shew me a sign that thou talkest with me….” vs. 17

The Lord God ‘confirms’ His Word with a supernatural sign in vs. 21.

Then Gideon LACKED FAITH and TRUST in God again, seeking TWO more signs from God in vs. 36-40, signs that God wanted him to do what He said.

Now, we often make Gideon out to be this great man of faith and valor, taking the scripture completely out of context.  What we fail to realize is that God had already chided Israel because in spite of His MANY signs, wonders and deliverance(s) to Israel, Israel STILL went awhoring after other gods, STILL walked in blatant disobedience and rebellion to the things of God and STILL worshipped other gods.

Because God is long-suffering and merciful, He granted ‘confirmations’ here.  He sent signs and wonders…to confirm His word to His people…THEN.

But NOW?

God is NO LONGER sending signs and wonders for the purpose of feeding the faith of those who profess to be believers in Him.  God has a proven track record of HIS Faithfulness to man.  He does NOT need to confirm or prove ANYTHING to us.

We simply need to take heed to HIS WORD, trust implicitly in HIM, and NOT seek after signs and confirmations.

We hear preachers preach on the 10 plagues in Egypt.  We hear preachers preach on ‘these signs shall follow them that believe…’ We hear modern day apostles taut that they are supposed to have signs and wonders following them.

Well, I present to you that those who seek after signs and wonders are WICKED and EVIL.

Matthew 16:4
A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it

The Word here actually calls this generation ‘adulterous.’  Why?  Because seeking after signs is a form of idolatry!  And God sees idolatry as spiritual adultery.  Without FAITH, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.  When God speaks TO US, we simply must believe it, and act it out accordingly…(of course, trying the spirit is totally different than seeking a sign. God tells us to try the spirits, yes.  But He actually grows weary of people who seek a sign…)

Mark 8:11-12

And the Pharisees came forth, and began to question with him, seeking of him a sign from heaven, tempting him.

And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation.

It greatly displeases God when we keep asking for a sign.  Or even when we entertain ‘confirmations’ of words heard in the spirit merely by events that happen to occur, supernatural manifestations, prophecies, and the such.

Do you see where the Word says that God will NOT be giving signs to this generation?

God does not want us so caught up in signs, confirmations, miracles and the such in this hour.  We MUST understand that the enemy of our souls can perform signs, miracles and wonders, too.  The enemy can prophesy…ACCURATELY.  The enemy can raise folks from the dead, heal the sick, and the whole nine.  He got ALL kinds of tricks in his bag.  And he is waiting to pull one out JUST ON YOU, if you keep your spirit open to all kinds of confirmations…seeking a word…seeking a sign…stalking prophets and such.

That spirit of unbelief occurs in a people when they walk away from God in disobedience and rebellion to Him.  In sin, one cannot hear the voice of God.  NOT AT ALL.  So therefore, they have to rely on OTHERS to hear FOR THEM!

Whenever you find someone who cannot hear from God, who are always seeking a word, a sign, running from conference to conference, looking for that next prophetic ‘fix,’ they are in sin in some area of their lives.  SIN IS THE ONLY THING THAT SEPARATES US FROM GOD!

Another reason is that that person is IMPATIENT…which speaks to a LACK OF FAITH.

Faith requires you, at times, to WAIT ON THE LORD for an answer.  When we try to ‘make things happen’ in our own strength, in our own time, then that shows we don’t trust God the way that we should.  So we go about trying to help God out…when HE DOES NOT need our help!

One of the gravest errors of the Word of Faithers is that they believe that if they merely ‘utter the Word of God back to God,’ then He is somehow ‘obligated’ to do their bidding, whether it be money, a mate, a job, a ministry, etc.

But when God does not grant them ‘the desires of their hearts,’ then they go about seeking signs and wonders to ‘feed their faith’ in a false word.  And religious spirits LOVE to feed false words!  Religious spirits will feed one’s ‘faith’ in a word THEY believe it true ALL day, ALL year long!  By dreams, signs, wonders, prophecies, sermons, by ANYTHING they feel will keep them deluded and deceived.

Do you remember the movie, “Bruce Almighty,” in one scene after Bruce gets God’s powers, him and Grace, his girlfriend, has broken up.  He thought because he had God’s powers now that he could make Grace love him and take him back.  But he finds out he cannot.

So in an attempt to win Grace back, Bruce uses his newfound, supernatural abilities to create all kinds of signs and wonders around her that hopefully will point to her taking Bruce back.  The ‘Bruce & Grace Forever’ carved on every tree stump she passes on a morning jog.  The numerous TV commercials that play messages that encourages Grace to take Bruce back.  Their dog who gives Grace the phone and encourages her to call Bruce!

That is much how a religious spirit operates.

EVERYTHING around you will seem to point towards ‘what God said’ or ‘what God promised.’  You think, ‘I mean SURELY, if ALL of these signs are pointing towards this, this MUST be God, right?’

I know what you’re thinking: ‘But hey! In the movie, Bruce and Grace DOES get back together..’  Yes. But that was NOT because of Bruce’s supernatural manipulations and control, trying to ‘make’ Grace take him back.  It had to be her choice.  Anything other than that would have been nothing more than witchcraft…and if the reconciliation began out of witchcraft, it would only be maintained by witchcraft as well.

I go into all this to help you realize one thing.

When we ask God to show us a sign, we are actually trying to control and manipulate Him, attempting to relegate God to be nothing more than our Magician, to do our bidding whenever WE want.  Most of the time, when people seek after signs and wonders, it is out of an unhealthy desire within them for control and power.  Two very powerful yet dangerous entities when combined without the Holy Ghost to temper them both.

And people who seek ultimate power and control REALLY not only lack faith in God, but are weak, and feel powerless over their situations and circumstances.  Instead of trusting God, they trust in their control of things.  This is another form of self-righteousness that nullifies the work of the Cross AND the power of the resurrection in our lives.

And any spirit that does NOT embrace AND confess that the resurrection of Christ is legitimate is of the AntiChrist. (1 John 4:2-3)

We must also be aware that the Antichrist WILL perform signs and wonders.  This is how he will be able to get so many people to follow him. (Revelations 13:13-14)

If you are ‘addicted’ to signs, wonders and confirmations, it is time to get ‘detoxed’ from them, FOR REAL!  Continuing to seek after them can cost you your life!

I encourage those who love God to TRUST the voice of God speaking to you.  Try the spirit and see if it is of God.  ALWAYS.

If you need help ‘detoxing’ from signs, wonders and confirmations, just call (518) 4775759.